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There are two types of applications, one is a normal application that just focuses on marketing and promotion of their services and selling them and others are applications that give loyalty rewards to their members and customers. It is not tough to understand that the market of loyalty program is better and stronger than general applications. There are many main reasons behind this  and the most important can be that people feel more connected to these applications because they also get something in return from the providers.

Consumers are the only people who keep any brand or any application running, it is not necessary that these applications always provide discounts or gifts in rewards there can be personalized messages or access to some premium features of the applications. It is all on the website about how they want to reward their customers. In this article, there are many things that will tell the readers about the effect that loyalty programs have on the sale of the eCommerce and other applications, especially during the COVID-19 duration. Firstly, let us understand what are the loyalty programs in the applications

What Are Loyalty Applications?

Loyalty app development services have been in the market for long but still, there are many applications that do not offer any loyalty benefits to their users. There are many ways in which businesses can analyze how they want to reward their customers. There are many methods of loyalty rewards and some of them are:


Applications can award points to people whenever they shop for something and for their daily logins and when they share your marketing programs. This is very beneficial for the brand. They get free marketing when people share their marketing campaigns and they just have to reward a few points. Paying for a marketing agency for the same kind of marketing campaign might cost way too much. This is also something that customers will do on their own and will create  word of mouth. This is the best way of marketing and all it takes is some points that will provide them with some discount on their purchase. This is a win-win situation for both brands and customers.  


Companies can divide customers into tiers based on their shopping frequency or their activity on the application. They might add some special things for people in every tier. This might become a motivation for the customers to engage more with the activities that happen on the applications and they will also buy more to reach the top tier so they can get maximum benefits and show off in front of other people. Keep congratulating people for everything that they achieve in the application that will keep them connected with the application and make them happy too. Keep in mind, a happy customer always buys more.

There is less probability  if the application depresses the customer by just showing them products and no ways to be able to get discounts or any gifts. No one just wants to keep spending money. There are people who also want to get something in return from their favorite shopping applications. There are many applications that have saved their market just because they started rewarding their customers. The new age shopping applications also need to understand this and add a loyalty feature. Loyalty program app development is something that is necessary at this time to keep the customers engaged. Even if some brand already has an application, they can again get it modified or updated. Add the loyalty feature and see the change.

loyalty Program

Subscription-Based Loyalty Programs

This is something that works only when the customers subscribe to the loyalty program offered by the brand of the company. This is a paid loyalty program where customers have to pay some amount in order to get access to the loyalty program and then they are eligible to get the benefits as loyal customers. This provides monetary as well as promotional benefits to the enterprises. This is not used so much as this attracts the least number of people and might even make them go away. No one wants to pay something to get rewards. It is something that can be good for premium brands that already have customers who do not lack money.

These programs can attract people only if the rewards and the benefits that customers have will be great. There are some websites that have offered great loyalty app that are subscription-based and they are getting a great number of registrations. This helps to increase the sales and keep the customer with the applications as far as the subscription lasts because they have paid for it. This is the beauty of these plans, they attach customers to the applications in a way that they keep checking it even if they don’t have anything to buy.

How Loyalty Programs Are Helping Applications For Their Regular Sales During COVID-19 Period

It is already stated in the above paragraph that there are many benefits of all the types of loyalty programs. This is in focus to COVID-19 and how these programs can help these applications to keep selling regularly during this tough time. Everyone is locked down in the houses and the best way to buy anything non-essential is online delivery. All these applications need to have a loyalty program because it can really keep customers from going to other applications. There are many applications that are providing offers in the lockdown and it is really tough for people to decide from where they should buy so what they do is, they analyze.

They list down all the offers and then shortlist the ones that provide the best deals and now, what plays the role of a game-changer is the loyalty program that these applications offer. There are applications that offer an extra discount, there are applications that offer free gifts, then there are some that offer them something else like a subscription to some other premium application or a coupon that they can redeem elsewhere. These all are then analyzed and the loyalty program that the users feel is best for them wins and eventually the application wins. This is something that can keep them attached to the application throughout the lockdown and maybe even after it.

