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Once upon a time, an airplane was just on paper, then the time came when it became real, and now you can observe it from anywhere.

Several airlines are operating and connecting the world’s corners. The number of flyers is increasing rapidly, and the airlines cater to their traveling needs.

Five years, if you wanted to travel, you needed to book a ticket via a website, but now you can book your tickets in a blink with the help of flight booking mobile applications.

From the business point of view, if you are looking for a flight booking app development, this blog will help you find the right way to do it. Here, you will read about all the aspects related to flight booking mobile apps’ development, cost, and features.

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What is Flight Booking App?


Flight Booking App Development


Its other name is the online ticket booking app. Although some websites allow users to book bus or train tickets, including flight tickets, we are talking specifically about flight ticket booking app development. Its working is simple as a user can book the flight ticket from one point to another or from x point to y point and from y point to z point.

These apps come with fantastic UI/UX and a robust backend that users can leverage for their ticket booking needs. When it comes to booking the ticket, then new users always search like ‘How can I book my flight ticket online?’

But there is no need to worry as several online ticket booking apps are available, which provide an effortless way to book the ticket to the desired location. The features of these apps make these apps fantastic.

Flight Booking App Development- Some Key Statistics You Need To Watch In 2023

There is no need to mention that flight booking apps are related to the travel industry, one of the biggest industries in this world. So, let’s begin with the facts and figures related to the travel and flight booking industry.

  • The travel industry revenue is projected to reach US$0.36 billion, whereas the flight segment is more than it and is expected to reach US$0.28 trillion in 2022.
  • The flight booking revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 26.67%, with a projected market volume of $0.72 trillion by 2026.
  • Based on the market survey and research, the number of users is expected to reach 1146.2 million by 2026, which is big in itself.
  • Out of the total revenue, 87% percent of revenue will be generated via online flight booking by 2026.
  • The USA is on the top of the list in 2022 for generating high revenue in the online flight booking segment.
  • According to the joint research report by Kantar and Google, there is a 17% increase in the average booking window.


Some Key Statistics

Some Key Statistics jpg

It is okay that you want to develop a unique online flight booking app and to look for travel app developers. In addition to it, you also need to keep your focus on the shifting demands of the travelers. It will help you to implement things accordingly and make your app stand out from the crowd.

The Behavioral Change In Traveller’s Mindset    

Due to technological evolution, the traveler’s mindset is changed. Instead of waiting in the queue to book the advanced tickets or waiting for a travel agent to discuss the ticketing, accommodation, and tour planning, they like to manage all these things themselves.

Behaviroal Change In Traveller’s Mindset
It is okay that you want to develop a unique online flight booking app and to look for travel app developers. In addition to it, you also need to keep your focus on the shifting demands of the travelers. It will help you to implement things accordingly and make your app stand out from the crowd.

The reason behind these shifting trends are rapid development of digital mediums for tours and traveling. Mobile travel apps or flight booking apps are more popular than websites due to having several advantages.


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So, let’s read about some behavioral changes in the traveler’s mindset.


1. Own Planning

Instead of spending the time at a travel agent’s desk now, travelers have discovered their way as there are several mediums available to get the information about the place, how to reach there, availability of accommodation, and transportation.

For example- The App like MakeMyTrip is one of the best examples of a traveling app that provides all types of travel solutions, including flight booking.

The travelers around the world research own via going through the methods like

  • Traditional Booking
  • Travel Agents
  • Search Engine
  • Holiday Booking Apps
  • Airline Companies
  • Online Ticket Booking Apps

2. Research

The online and offline customers also research on their own to find the best option for their flight booking or accommodation requirements.

Even though several online mediums are available, such as online flight booking apps or online ticket booking websites, one out of three travelers book tickets offline.

The travelers’ choices have been changed. It is okay that research about tickets or holiday booking will take time, but it is okay for them. It has been revealed in a survey that a traveler searches somewhere else and books the ticket from another option.

