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Our Exclusive Classified App Development Services

Dev Technosys is a lucrative app development platform that helps you take the business to the next level with a feature-rich application. We have tremendous resources and an efficient team that helps you advertise and promote your brand effectively. Our classified app development services are-

Dev Technosys

Classified Ads Website Development

We are proficient in creating the latest architecture of classified ads for the internet as well as an app across different platforms. Our advanced classified ads development services work very well for companies. Get our classified ads if you are keen to reach your targeted customers in an organized and affordable manner.

Dev Technosys

Customized Classified Development Services

We can offer you a customizable Classified Solution for your web and app requirements. The professionals of our platform can help you to customize your website and application as per your platform-specific requirements. We have a team of experts who understand to deploy higher and technical knowledge to deliver customized classified services.

Dev Technosys

Classified Ads App Development

Our team is backed by highly experienced developers who are perfect for developing classified applications. Over the years we have created innumerable applications for reputed platforms. We are known for developing classified applications like eBay, OLX, etc.

Dev Technosys

Clone Classified App Solutions

If you are looking for an application that can allow you to sell or purchase products or services with a few clicks, we can offer you the exact services. Our classified clone app solutions can help you connect with potential customers with absolute ease.

HOW DO WE EMPOWER On-Demand Classified Application Development?

At Dev Technosys, we have an excellent understanding of Classified App Development Solutions and its know-how. We have incorporated in-depth tech analysis and detailed research to come up with advanced solutions for our clients. Our team tends to provide personalized classified app development services for different platforms under various domains.

  • Dev Technosys

    More Accessibility

    The classified mobile app solution has the potential to make your brand or business highly accessible for the users. Our company is efficient in developing highly-accessible classified applications and it allows you to reach maximum customers with limited efforts. the higher the accessibility of your platform, the higher will be the number of your potential customers.

  • Dev Technosys

    Brand Image

    Our Classified App Development Company can help you to get loyal customers more often. We can help you attain a classified business reputation along with enhancing your brand image. If you are running an online business it is extremely important to maintain a brand image. We can help you to get the desired results with the classified app development solutions.

  • Dev Technosys

    An Increase In Sales

    Classified application solutions can work very well for your brand to increase its sales. We can deploy the exact classified solutions to convert regular visitors into potential customers for your platform. You can either convert them to draw traffic for your website and thus guaranteeing returns for the same.

Dev Technosys
  • Dev Technosys

    Brand Visibility

    No matter how excellent your services or products are, if you are not capable of getting the customer attracted to them, you are failing. Our classified app development services can help you boost the online presence of your brand so you can stand out from your contemporaries. Our brand visibility and recognition services can boost your online presence.

  • Dev Technosys

    Customer Engagement

    It is highly evident that the most efficient and faster mobile applications are considered as the greatest tool for engaging with potential customers. Our classified solutions are backed by a team of experts who understand the value of customer engagement. We deliver highly engaging and convenient app solutions without any hassle.

  • Dev Technosys

    Trading For Sure

    Trading is indeed the core of classified app development solutions. We allow you to sell or purchase anything anywhere through the classified app solutions. Our solutions guarantee hassle-free delivery and access to the required products/services.

How Classified App Development Services Works?

We integrate qualitative classified app features in our app development services. Our classified app development services work as follows

  • 1

    Analyzing Requirements

    We ensure that every requirement of our clients is duly taken care of with ultimate perfection. Prior to starting the project, we analyze the requirements and expectations from particular classified applications and implement solutions accordingly.

  • 2

    Strategic Implementation

    At Dev Technosys, we have adopted on-demand classified app development strategies. We incorporate all the actions and plans after rigorous industry research and understanding the client-specific requirements. This helps us to integrate the app’s features according to the market situation and trends.

  • 3

    Back-End Engineering

    The professionals on our platform actually understand how to steer the wheel when it comes to delivering supreme solutions. Our classified app development solutions are created with the utmost excellence in order to fulfill every requirement from the client’s end. In our classified app development process, we integrate the latest and sophisticated technology.

  • 4

    Quality Check And Assurance

    Every development stage of our services is double-checked by experienced testers and coherent developers. Also, we are not merciful to the bugs and errors and use every possible way to remove them from the applications. Through our quality check and assurance service, we make sure to deploy the best version for your applications.

  • 5

    In store experience

    For our classified app development, we consider ourselves as a user and create the website accordingly. Our expert professionals are capable of developing the best and industry-leading classified apps. We create the applications after understanding product references, user insights, and perception patterns.

  • 6

    Enabling single window

    At Dev Technosys, we hold the expertise to create a single window for buying and selling the products or services. This provides quick access to the potential customers and they can make the purchase anytime, anywhere. through this feature, we make sure that your favorite products or services are accessible in a single click.


For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    Find great goods in your area and swap your stuff for free in the new app....

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    NL Classifieds - Newfoundland & Labrador Free Local Classifieds...

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    Abentra is a premium online classifieds platform where you can post and search ads for free. Whether you want to buy - sell - rent - hire - abentra has it all....

