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Get ready to completely transform your lifestyle business in just a click. Seek the industry's best lifestyle app development services from Dev Technosys. Since 2010, we have successfully developed the best lifestyle applications from scratch. From a hassle-free registration process to advanced data analytics and reporting, we deliver profit-driven lifestyle app development solutions.

So, if you are searching for a reliable lifestyle app development company, we are just a step away. Drop your lifestyle mobile app development requirements and let your business soar to the heights of success. Hire dedicated lifestyle app developers today and be the next market leader tomorrow!

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Exclusive Lifestyle App Development Services

In this highly advanced world where convenience and luxury intertwine, a bespoke lifestyle app can be the key to unlocking a world of personalized experiences. Dev Technosys offers premium lifestyle mobile app development services that redefine user engagement.

Lifestyle App Consultation

Lifestyle App Consultation

Discover the potential of your business idea with our expert lifestyle app consultation services. Our dedicated mobile app developers will guide you through the conceptualization phase, helping you define features and identify the unique value proposition of your app. Seek mobile app consultation services from us now!

Custom Lifestyle Mobile App

Tailor your lifestyle application to perfection with our custom app development services. We create tailor-made lifestyle solutions that align with your brand identity, ensuring a seamless user experience and functionality that meets the needs of your target audience. Share your idea to develop a lifestyle mobile app with us!

Custom Lifestyle Mobile App
On-demand Lifestyle App

On-demand Lifestyle App

Stay one step ahead in the dynamic lifestyle industry with our on-demand mobile app development services. Whether fitness, wellness, or leisure, we empower businesses to offer instant, personalized services through user-friendly, efficient, on-demand lifestyle apps. Seek on-demand lifestyle app development services within your budget!

Lifestyle App UX/UI Design

Engage millions of users with captivating and intuitive UX/UI design for your lifestyle application. Our skilled and creative designers focus on creating visually stunning interfaces that enhance user satisfaction. We always ensure that your lifestyle app looks great and delivers an exceptional and enjoyable user experience.

Lifestyle App UX/UI Design
Hire Lifestyle App Developers

Hire Lifestyle App Developers

Build your dream lifestyle app with our team of dedicated app developers for hire. Our lifestyle app developers smartly integrate the latest technologies, guaranteeing the development of feature-rich, scalable, and robust lifestyle applications. Hire mobile app developers full-time, part-time, or hourly, depending on your requirements.

Lifestyle App Support & Maintenance

Add more worth and life to your lifestyle application while seeking mobile app support and maintenance services from us. With timely maintenance, Dev Technosys professionals streamline your lifestyle app development process. So, be ready to make your business app smoother and more profit-driven with our exceptional assistance.

Lifestyle App Support & Maintenance
Dev Technosys

Boost Your Business Growth with Our Top-Notch Lifestyle App Development Services!

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Unlock the Best Lifestyle App Development Solutions

Are you planning to build a lifestyle app to convert your small business into a leading lifestyle brand? Dev Technosys has got you covered! We are a well-known lifestyle app development company offering trendy and advanced lifestyle mobile app development solutions. Let’s take a glance at our impeccable solutions and step into the digital journey with us!

Health & Fitness App

Allow your potential customers to enhance their well-being with personalized workouts and nutrition tracking. Avail health and fitness app development solutions.

  • Personalized Workouts

    Personalized Workouts

  • Nutrition Tracking

    Nutrition Tracking

  • Activity Monitoring

    Activity Monitoring

  • Health Community

    Health Community

  • Wearables Integration

    Wearables Integration

  • Virtual Classes

    Virtual Classes

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Shopping & Fashion App

Ensure better style with personalized recommendations, virtual try-ons, and exclusive deals. Here’s a glimpse of the features of shopping and fashion app development solutions.

  • Personalized Recommendations

    Personalized Recommendations

  • Virtual Try-on

    Virtual Try-on

  • Flash Sales Alerts

    Flash Sales Alerts

  • Favourites & Wishlist

    Favourites & Wishlist

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Reviews & Ratings

  • Secure Payment Options

    Secure Payment Options

Social Networking App

Seamlessly connect, share, and engage with appealing social networking app development solutions. Build your online business community today.

  • Feed & Timeline

    Feed & Timeline

  • Privacy Controls

    Privacy Controls

  • Messaging & Calls

    Messaging & Calls

  • Trending Topics

    Trending Topics

  • Content Delivery

    Content Delivery

  • Group & Events

    Group & Events

Dev Technosys
Education & Learning App

Education & Learning App

Unlock your business potential with interactive courses, progress tracking, and peer collaboration. Take a glimpse of the best features of education and elearning apps.