It is important for a travel app development company that if any visitor arrives, they must get the desired information and features so they can be converted into a customer.

3. Need First Brand Second

The days are gone when travelers were only stuck to a particular brand. While booking the tickets for flights, they give first preference to their choice, budget, and needs.

The brand is okay, but they also seek more discounts and offers. On the other hand, the disadvantage of booking from a non-branded site is that there might be a fraud.

However, fake ticket booking websites can’t survive more time. Additionally, this new trend is also helping startups to make their brand image in front of the customers by offering genuine services.

Note: Behind behavioral changes, there is an equal contribution of technology, and do not take it otherwise COVID-19 also. Since the lockdown lift, people have been looking for new ways to travel from one destination to another.

The Features You Need To Consider For Flight Booking App Development

Features are crucial when you are looking to develop a solution that can cater to the customers’ needs. Before we read the list of features, it is necessary to know about the working module.

● Users

There is no need to mention that it is a direct indication for the end-users panel where an individual user can search for flight booking, holiday plans, and accommodation.


These are the travel business owner who offers their services via the app. In terms of flight booking apps, you can consider them flight seat booking services providers.


Administrators control the overall app activity, including the agent panel and user panel. They can apply any setting, generate a report for analysis, and perform many activities.

Note: All stakeholders have to log in from the app’s homepage to use the app. The homepage contains all the relevant information and navigation to the desired section. Although the users, agents, and admin have to log in to the app via their user id and password.

So let’s start with the list of features!

1. User Panel

It is also known as the customer panel. It contains the features that an end-user uses while interacting with the app.

● Signup

It allows users to sign up on the app to access flight booking services. The users can signup on to the app via social media id, phone number, or Gmail.

Flight Searching

Flight Searching
Image source: https://bbbootstrap.com/snippets/bootstrap-5-simple-flight-booking-form-50902651

The flight searching option allows the users to search for their desired flight. Here they need to fill or choose the option for flight booking.

Flight Booking

Once the users find their desired flight, the next step is to book the flight. Via multiple payment options, they need to pay the amount. After paying the amount, they get booking confirmation via e-mail or message.



Filters are one of the most powerful features of flight booking app development that offers ample options to the user for booking a flight from one destination to another. These filters are related to the price or flight service providers.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

It is one of the smart options you need to consider for your next booking mobile app development. It can lead you to generate more revenue. Including the flight booking, users can also look for the available accommodation at the traveling destination.

● Booking Status

Even after flight booking, the users can check their booking status after login into the app. It is one of the basic but essential features of a flight booking system. Even the customers can check cancellations.

Flight Tracking  

This feature depicts the flight status, such as arrival time, departure time, or any delay. In case of any emergency, it also works in the combination of push messages.

Rating & Reviews

The travelers can view the ratings and reviews given by other users about particular frequent flight booking service providers.

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2. Agent Panel

The agent panel contains the features that an agent or aggregator chooses to provide their service to the customers. So, let’s check what these are.


An agent can directly book the tickets from their account based on the request. Here they have a well-organized panel including B2B rates and commissions on a ticket booking.

Flights Info

Booking agents can see all available flights on the same route provided by different Airline service providers. A flight booking agent can suggest a better option to their customers via it.

Wallet Payments

The agents need to recharge the payment wallet to book the flight tickets fast. Once they receive the confirmation from the customer agent, they can pay for the ticket within the blink of a wallet. Later, they will get the whole amount from a user.

Seat Layout

The seat layout feature showcases the vacant and booked seats so the agents can book the tickets accordingly for the customers. It works on the live-status methodology.


Not only ticket booking, but an agent can also cancel the tickets based on the request received by the customers. They can also send the canceling info, including the info of refund and cancellation charges.

Earning Tracker

The agents or aggregators can track their earnings. They can see their earned commissions on each flight they have booked for the customers so far.