REVOLUTIONARY On-demand Classified App Solutions

  • Social registration we provide inbuilt social registration

  • Picture modification this feature allows buyers or sellers to maintain the quality of pictures

  • In app payment the users can easily pay for their purchases

  • Delivery status quick tracking of the deliverables

  • Reliable script we make sure to provide error-free scripts to the users

  • Active customisation user panel, as well as admin panel, is allowed to customize the app.

Dev Technosys

Are you looking for dynamic classified app development

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering classified app development services.

SALIENT FEATURES Of Our Classified Application Development

Our services are inclusive of proven methodologies that can help you to get functional classified applications for Android as well as iOS platforms. The salient features of our services are

Dev Technosys


We provide quick customer or admin login through our classified applications. It means that a user from any end can easily login through email or phone number. Our registration features work extremely well for buying or selling classified applications.

Dev Technosys


We provide the location detection feature in our applications for users to easily search for the desired product available within their nearby location. The geo-location feature enables customers as well as potential users to search for a product easily. The geolocation feature also helps users to filter their nearby stores and understand the desired product or services are available or not.

Dev Technosys

Pay Per Lead

It is an incredible feature that we essentially include in our applications. This allows the brand to be more visible and gain active accessibility from buyers as well as sellers. With this feature, it will become easier to gain attention with a little spending on potential leads.

Dev Technosys

Search By Category

To make the search convenient for users, we facilitate multiple filters and sorting options. This feature helps the customers to easily navigate the available services on any platform. Filtering or searching for products as per their category saves the time of users as well as admin or sellers. Navigating through the available options is equally reliable from both ends.

Dev Technosys

User And Product Management

The user and product management feature on the admin panel allows admins to easily manage services and products. Admins can freely manage user accounts and analyze their activities. Also, it gets quite easy to manage the products that are present or unavailable in the app.

Dev Technosys

Tracking Orders

Through our tracking feature, users and admins can easily track orders to ensure good service and delivery. This feature in our classified applications makes it convenient for customers to make sales or purchases. Under any utility, it is an incredible feature that we have given space for in our classified application development solution.

BENEFITS OF USING OUR Classified App Development Solutions

We offer limitless benefits through our classified application solutions through which the user can easily buy and sell anything from the comfort of their house. We provide an all-in-one facility through classified app solutions.

Dev Technosys

Technical Expertise

Our expertise is inclusive of business analysis, creating and launching high-end classified solutions for clients. The technical team of our platform is backed by dedicated professionals who are consistent with their progression. Our team of dedicated professionals is always ready to provide customized applications as per the business requirements.

Dev Technosys

Quality-Driven Approach

We can offer you powerful and quality-driven classified app solutions to make your business appealing. It also helped the brands to soar to the maximum capability and improve their customer base in the market. Our quality-based classified applications offer amazing experiences to the users while they are accessing products and services.

Dev Technosys

Commitment To Our Services

Our commitment to delivering quality services helps businesses to improve their functions and features. We develop highly efficient classified applications that help businesses to remain ahead in the competition. Over the years of our activity, we have delivered efficient services to our customers with excellence.

Dev Technosys


One of the significant advantages of our Classified Solution is that it is equally compatible with multiple platforms. So whether you are looking for Android classified applications or iOS, we can help you get the best you can have. Our classified applications have multi-platform compatibility through which you do not have to frequently invest in a single solution.

Dev Technosys

24×7 Customer Support

In times of need, we stand at the forefront to help our customers and clients. Although we intend to create highly efficient and manageable classified applications, in terms of query or any error we provide continuous customer support to our customers.

Dev Technosys

Unique solutions

we truly understand that a particular type of classified application may not work for another organisation. Hence We have integrated unique and innovative approaches in our classified mobile and desktop applications. It is to make sure the multitude of industry specific requirements.

Frequently asked question

  • How to create a classified app?

    The classified app is mainly a complete solution of the software package consisting of ios and android apps for both the buyers, sellers and the admin portal for managing the system. In this way, the buyers and sellers can even communicate with them anonymously.

    Decide on the type of software

    Choose the most similar app to your idea

    Select the features you want

    Select the launch platform

    Select your team and delivery time

    Launch the app now

  • What is the cost of making a good Android classified app?

    Several factors affect the cost of an app:

    App platform

    App design

    App size

    App developers

    The cost of an app also depends on the developers geographic location. The approx cost that a Classified Mobile App Developer can vary from $20 to $150 per hour.

  • How can I create a classifieds website?

    Below are some of the steps that are needed to be followed to create a Classified app:

    Install an Advanced Search System

    Integrate Google Maps

    Create a Detailed Ad Page

    Add Widgets to Your Website Pages

    Emphasize Premium Ads

    Create an Advertiser Profile Page

    Embed an Ad Submission Form

    Add a Contact Form

    Launch a Blog for Better SEO

    Make Your Site Responsive

  • Do you provide support service after deployment of the app?

    Yes, we do provide after-development service as we believe in customer service. It is very important to understand the client demand and work on then in some situations if the client may face the problem and it is our prime focus to deal with that.

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