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Get the personalized experience of fintech software development from Dev Technosys. The solution range includes enterprise-grade solutions to the personal finance assistant and apps like Google pay to large business fintech solutions.

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Fintech Software Development Services

Having experience of more than a decade in providing fintech software development services, Dev Technosys is a trusted name for fintech app development and a variety of web development solutions for the fintech industry. Our services range covers banks, NBFCs, insurance companies and other fintech businesses. Our services offerings are:

Dev Technosys

Crowdfunding Portal Development

Are you looking for crowdfunding for a specific project venture? We can help with it via our crowdfunding portal development services. You will get a fully featured portal meeting your all expectations.

P2P Lending Software

P2P lending portals play a crucial role whenever there is a need for direct money lending. The best part is our experienced team of fintech software developers can create a unique platform for it.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Alternative financing Solutions

The alternative FinTech App Development facilitate businesses in finding desired financing products regarding their specific needs. Our developers have in-depth experience in developing these types of Fintech software

Custom Fintech Software

If you need customization and personal requirements for your business, then we can provide you with the best experience of customized fintech software development. Dev Technosys helps individual businesses via developing personalized fintech mobile apps.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Loan Management Software

At Dev Technosys, we have a talented team of fintech software developers who have proven expertise in developing loan management software based on clients’ requirements. You can have an innovative platform for borrowers and issuers with a high-grade security mechanism.

mPOS(Mobile Payments)

Leverage the trend of mobile payments for your business via getting an mPOS app from experts. We can provide you with an app with a seamless experience. The app will work smoothly across all devices.

Dev Technosys

Fintech Software Solution

For a decade, Devtechnosys, as a leading financial software development company, has been helping banks, non-banking financial services providers, loan-providing companies, insurance companies, and other types of fintech firms. Our Fintech app developers have equal expertise in FinTech App Development for enterprise-grade businesses to small-scale fintech businesses. We primely focus on developing solutions with an innovative and customer-centric approach.

Dev Technosys

Smart Budgeting Software Solutions

We can equip your fintech business with flexible, scalable, and smart budgeting solutions. Our solutions will help you to manage your existing and upcoming budget requirements fantastically. All types of budget information will be handy on all systems and devices. Budget automation will be an extra advantage.

  • Smart account linking
  • Real-time Information
  • Customized Alerts
  • Transaction Management
Dev Technosys

Loan Management Software

Get fully integrated and end-to-end corporate loan management software for your business from experienced financial services software development experts. We can develop loan management software for corporates to small-scale loan-providing businesses. The perks are

  • AI-Powered loan management
  • Improved customer experience
  • Fine revenue management
  • Micro Services Architecture
Dev Technosys

Financial Services Marketplace

If you want to bring your services together on a common platform and connect with more customers, then none other than the Financial services marketplace is the best for you. It will cover all your services and provide the customers with the best financial services experience.

  • Digital payments
  • AI-based recommendation engine
  • User-centric design
  • Covers personal financing services with corporate financing
Dev Technosys

Insurance Agency Management software

The insurance sector is a rapidly growing industry that demands cutting-edge solutions. Still, some insurance companies are striving to manage their business. If you are also looking for the same, get next-gen insurance agency management software from experience fintech software developers. The insurance agency management solutions leverage AI-ML, Big Data, and other technologies. The solutions will work seamlessly across all devices.

  • On-demand insurance management software
  • Variety of insurance management solutions
  • Fraud detection
  • AI-based insurance product recommendation
Dev Technosys

Personal Finance Management(PFM Solutions)

There is a massive craze for PFM solutions in the industry. We can develop personal finance management software so it can be seamlessly integrated with the banking system. On the other hand, it can fetch that data from other bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and loans.

  • Expense tracking
  • AI-enabled personal finance management advisor
  • Seamless money transferring
  • Manage and prioritize accounts
Dev Technosys

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are more advantageous for the fintech industry than any other technology. One of the best advantages is security and providing real-time results. It is pretty fantastic for a faster transaction without any interruption. Our strong team of Blockchain developers having in-depth knowledge can craft business-oriented fintech solutions.

  • Fraud detection
  • Highly secure
  • No foundation for Third-parties
  • High-grade Transparency

Development Process

The FinTech App Development is complicated, and its sustainability depends on how it is developed. To provide the best user experience, we follow a unique process. Our process is also suitable for custom fintech software development. So, here is a glimpse of it.

develop a fitness app 01

Idea Formulation

It starts with brainstorming the idea and ends at idea finalization.

develop a fitness app 02

UI/UX Designing

First wireframing will take place then it will turn into the final design.

develop a fitness app 03


Now actual coding will take place, including security mechanisms.

develop a fitness app 04

Quality Assurance

This phase includes various steps of testing to assure the SW quality.

develop a fitness app 05


Our fintech software developers will assist you in launching the software.

Latest Technical Standards We Follow For Fintech Software Development

Ultra-modern technical standards can help you to stand out from the crowd, and we can make it happen for you.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

It is suitable for fintech applications and software to create an excellent user experience. It eliminates resource dependency.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

It helps fintech firm owners to make strategic decisions. Here key component is Big data technology that helps in data mining for better use.

Open Banking APIs

Open Banking APIs

Open banking APIs facilitate businesses to improve customer engagement in a fantastic way and cater to customers' needs innovatively.

