Loyal customers are an asset to any brand. There are many ways that brands and eCommerce websites are choosing to keep their customers attached to their applications They also keep providing offers so that people keep shopping. The time is changing and now people are smart. They do not stay with one option as they know that there are other websites that will also be providing offers on the same product hence, everyone does proper research. This is good for customers but not for the eCommerce website.


There is one more concept that is being highlighted for the past few years. This is something that not only keeps the customers connected to an eCommerce store but it also increases the sales. There are a lot of things that are also benefitted because of this. It is the loyalty app feature that is being integrated with most of the eCommerce applications. There are so many concepts among which the mobile app development companies and enterprises can decide. The important thing is that it should be relevant for the consumers of the application.


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Loyalty App Features Integration To Increase The Sales

Loyalty Program Integration To Promote The Products And The Application

Importance of customer loyalty

Ideas For Keeping Customers Loyal



Loyalty App Features Integration To Increase The Sales

Loyalty programs increase the sales of any brand of an eCommerce store. The reason for this is simple, the customer gets either some points when they shop or do any other in the application or they are provided with a discount code. This is something that they can redeem only on that application and nowhere else and hence this is a way to improve the sale of the products on the application. This can also be done by specific brands.


By adding a feature of expiry date on coupons/points

One more way to increase regular sales is by adding a feature of expiry date on the coupons or the points that users can redeem for getting discounts. This is something that will push the users to use the points and shop for something before the points get expired. Many other ways can be used by enterprises to increase their online sales by including loyalty features in their app.


By providing some gifts/ goodies to the users

Another way of using loyalty app development for increasing sales is by providing some gifts to all the users who shop for a set limit. This has been tested and has been proven that people do most of the things like shopping or participating in a survey for getting something for free. Most important thing is to analyze the shopping behavior of the target customers.


Loyalty Program Integration To Promote The Products And The Application

This is something that is one of the most important reasons why eCommerce stores need to add loyalty features in their application. There is nothing that can promote the application like a well-created loyalty feature. Many applications created their customer base not just because of their designer products but because of their loyalty feature. No way can promote an application in a better way than loyalty app development.


When a user shares an application or a product, that leaves a better impact on others. This is something that can also be termed advocate marketing. This means that your customers become advocates if the services or products that you offer them are beneficial for them. There are two reasons one is because they will either get something for free or some type of discount method. There are many other ways in which these applications can be used for the promotion of the application or the products inside.


This is something that will save the marketing cost because customers and new members will increase by the efforts of loyal customers. This is something that will decrease the work of the marketing team and they will be able to work on a low-key level. There are other benefits like the reputation and the downloads of the applications and the per day visitors can increase. There is one more method that can call people back to the application every day and that is providing them points for daily check-in. This concept has been used by one application that is popular, especially for their apparel and they are faring really well because of this loyalty feature.


Importance of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the most important factors that all companies should focus on as it is the primary pillar for the existence of every company. The point of initiation of a for-profit organization is to attract more companies as well as to keep them happy. The reason behind this is that the customers are the only people who buy products to drive the revenue of any company.


When different brands are compared, it has always become evident that customers convert as well as spend more time and money on those brands on which they trust. They are loyal to only some of the brands among hundreds of similar companies. Loyal customer always tells their family, friends, and colleagues about those brands that drive major referral traffic and boost word-of-mouth marketing.


In addition to this, customer loyalty also helps in introducing a strong sense of trust between the brand and the customers.


A very well-known fact is that the money, effort, and ideas required to acquire a new customer are way more than that required to retain an existing customer. To attract new customers it is important to clear the prospect of mobilization and activation of loyal customers. This can be done by evangelizing the brand.


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The brand and its endorsement must excite marketers, salespeople, customer success managers, and most importantly, the customers. There are many ideas that can be implemented for the same purpose. Companies nowadays are availing these ideas to establish strong relationships with their consumers and to attract more and more people from a variety of platforms.


Ideas For Keeping Customers Loyal


Usage Of The Simple Point-Based System

This is no doubt that the most common loyalty program methodology exists in the world of marketing. The customers who avail products or services on a regular basis earn points that translate into some type of rewards such as discount coupons, cash discounts, freebies, and many more. While putting a points-based reward program, it is important to keep the conversions simple, intuitive, and transparent to the customer.


