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A Visual Delight & Feast For Our Eyes

A visual search engine that gives you the freedom to search images that gives pleasure to your eyes and quenches your thirst to find out ideas like recipes, home décor, craft ideas, paintings, wallpapers, and many more.

For example, Christmas is approaching fast so, if you want to surprise your friends and family, you can follow the ideas from Pinterest Christmas crafts. There you will find the ideas and refer to them for the DIY idea.

The app is equipped with several exciting features that put the users in awe. It is available for all major platforms such as Web, iOS and Android. The Pinterest app is fully loaded with billions of pins, and you can take inspiration from the pins for various things beyond your expectations, from photography to creating a flower pot for your desk. This app is not only for home users; the businesses are also leveraging it.

Due to the rising user’s interest in AI-powered image and graphics searching apps this week, we have created a space to admire the Pinterest app and its hallmarks.

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Pinterest - At a Glance

It was March 2010 when a new concept launched in the form of the Pinterest app where a user can search for the images from an image. On the other hand, users can share and find ideas based on their interests. The best part is you can save the pin in your app account, and if allowed by the creators, you can download it as well.

Since its launch, it caught the attention of users, and within a few years, it was one of the apps that made its place in the list of Time Magazine’s list of best apps and websites.

Here you would be a delight to check the following facts about Pinterest-
  • It has 459 million monthly active users.
  • 85% of users are from the mobile platform.
  • Most users are youth
  • During 2020, 50% of shoppers grew on Pinterest

From a technical point of view, you will be amazed that the app is equipped with a machine-learning algorithm to create a healthy commenting ecosystem. The algorithm works like it identify unsafe comments, spam comments, sentiments and quality of comments. It classifies the comments and takes an appropriate decision that makes it an app that gives you a positive feeling.

For better understanding, let's dive deep into the various aspects of the Pinterest App

Screenshots of Pinterest- Best App For Images & Graphics

Here are some screenshots that represent how the Pinterest app looks. Via these, you can observe that it has excellent graphics and UI/UX that works smooth and allure the users to use it as a great social media option.

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Key Features of Pinterest App

Before we proceed on the further points, you need to understand the two essential terms you will use throughout accessing the app- Pin and Boards. The Pins are referred to the posts that Pinterest users create. It includes images, image description, content and link for sharing if required. The Board refers to the space where users can save and organize their pins.

So, let's kick start with the key features
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Creating Pinterest Account

A user can create a personal account via e-mail, Facebook, or Gmail. Only e-mail and other details such as name and age for creating the business account. Regarding an additional personal account. The primary account and additional accounts can be joined later.

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Discovering ideas

A user can find the desired pins and board at the home feed. The Pinterest app also recommends the Pins that you can find interesting based on your preference. In the search bar, you can narrow down the search using predefined filters such as explore, shop, and profile.

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Pinterest Lens

This feature represents one of the best ever functionality developed in social media app development history and makes Pinterest App unique from other apps.. For searching more about your idea, you have to click on the camera like icon called Pinterest Lens. It will showcase similar ideas.

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Interaction With A Pin

Users can react to the posts with ease. The reactions can be given on the story and video pins, not promoted content. In addition to the reaction, the commenting is the same as we do on other social media apps or websites. The Pin can also be removed.

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Pinterest TV

Pinterest is also an extraordinary feature that allows the creators to show their creative skills live. Here a user can post their short video where other users can give their views and expressions.

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Profile Settings

The profile section works the same as the other social media accounts. Users can edit username, pronoun, bio, and location in this section.

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Personal Notes

It is a new section available where a user can save their personal notes that make easier to recognize the pin. The personal notes can be used for all favourite pins.

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Board Toolbar

The board toolbar is such a great feature that allows boards having 150 pins to let the users navigate through all the pins with ease. It remains at the top of the board so the actions can be performed smoothly.

There are lots of essential features you can explore while using the app. If you are looking for Pinterest clone app development, it becomes necessary to know about the features. It will help you create a shortlist of features that you will include with the basic features.

How Does Pinterest App Works?

