Urban Clap

An On-demand home service app that caters for the need of every household

Several types of apps exist in the market, where some are counted as the legendry example of home services app development, such as – Urban Clap. It is a name ruling over millions of households for having on-demand home services such as mechanics, electricians, plumbers and others. An end-user can demand on a single click from hairdressing to the repair of AC or can book an appointment for plumbing work to visit an interior designer at their home.

The UrbanClap is now an Urban Company, but people still called with its old name. Its app revolutionised the whole home services app development segment in a short span, and now there are several apps similar to the UrbanClap app in the market.

It was 2014 when it was launched as an online home services booking platform covering almost all services that a person needs in life for their home and personal such as haircut, beautician services and others.

The Urban Company is the largest home services provider in Asia and has a presence in India, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

The users can book the services from the following categories-

  • Urban Beauty: salon and make services
  • Urban Grooming: haircut and grooming services
  • Urban Spa: spa services for men and women
  • Urban Repairs: plumbers, electricians, carpenters, AC repair and more.
  • Urban Cleaning: home cleaning solutions
  • Urban Painting: home or office painting services
  • Other Services: healthcare, fitness and yoga

The UrbanClap app provides complete solutions that make it a leading mobile app in the home services app segment.

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Urban Clap- The Top-Notch Home Services App Development Example at a Glance

The front face of UrbanClap is represented by its services, but another bright face is that it provides earning opportunities to millions of professionals worldwide. If we go with the exact number of services, then a user can find the professionals for 107 services.

On their website, they have also written that their mission is to connect the customers with learned professionals, so the home users must have an experience that they have never before. Till May, 21 there were 32,000 service providers on-boarded the Urban Company platform. It received 5,000 customer requests every day.

From the financial point of view, the company raised USD 255 million funds in April 2021, and its investors include Ratan Tata and other big brand names such as Prosus Ventures, Dragoneer, Vy Capital etc.

The UrbanClap app gave a new definition to the home services market. Before it, for any service, a person has to search it on the internet, on yellow pages and sometimes in the newspapers. That was too much a hectic process.

Now, a user has to register first; then, via a powerful search option, they can find the service providers for the desired work. That is the reason when it comes to the on-demand home services app development, taking reference to UrbanClap is fantabulous.

Screenshots of Urban Clap- A Fantastic App For On-demand Home Services

It is a leading example of on-demand home services app development with multiple features. The UrbanClap works as a one-stop destination for all types of home and personal care services requests. The users can hire professionals based on their ratings. The following screenshots showcase what how an app looks like while using.

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Key Features of UrbanClap App

As the UrbanClap app is for common users, it is very simple to use. In brief, the process looks like you need to first download the app from the app store, input your phone number and complete the registration process. Once you have done then search for services, pay for them and get it done by the experts at the scheduled time. Its features make it fantastic, and if you are looking to develop an app like UrbanClap, then you need to focus on these which are following-

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Simple Registration

The registration process on the UrbanClap app is easy for users and vendors. The users only need to enter their phone numbers for registration. On the other hand, service owners have to register themselves in the category easily.

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Search Filters

A user can apply several search filters to find out the desired services. The app contains a powerful search filter option that facilitates the users in a great manner, like searching service providers in their nearby locations, ratings, service charges, and others.

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Multiple Payment Options

The users can pay for the services via multiple payment modes like they can choose a credit card, debit card and net banking option. The UrbanClap app also contains a mobile wallet, and users can recharge it from their bank account.

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Service Feedback

Service feedback options allow customers to post feedback about a particular service provider they have chosen for the service at their household. The management also uses it for quality control.

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Professional’s Rating

This feature allows the users to rate the particular service provider on five-star rating criteria. The other users can also take reference from it while booking for any home services available at the UrbanClap app.

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In-App Chat

The in-app chat function is useful for vendors and service seekers. They both can chat with each other to discuss or inquire before initiating the services at a particular location. It is establishes the strong connection between both stake holders.

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Adding Service Charges

The vendor or service providers can add or modify the service charge accordingly. Once they add the charge, it will immediately reflect on the app, so the customer will pay them accordingly. It is one of the most useful features for the vendors.

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The professionals can toggle their availability on the app. It helps them manage their work as per their schedule and helps the clients book the services on an available basis. It works in real-time.

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GPS Location Tracking

Once the customers pinned their location on the map feature of the UrbanClap app, then the service provider can see the details and track the location of a site. It helps them to reach on time at the exact location.

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Track Earnings

Home service professionals can track their earnings. When a customer pays the service amount, it is immediately transferred to the service provider’s account and reflected in their earnings.

How UrbanClap App Works?

