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Features of On-Demand Dog Walking App Development

At DevTechnosys, we eliminate the trouble of taking your dog for a walk with our on-demand solutions. Some of the crucial features of our On-Demand Dog Walker Mobile App Development applications are as follows

View Dog Walker Profile

We allow dog owners to view the profiles of the nearest dog walkers. The profile of dog walkers is inclusive of the information about each individual, their experiences with the task, along visiting the charges. Viewing the Dog Walker profiles enables the users as well as allows admins to monitor the task and streamline the payments.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Notification Alerts

Dog owners who have scheduled appointments with the dog walkers can get a detailed description of the dog walker. We ensure notifying our users regarding the latest application upgrades as well as any modification in the dog walking services.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We have incorporated secure payment options in our Dog Walking App Development applications to make it easy for the users to choose from the available dog walkers and pay for the services. Users can pay the amount in any mode, depending on the payment options provided in our dog walking application.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Live Streaming

This feature enables the pet owners to watch their pet live with the dog walker over the streets to make sure that everything is okay with the pup. Live streaming features are specially crafted in our dog walking applications for the users to assist them virtually.


We allow users to earn from our application by inviting their close friends to have pets. The users can encourage others to use our dog walking applications and our promo codes are easy to manage. Through our applications, the admins also get a smooth practice of integrating solutions for the dog walkers.

Dev Technosys

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What Our Dog Walker App Development Process Entails?

With our Dog Walker App Development Services, we offer an opportunity to the pet owners to get access to our services anytime anywhere. We conduct an extensive app development process for our potential customers.

  • Dev Technosys


    We undertake an easy and clear onboarding process for our dog walking app development process. Our onboarding logic relies upon your project requirements. Right from shaping your application ideas into reality, we take care of plenty of services for pet owners.

  • Dev Technosys


    It is another major part of our Dog Care Walking App Development process wherein we showcase the application listings to the clients and ask for their preferences. Once we have the project structure ready, we ask the client for its approval.

  • Dev Technosys

    Project Development

    We create easily discoverable Dog Care Walking Apps for our clients by integrating product search, advanced search, multiple payment gateways, and various other features.

  • Dev Technosys

    On-time Delivery

    Our Dog Care Walking application developers are precise about the project timelines and deliverables. We ensure the delivery of high-performing applications within the stipulated deadlines.

  • Dev Technosys

    Regular Updates And Maintenance

    Upon the project delivery, we make sure to constantly upgrade the marketplace application as per the industry prerequisites and latest trends.


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Features In The App panel

We are pioneers in delivering the latest On-demand Dog Walker Mobile App Development solutions. We have integrated various descriptive trends and established technical aspects of our solutions.

Dev Technosys

Customer panel

This panel has the features that are accessible by the dog owners


  • Easy Login: We allow users to log in to the application through social media integration or a contact number
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Our On-demand Dog Walking App comes with a user-friendly dashboard and simple features that assist the users
  • Location-based Search: Users can use this feature to find other nearby dog walkers
  • User-friendly Interface: Customers will be able to access every expected feature without any inconvenience or delay

Admin panel

The admin panel of our dog walking application has essential features to help the admins of the application.


  • Control Center: We integrate user-friendly control center options in our applications that help the admins to offer a seamless user experience
  • Order Management: The admins can easily manage dog walking orders along with keeping a record of their status
  • Customer Management: Through this feature, we provide a summary of the dog walking booking solutions
  • Profile Management: Admins can handle various profile activities, including the pet owner and walker profiles
Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Dog Walker Panel

The dog walker panel is used by the service providers, and it helps them remain informed about their orders.


  • Multilingual: Our Dog Walking App Development has multilingual features at every panel that help the local delivery boys to access the application features easily
  • Easy Operability: Our application comes with advanced and easy operability which makes sure that the delivery person can understand the order details
  • Booking Summary: Through this feature, we provide a brief summary of the dog walking booking solutions
  • Route Integration: The dog walkers can integrate the route of the customer’s address

We Follow The Latest Technical Standards

Being a renowned Dog care Walking App Development Company, we ensure to deliver a combination of best practices and emerging technologies for your application. Our Dog Care Walking applications are crafted using emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, Chatbots, AR/VR, etc.

Dev Technosys

IoT App Development

  • Easy and fun dog walking through music and video features
  • 3D view and access process
  • Online streaming of the dog walking services
Dev Technosys

AI-based App

  • Personalized services and access to dog walking
  • Relevant app interface and solutions
  • Al-enabled feedback loop
Dev Technosys


  • Direct interaction between the dog owners and walkers
  • The new and unique environment for everyone
  • Evaluating and examining the actions of the dog walkers

Why choose us?