3. Admin Panel

admin panel

It works as the complete control center for a flight booking app’s admin. They can use it for managing their activities in a real-time sense. It contains features like:


Based on the business needs, an admin can apply general settings, alert notifications, payment settings, ticket settings, theme settings, and many more.

Push Notifications

Push notification is one of the most useful features. It is essential for an ordinary flight booking app and for custom flight booking app development. An admin can send the updates to the users in less time.

Offer Creation

For retaining existing or onboarding new customers, the app admin can create a variety of offers and generate coupon codes. They can also generate the offers category-wise.

Chatbot Integration

It is counted as one of the smart features of any travel app. For better communication with users, an admin can integrate a predeveloped chatbot or can take the help of any chatbot development company to develop and integrate the chatbot app.

Booking Status

An admin can track the ongoing bookings and completed bookings on a monthly or weekly basis. They can even generate the overall booking report or see the statistical data.

Reporting and Analytics

To develop a better sales strategy, an admin can generate reports for analysis and make policy accordingly.

The Ultimate Guide to Travel App Development Revenue Models, Features, Cost

Must Include Features in Your next Flight Booking App

Features in Your next Flight Booking App
Although in the upper section, we have gone through all the key features. But if you find still some features are missing, then you can refer to the following:

Secure Payment Gateway

Due to increasing cyber-attacks, app owners and users remain concerned about payment security. So, it would be best to include a secure payment gateway with the help of experienced travel app developers.

Social Media Integration

The social media integration will help in two ways as users can easily signup on to the app; on the other hand, they can share their traveling information with their family or loved ones.


Although the countries have their borders for travelers, the whole globe is a country where they can travel. So, to increase your customer base, it will be best to include a multi-currency option.

Price Alert

None of the users or travelers want to spend more cost. Due to shifting traveling trends, everyone looks for discounts and rates. So, the price alert feature is useful in sending notifications to users about the price drop.

Advanced Search Option

We have already read about the search filters. But if you want to make your app unique, including advanced search options or filters is the best. It will facilitate your customers to interact with the app most interestingly.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop Flight Booking App?


cost of flight booking app development


Written above looks like a heading, but on the other hand, it is one of the most searched questions on the internet. When any travel business owner wants to include the flight booking in their services, then they search like:

  • What is the cost of developing a flight booking app? Or how much will it cost me for flight booking app development?

If you are a startup, keeping an eye on the cost is most important. So, based on developing front-end, back-end, UI/UX components, and other app parts, it may cost you around $20,000 – $35,000. If you want to add some advanced features, the cost can go up to $50,000.

Several factors affect travel app development costs, such as -.

● The App Development Platform

The development platform is crucial as it depends on what kind of customers you are going to target. The major platforms are Android and iPhone, on which most of the app developers focus.

So you can hire the developers accordingly, like Android app developers or hire iOS app developers.

Note: For hiring experienced app developers, you can take the help of review sites such as Clutch, Good firms, TopAppFirms, etc.

● Flight Booking Mobile App Design

When your motive is to provide some unique flight booking experience to the customers, then designing can help you the best.

It includes front-end design, UI/UX design, from designing, etc. Developing a flight booking app requires a good portion of the cost.

● App Complexity

App complexity is also one of the crucial factors that affect the cost of flight booking app development. If an app has more complexity, the cost will be more, but with less complexity or a basic version app, you can develop at an optimized cost.

● Team of Mobile App Developers

How many experts are involved in your team? cost of an online flight booking app development also depends on it. Suppose you want to develop an MVP, then it will cost you less than developing a full version that can cost you more.


hire developer

The Final Thoughts

Suppose you are a traveling business owner and want to launch a flight booking app development. In that case, it is the right time to do as millions of travelers prefer flights over other transportation mediums to reach their destination. You can use this blog as a great reference regarding flight booking app development costs & features.

The market volume of flight booking is expected to reach $0.72 trillion by 2026. So, multiple opportunities are awaiting.

You only need to develop a unique online flight booking app development. It is best to hire an experienced travel software development company for the best results.