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Revamp your news business with growth-driven news app development solutions. Crafting live news apps like Apple news & WhatsApp news to help businesses grow.

Take news platforms to the next level with a well-crafted news portal app. Dev Technosys team of newspaper application developers’ holds expertise in creating mobile applications that grab the eyeball of the users. Take advantage of our news app development services now!

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Online News Application Development Solutions to Keep You Updated!

This digital era demands the availability of digital services, and online news is no exception. With a revenue of around $1 billion, there is no denying that online newspapers and magazine development ideas can transform your news business wholly.

Say goodbye to old newspapers and get live news at your fingertips while developing apps like Newsmax. Flood your target audience with the latest news and updates with a feature-rich live news app. It is high time to avail the benefits of newspaper application development and give wings to business.

Being a leading news platform app development company, we can create news applications for both Android & iOS development platforms. So, if you want to develop a news app, we can be your saviour. Drop your requirements now!

Empower Your World with Our News App Solutions Like

At Dev Technosys, we provide revolutionary information app solutions which can transform your global. Our uniqueness is creating powerful and ingenious information apps which can be custom designed to satisfy your particular necessities.

With our experience and commitment, we can make the well-known news app you have in mind one that offers seamless user stories, personalised content suggestions, and real-time updates.

Put your trust in us to deliver your standards to life and regulate the news intake conduct of your audience, making sure of worldwide involvement, relevance, and happiness.

App Like Inshorts

App Like Inshorts

Inshorts provides information hastily and efficiently by summarising information testimonies quickly. With user-friendly UI and AI-driven content curation, Dev Technosys can create an app like Inshorts that makes staying informed more tremendously handy and handy for users via handing over the latest information in a condensed, easy-to-examine manner.

Apps Like Newsbreak

App Like Newsbreak

It provides users with personalized local news and information based on their interests. Our news application development services can build an app like Newsbreak that gives region-based total information, focused content material distribution, and real-time updates to ensure customers are always informed about local and countrywide news. This is well-timed and applicable.

Apps Like BBC News

App Like BBC News

BBC News is well-known for its in-depth reporting and extensive coverage of global news. Dev Technosys may additionally create an app like BBC News that offers customers complete coverage on various issues, live updates, and multimedia content. It could deliver customers access to a dependable and solid news supply with a global viewpoint.

App Like Reddit

App Like Reddit

It blends information aggregation, person-generated content material sharing, and network-driven conversations. With interactive functions, user-generated content material, and topic-based total communities, Dev Technosys can create a comparable platform, encourages user participation and allows us users to find out and talk about a number of news objects and pursuits.

App Like Google News

App Like Google News

Google News compiles news from numerous resources to provide individualized and thorough coverage. With state-of-the-art algorithms for content curation, personalized hints, and a wide selection of news sources, Dev Technosys can develop an app like Google News that gives purchasers access to many pertinent and varied news testimonies in a single place.

App Like Flipboard

App Like Flipboard

Flipboard uses its users' interests and social connections to curate news and guides. With customizable magazines, carefully selected material streams, social media sharing tools, and eye-catching layouts. You need to know Dev Technosys can broaden an app like Flipboard that offers a tailored and captivating news reading experience.

News App Development: The Pivotal Features

The features of the online newspaper app will decide its success in the coming time. Revealing the list of must-have news application features to keep your application stand out from the crowd.

  • User Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

User Panel

  • Sign-up or Registration

    This feature ensures a smooth sign-up or registration process via email or social media platforms. It will enable the users to sign in to the news app and access live news updates with just a tap.

  • Profile Management

    Managing a profile is a must for every application. This feature allows users to update their contact number, name, email id, and other personal details on the digital newspaper app. Including this feature results in sorted user profiles.

  • News Categories

    Like any other digital service, the news platform app also has this feature where the users can search for the type of news they are interested in. Enabling this feature in the mobile newspaper app will ease the users' jobs.

  • Search & Filters

    None of the users have time to scroll the entire application to get news updates. So, while using the search and filter feature, users can find news for specific events, sports, or anything they need to know.

