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The soul of on-demand Home Services lies in its features. It is also a crucial factor provided by our services which help to keep hold of the customers and enhance user engagement on the platform.

You might be having different options in your mind regarding the household application feature but we will present some of the strong ones to you

Dev Technosys

Household system for service providers

The household solutions that we offer to the service providers are extremely convenient especially to deal with customer service. Our platform has ultimate tools to facilitate customers with the management of client servicing and planning, accept or reject the user requests, reviews and rating manager, and so on.

Dev Technosys

Household system for customers

This solution is extremely helpful for the third parties involved with our platform as they get a choice with virtual dedicated, shared or cloud premises to deploy their solution on the server. If they are not sure to deploy it on their server then and we can easily get the job done on our platform.

Dev Technosys

Household services for web panels

With the user panel, we provide accessibility to the user because throughout the process application has to be user-friendly. Store panel also helps the users to manage their profile, subcategory, earnings, schedules, and various activities on the app platform. And with the Admin panel, you can easily track the active users along with their app settings in Geo locations.

Dev Technosys

Household services for mobile applications

In order to bridge the gap between homeowners and cleaners we provide extreme solutions as a recognized platform for home services app development our services are categorized under Customer app, the user can easily sign in to our application with their unique username and view the nearby services along with handling the products. And Provider app provides certain facilities to the user in between parties so that they can handle the delivery of our services.

How Do We Empower Household Services App Development?

With our online home services app in the USA, you can easily meet the household services requirements without any obstacles. The comprehensive range of features provided by Dev Technosys is as follows

  • Dev Technosys

    Booking management

    We allow users to book required services with few clicks and advanced search options provided on our platform make it easy for them to find the best workers in their area.

  • Dev Technosys

    Setting up regular tasks

    users will get interesting features and other technical assistance at our platform as we have integrated the latest technology stack and feature-rich services in the segment of our courier app development solutions. The feature-rich API of our platform will make it extremely convenient for the user to access the courier services.Through our platform users can easily book frequent household cleaning sessions selecting from the available options. Along with this we also provide user identification features through which you can easily identify the concerned person.

  • Dev Technosys

    Booking schedule

    We allow users to find reliable solutions in case of emergency requirements and they can easily schedule their booking for future events. The user can not only book The desired schedule but with the help of inbuilt navigation, they can let the house cleaners find and reach your place easily.

Dev Technosys
  • Dev Technosys

    Instant quotes

    Once the request is submitted by the user regarding the selected household service, for instance, we make sure to provide them instead quotes in order to complete the task. Once the user agrees with the quotation they can easily pay for the cleaning services with our online payment modes.

  • Dev Technosys

    Assurance for entire cleaning

    At Dev Technosys you get complete assurance and safety with the house cleaning services, cleaners, the application users, and other involved parties. Users can also check for the historical details of the person approaching for the services at their home.

  • Dev Technosys

    Native app

    Our highly experienced development team builds the application solutions in native Android as well as iOS platforms so that the user can have the ultimate experience with the household services.

How Does it Works?

The On-demand household services at Dev Technosys are incredible and involve real-time processing while dealing with the customers, service providers, and other involved parties. Once the user or customer registers to the platform, it works significantly.

  • 1

    Quick registration

    Our on-demand household services are extremely simple to register and follow minimal processes while registering for the platform. The users have to enter the required details in short and follow up through the process. Once registered successfully they can easily access our services and get the household work done.

  • 2

    Real-time requests

    It is obvious that most of the service providers receive popup notifications in real-time. As soon as the customers generate the request instantly the notification arrives at the service provider across all the platforms.

  • 3

    Acception or rejection of requests

    Depending upon the tasks and client requirements we are liable to manage the services and requests. Whenever the customer generates a request we provide enough authority to the customer, service provider, and other involved parties to deal with the requests. Users can also find enough provisions to make their access easier.

  • 4

    Dealing with customers

    Dealing with the customer in order to satisfy his needs effortlessly and maintaining fluent communication throughout the services is the prime requirement of any on-demand household service. We have proficiency in the negotiation of services, queries, and we can easily get the household work done.

  • 5

    Payment details

    The service provider and other cleaning personnel involved with our panel can introduce their reliable payment modes so that they can easily receive the payment whenever they require. In addition to it, the users can also make the transaction through the suitable platform they have.

Looking for advanced Home service app development solutions? At Dev Technosys, we feature a team of seasoned app developers having in-depth industry knowledge as well as relevant expertise to deliver the best results.


For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

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Revolutionary On-Demand Household Service Features

We understand and acknowledge the requirements of a loyal customer base by offering them referrals, discounts, and coupons. Our services in the same segment are highly useful for various customers and other service providers and some of the revolutionary features are mentioned-below

  • Service booking
    Advanced filter and search options are provided.

  • Schedule booking
    Customers can easily book urgent cleaning services.

  • Instant quotes
    Immediate submission of the request and invoice.

  • Setting up a regular cleaning
    Customers can book regular sessions for cleaning.

  • Switching
    Easy to switch the cleaners of the service provider.