  • Interactive Courses

    Interactive Courses

  • Progress Tracking

    Progress Tracking

  • Skill Assessment

    Skill Assessment

  • Peer Collaboration

    Peer Collaboration

  • Offline Access

    Offline Access

  • Certification Programs

    Certification Programs

Tours & Travel App

Plan your business’s perfect getaway with travel itineraries, local recommendations, and real-time updates. Here’s what you can add during tours and travel app development.

  • Travel Itineraries

    Travel Itineraries

  • Local Recommendations

    Local Recommendations

  • Real-time Updates

    Real-time Updates

  • Currency Conversions

    Currency Conversions

  • Language Translations

    Language Translations

  • Emergency Assistance

    Emergency Assistance

Dev Technosys
Season-Long Fantasy Golf Apps

Home and Lifestyle Improvement App

Transform your target audience lifestyle with organization tools, DIY project ideas, and budget tracking. Redefine your home and lifestyle business success with a secure app.

  • Home Organization

    Home Organization

  • Budget Tracking

    Budget Tracking

  • DIY Project Ideas

    DIY Project Ideas

  • Self-Care Tips

    Self-Care Tips

  • Home Security Integration

    Home Security Integration

  • Green Living Sugestions

    Green Living Sugestions

Streamlined Lifestyle App Development Process

Dev Technosys, a well-known lifestyle mobile app development company, aims to deliver result-oriented lifestyle app development services. From a simple mobile application to extremely complex lifestyle apps, we can develop it all. Discover how we follow a streamlined mobile app development approach and build a lifestyle application for you. Here’s an approach we follow.

develop a fitness app 01

Project Analysis

Before initiating lifestyle app development, our team analyze your requirements

develop a fitness app 02

UX/UI Designing

Next, we develop an appealing UX/UI lifestyle app design for you

develop a fitness app 03

App Development

Once we finalize the design, we begin the lifestyle app development process

develop a fitness app 04

Test the App

Our QAs carefully test the application to eliminate all the errors & bugs

develop a fitness app 05

Project Launch

Finally, we launch the lifestyle mobile app on the desired platform

Hire Dedicated Lifestyle App Developers to Give Wings to Your Dreams!

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Dev Technosys

Trending Technologies for Lifestyle Application Development

Want to develop a lifestyle app that can withstand the competition with time? Look no further than Dev Technosys' custom lifestyle application development services. Our team always ensures to develop perfect business applications by leveraging popular technologies. It is what makes us the best lifestyle app development company. Here are the four major technologies we integrate while developing a lifestyle app.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing plays a crucial role by providing scalable and reliable infrastructure during lifestyle mobile app development. Secure cloud services enable seamless storage, processing, and retrieval of user data, enhancing app performance to a great extent. Cloud-based analytics empower developers to derive valuable insights, optimizing the app for personalized user experiences. Hire dedicated developers now!



Want to transform your lifestyle application development experience? Add AI integration to enable personalized user experiences within your lifestyle app. Now seamlessly analyze user preferences, offering tailored recommendations and enhancing app engagement. Be ready to automate app functionality, creating intelligent and user-centric experiences in the realm of lifestyle applications. Discuss your idea with us today!

All Industries Covered


Make your lifestyle application more secure and transparent with our blockchain-enabled lifestyle app development services. With blockchain integration, revolutionize the way users engage with your lifestyle apps. From securely encrypted transactions to personalized experiences, discover blockchain's limitless possibilities. Ensure trust within your lifestyle application by leveraging blockchain during lifestyle app development.

Business Upgradation

Internet of Things

Integrating IoT enhances user experiences in lifestyle app development by enabling seamless connectivity between devices. Smart home integration, health monitoring, and personalized recommendations contribute to a more interconnected and efficient lifestyle. So, add IoT during mobile app development and transform how users engage with their surroundings through innovative and interconnected technologies.

Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has been consistently delivering websites and applications that serve as exemplars in the tech domain, inspiring others to follow. Among these invaluable products are the outcomes of our exceptional technological expertise and innovative solutions, which stand as a testament to our success.

