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With time, the Freeletics app is also gaining a lot of applause all around the world. Yes, this application is evolving with time and making it easier for users around the world to have an excellent workout period.

Fitness app like Freeletics is certainly making a huge impact in the world of Technology today as it is convincing users to adapt to different exercising programs which help them in enhancing fitness levels quite significantly. This is the reason investing in fitness and healthcare app development is certainly a great move to have because the chances of getting connected to users are certainly a lot higher.

With the help of this application, users will certainly become a lot more fitness freaks and this will enhance their health quite significantly. So, there is no reason why you should not invest in the fitness application development process because it will present you with the right platform to get connected to the audience and make the most out of it.

What is Freeletics app?

Freeletics is a fitness app that offers personalized workout plans and nutrition guidance. It provides users with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere without the need for equipment.


What is Freeletics app


The app includes a range of exercises, from bodyweight movements to running and sprinting drills, and is designed to help users achieve their fitness goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness improvement.

The app also offers a community feature, where users can connect with other Freeletics members to share tips, motivation, and support. Freeletics is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

How Does the Freeletics App Work?

The app like Freeletics uses artificial intelligence to provide customized workout plans based on a user’s fitness level, goals, and preferences. The app first asks users to complete a fitness assessment to determine their fitness level and identify any areas of weakness.

Based on the assessment, the fitness or workout app creates a personalized workout plan for the user, which includes a combination of bodyweight exercises and running workouts. As the user completes workouts, the app provides feedback on their performance, such as time taken to complete the workout, number of repetitions, and heart rate.

This feedback helps the user to track their progress and make adjustments to their workout plan as needed. Freeletics also provides personalized nutrition guidance to users, based on their fitness goals and dietary preferences. The app provides recipes and meal plans that are tailored to the user’s specific needs.

Overall, the Freeletics app uses technology and personalized coaching to help users achieve their fitness goals in a convenient and effective way.


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The Best Workout App Features

When considering the cost to develop a mobile app for a custom workout tracker, you will also have to consider the features that you include in the app. The more loaded the app is, the costlier it will be. Here are a few features that might be non-negotiable to building a workout app.


Best Workout App Features


1. Sign Up/Login

In fitness applications, user sign-in and registration are standard functions. Make sure you provide users with a variety of enrollment options, such as fast signup via sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as registration via email address.

2. User Account

A user account is required if you want to create a fitness programme for profit. With the aid of fitness applications, users can gain insight into their training progress, achievements, personal goals, and much more.

These accounts may include a variety of benefits, such as the ability to use a programme across multiple devices via online storage. Additionally, you can hire an on demand app development services provider to add the feature to manage paid subscriptions and billions of pieces of information with connected payment systems.

3. Social Integration

These days, the majority of people are engaged on at least a few social media networks. This feature must be considered when developing a fitness software with a personal account. However, you can take this feature a step further by giving customers the option to share their exercise accomplishments with their peers on social networks, in addition to social registration and login.

4. Device Interconnection

If you decide to develop a fitness app that will provide customers with exact and useful insight into their physical exercise, we strongly counsel you to consider this feature. With the help of fitness app makers, you can integrate your personal exercise app like Fitbit, with a wide range of wearables. Using the HealthKit and Google Fit APIs, you can obtain data from the most famous devices driven by Google’s Wear OS and Apple’s Watch.

5. Payment Gateway

The payment gateway integration allows you to in-app purchases in your business model. You won’t be able to offer memberships or specific on-demand courses unless you have it. Any exchange in your programme must take place over a secure network.

Whether you’re developing a smart indoor bike software or not, the requirements for this functionality are basically the same. These are as follows:

  • It should process deals fast.
  • It must protect users’ confidential information and be straightforward to use.

6. Push Notifications

Push alerts are always on the MVP list because they are such an important feature for reminding and inspiring your users to access and use the app. It is also a powerful advertising tool for engaging with both active and dormant app users.

In case you want to integrate this feature only in iOS devices, it would be better to take consultation from an iPhone App development company. It can be useful in the following circumstances, to name a few, with a well-thought-out push alerts approach:

  • Users will be notified of upcoming live drills.
  • Students will be notified of new on-demand classes.
  • They keep users’ debates, new followers, and other social actions up to speed.
  • Push alerts will entice users who haven’t used the programme in a while to do so.

7. Daily Recap

This is one such feature which gives you a lot which you need at the end of the training. Yes, it will help you understand what you have achieved after all your workouts have been completed.

The respective attribute will give you an idea about the thing which you have never done before and you have completed this in the respective day. This is the reason why you must get connected to mobile app development solution  providers. You can help them as a fitness app as it will help users connect and avail the success they are looking for.

8. Bonus

This feature allows you to share your lifestyle which can certainly be a great way to help others join us in making their lifestyle better. Yes, you will be able to share your goals accomplished with the help of the respective fitness application service as it will help your friends and relatives to follow you and join the group to get better in terms of fitness and health.