The working of the UrbanClap app is so simple that it makes it different from other home service apps. Apps like UrbanClap work like a boon for the homeowners searching for the services and professionals searching for the work. It lets the professionals and customers meet on a common platform. So the app functions as per the users' end, and service provider end. They have to register accordingly.

  • User Panel

    First, the user has to download the app as per their device's platform, such as iOS and Android. Then for registration, they need to put their mobile number. It will ask for OTP verification; users can find the desired professional for home or any other services with ease after putting the account.

  • Service Provider Panel

    Same as end-users, the service providers can register themselves via their mobile number and provide other details such as their speciality and experience. Once the service provider verifies, they can accept or reject the service request. The app facilitates them to set up their payment account to receive their fee for their services for a particular user. When a user books the service, the professional get a real-time update with the details of clients, such as contact number and address details.

Cost To Develop An App Like Urban Clap?

Due to the shifting trends, businesses are continuously migrating on the web and mobile platforms. The days are gone when for the services such as plumbing, electrician, or repairing any household device you need to search in the market. Now you can find all these types of services via the internet. The UrbanClap is such a fine app to refer to if any start-up or individual is looking to step into the online home services business.

Before reaching any conclusion about the cost to develop UrbanClap app, first, you need to note that there are such factors that influence app like UrbanClap app development cost which are-

  • Hiring home services app developers
  • UI/UX development
  • Backend Development
  • Features Development
  • App Testing
  • App submission on the app stores– Google Play Store, Apple App Store
  • App Marketing & Promotion

The cost of an app similar to UrbanClap also depends on its version, such as basic or advanced. The basic version will cost you around USD 25,000- USD 30,000 for a single platform, i.e., Android or iOS. If you want to develop it with advanced features and functionalities, then the cost may go up to USD 50,000-USD 60,000. The app will contain a user panel, service provider panel, and admin panel as core components.

How To Develop an App Like UrbanClap?

First of all, for home services app development or to develop an app like UrbanClap, consistent efforts with patience are required. These apps are being used by the common person and service providers from different fields. So, it must look easy to use but must have a robust backend with an attractive front end. We need to follow certain steps for developing an app like UrbanClap.

Market Research

Before taking any step, market and competitor research must enter the market via launching the app. Here you need to find out what is trending in the market regarding home services and what competitors are doing? Which apps are ruling over the market and others?

Target Audience

For the success of the home service marketplace app, knowing your target audience is necessary to whom you are going to serve via an app? What kind of services are usually needed in a particular location? What are the user’s preferences?

Shortlisting of Features

The next step is to shortlist the features that you want to have in your app, like UrbanClap. Here you need to categorize the features into categories such as basic features, advanced features, and subcategories such as features for users, services providers and admin panel.

Revenue Model

The revenue model stands for how the app will earn. It can be a commission-based model lead generation model, and another option can be pay per model. It is your choice that you can implement all these three in one app or go with anyone of it.


For reaching potential customers, it is necessary to decide on which platform you will launch your app. Most of the mobile apps you can find on Android and iOS platforms. The apps having web panels can be accessed via any browser. So, referring to these, you need to develop the app.

Tools & Technology

Once the platform is decided, you will have the option of using tools & technology by default. In simpler terms, you can understand it as a tech stack depending on the platform. Suppose, if you are thinking about iOS home service app development, then the tech stack will be accordingly.

Hire Dedicated App Developers

For home service marketplace app development, hire dedicated developers is much crucial, and they must be experienced to develop an app like UrbanClap. So, before hiring them, you need to confirm their developing skills and projects they have developed so far.

App Testing

App testing refers to finding out how QA professionals eliminate the bugs and errors left while developing the home services app. It ensures the quality and better user experience. If an app is properly tested, it will help you with more customer onboarding.

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing and promotion are as much as important as app development. Due to the tough competition in the market, applying a perfect marketing and promotion strategy can give you a cutting edge and help in standing out of the crowd with your unique app like UrbanClap.

What Are Some Best Alternatives of UrbanClap Available in The Market?

Worldwide home services market volume is projected to reach USD 869.65 billion with a fine growth rate. An app like UrbanClap is leading the market by enabling the professionals for earning and households to book the required services. In addition to the UrbanClap app are counted as top-notch alternatives of UrbanClap available in the market. These alternatives are-

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Urban Company – Best In Class Home Services, Qualified Professionals
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It is too tough to spend time finding a suitable professional or service provider for home servicing in our busy lives. Apps like UrbanClap works like a fine solution to connect with a service expert. An individual can book the services any time from their respective location, and professionals can reach via tracking live location. If you are also looking to start your business with home services app development, then Dev Technosys can help you to develop an app like UrbanClap. You can hire dedicated developers to transform your idea into a fine home service app for business with us.

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