Style DNA: Fashion AI Stylist

Want to dress with confidence, style outfits, and look amazing? It’s time to get your AI personal stylist & outfit creator. The DNA of your appearance is the key to your style formula. Unlock yours with our personal styling App!...
Dev Technosys

GetWardrobe Outfit Planner

Getwardrobe SYNCHRONISES your clothes and outfits between your devices. We have the tools to help you organise and manage your wardrobe and compose more looks out of your clothes....
Dev Technosys

You Care Lifestyle

In our line of work, which revolves around Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, Luke and his team use food and lifestyle as powerful tools to help people suffering from severe illnesses and lifestyle diseases and alleviate...
Dev Technosys

User-Oriented Lifestyle Mobile App Panels

Develop a revenue-driven lifestyle mobile application that is user-centric and feature-enabled. Dev Technosys, the best lifestyle app development company, always focus on adding the latest features to every mobile application panel. Take a glimpse at the different panels and their unique features.

Dev Technosys

User Panel

Keep your potential users attracted and engaged with your lifestyle software while leveraging user-friendly features during lifestyle app development. Here are the top features to add when you develop a lifestyle app for your small business.

  • User Dashboard & Profile
  • Social Integration
  • Activity Tracking
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Customized Notifications
Dev Technosys

Owner Panel

Seamlessly track all your lifestyle business activities on a single platform. At Dev Technosys, our professionals integrate the best features when they create a lifestyle app for all-scale businesses. Here are the top features of the lifestyle app owner panel.

  • Revenue & Monetization
  • Business Analytics
  • Partnership Management
  • Feedback & Support
Dev Technosys

Admin Panel

The administration of any business always wants to keep an eye on the users' and owners' activity simultaneously. Remembering this, we always add business-oriented features during lifestyle app development. Here are some of the crucial features.

  • User & Content Management
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Push Notifications Management
  • Security & Compliance
  • Features Modification

Embrace Business Excellence with Lifestyle App Development!

Step into the competitive business world with a bang! Seek profit-driven lifestyle app development services by Dev Technosys and get tailor-made business solutions. Hire dedicated developers at a reasonable lifestyle app development cost.

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Trending Tech Stacks of Lifestyle App Development

As time changes, technologies keep upgrading. So, get ready to be the next market leader with our trending lifestyle application development services. At Dev Technosys, we always work for perfection and help our clients grow with time. Look at the latest technologies we integrate while developing a lifestyle app for all-scale businesses.

Blockchain Platforms

  • Ethereum
  • Multichain
  • Wax
  • Cortana

Front-end frameworks

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • VanillaJs

Programming Languages

  • Golang
  • C++
  • Python
  • Php

NFT Standards

  • Ethereum
  • dGoods
  • TRC-721
  • BEP-20

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix
    IBM Bluemix
  • Kaleido Insights
    Kaleido Insights

Storage Platforms

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB

Why Choose Dev Technosys for Lifestyle App Development?

Dev Technosys is the best mobile and web development company worldwide. With a team of dedicated developers, we assure to develop an outstanding application at affordable lifestyle app development cost. Still wondering why should you choose us? Here’s what you need to know about our lifestyle app development solutions!

Years of Experience
Error-Free Work
Happy Clients
Projects Delivered
Dedicated Developers
Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Lifestyle App Development?

    Lifestyle App Development involves creating mobile applications that cater to users' daily routines, interests, and well-being. These apps seamlessly integrate technology into health, fitness, leisure, and social connectivity, enhancing users' overall lifestyle experience through personalized features, insights, and convenient access to relevant services and information. What's your lifestyle mobile app development idea?

  • How Can I Hire the Best Lifestyle App Development Company?

    To hire the best lifestyle app development agency, you must look for a reliable and trustworthy company with a team of dedicated professionals. At Dev Technosys, we stand strong on all the criteria and ensure to create a lifestyle app that can help your business grow in no time. Share your requirements with us today!

  • How Much Does Lifestyle App Development Cost?

    A basic lifestyle application with simple features and functionalities costs around $5,000 to $10,000. But, if you want to integrate advanced features and functionalities while developing a lifestyle app, you must spend around $10,000 to $25,000 or more, depending on the project requirements. Feel free to connect with us and share your requirements now!

  • I Want to Hire Dedicated Developers for My Lifestyle Project. What Should I Do?

    Set your budget first to hire dedicated developers for your lifestyle application development project. After that, you can choose from the reasonable hiring models Dev Technosys offers. From hiring developers full-time to hire developers hourly, we offer it all. Share your hiring preference with us.

  • Will Dev Technosys Ensure My Lifestyle App Development Project's Confidentiality?

    Yes definitely. With Dev Technosys lifestyle app development services, you can ensure 100% business confidentiality and security. Our team always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA before working on any project. Your data safety is our foremost priority, so remain assured of it.

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