  • Live TV

    Including this additional feature like Sky Live TV into your news platform app will make it stand out from the rest. This feature will provide live news updates to the users, keeping them engaged with your news application.

  • Push Notifications

    This useful feature of the live streaming news app will notify customers of news updates, upcoming events, weather forecasts, stock market, and more. Including push notifications will ensure that users will not forget your app anything soon.

  • Share News

    Sometimes users want to share some useful news with friends, colleagues, and more. In such a situation, this feature of magazine & newspaper app development comes handy and helps users share news on multiple platforms.

  • Comment & Like News

    Everyone has the right to share their opinion or show their concern. This is where news aggregator app development features come as a saviour. It enables users to comment on any news piece and discuss their opinions.

  • Listen News In Audio Format

    Most users prefer to get news updates while they work or indulge in any other activity. So, incorporating audio integration into newspaper applications will allow the users to listen to news information in audio format.

Admin Panel

  • Admin Dashboard

    This feature of news platform development will empower the administrator to manage the overall app activity at once. A simple dashboard would be beneficial for the admin to keep track of all the activities while keeping readers happy.

  • Profile Management

    Like the customer panel, this magazine and newspaper application feature allows the admin to manage the profile to run the app successfully. The admin can also restrict a particular account in case of any fraudulent activity.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Coming up with a strong business strategy and result-driven planning requires access to the app’s analytics. So, this feature enables the admin to access newspaper app reports while keeping track of user analytics. This is especially beneficial for tracking growth & success.

  • Push Notifications

    This feature works the same as that of customer panel features. Incorporating push notifications into the admin panel allows the administrator to get regular updates about live news app activities. It will ensure to keep the entire news application process is in control.

  • User Restriction

    There are a lot of fraudster users who keep spoiling applications with spam comments. To eliminate such activities, this feature is mandatory. It will empower the admin to restrict any user account in case of inappropriate online news magazine app activity.

  • Chat & Support

    Keeping users happy and satisfied with the news portal app is a must to ensure the application’s success. This is where including chat and support feature proves to be helpful. While using it, the admin can resolve news app users' queries while keeping them satisfied.

  • Control Reviews & Feedback

    Eliminating unnecessary or unwanted reviews is a must to keep the app growing positively. Our news aggregator app development professionals understand this and hence enable this feature while developing a news app.

  • Admin Account Setting

    Personal account setting is one of the mandatory features of the best newspaper app. Our dedicated developers know this well and incorporate such features while creating digital newspaper apps or magazine apps for android.

  • Engagement Tools

    This amazing feature of the android magazine app or news app helps to bring more engagement to the application. The admin gets the entire control of the tool, where he can decide the ways to bring more engagement towards the digital newspaper app.

Additional Features

  • News Audio & Video Integration

    Like news audio integration, this feature enables the users to listen to and watch the news in a go. This news app development feature is especially useful for working professionals who don’t have enough time to read.

  • Top News of the Day

    To help users know the top news picks of the day, this feature comes in handy. It displays the top 10-50 news of the days in a slideshow format. Enabling this feature into your online newspapers and magazines app will make it stand out.

  • Advertisements

    Leveraging this feature into your mobile news application will act as a money-making strategy. You can simply collaborate with other brands to display ads on your news applications and earn more money while displaying the latest news.

  • Night Mode

    Your newspaper and magazine application should contain a night mode feature like any other mobile app development process. It will allow the users to read news in night mode without squinting their eyes.

  • Constant News Update

    Adding this feature to a news application allows the users to get a constant update about the ongoing news and events. It is one of the advanced features of news aggregator app development that brings engagement to your app.

  • Advance Account Settings

    You can go for it if you want to add more additional features and profile settings to your news app. It will add little news app development costs, making your online news application more advanced.

  • Social Media Sharing

    This feature of news application development allows the news app users to share news information or news articles on any social media platform. Leveraging this feature while developing a news mobile app acts as a marketing tool and helps businesses grow.

  • Personalized News Feed

    There are tons of news flooding every minute, so it becomes difficult for the users to access specific news. Here, the personalized news feed feature comes in handy. It helps users customize their mobile app based on the news of their interest.