So, you will be able to post about the number of push-ups or kilometers you have jogged with the help of this feature and motivate your friends without much of a hassle.

9. Exercise Tracking

Fitness apps frequently include built-in tracking features that enable users to see how active they have been throughout the day, week, or even month. This is extremely useful for people who want to keep note of how much physical activity they do each day in order to determine if it meets their fitness goals.

You can also integrate geolocation features in your app for tracking your daily steps count in real time with the  help of a geolocation app development provider. Regular exercise monitoring also motivates users by showing them where they need to progress and how near they are to achieving a goal.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an App like Freeletics

Several factors influence the expense of developing a custom workout and training software. Everything engaged in the development process has an impact on the expenses and thus the budget.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an App like Freeletics


A few examples are provided by android app development services provider.

1. Workout App Type   

Each sort of programme you create has its own expense. You’ll almost always go with a web-based tool. If your target audience owns an iPhone, creating an iOS software could save you money. If they have other phones, you may prefer Android to iOS. Determine your intended market’s location and how to reach them.

2. Features

When calculating the cost of creating an app, you must be very precise about the variety of features you want to include. It will have a major impact on the amount of developer effort required. Take into consideration all of the categories, search engines, push alerts, training guidance, user account logins, payments, and so on.


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3. Tech Stack

The technology stack used to create a custom exercise and training software can also influence the total cost of development. Investing in a comprehensive training app that can handle a bigger user base and provide a seamless communication experience is likely to cost more than investing in a basic app with a standard technological interface.

4. Integrations

When an exercise software is integrated with multiple servers, online services, payment methods, external data sources, or even just a simple social network relationship, the project’s complexity increases. It has a direct impact on the expense of developing a custom exercise programme. Your exercise app’s upkeep and development expenses will be listed below.

5. Complexity of Design

When creating a fitness program, consider how complex the design is. If you’re content for your app’s user experience to simply use an existing design framework, you can save a lot of money here. However, if you want something genuinely distinctive that gives your business a creative edge, you’ll need to pay for product design services.

Cost to Develop an App like Freeletics

So, if you are thinking about moving ahead to hire dedicated developers for a health fitness app like Freeletics, you must be having a question regarding how much it will cost? Well, to make it easier for you, then a number of aspects that define the entire pricing of the application.

Below mentioned are the aspects which will define how much it will cost you to move ahead with a fitness application. However, it is vital to know that fitness tracking app development cost is also similar to Freeletics app in case you are interested to invest in.

  • UI designing
  • Design prototypes and specification
  • Backend and frontend development
  • Bug fixing
  • Testing
  • Update

So, these are the aspects which one needs to cover to understand how much it will cost them to have their fitness application built with the best features. It will be ranging between $8000 US dollars to around 18,000 US dollars. It might even rise depending upon the attributes you consider you have in your respective application.



Fitness apps are an excellent method for companies to improve customer satisfaction and acquire prospective clients. Businesses are able to utilize exercise applications as a component of their advertising campaigns with the proper strategy and development approach.

In this blog, we discussed what characteristics a decent fitness app like Freeletics should have and approximated how much every function will cost. We anticipate that this helps you choose the best exercise software for you and makes your workouts less expensive. You can employ a reputable fitness app development company to assist you in developing the ideal exercise app for your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Experienced Developer to Create My Fitness App?

Yes. It is critical to select an experienced coder with prior knowledge when you develop a fitness app. They will not only comprehend how to best bring your concept to life, but they will additionally be available to offer insight into possible problems that may emerge during development and assist you in avoiding them.


How to Reduce Custom Workout and Training App Development Costs?

To save money on a fitness tracker app, concentrate on essential features, create cross-platform software rather than two for iOS and Android, and employ a progressive web app development services provider.

When the programme is profitable, add functions. Hiring additional employees or an app development firm will save money in the long run while guaranteeing a high-quality output without overspending for an in-house team.

How Much Time Does it Take to Build a Workout App Like Freeletics?

A fitness app like Freeletics usually requires 200 hours for creation. However, it is feasible to create an exercise app in as little as 67 hours or as much as 350 hours. The exact timeline is determined by the complexity of the application you are submitting.

In general, if you require highly customized designs, specialized features, or unconventional distribution platforms, it will take longer. However, such customized functionalities are suggested to receive greater long-term advantages.

What are the Ongoing Costs of Maintaining a Fitness App?

An initial ballpark figure is that app owners must pay the maintenance cost of mobile app around $15000-$25000. You should budget 20% of your original development money for app maintenance.

How can you keep your development costs down when creating a fitness app?

You can build an MVP before the end product to create an app at a low expense. A minimal viable product (MVP) is one that has fewer functions and costs less than a full-featured software.

You can get your product in front of an audience at a lower expense by creating an MVP with restricted functionality. You can update your programme and add new features based on user input over time. This reduces both the time and expense of app creation.