  • Instant support
    Immediate support is provided to the customers in an emergency.

Dev Technosys

Are you looking for dynamic on-demand home Services applications solution?

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering custom Home Services app development services.

Salient Features of Home Services App Solutions

We as an on demand home services app development platform aims at creating solutions that can bring endless opportunities and convenience to our users. Have a glimpse at some of the incredible benefits provided by Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys

Payment gateway

Our household cleaning services come with a secure payment mode which is integrated with multi-layer security gateways. Our house cleaning services come with multiple payment modes or e-wallet systems through which users can easily pay as per their convenience. The payment gateways at Dev Technosys are highly integrated with top-notch security.

Dev Technosys

Rating and review

Once the user can have access to our services as they can easily put their valuable feedback and help us to serve better next time. Our household cleaning services are completely insured with the safety and trust associated with our customers.

Dev Technosys

Push notifications

Push notifications offer updates related query especially with the household services and various other facilities to value the user engagement. At Dev Technosys, the customers also get real-time service checks, document verification at various stages in a few clicks. This feature helps them enjoy the application with absolute ease.

Dev Technosys

Cutting edge tech stack

The web development team at Dev Technosys is highly proficient and well acquainted with the latest technology. We help the users to cater to the best household services meeting all the requirements. Our app services have built-in Access to the navigation facility so that customers can easily find the neighborhood cleaners.

Dev Technosys

Communication through the platform

We allow our customers and service providers for cleaners to reach out to one another easily in case of any immediate cause to be concerned. The in-app communication interface provided with our solutions makes it easy for the involved professionals to reach out to potential clients.

Dev Technosys

Detailed profile view

This is one of the most preferred features offered by our household services platform in which prior to book the schedule, users can easily learn about the cleaner or service providers. For this, a detailed profile view option is provided.

Benefits of Using Our Household Cleaning Solutions

We offer plenty of benefits to the customers as well as service providers through which they can easily extend their requirements.

Dev Technosys


At Devtechnosys, various professionals are creating tailored applications and house cleaning services. All of them have a wide range of custom features and other integration options through which users can easily modify the service as per their requirements. We have given huge consideration to the brand value and customizability for our customers and service providers.

Dev Technosys

Faster time to market

We provide extreme and faster time to market to our service providers so that they get remarkable assistance with development time and resources. Our services are also fast for customers and we do not hold them for a long time. This helps everyone to save significant resources.

Dev Technosys

On-demand solutions

Our platform is highly experienced to build on-demand household services. Partnering the best and reliable tech stack and solutions we offer dynamic services for multiple verticals to the customers. Our on-demand household services are extremely convenient for users as well as service providers.

Dev Technosys


Our services are thoughtfully designed and developed by the professionals considering the unique requirements of the user in mind. This helps us offer them convenient services where each and every feature and assistance is included in the interface. Over time, we have also improved our services.

Dev Technosys

Consistent support

In our platform we have indulged a dedicated and consistent support model so that our clients can get maximum ROI. Even in case of any immediate cause to attend, we highly consider it to provide uninterrupted assistance to our users as well as associated service providers.

Dev Technosys


Our on-demand house cleaning solutions are integrated with a seamless support system and multiple functions which make it effortless for the customer to access them. Our entire solution is specially designed to offer reliability and scalability to the customers with absolute ease.

Frequently asked question

  • What are on-demand home services?

    On-demand home service is mainly a bridge the gap between the internet online service and real-world service to come with effective service. There are so many on-demand home services that can help a lot of people to get their service or product on their doorsteps. Cleaning service app, home maintenance service, and so many services that can be provided to the customer so that the shopping and taking service can be taken care of.

  • How can we grow on-demand home service business market?

    Nowadays most people are dependent on the home service business market. As most of the people are using internets the busy lifestyle of people. This on-demand home service helps bridge the gap between the reach of world service and instant online service. Now the customer can get every service at their home facing no problem and no traveling cost. There are so many on-demand home service applications that will help in making your life easy.

  • What are the benefits of online home services?

    There are so many benefits of online home service some are mentioned below:

    Time-saving: household service app development helps the customer to save their time a lot as the customers can now order anything with one tap.

    Quality service: The services you will get are of the best quality.

    Multi-tasking: Now the customer can do their important work and can even enjoy their service properly

    Saves money: this helps in saving money as the customer does have to go out to avail of the service and can get them on their doorsteps.

  • How much time will it take to build my home service marketplace app?

    The app can be developed in 1 week or even one month or 1 year. The period of Home Services App development mainly depends on the type of features and plan you are coming up with. There are so many things that are needed to be taken care of when it comes to developing an app. Market research is one of the important things that help the app to grow.

  • How much does it cost to develop an on-demand home service app?

    The cost of developing an app depends on the time the app is taking to get developed and the features that you are adding. The average cost of creating an on-demand home service app is around $15000-$24000. Nowadays people are completely dependent on them as they are busy with their work and want their things or product to reach home facing no problem.

  • Do you provide technical support after launch?

    Yes, we believe in building trust with the customer. If the company faces any issue after the app is launched then we make sure that the problem is solved.

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