  • Offline News

    Not every user has access to the internet 24 hours a day. So, enabling offline news features in your online news application will allow users to access the news app even when there is no internet available. It makes your news and magazine app unique.

Live News App Demo

The demo of live streaming news app development will take you through glimpses of working, features, and functionalities. You can take it as a reference for your future projects. You can also plan to add some additional features after taking an idea from this demo.

How Does It Work?

Understanding the working process holds crucial importance in the news app development process like WhatsApp news app, fox weather app, and other news portal apps. At Dev Technosys, our news app developers are well-versed in every application's work and development process. Here's a glimpse of how the news app works.

  • 1


    First, the users have to register on the news application via their email id or phone number to get the latest news & updates.

  • 2


    Once users set their email and password, they can simply log in to the digital news portal using those credentials.

  • 3

    Profile Management

    Next, users can complete the account verification process and set up their profiles while entering their personal details.

  • 4

    Set News Preference

    After a successful verification and profile setup, users can set their news preferences to get the latest updates via the online news portal.

  • 5

    Watch News

    Finally, the news will display on the user panel. Users can get information about the latest news and events on the news application.

Complete Range of Online Newspapers & Magazines App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys is a leading news app development company having a team of dedicated mobile app developers news. We can create a news and magazine app for android and iOS platforms that can help your news business grow. So, get a complete range of online newspapers and magazine app development solutions from our dedicated developers.

Our major news application development solutions include –

App for Users

This news app development process includes creating an application for the news app users. All the basic features, including signup, profile management, setting news preferences, watching event news, and more, are included.

App for Admin

This application is developed for the admin who will access the news portal and manage all the ongoing activities for seamless mobile app performance. All the major features, including user management, reports & analytics, are added here.

Additional Features

Incorporating additional features raise the worth of the online news magazine app and increase the chances of better revenue and profit in the coming time. Our news aggregator app development professionals add the best features to every app.

List of the best newspaper app development solutions to fulfil all your news business demands –

Dev Technosys
News app for iOS
Dev Technosys
Magazine app for Android
Dev Technosys
App like newsmax
Dev Technosys
News app for Android
Dev Technosys
App like WhatsApp news
Dev Technosys
Live streaming news app
Dev Technosys
Digital newspaper app
Dev Technosys
App like CNNgo
Being the best news app development company, we assure to develop news app for all platforms and businesses. Share your news portal development requirements with us and our dedicated developers will offer the best business app development solutions.
Dev Technosys

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Live News Website Development Services

Dev Technosys, one of the best live news website development services experts, can give directions to your dreams. We have a team of dedicated and experienced online newspaper app developers who can develop unique news apps for your business. Shake hands with our dedicated professionals and get a well-developed news website and news application in hand. Delivering excellence is what we believe in. Whether you need a WhatsApp news app, android magazine app, news app like Inshorts, sky live TV, news website, or fox weather app, we can develop it all. So, don’t wonder how to develop a news app; instead, get in touch with us now!

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

Our Innovative News App Development Solutions

Here at Dev Technosys, we present progressive ideas in an effort to have an impact on how people consume information in the future. Examine six particular new app development options that intend to convert the way users interact with content material. Our news app development company offers solutions meet an extensive range of needs and tastes, from personalized aggregators and multimedia structures to real-time updates.

With our modern-day approach to news app development, you could live in advance of the curve and enable customers to effects obtain well timed, relevant, and enjoyable material anywhere, at any time.

Real-Time News App

With real-time updates at their fingertips, users can live as much as cutting-edge on the latest happenings in terms of activities, developments, and tendencies. An evaluation of this app's functionality is provided below:

  • Live Updates

    Live Updates

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

  • Breaking News Alerts

    Breaking News Alerts

  • Customizable News Feeds

    Customizable News Feeds

  • Multimedia Content Material Support

    Multimedia Content Material Support

  • User-Friendly Interface

    User-Friendly Interface

Dev Technosys
Personalized News Aggregator

Personalized News Aggregator

To enhance user engagement and satisfaction, a customized information aggregator offers custom-designed news feeds and tips based totally on consumer options. A review of this app's functionality is provided below:

  • AI-Pushed Content Guidelines

    AI-Pushed Content Guidelines

  • Customized Information Feeds

    Customized Information Feeds

  • Topic-Based Channels

    Topic-Based Channels

  • Bookmarking And Saving Articles

    Bookmarking And Saving Articles

  • User Profile Customization

    User Profile Customization

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

Multimedia News Platform

A multimedia news platform adds motion pictures, pix, podcasts, and interactive visible components to the news intake revel in, providing a variety of content material types past textual content. A review of this app's functionality is provided under the:

  • Video News Clips

    Video News Clips

  • Photo Galleries

    Photo Galleries

  • Podcast Integration

    Podcast Integration

  • Interactive Infographics

    Interactive Infographics

  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

  • Offline Viewing

    Offline Viewing

Dev Technosys
Local News App

Local News App

A local news app connects users to nearby activities and issues and offers pertinent news and information based on their contemporary area. It additionally objectives to encourage community involvement. An evaluation of this app's capability is supplied underneath:

  • Location Based Information Updates

    Location Based Information Updates

  • Event Calendars

    Event Calendars

  • Community Forums

    Community Forums

  • Business Directories

    Business Directories

  • Weather Forecasts

    Weather Forecasts

  • Traffic Updates

    Traffic Updates

Social News Network

By enabling users to participate, debate, and proportion news articles and viewpoints on a network-pushed platform, social information networks foster communique and the sharing of thoughts. An overview of this app's capability is provided underneath:

  • User-Generated Content

    User-Generated Content

  • Discussion Forums

    Discussion Forums

  • Voting And Commenting

    Voting And Commenting

  • Trending Topics

    Trending Topics

  • Profile Customization

    Profile Customization

  • Content Sharing

    Content Sharing

Blogging and Microblogging App
Community Based Social Media Apps

Cross-Platform News Portal

Consistent entry to new material across numerous systems and devices is ensured via a cross-platform news portal, offering a clean and tasty consumer experience that is custom-designed to men's or women's options and device capabilities. An overview of this app's functionality is supplied underneath:

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

  • Multi-Tool Compatibility

    Multi-Tool Compatibility

  • Synchronization Throughout Devices

    Synchronization Throughout Devices

  • Seamless User Experience

    Seamless User Experience

  • Offline Studying Mode

    Offline Studying Mode

  • Accessibility Functions

    Accessibility Functions

News App Development Cost

At Dev Technosys, we can provide a tough estimate on news app development costs, which range from $8,000 to $25,000. However, figuring out the exact cost of building a new app is complex as more than one element is involved in the cost estimation process. So, let’s recognize each issue that impacts news app development costs.

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Bloomberg: Finance Market News

Breaking news on world finance, business, stock market and investments. Access award-winning journalism to help you understand the economics and financial news that’s shaping tomorrow, today....
Dev Technosys

SmartNews: Local Breaking News

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 50+ million readers in 150+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the top trending news stories influencing the world right now....
Dev Technosys

Magazine & Newspaper App Development Cost Estimation

Determining the exact cost to develop a magazine and newspaper app is complex as multiple factors are involved in the cost estimation process. So, let’s understand every factor that impacts news app development costs.

Dev Technosys


Different news application has different platform development requirements. So, our news mobile app developers analyze the business requirements and suggest the best suitable platform within the budget.

Dev Technosys

UX/UI Components

The design of a news portal leaves a significant impact on the users. We understand this and incorporate simple and unique designs into every digital newspaper app. So, the design chosen might influence the cost slightly.

Dev Technosys


Mobile app features are one of the strong assets that help to grab the users’ attention at first glance. We incorporate the best features within the defined news aggregator app development cost to make every news application unique.

Dev Technosys

Tech Stack

Inserting a modern-age tech stack holds crucial importance to keep the newspaper and magazine application working. Our dedicated news app developers integrate the best tech stack while considering the budget.

Dev Technosys

Third-Party APIs

You can integrate additional third-party APIs and integrations to make your news application stand out. Some APIs are free of cost, while some require additional costs during newspaper application development.

