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The Android app development services have shown a transformation in the Android versions in a brilliant way since the very beginning. This time Google has chosen a number to carry forward the series of Android. Android Q was its last version that has been followed with Android 10. You get more control over your personal data; this is the core focus area of Android 10. The digital wellbeing, friendliness to 5G devices and Foldable, on-device machine learning is some of its key features. Around half a ton of changes in privacy and security setting made to provide the Android users a safer digital environment. It will make a lot of things easier for your mobile application development company to create an android app for your business purposes.

Talking about digital wellbeing, we would like to make you aware of the innovations that took place with this upgradation of Android. The new OS version is available initially on the google pixel owners’ phones. There is a change in the robotic faced logo and it has some great features that are discussed below:-


Android 10 has come up with a smart reply featuring that you usually find on messaging applications. The link for any YouTube video would be directed to YouTube directly and you do not need to copy and paste it. Similarly, if someone shares address details then you navigate through google maps directly.


  • Dark Theme

Android 10 has come up with a dark theme feature. When you hire an Android app developer, keep in mind that the professional carries the API knowledge to enable the dark theme in every app of your device. The dark theme has been made to reduce battery consumption and sustain it for longer durations. The dark theme is likely to create a lighter impact on the eyesight of the users. All the google applications would be actively available in the dark display when the battery gets low. The user can easily switch to the dark theme through the display section in settings.


  • Better Privacy with Android 10

You will now get a choice of using your location info with apps as per your choice each time. The settings contain a privacy section which will now have more subdivisions. You can allow the app to use or not your location when you are inactive on it. There is a reminder notification feature that will notify when your location is accessed through an app. There is another addition in the subdivisions of privacy settings. We are talking about ad settings. The retargeting ads can be managed from here. The Google Play app will make the quick debug and fixing of security issues without the requirement of a complete OS update. Every Android Development Company can add such bring their own ideas and create such useful Add-ons.


  • Family Link and Digital Wellbeing took a nice turn

Android 10 brings forth the care of parents and the wellbeing of children with Family link. Parents can now reduce the screen time of their children. They can fix a bedtime for the device and time can be allocated for the usage of every app on the phone. The apps that your children install on their phones can be checked and parents would be able to see its usage as well.


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  • Focus Mode and Incognito Mode on Google Maps

There are several distracting applications on your device that can now be put to silent. You simply need to switch on the focus mode on your device updated with Android 10. The news and mails can carry you out of your work zone sometimes. This part of the digital wellbeing endeavor made by Android developers.

The incognito mode is now available in Google maps to allow you to freely search on locations across the globe. The data would not be saved to your google account. This feature is popular in Google chrome as well as Youtube.

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  • The Live Captioning Feature

There is another amazing feature that people would fell in love with. The live captioning feature will add captions to the audio messages that you record in your device. It will add subtitles to the podcasts and videos automatically. You can access this fine tool by pressing the volume button and icon present below the volume slider in smartphones.


  • The Multitaskers have Bubbles

The bubbles are present in some applications like WhatsApp. There are certain apps that use bubbles with which you can look through the thread and reply instantly. This eliminates the function of opening up a complete messaging window. The mobile application development company that is creating your app can add the bubble features to other apps as well. As soon as an alert is received from any app you would see a circle popping up and you can react to it instantly. The android company that is designing your app can add bubbles to other apps as well.


  • Amplify and Filter the Soundtracks

You can amplify the filter noise using sound Amplifier and listen to the music just the way you want to. With a boosting sound your video calls, lectures, and phone calls will become more and more enhanced.



The ample of great features that Google has brought with Android 10 might not be available on every device. You can hire Android app developer to add these quality features using API and Android SDK. Android 10 works on 5G devices and brings an actually better video collaboration. The navigating gestures are smooth and better rendering the feel of IOS on Android. The android app development services can be enhanced for Foldable with the Foldable emulator. Developers can see the blueprint of their future apps. You can put the entire disturbance on the side with the facility of putting your notifications on silent. Android 10 OS can be updated in your device by following simple steps. Go to the system bar inside settings. Tap on advanced and you will find system update feature.