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With the high technology wave, businesses are constantly looking to find the more suitable and powerful medium of achieving innovative and high-performing systems.

In order to meet the increasing demand, care the saviors for not only marketing the business well but also to conform to the standards that are unknowingly set by the customers.

To stay ahead of the competition, web applications are no more an informative page hanging over the net. Web developers need to rely on the latest frameworks, which are fast, efficient, and swift.

Criteria for Choosing a Web Development Framework 

The constant research and development over information technology have made the development effortless and rapid. Now, almost every level of web application hardly takes more than 6 months in development and deployment.

However, what stretches long is the integration and continuous development, which also includes the tweaks and upgrades of the existing application to, enhances the capabilities and make it the one-stop solution.

The integration of DevOps into the web development solutions has spawned full stack development, which comprises the complete expertise overall possibly used technologies for making a web application.

Starting from the programming used for the backend to the development of the front end using the JS frameworks, all concluded together to make the full-stack development. For understanding, how the development works, you can hire dedicated developers.


Most Trusted Development Frameworks

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands, Web developers need to choose the frameworks, which are fast, reliable, and reduce the turnaround time to reap out the maximum benefits. Let’s look over the fastest web development frameworks for the front end and backend.

Backend Frameworks

  1. Django
  2. Express
  3. Rails
  4. Laravel

1. Django

Django is the open-source rapid web application development framework, which is supported by Python. The framework offers a tailor-made solution for server support. It features an intuitive admin panel for website configuration.


This website configuration feature eliminates the need for repetitive changes in code. This way the efficiency of the framework is also increased and the need for a third-party framework is decimated.

Features of Django

  • It follows the MVC architecture to separate views and logic.
  • Object mapping with database tables using ORM.
  • Database engine support for MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and PostgreSQL many more.

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2. Express

For simple web applications and APIs, Express is the preferred choice of web development companies. The open-source web application development framework is used to develop a simple web application supported with API and server-side components.


Express has a fixed server framework and uses JavaScript at the backend. Express is a suitable framework for beginners but also works well for complex projects.

Features for Express

  • Simple interface for website development.
  • Application routing synchronization and minimum effort for template utilization.

3. Rails

Rail is a beginner-friendly framework. Being free of cost, its access is easy. It facilitates the rapid creations of new projects. It saves time in this busy world.

Rails have high security which wins the trust of developers. A custom web development company understands this framework better. Rail is a framework on which developers can easily rely.


It’s easy to ace in rail within a specified time. Proper resources are available for easy learning. It is a clean framework. Airbnb, GitHub, and Shopify are some of the prominent users of this framework.


4. Laravel

Laravel is a demonstrative, free, refined, open-source framework. It is new in the market. Laravel uses PHP as a back–end android application. PHP being the oldest and a popular framework across the world increases the demand for Laravel.


It provides easy syntax, so it is also quite beneficial for beginners. Full Stack development services are proficient in this field. Laravel provides amazing layouts and templates.

It has huge object-oriented libraries as well as inbuilt libraries. To know Laravel better, you can approach Laravel development company which consists of many tutorials.

Frontend Frameworks

  1. Angular
  2. React
  3. Hookups
  4. Vue
  5. Ember


1. Angular

Angular is the robust and rapid web application framework, which is used for building single-page web and mobile applications. Companies hire angularjs developers with knowledge of Angular for web and mobile development.

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It is often misunderstood with Angular Js, which is an entirely new framework. Angular is the preferred choice of almost every web and mobile app development company.

angular cta

The open-source framework supports javascript and based upon the MVC architecture. Noticeably, Angular is not the end-to-end solution and offers only web page development along with the front-end requirement for communicating with the server.

Features of Angular

  • The mix of HTML and Typescript code.
  • Angular comprises the dynamic data for web application development.

2. React

React is the strong front-end web development solution framework, which provides view-level capabilities. It also offers callback functions for HTML coding.

react native app

React is a widely appraised development framework, which is one of the fastest tools for the frontend. React facilitates the front-end development along with Django or Express for backend server-side programming for web application development. If you are looking to hire dedicated developer, React is the important quality you must look for.

3. Hookups

The custom rapid web development framework works well for both frontend and backend. It delivers a high-quality enterprise app with a ten times faster pace than the traditional programming methods. It is a low code enterprise development framework, which facilitates easy application development from scratch.

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HokuApps offers a superior level of customization for backend and frontend, which eases out the maintenance and up-gradation task. The entire lifecycle ensures the right tool for each step of development and deployment.

4. Vue.Js

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework. Vue is a progressive framework. The best part of Vue is that it allows you to complete incomplete projects. If one portion of a project is completed, another portion can be continued in Vue.


Vue is rapidly making its place as one of the best JavaScript frameworks. A Custom Web Development Company is exact with templates, layout, and applications of this frontend framework. Vue is free for a few but is paid for its library transfer. Vue has inbuilt data binding.

5. Ember.JS

Ember is one of the old JavaScript frameworks which aims to be developer productivity-oriented. It keeps updating regularly with many new features. It was one of the best JavaScript frameworks in 2015. With time, it has expanded its community.


It allows users to interact with computer operating systems. Google, Netflix, Microsoft, TED, and LinkedIn are prominent users of this framework. Full-stack developers have good knowledge, they are proficient in creating remarkable technical solutions.

Ember allows you to continue your application in an older version without worrying about update effects. The user is well-informed about updates.

web development


Web development has never been easy the way it has become now. Today, there are hundreds of open source tools, frameworks, and libraries available, which facilitate the easy development of a particular platform.

Whether your application is complex or simple, you cannot ignore the browser diversity. You should always aim for the cross-platform web application if your customers are not limited.

Alongside this, fast is always not the best. The rapid web development solution with robust and cleans coding capabilities is a perfect choice.