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Everyone wants to stay in the comfort of their homes, these days. People are so busy with their lives that they hardly find time to go out. And now when the entire world is in a kind of lockdown, it becomes all the more necessary for companies to deliver things to their customers. This is where on-demand technologies come into the picture.

What are on-demand services?

On-demand services are the services that are delivered to you while you are sitting in the comfort of your home. You can opt to choose these services when you feel that you are unable to head out for essential work. The on-demand delivery Apps development can be done for any niche such as food, healthcare, and grocery delivery app.

There are several companies that offer on-demand delivery services to their customers. You just need to place your order and the things you need will be delivered to you.

On-demand services have gained immense popularity over the last decade. Initially introduced and adopted by companies like Uber, etc. it has become a popular business model.

This can be due to the huge profits on-demand service models offer to businesses. There are several other benefits of using these on-demand services.

Nowadays, everyone reaches for their mobile phones for every single task. Hence, on-demand mobile application development for deliveries is gaining popularity for multiple niches. Keeping this in mind on-demand service delivery companies have developed their own mobile apps. These apps can be a perfect choice for companies if they want to increase their profits.

A happy customer is a key to the success of a company and on-demand service companies are making their customers happy by delivering things at their doorstep. As people look for quick and easy ways to get their everyday essentials, these companies are gaining a lot of popularity.

Features that are common to on-demand apps

Benefits of on-demand delivery app service

One of the main purposes of developing an on-demand service delivery app is to match the demand and supply in the fastest and most efficient way. These apps are one of the best ways to reach a large number of people.

  • Fastest service
  • Services at cheaper rates
  • Convenient to use
  • Transparent in their business
  • Offer flexibility to the users

Fastest service

Generally, it takes an individual around 10 minutes to place an order on these apps. Once your order is placed, it will not take more than 24 hours for the delivery to be completed.

Placing an order on these apps is extremely easy and fast and you will save a lot of time and energy. With the advancement in technology, it has become one of the fastest ways to reach out to customers.

Services at cheaper rates

The on-demand model of service delivery depends on independent contractors for their transportation needs. Business owners who want to use these apps, do not need to hire full-time courier companies for their delivery needs. This means that they can save a lot of money that would otherwise have been spent on the delivery of goods and services.

Convenient to use

It is not always possible for people to keep track of their orders without the use of the internet. Mobile apps are convenient to use here. With the help of mobile apps, you can easily keep track of your orders and any issues, if they arise.

While using these service delivery apps is convenient for customers, it is also useful to businesses. Businesses can work in a more streamlined way as they get to connect directly with the customers.

Transparent in their business

Apps allow customers to write their feedback on their work and their service delivery. This gives businesses an opportunity to connect with their customers and work towards improvement. Feedback from customers can also go a long way in building trust between companies and customers.

Offer flexibility to the users

With the use of service delivery apps, it is possible for customers to place an order anytime, anywhere. This means they enjoy enough flexibility to place the order. You can place an order even when you are on the go. You need your mobile and you can avail of all services whenever needed.

On-Demand delivery app models

Businesses these days prefer experimenting with different types of models for implementing these apps. Two models of app delivery that are commonly used by most businesses are:

  • Partner with the third-party delivery provider
  • Build a dedicated app for your business

Partner with the third-party delivery provider

If there is an existing on-demand service delivery company, you can partner with it to deliver your goods and services. If you choose to do this, you are saving a lot of your resources and funds as you won’t have to set up a delivery model and infrastructure.

In this model, businesses use the services of other delivery platforms to deliver their goods. The third-party delivery company already has an infrastructure in place and therefore it eliminates the need of setting up an entire delivery system.

Build a dedicated app for your business

Many businesses choose to develop their own delivery apps. These apps are built keeping in mind the needs of the business and the kind of products it delivers.

If you choose to implement this model, you will have to invest funds in the development of apps and other things to make your app work. This is a good choice if you are planning to stay in the business for long.

On-demand Delivery App Features

Before developing an on-demand service delivery app for your business, you need to understand what essential features will be required. We have listed some of the crucial features here:

  1. Security and authentication
  2. Notifications
  3. Live tracking
  4. Add as many payment options as possible
  5. Easy interface
  6. Effective customer care
  7. Feedback options
  8. Recent searches and past orders
  9. Wishlist
  10. Visual appeal
  11. Search and Filters
  12. Real-Time Analytics
  13. Recommendation Engines 
  14. In-App Chatting

Security and authentication

When you develop an app it is important that you ensure its authenticity. When customers download any app, they look for authenticity. There’s a symbol or a blue tick that indicates if an app is authentic or not.

Some customers even check these apps for security before making their payment. It is therefore important that you have these features in place when you are developing mobile apps.


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Apps developed by you should be such that customers receive notifications whenever there’s anything new. Notifications are apparently one of the best ways to reach out to your customers.

When they get to know about every new offer you have for them, they will want to use your services. This is also a good marketing strategy as you get the attention of your customers. Therefore, you should see if the apps developed by you have this feature. For Example- In Taxi booking Applications, the notifications can inform the user about the driver’s arrival.

Live to track

Live tracking is one of the most important features of any service delivery app. Users look for apps that are convenient to use and allow them to track their orders at any given time.

If you add live GPS tracking in your app, you will gain more and more orders. This in turn means your customer base will expand. By adding live tracking to your app, you can connect the customers with the delivery agents and courier companies.

This feature also gives customers the assurance that they know where their order is at any given time. Adding this feature also allows the customers to get live updates of their order adding more reliability to your business.

For example- Medicine or Courier delivery Applications should be easy to track so that you should be at the registered location when the courier is about to get delivered. 

