The global community of Android operating systems and developers have always shaped the Android platform in the most creative and technologically-developed manner.

Google, the android app development company, has released the first build of the 11th version of Android Beta on June 10, 2020. It has followed the previews of developers.

Each of these previews was intended exclusively so that developers can use them. The fact that Android launched public beta means that the newest version of Android is now stable enough to be used by people who are enthusiastic about the same. One can easily download it on their phone and can check out all the new functionalities.

There have been many new features that were added to Android 11, which makes it the most favorable version of Android operating systems until now. There are smaller changes that may go unnoticed at first glance. Here are the most favorable features of Android 11:

New Features And Functions In Android

Tab For Conversation In Notification Bar

There was already a conversation option in the notification bar in the previous updates, but this time, it is even better. The way it looks is really cool and now there are extra functions with which users can prioritize their messages and use other android app development services.

They can select the contacts from whom they want to receive messages according to their priority. The contacts with a high priority will be visible on the top and others will be below them.

This is something that the android users were waiting for. Android developers have made the transitions, the interface, and user experience amazing with this one.

There is nothing that will not look good in the notification tray and now these message tabs will make it look even better. There is no way a person cannot be attracted when they see it for the first time. The colors they have chosen are also amazing and go with the themes.

Bubbles For Text Messaging Apps

People used to get these earlier but it mainly came with the Facebook Messenger. Now, this will be available for almost all the text messaging applications.

This is one of the coolest ways to notify people whenever they get a message. The bubbles are even personalized, which means that the bubble will take the person to the chat of the person who has sent them a message.

This way people can keep working on other things while checking the message without having to close the application that is in use. This will allow users to multitask and also to respond to the messages faster.

It can sometimes take time if the person opens the whole application and then opens the person’s chat and then replies. With these bubbles, a person can just tap on them and the chat will open.

This is something that people have experienced with Messenger before and hence it will not be difficult for them. The best thing is that they know that it works with people.




In-Built Screen Recording Applications

For a long time, people have been using third-party screen recorders in Android phones and Android app development services. The reason is that there was no official application or any in-built option for them for this.

The users will now get an in-built screen recording application with the new version of Android. This is great news for those who use screen recorders a lot. This is something that can take down the market of third-party screen recorder applications.

One thing that will be great for the users is that they will be safe. There are some screen recording applications that can take sensitive data of the users without them noticing.

They ask for permission but the users are not aware that they might also be watching the videos that they record. They are trying to intrude into the privacy of the users which is not acceptable at all.

Finally, now when there is an in-built application, the users will be able to use it. The users will now rarely download any third-party application for this purpose.

Smart Home Controls

This is something that they have taken from their pixel series. The users will get a new and better menu for home screen controls. This is something that will make it more efficient and easy to do a lot of things without going too deep inside the phone.

Users will now have options like bedroom mode where they will be offline and will not get any notification so that they can be stress-free. This is really one of the most useful features that the developers have added in the new update.

People would not have asked for it but the developers at Google do understand what can help people improve the quality of their life and hence they gave them this feature. The feature looks cool and has many useful options.


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All Suggested Apps On Home Screen

Android has been suggesting an application that might be useful to users since some of their past updates. With this update, they have moved all those applications to the home screen.

The applications that they have chosen are really useful and can help users in many ways. There are many things like this that developers have done just so that users can stay at peace.

These things will help users in a great way. They will make their life easy and increase the use of their smartphone for more important tasks.

Earlier people had to find and then install and then explore their tabs to find useful applications. Now the developers took this upon themselves and they provided the users with an option that makes them find everything that they might need more of. All of this is now available directly on the home screen.

Customized Scheduling Time For Dark Mode

With the last version of Android which was Android 10, users got the much-awaited dark mode. The users have now got an update for this feature. They do not have to keep the dark mode switched on forever.

They can now choose a time when they want to keep it on and when they want to use their smartphone in the normal mode. Mobile app development companies, with Android 11, have made it properly customizable.