Dev Technosys

App Testing

To create a successful mobile newspaper app, it is crucial to conduct in-depth application testing. Our QA utilizes the best tools and makes sure to eliminate all the errors before launching a news app. This process adds little cost but is definitely worth it.

Dev Technosys

App Security

To add more security to the news platform development process, the implementation of modern-age tools and technologies is required. It further affects the news app development cost estimation budget.

Dev Technosys

Hosting & Submission

It is the final step of the newspaper and magazine application development process. Different apps have different hosting charges, so the cost can only be determined during news app development.

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Why Choose Us for Live News App Development?

At Dev Technosys, our news app developers' prime focus is to create a news app that brings in increased business revenue and profit. While availing newspaper app development services from us, get ready to turn your small news business into a well-known news brand.


Exceptional Solutions

We strive hard to deliver growth-driven newspaper applications with the right team of resources. Our live streaming news app developers team offer exceptional business solutions to help businesses scale up.


Budget-friendly Services

Not every business owner can afford to avail expensive mobile app development services. We understand this well and provide reasonable digital newspaper app solutions to all-scale businesses.


On-time Delivery

Every customer wants to get their project delivered on time, and the magazine app for android or newspaper app is no different. We keep every customer satisfied while delivering projects within the deadline.


Result-driven Approach

Simply developing a newspaper app isn't the only motto. Our mobile app developers follow a result-driven approach to providing customer-centric solutions. So, keep your worries aside while availing our app development services.


Support & Maintenance

We aren't there for you until news app development; instead, we offer post-development maintenance and support services. It will increase your business app lifespan and keep it working for years to come.

Benefits of Using Our Digital Newspaper App Development Solutions

Every application developed by our digital newspaper app professionals comes with its own set of benefits. Still, confused, why choose us for newspaper & magazine app development? Know the perks here!

  • Smart Business Solutions

    We believe in smart work and not hard work. To ensure the same, our news app developers deliver smart business app development solutions.

  • Transparent Communication

    To keep our clients satisfied with our digital news app development services, we follow a transparent communication process and remain in touch with them.

  • Zero Hidden Cost

    We believe in work transparency. To ensure the same, we keep zero hidden cost and discuss all the news app development cost prior to working on the project.

  • Flexible Hiring Model

    We offer a flexible hiring model for all app and web development services. You can hire dedicated developers for full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.

  • 24*7 Support

    Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. To ensure the same, we assist customers round-the-clock and offer them the best news app development service.

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News App Development Models

Dev Technosys

Live News App

A live news model helps you get live updates regarding ongoing events, sports, weather forecasts, the stock market, etc.

Dev Technosys

Online News Magazine

This application acts as an eMagazine where readers will get the targeted news and information with just a tap.

Dev Technosys

News Aggregator App

A news aggregator app model combines news from multiple sources, including popular websites, blogs, podcasts, and social media feeds.

Dev Technosys

Live Streaming News

A live streaming news application offers video streams of TV news provided via streaming media and streaming television networks and outlets.

Ready-to-Go Digital News App Development Solutions By Dev Technosys

  • Dev Technosys

    Google News

  • Dev Technosys


  • Dev Technosys

    Apple News

  • Dev Technosys

    CNN Go

  • Dev Technosys

    Yahoo News

  • Dev Technosys


  • Dev Technosys

    Ground News

  • Dev Technosys


Frequently asked question

  • How Much Does it Cost to Develop a News App?

    The magazines app development cost varies based on its complexity, size, unique requirements, and news app development company. After learning about your necessities, we offer complete bids, which generally range from $8,000 to $25,000.

  • How Long Does It Take to Develop a News App?

  • Why Should You Develop News Apps with Dev Technosys?

  • What Kind of News App Development Services Do You Provide?

  • Is it Possible to Include External Content Sources inside the News App?

  • Do You Offer News App Maintenance and Post-Launch Support?

  • How Can I Monetize My News App?

  • How Can I Get in Touch with Dev Technosys to Develop a News App?

  • What Advantages Come with Developing a News App?

  • Which Technologies Are Used within the Development of News Apps?

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