Building an insurance app is a great idea in today’s time as there is a huge demand for the banking and finance industry. If we talk about insurance, things have changed as the entire industry is shifting towards mobile-first technologies. So, having a well-developed and feature-rich insurance app is a great idea.

As per the statistics, there is a huge demand and customer request for insurance applications, so planning for insurance app development would be a wise idea for business owners. This guide will share everything about developing a revenue-generating insurance application, including the features, benefits, costs, and more.

What Is Insurance App Development?

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Insurance app development refers to creating a mobile app allowing users to access insurance services via smartphones. These apps offer a convenient and user-friendly platform for customers to manage their insurance policies, file claims, and get support from their insurance providers.

Developing an insurance app typically involves identifying the target audience and understanding their needs and preferences. The process of insurance app development incorporates defining the features, app interface, app development, testing, deployment, and maintaining it. All this ensures that the app remains relevant and provides the best possible user experience.

How Does Insurance App Works?

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An insurance app provides a digital platform for customers to manage their insurance policies, file claims, and get support from their insurance providers. Here's how such mobile banking app development processes work:

Why Insurance Industries Should Require A Mobile Application?

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People use their phones frequently these days. According to the most recent data, 90% of the time spent on mobile devices will be spent using applications. There are around 258 billion mobile apps expected to be downloaded in 2023. A feature-rich application for insurance –

  • Improves business communication
  • Automates the completion of client and insurance agent responsibilities
  • Aid in bringing up new consumers
  • Boosts an insurance company's income while decreasing operating expenditures
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Identifying Target Audience

    Identifying the target audience for the insurance mobile app and their needs is important. It helps in developing a mobile app that meets their requirements.

  • Defining App Features

    Based on the target audience and their needs, you should define the features that the insurance app will offer. Some essential features include policy management, claims filing, payment processing, personalized recommendations, and customer support.

  • Choose Tech Stacks

    Select the technology that suits your app development requirements. It includes choosing the appropriate programming languages, mobile app development frameworks, and cloud services.

  • Designing User Interface

    Design a user interface that is visually appealing, easy to use, and provides a seamless user experience. Ensure to have a consistent design across all devices and platforms.

  • Insurance App Development

    Once you have chosen the design for your insurance app, it's time to start developing it. For that, you need to decide whether you want to go for android app development, iOS development, or both. The app should be developed using the latest technologies and coding practices.

  • App Testing

    After developing the app, it's important to test it thoroughly to ensure that it meets quality standards and provides a seamless user experience. Testing includes functional and non-functional testing.

  • Launching An App

    Once the app is tested and ready, launch it on the app store or the web. It will require compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

  • Maintenance and Updates

    After the launch, ensure that you provide regular maintenance and updates to the app. It includes bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements to ensure the app remains relevant and provides the best possible user experience.

In summary, developing an insurance application requires identifying the target audience, defining app features, choosing the right technology, designing the user interface, developing the app, testing it, launching it, and providing maintenance and updates.

Key Features of Insurance App Development

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A feature-rich and well-developed insurance app comes with its own set of benefits. So, while planning for insurance app development, do not forget to incorporate the following features.

  • Policy Management

    The app should allow customers to view their policies, manage their coverage, update their personal information, and make payments.

  • Claims Filing

    Customers can file a claim through the app. The insurance app feature should enable customers to provide details of the incident, upload supporting documents, and track the status of their claims.

  • Personalized Recommendations

    The app should provide personalized recommendations based on customers' profiles and preferences. These recommendations may include additional coverage options, risk mitigation strategies, and cost-saving options.

  • Customer Support

    The app should offer customer support through Chatbots and in-app messaging. Customers should be able to ask questions, report issues, and get assistance from customer service representatives through the app.

  • Integration with Third-Party Services

    The app should integrate with third-party services such as payment gateways, document management systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

  • Geolocation

    The app should be able to track the customer's location to provide personalized recommendations, alerts, and notifications based on their location.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    The fintech app should provide analytics and reporting features to track customer behaviour, usage patterns, and other metrics that can help insurers improve their services.

  • Security and Compliance

    Make sure that your insurance application should be designed with strong security measures to protect customer data and comply with relevant regulations and standards.

5 Popular Insurance Apps in the USA

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As we all know, the insurance sector is gaining immense popularity today, and many insurance applications are available. Here is a list of the 5 most-popular insurance apps in the USA.

  • Geico Mobile

    This app is provided by Geico, one of the largest car insurance companies in the USA. The app allows customers to manage their policies, file claims, and pay bills.

  • All state Mobile

    All state is another popular car insurance company in the USA. Their app allows customers to access their policies, get roadside assistance, and file claims quickly and easily.

  • State Farm

    State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies in the USA. Their app allows customers to manage their policies, and get the best assistance ever.

  • Progressive

    Progressive is a well-known car insurance company in the USA. Their app lets customers view policy information, make payments, and report claims.

  • Lemonade

    Lemonade is a newer insurance company that offers renters, homeowners, and pet insurance.

Tech Stacks Required During Insurance App Development

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Including the latest features and functionalities must make an application work seamlessly and outshine the competitors. Here is the list of the latest tech stacks required to build a health insurance app. Including these technologies will help you create a seamless business application.

  • Android Development


  • iOS Development


  • Cross-platform Development

    React Native

  • Backend

    Ruby, Node.js

  • Backend Frameworks and Libraries

    Ruby on Rails, Express/Nest.js, Bootstrap

  • Databases

    Amazon RDS

  • File Storage

    Amazon S3

  • Caching

    OVH CDN, Cloud Front

  • Hosting

    AWS, OVH

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Twilio Authy

  • Payment Gateway

    Stripe, PayPal

What Is the Cost of Insurance App Development?

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A single platform (iOS and Android) insurance app development will cost $30,000 and might reach $50,000 or more. If you decide to develop an insurance app for both platforms, the cost could increase from $50,000 to $60,000.

The following factors influence the cost to develop an insurance app –
  • Development Platform of preference (iOS, Android, or both)

  • App Development Time

  • Application Features

  • Tech Stacks

  • Size & Complexity of App

Why Choose Dev Technosys for Insurance App Development?

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For the past 12+ years, Dev Technosys has been serving all-scale businesses with its impeccable mobile app development and web development services. We have a team of 500+ dedicated professionals who work round-the-clock to help businesses get the best development solutions. Coming to insurance app development, we are pro at it. To date, we have developed ample mobile applications and websites for various business domains.

Share your requirements to develop an insurance app; our dedicated developers will draft perfectly customized insurance software best suited for your budget. Schedule a consultation with the professionals of Dev Technosys and get a free quote right away.

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