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There are many reasons behind this and the biggest is that people are scared to go out and buy things. This is going to stay as it is for more 3-4 months and it will take at least a year to let this fear go away completely. Below are the points that will make it clear how applications can improve their sales by implementing a good loyalty program for their customers:

Offer Things That People Might Need During Lockdown

It is really important. People are facing problems in getting things in this lockdown Along with the less availability of products, people are also facing  financial problems. Make sure to offer things that are not easy to find during the lockdown and might be in demand. This can attract a lot of people and also make sure that they stay as they will need these things. Rewards are something that people really want. Giving away normal things in rewards will not attract anyone, it will rather make people disinterested in the loyalty program altogether. Maybe offer a monetary discount by adopting a point system as money is what is the biggest problem for most of the people at this time. Loyalty App development services can make sure that they provide the enterprises with the best suggestions for their brands. There are different things that can work for different brands.

Make Sure To Do A Proper Analysis Of What People Are Liking

It is important to analyze the market. Hire app developers that can also analyze the market for the enterprise and a suitable reward program for the customers based on the results of the analysis. These companies can make sure to choose the most popular method of rewarding their customers and to make sure that nothing goes wrong and they can attract as many customers during the lockdown as possible.   web app development   There can also be a dedicated team that checks what is working in the loyalty custom mobile app development and what is not. This is something that will save these enterprises from the risk of failing even after providing loyalty offers to their customers.

Offer Partner Coupons

Offer coupons of partner websites. This is something that will not cost the enterprises anything and will in return promote the services of the partners. This will increase the sales of the products offered by both, the owner enterprise and the partner enterprise. This is something that can strengthen the relationship between the partners. A Mobile app development company that has been hired can also create a link between the partner applications. This way, both of them can share the customers and increase each other’s sales during this lockdown. This is a great method of partner marketing.

Make A Shopping Limit That All Customers Can Adhere To

Make sure to adjust a limit after which customers will get any reward like a minimum number of products or minimum total price. Keep it decent enough so most of the people can fulfill it. This is something that will make sure that people are not buying single things when they come to the application. It is human behavior that they buy more when they think they will get something in return for the amount that they are paying. Make sure that the mobile development company keeps this algorithm strict enough so no one can trick into it.

Reward When People Promote Your Application

It is important to reward whenever people promote the application by any means. Make sure to hire an Angularjs development company or any other good development company that can provide an algorithm to check properly if the users have shared the application or any product from the application on any of their social media accounts. Rewarding customers from promoting your application is just like paying for marketing and that too a very small amount or a discount code. This can also be when they do it in a certain amount of time. Make sure to increase the limit when they do it more often as it is something that is increasing your reach within their communities and there are chances that it will attract more people than the marketing plans that enterprises pay for.

Make The Reward Feature Flawless And Make Sure There Are No Glitches

It is important to hire app developers who are good at their work. They need to develop the application and the loyalty features in such a way that it never crashes down or behaves weirdly. So neither the customers or the enterprise have to face any problems. The lockdown has already done so wrong to everyone hence, it is important to stay safe from online hackings and frauds.

Reward For Feedbacks

This is also one of the things that customers should be rewarded for. This lockdown has led to many issues. People might face problems with the delivery, the packaging of the product, or the quality. It is vital that there is a way they can tell the business owners that what are the real problems honestly and they should be rewarded for the same, as they are giving them analysis on which they can improve themselves. This is something that will provide them with a lot of profit in the future hence, it is important to reward people who made this possible.


A Custom mobile app development company can also add a feature that asks the customers to give feedback on the application. It is also important to know if they like the way the application is functioning so they stay with it for a longer time even after the lockdown. They should be rewarded for this too as these applications are the only way they are shopping in this tough situation and if it is good then they will shop more from it.