User Privacy

User Privacy

User privacy is one of the biggest concerns, but you will find it perfect on all parameters with us. Our fintech software developers have in-depth knowledge of it.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The fintech services are demanding cutting-edge technologies in which AI is desired. It works fantastic with digitalization, and we know it very well.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Talking about ultra-age fintech solutions without blockchain & cryptocurrency is incomplete. This technology equips software with secure and modern functionalities.



Personalization allows fintech companies to provide a personal experience to their customers. It is one of the most demanding trends, especially for the fintech industry.

Digital Banking

Digital Banking

The best part about digital banking is that anyone can use it anywhere. It makes things easy for both, i.e., financial service providers and customers.

Why Choose Dev Technosys For Financial Software Development?

Dev Technsys is one of the known names and has over a decade of experience in the mobile app development industry. We have an experienced team of fintech software developers who have proven experience developing ultra-modern fintech mobile apps, financial PWAs, fintech websites, and many more. You can trust us from idea formulation to turn your financial software development idea into reality.

Quality Solutions

Quality Solutions

We always focus on providing quality solutions to our clients for better customer engagement and creating state-of-the-art solutions.

Digitally Advanced Solutions

Digitally Advanced Solutions

Developing digitally advanced solutions is our specialization. It helps a fintech firm grow and implement something to stand out from the crowd.

Variety of Engagement Models

Variety of Engagement Models

You can choose a suitable engagement or hiring model from various available models, such as full-time, part-time, and hourly.

Sustainability & Scalability

Sustainability & Scalability

While developing the solutions, we focus on the sustainability and scalability of the software. It helps the business to leverage the software in the long run.

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

We ensure that your fintech software will meet the market at the desired time. Our agile methodology makes it happen.

End-to-End Security

End-to-End Security

It is one thing that we can’t compromise at any level. We develop the software while keeping end-to-end security in our mind.

Our Business Values

Have you heard about banking 4.0, or do you know that upcoming fintech market trends will depend upon how you include the trends like Blockchain, AI, or any other in your software? We take care to deliver high-standard business solutions to our clients.

  • 1

    Multiple Solutions At A Single Point

    Being a leading financial software development company, we work as a single point for multiple solutions. We ensure on-time delivery, including software development, meeting clients’ requirements.

  • 2

    Ownership Cost Reduction

    Multiple costs remain associated with custom fintech software development, such as direct or indirect. We always care about owner-ship cost reduction, so a client must find a solution under the desired budget.

  • 3


    Integrity is our top priority. You will find whatever we share in the agreement for software development in absolute terms without any fake promise. Whatever promise we make, we remain stuck on it from start to end.

  • 4

    Maximized Value Flow

    After deciding on a mutual goal with the clients, our involved project team takes care of and monitors it. If any help is required for value flow, then we also help clients. In-between, if any modification comes, we also implement it.

Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Student Housing Platform

Rent your student accommodation with Uniplaces, the safe and easy student housing platform to find and book rooms and residences for university and Erasmus students. Uniplaces is the fastest-growing online platform helping students around the w...
Dev Technosys

Real Estate Buying/Selling Needs

Zonaprop is a real estate marketplace, running in Argentina. This solution provide a visibility space to propert owners and brokers to list out properties under commercial and residential property states to reach out more and more customers. ...
Dev Technosys

Fintech Sotware Panel

The best part with Dev Technosys is that you will have a feature-rich solution from all perspectives, such as user panel features, admin panel features, and others. While developing fintech or financial software solutions, our prime focus is on user-centric software products.

Dev Technosys

User Panel

The user panel of fintech software development covers all necessary features for users. It makes the app and its working seamless.

  • Signup: KYC, bank account verification, id-credential verification.
  • Sign-in: id and username, account pin generation, password set/reset.
  • Account Management: Add or remove bank account, adding credit/debit card
  • Transaction: money transfer, paying utility bills, online shopping.
  • Checkout: preview ongoing activity, coupon code applies
  • Settings: app language preference, editing personal info, app pin change
  • Support: Chatbot support, helpdesk support, 24/7 online & phone helpline.
Dev Technosys

Admin Panel

For fintech software, it is a must to have a robust admin panel with powerful features. The admin needs to manage tasks like user profiles, monitoring money transactions, app activity, and more. So, with us, you will have a fantastic admin panel.

  • Authorization: signup, signout, password set/reset
  • User Management: user profile management, user-id block/unblock, sort users
  • Menu Management: menu modification, menu layout change, dashboard appearance
  • Dashboard: app monitoring, money transactions tracking, overall software management
  • Integration: third-party API integration, payment gateway integration, push notifications
  • User Support: managing customer support helpline and other user’s query related tasks
Dev Technosys

Property evaluation panel

The property evaluation panel helps real estate buyers and agents recognize property’s market value.


  • We provide location-based filters and search modules
  • you can evaluate the property based on various fronts like price per square foot, median value, etc
  • Get the exact price of the property without a middle man
  • agents can receive direct property request from the customers

Frequently asked question

  • What is the fintech software you can develop?

    Our comprehensively skilled developers have practical experience in delivering and deploying various fintech software. Here is the range of software that you can choose from us or any one of these:

    • Digital payment software solutions
    • Loan management software
    • Blockchain & cryptocurrency solutions
    • Billing software development
    • Banking software development
    • Personal finance management software

    And more.

  • What kind of technologies do you use for fintech software development?

  • Is fintech software development outsourcing good?

  • How much does it cost to develop fintech software?

  • How much time will it take to develop fintech software?

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