Also, the point system is not suitable for every type of business. While it can do wonders for short-term and frequent purchases, it is of new use in large purchases like electronic goods, vehicles, and so on. On-demand app development companies must also choose a point-wise system wisely for their usage.


Usage Of A Tier System For Rewarding The Customers

It has become essential for loyalty app developers to find a balance between attainable and desirable rewards for companies that aspire to design loyalty programs. One powerful way to find out is to implement a level or tier system for customers. Here, initial rewards are less than that of superior levels. This encourages more purchases and helps the customers to stay loyal for a long time to attain maximum levels.


One must present small but useful rewards at the base level for being part of the program. Then the rewards must be increased for encouraging repeat customers. As they will move up the loyalty ladder, the rewards will continue getting bigger. This solves the problems related to online presence and visitors to the app. A major difference between the points system and the tiered system is that the point system is for short-term purchases. On the other hand, the tier system can be availed for long-term purchases too because the time between purchase and gratification is long.


Making Wise Decisions

The loyalty feature should not be something that keeps the user for one cycle and then switch to another one. The main thing to pay attention to while making a plan for the loyalty feature is that it should customers come back to the app. That can happen if the customers think that the makers of the application really care about them.




The loyalty app developers must show them that they are also getting benefitted. Loyalty programs are very much about creating loyal customers. Loyal customers are people who keep coming back to the online store. It is only the loyal customers that keep a brand or a store alive.


Keeping The Business Generous To The Customers

When a customer or any other third-person looks at the loyalty feature of an app they know it is just a scheme to earn more. There are very few applications that genuinely care about what customers want and what can actually benefit them. If the enterprises who are planning to add loyalty features in their app can do something for their users, it will help them. Something that genuinely helps their customers, with this they will have them forever.


Scratching The Program Completely

What does scratching a program completely mean? It means to cancel the normal offer-related loyalty program that everyone is doing. This is something that is important, especially for the companies that sell products or services that are unique. They do not need to sell their products at the lowest price as their products will not be available at any other place and there is no replacement for their quality or features. This is something that will work when the eCommerce company introduces a loyalty program in which they offer something with each purchase.


This should be something related to the brand, offering discounts should not be included in this loyalty program. It should be more like connecting the customer with the brand in an emotional way. That is something that will make them remember the website and the product for a long. Unique companies do not need to cut down on their profit because they don’t have as much competition. The thing that will help them more is being unique with the loyalty program as well.


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Charging An Upfront Fee For VIP Benefits

There are situations when a one-time fee can be taken from the customers to get them enrolled in the VIP program. The program should consist of some exclusive benefits so that users get attracted and avail of this benefit. Also, the fee should be kept minimal which is affordable by maximum customers.


Exclusive Partnership With Other Companies

Doing partnerships with other companies that are related to the customers and providing them offers for it. This can help brands retain their customers. This will need a lot of research and analysis to figure out which companies can be related to their customers. Then it is important to offer them things that are also helpful for them. Without relevance, the partnership will help in no way.


Building An Impactful Community For Customers

These days the market is not as stable as it was before. People see even the smallest of the problems and because of social media and various review sites, they can express what they feel. This is something that can ruin a business like nothing else. There have been many examples where eCommerce platforms, as well as on-demand app development companies, had to face a lot of loss because of their mistakes. This is the reason why it is important to keep the customers happy and connected to the app.


They can also share what they feel within the app with all the other customers. This can be easily done by adding a feature where people can communicate with each other. This can be made like a forum or a feedback page. The customers should be able to express whatever they feel and all the fellow customers should be allowed to read this. This is one way in which enterprises can turn their weakness into their strength. They can assure the customers there that all their problems will be solved. It is not just about saying, it is mainly about registering the feedback and working on it.


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There is no other way to make your customers satisfied than solving even the smallest problems they have. Solving a problem starts with knowing it, but it is better if only you know it. This is so because when the world knows, the market value falls down and that is not good in any way.



With changing times it is important that marketing and sales strategies also change. People are getting smart and now they have so many options. To keep customers attracted and connected to an app the enterprises require a lot of effort and hard work. One of the best ways to keep the customers connected and also increase sales at some time is the loyalty program. All the benefits of this feature are described above. The importance section will make it clear why is it necessary that enterprises include the feature of loyalty in eCommerce mobile app development.