Add as many payment options as possible

When users make a payment on any service delivery app, they look for easy and convenient payment options. Online payment is quite popular among customers but even then they look for options.

While you might have basic payment options like credit and debit cards, it is suggested that you add other payment options like virtual wallets and others.

This will give flexibility to the customers while they make a payment on your app. Adding more useful payment options will also prove to be beneficial for your sales. For example- The food delivery application is used in almost every household or corporate office. With diversity in users, it is also important to provide diversified payment options so that any user from even remote locations can place an order.



Easy interface

A user-friendly interface is one of the most essential aspects of any mobile app. If the app developed by you isn’t easy to use, users will ultimately uninstall it.

Features of a good app include an interactive interface and easy usage. You should focus on the fact that the app developed by you provides enough information to the users.

Customers like using an app that gives them information about the service. Your app should be such that customers easily find what they are looking for. If customers have to spend their time searching for things on your app, they will soon lose interest in your service.

When we talk of an easy interface, you should see if there is clarity in sort and filter options. You should also pay attention to the content of your app. It should be user-friendly.

Effective customer care

Any service becomes successful only when the company has an effective and efficient customer care system. It should be convenient for users to chat with customer care whenever they need help.

Customers should have the window of reaching out to the customer care in case of any grievances. There are several options that you can include in your app regarding customer care availability.

You can include the option of email or calling the center. You should see that customer care takes the minimum possible time to respond to customers’ queries. You can also include a chat box and chatbots to improve the customer care of your app.

You can improve the customer care service by providing for the SOS helpline number or live tracking details of the order on your app.

Feedback options

It is always a good practice to give your users the option of reviewing your service. This makes them feel wanted and they place more trust in your company.

When customers rate and review on your website or app, other customers can use those reviews before placing their order with you. This is a great reliability factor.

Also, you should try not to edit the reviews and experiences shared by customers on your website. Users also get to learn a lot about your website when they see reviews and feedback about your service.’


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Recent searches and past orders

If you want your users to be able to use your app easily, you should add a feature showing recent searches. This will make it easy for the customers to browse through your app.

They will be able to see their search history and other things related to it. Adding recent searches makes it easier for the users to see what they had searched earlier.

Also, you should add the feature of past orders. Users find it easy to browse through the app and look at the orders placed by them in the past. Some customers also use this feature to place fresh orders.

They do not need to search the items again and can easily repeat the order. This makes it quite convenient for the users to place and repeat orders.


At times, it is not possible for the customers to purchase all the items. There might be several different reasons behind this. Some of them include payment hassles, lack of availability of funds, app issues, etc.

In this case, you should allow them to save the items or make a wish list if a particular item goes out of stock. This feature is useful because customers can directly add items to their cart from the wishlist and they are saved from the hassle of going through the entire process of searching again.


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Visual appeal

There is something about the appearance of an app that attracts more and more users. The same holds true for on-demand service delivery apps. You should give some weightage to the look of your app too.

It should be such that it appeals to the customers and they feel like scrolling through it. By looks, we mean, you should focus on the text size, color and font too. All of this matters when you are trying to build your customer base, initially.

Searches and Filters

Consumers often treat the online market as equivalent to the offline market and to fulfill their expectations you should make the searches easy and real-time. They are seeking solutions to their problem hence the search results should be able to accommodate their queries with the most intent-friendly results.


Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Tracking is a prerequisite in all on-demand mobile applications. It gives you real-time insight into user behavior. Through analytics, one can study consumers, competitors, products, services, operations, and upgrade the services to provide complete satisfaction to the users. Hiring dedicated app developers can help you accommodate your application with all these features. 

Recommendation Engines

Being able to understand the user’s wish via reading the consumer behavior can help you create an application that provides personalized and well-to-do applications. Through recommendation engines, you can provide them exactly what they are looking for, leading to more possibility of customer acquisition. It is an avenue through which you can impress customers into purchasing and driving sales.  

In-App Chatting

In-App chat can help you from providing customer service to ask for feedback and reviews. Since the entire delivery process takes place over software or cloud integration, human interaction is necessary. Chatting to a human can create trustability and retains the customers.

Application Panel Features

At DevTechnosys, we conduct extensive online delivery app development having instinctive features and design elements that provide a valid reason to the customers to come back to our applications. Our designers follow a critical app development process and streamline the process into practice.

Customer panel

It has features that are accessible to the customers.


  • Easy login: we allow users to log in to an application through social media integration or a contact number
  • Intuitive dashboard: our on-demand delivery app development services come with a user-friendly dashboard and simple features that assist the users
  • Location-based search: users can use this feature to find their nearby restaurants, food centers, grocery stores, or medical shops.
  • User-friendly interface: customers will be able to access every expected feature without any inconvenience or delay

Admin panel

The admin panel of our on-demand delivery solutions has essential features to help the admins of the application.


  • Control center: we integrate user-friendly control center options in our applications that help the admins to offer a seamless User experience
  • Order management: the admins can easily manage delivery orders along with keeping a record on their i.e. canceled or refunded
  • Customer Management: through this feature admins can manage their customers as well as the orders without any error
  • Profile management: admins can handle various activities of their profiles including the favorable location, delivery, promotions, etc

Driver panel

Driver panel is used by the delivery boys and it helps them remain informed about the orders


  • Multilingual: Our applications have a multilingual feature at every panel that helps the local delivery boys to access the application features
  • Easy operability: application comes with advanced and easy operability which makes sure that the delivery person can understand the order details
  • Order summary: Through this feature, we provide a brief summary of the individual order
  • Route integration: The delivery boys can integrate the route of the customer’s address and deliver the order within the time.

On-demand delivery service apps are essential for every business venturing out in the field. Creating a good app is an art and including these features will ensure that your app turns out to be the best.