At DevTechnosys, we have a robust team of Dog Walking Service App developers that combines the credibility of automation tools and emerging technologies to drive success and revenue to your dog walking business.


Customer Requirements

Our extensive range of services and experience with on-demand dog walking applications enable us to align well with every pet owner’s requirements. We are proficient in understanding the industry-leading trends and business prerequisites and fulfilling them with world-class solutions.


Result-driven Approach

In the dog walking business, we have secured a renowned position by offering customer-centric and result-driven solutions. We duly undertake the value proposition of the pet owners and offer them specific solutions that can drive excellent results for their business. We allow the users to automate the whole process of booking on the dog walking app solution.


Cloud-enabled Platform

Our Dog Walker App Development Services are entirely based on cloud automation and have the potential to automate the whole process for you. It also helps us to overcome several potential technical challenges that you might have to face otherwise. We leverage the applications by eradicating long redundant processes from the solutions.


Exceptional User Experience

We can derive exceptional convenience and experience for the users with our advanced features. We have also included the smart mobility services in our On-demand Dog Walking App to streamline business management processes with ease.


Appealing Design

To make our dog walking services eye-catchy and attractive for the pet owners, we let the developers work with the latest tools that can give a unique touch to your application. We also provide the best in class application designs tailored with the approach of delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

Our On-demand Dog Walking App Development Services

At DevTechnosys, we take care of the Dog care Walking App Development process and offer the most extensive services through our platform-specific applications.

Customized Applications

We integrate inbuilt features and customization options to give maximum convenience to pet owners. We craft the applications for our customers, dog walking personals, and admins. We customize the application with your branding credentials and use the brand-oriented aspects.

Unmatched Performance

Our dog walking applications are loaded with an array of features and functionalities to deliver unmatched performance to pet users. We offer liberty to the pet owners to choose the payment options based on their preferences and convenience. Our applications ensure high performance in terms of booking history and management, tracking, contacting the dog walking boys, etc.

Dev Technosys

Maximum Application Security

Our expert developers integrate high-security technology for assuring the security of the application. We keep a check on the third-party integrations and customer support services to give protection to our users from the malware and help them initiate secure payments.

Support And Maintenance

Being a reliable dog app development company, we offer consistent support and maintenance services to our customers. We also formulate the strategies to add value to their experience while making orders through the dog walking application.

Boosting Innovation

We develop customized multi-vendor dog walking applications that allow dog walkers to offer relevant services to the customers. Our applications can boost business innovation to a greater extent by transforming their business value.

Frequently asked question

  • How does Dog Walking App Solution function?

    Registration: These platforms first connect with all the potential dog owners with available dog walkers nearby. Then the involves the registration of both the dog walker and the dog owners in the app.

    Schedule walks: with the help of the app the owner can book a schedule with the dog walker on the day there are busy with work.

    Pay: if you can meet him in person if you want to or you can pay them with the help of the application for a per walk. In this way, the work will be easy for you and the dog will even be healthy.

  • How to develop a successful Dog Walking App?

    Business strategy: it’s very important to plan for all the upcoming business goals and then achieve them step by step. In this, you can even add some of the services like dog care, pet grooming, dog training, etc.

    Decide on revenue system: then plan for the monetization strategy.

    Market research: do proper market research related to this type of app available in the market.

    Understanding market landscape

    Analyze competitors

    Find partners

    List down features: right down all the features that you want to add to your application.

    Hire app developers: then you need to hire an app developer who will help in developing the app as per your choice.

  • How to Calculate the Cost to Build a Dog Walking App like Wag?

    To calculate the estimated cost to build a dog walking app like wage then you need to follow a formula. The time required to develop an app multiply it by the developer’s hourly charge and then you will get the total app development cost. The approx cost can be around $10000 to $30000.

  • How to start a dog walking business?

    Write down the dog walking business plan.

    Then check the cost that will involve in this.

    Then understand dog walking rules and regulation

    Research the market properly and understand the problem of dog owners and how your application can solve the problem.

  • How Can You Monetize an On-Demand Dog Walking App?

    To earn and get profit from your application you should opt for the monetization approaches:

    Transaction fees

    Membership fees for walkers

    Bring paid promotion for the walkers

    Paid ads for dog-related products.

  • What features should I include in an on-demand dog walking app?

    Several features can be added to an On-demand Dog Walking App to make the app user-friendly. Promoting and marking your app is one of the important parts to attract more customers.


    Personal profiles

    Search filters

    Walk scheduling and cancellations

    Built-in chat


    Rating system

    Push notifications

    In-app payment

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