Our Comprehensive Taxi App Development Solutions

The comprehensive taxi app development solutions provided by Devtechnosys caters to all the stakeholders involved with the application. The smart offering is only considered when it can allow maximum conversion through a comprehensive solution along with increasing the interaction. We provide

We conduct a defined strategy in order to implement and then launch the taxi app development processes.

Taxi App for Drivers

With our precise taxi app development Technology, drivers can easily accept or reject the ride requests in a single tap. This includes users as well as other manual dispatchers who are on the application and helps them deliver reliable and prompt driving services to the rider. The drivers can easily fill in basic information and upload the required documents within the application.

Taxi App for Riders

Our taxi application development processes have an efficient integration of Android and IOS features and they are built upon an intuitive UI to conduct seamless ride booking. Also, the riders can easily pick their favorite option choosing the destination with the estimated fare displayed on the screen.

Technology stack

Behind the smooth UI of our application, an extremely reliable and flexible architecture framework is deployed to handle a large amount of traffic and mounting the frequent taxi requests. We have deployed the best tech stack in our taxi app services so that users may have absolute convenience with the Services.

Support and maintenance

We empower the business platform to control and organize the various aspects of taxi booking application from a simple browser-based panel. Our support and maintenance aspects involved a feature-rich dispatch system and various custom integration options that can easily meet your requirements. Various dimensions of the application with respect to the change in technology is supported by our platform.


The On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development services are further enhanced with the integration of social media and it can also provide you with the interface of communication through the audience. Over the last few years, the entire concept of traditional taxi services has been wiped away with the evolution of Technology in the same segment. The features of the taxi app provided by Dev Technosys are as follows

  • Social login or sign up

    It allows the users to quickly register into the account through their existing social media platform. It has a simple interface that conducts the login process within a few clicks and the customer can access taxi services.

  • Push notifications

    It helps the user to remain updated with the driver's location, estimated arrival of the ride, details of the car and these notifications also provide necessary alerts to the driver. It assures maximum customer convenience.

  • Heatmap generation

    This function helps to detect the traffic or busiest time of any location and it helps the driver to search for other routes in case of emergency or according to their schedule.

  • Loyalty program

    Through this feature digital code and multiple coupons are developed to provide reliable discounts to the user. It is predicted that loyalty programs can be highly useful for loyal riders.

  • Real-time Analytics

    This feature allows the system admins to conduct a detailed study with every dynamics of the right including the trip statistics, currently active driver's location, regular buildings and so on. This feature is also utilized by the driver to get complete ideas with their earnings.

  • Fare calculator

    This feature can easily calculate the estimated date of the ride in which a floating window will appear on the screen providing real-time GPS tracking enhancing the experience of the user.


In order to book a taxi, passengers have to register their account to the platform. Once it is done, the passengers can easily access available information and nearby taxis to their area. The nearest taxi in the vicinity will be booked and called once the query has generated meanwhile the passengers can check for the fair and traffic details. It works as

  • 1

    Search cab

    Once the application is opened users are exposed to the facilities and nearby taxi locations. As soon as the application is open its GPS will remain activated to track the user's location. The core of the taxi app development company lies in the fact of providing a specific UI to the users to manage the task.

  • 2

    Book a ride

    Passengers have to accept the fundamental request in order to avail their taxi service from any online taxi application and once they open it, some taxis are shown around them through the maps. Once they have chosen the desired ride they can tap on 'book a ride' option and it instantly prompts the nearby driver with the notification.

  • 3

    Arrival notification

    As soon as a driver accepts a ride, booking confirmation is sent to the user and they have to anticipate at the same moment. After this, the cab reaches its pickup point and users get notified with the arrival of their cap. This alerts the user that their cab is ready and the driver is waiting to pick them up.

  • 4

    Review and rating

    After the completion of the ride, it is expected from the users to rate their journey with their feedback. Even if there is any window for improvement especially with driver's behavior, journey, improvement in the cab, drivers’ knowledge with the place and any other thing then the passengers can acknowledge them.

Looking for advanced Taxi Booking app development solutions? At Dev Technosys, we feature a team of seasoned taxi app developers having in-depth industry knowledge as well as relevant expertise to deliver the best results.


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Revolutionary Taxi App Development

The taxi applications or services which are registered cannot escape and they can easily be tracked and charged. This is one of the most incredible benefits of our taxi application development company because it eliminates the chance of duping or causing any sort of harm to the passengers. Moreover, if you have managed to become a long term customer then you will be provided incredible bonuses and offers by our Taxi App Development Services.