This gives a lot of control to the users. The users are mostly very lazy to turn the dark mode off once they turn it on. It does look good but can be very monotonous and it also takes an extra processor to do it. That is why it is important that users can customize the time when they want to use it.

This feature can now be used in a better way. The dark mode was not invented to keep the phone in it all the time, it was invented so that people can use it when they want to work in the dark.

Normal mode puts a lot of strain on the eyes and hence the dark mode was important. Now, when the developers decided to launch it the users forgot that there was a normal mode too. This is something that has affected the performance of their devices.


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Media Controls Upgraded

The media controls have also been upgraded with this update. Though there has been a great decrease in the number of users who used their in-built media apps, they have still updated them.

Their media controls are also integrated with other media playing devices. There are many situations where users have to completely turn the device like Bluetooth headphones off or disconnect it if they want to use any other medium to listen to the audio.

Earlier the developers might not have paid attention to this problem but now they have provided a solution. The users can now switch between their connected media devices and choose which one they want to use and when.

This is just like when people can turn the Bluetooth mode off before answering a call. Users can now use the media controls the way they like. The way they will look has been improved too.

The developers have changed the way the whole theme looked and it looks really cool this time. The icons and functions that have come along with this update can make any android phone like a superphone. This is probably the best update that Google has provided its users with.

Give Permission To The App Only While You Are Using It

Android 10 was highly focussed on app permissions. It was built by mobile app development companies keeping in mind the ability to only grant location permission to some applications while it is in use. Android 11 has taken up the same idea of granting permission but has taken it to another level.

In the beta version of Android 11, the option of granting permission to the microphone, camera, and location on a one-time basis has gained huge attention.

The permission grants will work while the application is in use. If the user leaves or closes the app, all the permissions will be revoked. Re-granting of permissions can be easily done after the app is opened again.

This will provide added security to the smartphone. Additionally, it will prove to be helpful for the optimization and performance of the smartphone.

This feature will prove to be helpful to applications like video chat that are used very frequently. If an individual is using an app once a week, that app will be granted access to mic and camera for that time only.

After closing the applications, the permissions will be revoked automatically. This will surely promote digital privacy and give longevity to the phone’s life too.


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Debug Phone Without Hardware Connection

This is another interesting feature of Android 11 that was not present in the developer previews of the same. With the Beta launch of Android 11, this feature became fully functional and is all set to get more attention than before.

With Android 11, it will be possible to perform wireless debugging. By wireless debugging, the company means that the user will be able to send ADB commands to Android phones from the computer in a wireless manner. The connection will be established when the two devices will be connected via a Wi-Fi network.

In the previous versions, cables were required to connect the phone with the system for debugging. Though this is a feature that will mostly be used by companies that hire Android app developers and tinkerers, it will benefit them in a very significant manner.

New Interface For Taking A Screenshot

They have not made a great change in the screenshot feature but there is a change in the way a person can get the notification. Now, after a person takes a screenshot they will get a preview in the bottom left corner.

The users can choose to edit or share the screenshot or they can dismiss it so it doesn’t get saved. This is something that will help the users to manage screenshots in a better way.

Most of the time people click a lot of screenshots just to take one perfect screenshot. This makes a mess of the gallery but now with this new interface, the users will be able to manage it easily.



The Android app development company Google released some new features in the 10th version of Android, and now with the beta version of Android 11, they are releasing some more.

There are some old features that have been improved and then there are some completely new ones as well. This is something that will make android fans very happy.

The update is focused on making things really easy for the users. The features and the functions that have been launched in this update give the users the power to customize and organize the menu and the device as per their convenience.

There are a lot of features like new options in the home screen menu that will offer better quality to the users. There are other features like customizable dark mode timings that will improve the performance of the device.

Android 11 can turn out to be the game-changer in the smartphone industry. With this update, phones will become smarter and users will become more powerful.