The Pinterest app is a social media app that allows users to share images and search for exciting ideas in visual form. The users post the Pin on their boards that can be seen by their followers. People use this app to save ideas, product images & descriptions, collaborate with other users and bookmark the Pin. It provides images and graphics, including descriptions.

To be a user of Pinterest, a person needs to create an account on the Pinterest website or app using an e-mail id or via a Facebook account. Then as the next step, they need to create their profile. Creating an account is almost the same, but for business accounts, the users need to add business details.

The Pins for marketing are called product Pins that allows the target audience to see the product inventory directly. If you plan to develop an app like Pinterest to facilitate businesses extraordinarily marketing their products, you also need to focus on Pinterest Catalog. It contains all the attributes related to the products and is worthy of showcasing the products for sale.

It is such a fantastic social media app that generates good traffic. Only you need to know how to handle it, and you can't believe that you can definitely get the results via your creativity.

Cost To Developing An App Like Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great reference for app development, and there are several reasons for it. On one side, users enjoy the whole process of creating the pins and saving to the boards; on the other side, businesses can leverage it for excellent sales & growth. You can see the analytics and how many followers have viewed your Pin and other points as well.

Including other things, you also need to focus on Pinterest clone app development costs. It would be best to know what it takes to develop the app. For developing the basic version, the cost ranges in-between $10,000- $15,000, and it can be more if you need some advanced functionalities. The factors that affect the cost are –

  • Team Size
  • UI/UX Components
  • Backend Programming
  • Testing
  • App Submission Fee
  • App Marketing

For the Pinterest app clone, you can also hire developers on an hourly basis, and it will cost you around $25-$50 per hour.

How To Develop an App Like Pinterest?

The Pinterest app is relatively easy to use, but it is pretty complex to implement the functionalities in a Pinterest clone from the development point of view. Here are some crucial steps that you can follow to develop an app similar to Pinterest.

User-Oriented Research

It can be divided into two, i.e., User-oriented research and competitor research. Here you need to find out like- latest trend, the features users mostly like to access on the Pinterest app, What is the motive of users behind downloading Pinterest? , and many others.

Competitors Research

The competitor research includes what your competitors are doing with the app if they have launched the Pinterest clone, what features they have included, and what monetization strategy they are following.

Target Audience

For the success of the app, it is a must to identify who will be your target audience. Suppose you want to work only with infographics, then you have to decide about the niche and what kind of users are associated with it. So, you can draft the content accordingly at the time of launch.

Features Shortlisting

The next important step is shortlisting the features that can add value to your app, like Pinterest. Including the basic features, you can prepare a list of some extraordinary features that make your app unique.

App Platform

Under this step, you need to research the demographic traits on which platform you can find more users for your app. There are three significant platforms worldwide, i.e., Web, iOS, and Android. If you want to target all platforms with a single app, then hybrid app development is worthy.

Monetization Strategy

You can focus on any of the three models: subscription-based, freemium, and in-app advertising. All these models are best for revenue generation.

Hiring Mobile App Development Company

Including all the steps, hiring a mobile app development company or Pinterest clone app development company is crucial. For the outstanding built and success of the app, it would be best to hire experienced mobile app developers.

App Launching & Marketing

After development and testing, it is time to launch your app. Post-launch you have to decide your marketing strategy and implementation to grab the attention of users.

What Are The Best Pinterest Alternative Available In The Market?

Since its launch, Pinterest has gained users' trust and interest within a few years. The users found it very interesting to search for the ideas from making fruit juice to home décor or DIY tricks for making the craft to the lifestyle tips & hacks. So, taking inspiration from it, there are several Pinterest clone app in the form of best alternatives available on the respective app stores such as

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App’s Available On

One of the best visual search engines, the Pinterest App, works like a genie where you only need to tell the idea; the app will suggest multiple recommendations beyond imagination.
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Instead of reading hefty sentences and lines, it is always a great pleasure to get the idea from infographics, images, graphics, and short videos. The one-stop destination for all these apps is only Pinterest. If you are looking forward to implementing an idea similar to it, you are on the right path. Being a leading web & mobile app development company, we have ample experience creating apps like Pinterest. We have an extraordinary team of talented app developers with in-depth knowledge of creating apps using the latest tech stack.

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