  • Inbuilt map
    An inbuilt map is provided for easy navigation.

  • Live tracking
    Customers can track the available optio

  • Fair estimation
    Customers can get valuable insight with fair

  • Easy mapping
    Reliable interface and better navigation controls

  • Quick booking
    One can easily book in a few

  • Reliability
    Absolute liability with the taxi app services

Are you looking for dynamic on-demand Taxi App Development services?

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering custom Taxi App Development services.

Salient Features of Our Taxi App Development Service

The on-demand taxi app solutions offered by Devtechnosys are highly customizable. Some of the features are mentioned below

Rider's features

Real-time tracking is supported by maximum precision of the GPS tracking. Select the desired car provide multiple options with the taxi services so that customers can choose the one that fits their requirements. Fare estimator can get details regarding their pick up, location, fare, and ride type

Driver’s features

With Registration We make sure that drivers can easily register themselves on our platform. Customization with duty in case of any emergency, we provide maximum liberty to the driver to call of duty. Also Status allow drivers to update customers' information regarding the trip including the pickup and destination.

Admin features

Dashboard represents the quick summary of the earnings and other admin-level features. With Secure authentication, a one-time authentication password is sent to the customer to complete the process. And by Profile management, Drivers as well as the customers, can easily go through the profile and update the details wherever required.

Support and maintenance

In case of any immediate conduct we provide interrupted customer support and service provided support at our platform. At Dev Technosys we hold the potential to customize assistance given to the riders as well as drivers. Whenever any involved person generates the query we try to resolve it in the next 24 hours.

App optimization

We provide multiple payment gateway options and account reports so that the service providers can check for their earnings as well as the customers can chat for their ride's fare. This helps everyone maintain a good balance with the transaction management feature. And especially the admin has various rights to manage.

Benefits of Our On-Demand Taxi App Solutions

We as an on-demand taxi App solution platform provide remarkable advantages to our customers including

Ease of Use

We offer extremely easy to use and access on-demand custom taxi apps services to the user. The user interface of our platform is convenient to use and even a common man can easily use it following constructions. Our services are equally easy for kids as well.

Tap booking

- As we serve reliability and convenience on the top of our services, the riders can book their desired cab in a few clicks. This helps them save their valuable time and resources and there is no requirement to go to a long process because of the subtitle characteristic features and other details provided.

Hassle-free Services

The drivers associated with our platform are highly professional and disciplined. They also understand the value of customers’ time and deliver hassle-free services to our customers in order to satisfy their requirements. Even from the service providers’ point of view, our services are an extremely convenient and perfect fit for every dimension.


At Dev Technosys, the professionals are committed to providing travel services to the users so that they can always rely on the same platform. We as an on-demand taxi App solution providers have the capability to dissolve most of the issues in the shortest window of time. This makes us reliable when it comes to taxi app Services.

Great solutions

We offer versatile taxi app solutions to our customers based on their requirements and time frame. Our Built-in taxi solutions are not at all time consuming and they have devoted technical support to check for efficiency. We also provide multilingual options to the customers so that each and everyone can access our platform easily.

Intuitive features

We offer all in one solution with the incredible features to the customers at our platform. We have included a wide range of features that makes our application simple yet efficient.

Frequently asked question

What are benefits of Taxi mobile app development?

There are so many benefits of having a taxi mobile app development that helps the customer to reach the destination on time facing no problem. this type of application is very famous and is in the market.

  • Real-time tracking of cabs
  • Get Higher Visibility
  • Grow your business in auto-pilot mode
  • Building a brand
  • Feedback from the customer

Which is the best Taxi App Development Company?

There are so many Taxi App Development Company in the market. But it is very important to select the best for your company or app. selecting the best app development company is very. Always select a company having a good experience and knowledge about the market. There are so many things that are needed to be taken care of like the budget or theme they will take to develop your app.

What are the advantages of using Mobile Apps for Taxi Business?

  • Easy to book a cab
  • Reach the destination on time
  • Reasonable price
  • Can track the route.
  • Travelling will become more secure with the help of mobile apps.
  • There is no need to finding a parking place and can easily book a cab anytime anywhere.
  • Huge demand in the market.
  • Half of the population is dependent on this type of application and its real-time tracking.

How much does the taxi app solution cost?

It’s very important to hire taxi application developers. This will range anywhere between $25,000 to $100,000. The price of the application mainly depends on the type of features that are being included while planning. It is very important to research the market and come up with the best and unique idea. Here the marking will even play a huge role to attract the target audience.

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