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Like e-commerce, online marketplace development has taken people’s shopping experience to new heights. Popular marketplace platforms like Amazon or eBay currently have more than 300 million active users worldwide. It has raised the demand for marketplace development in today’s time.

But, only developing a marketplace app or website isn’t fruitful if you aren’t maintaining it timely. This is why online marketplace app maintenance is crucial, so either maintains the marketplace app yourself or avail online marketplace app maintenance services from professionals.

Online marketplace app development costs around 40-50% of the total mobile app development cost and decreases every year. So, there is no such fixed cost to maintain a marketplace app as it keeps on fluctuating with time. Not only this, there is a lot more about marketplace app maintenance that businesses must know. So, this blog sheds light on the same.


Why is Marketplace App Maintenance Crucial?

Businesses involved in marketplace development do not care about its maintenance, and those who do keeps wondering about the importance of marketplace mobile app support and maintenance. If you are also in the same situation, the succeeding section is useful.


1. Revamp Marketplace App UX/UI

We all are well-versed with the fact that the user interface and user experience play a crucial role in grabbing users’ attention. These two factors determine the success rate of an application and bring an application from zero to the top level. But, all this can only be possible when businesses focus on marketplace app maintenance right after its development.

As the requirements keep changing with time, there is no denying that the UX/UI requirement will also change with time. In that situation, monitoring and revamping become essential to keep your marketplace updated as per the latest trends.


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2. Fix Marketplace App Bugs

Application bugs and errors are the biggest enemies of an application that affect its growth significantly. Generally, mobile app developers try to remove all the errors during online service marketplace development, but still, bugs occur with time. Those errors or bugs aren’t visible easily and can only be identified while monitoring an app and maintaining it.

So, while focusing on your marketplace app maintenance, you can remove the bugs timely, fix functionality-related errors, and offer your users a seamless marketplace app experience.


3. Reduce Marketplace App Loading Time

There is no denying that an application with a faster loading time captures the users’ attention at first glance than an application with poor speed and performance. It further resulted in higher conversion and increased business profit. But, this can only be possible when businesses keep an eye on marketplace app’s performance.


Reduce Marketplace App Loading Time


So, whenever you avail of marketplace app development services, ask the professional about its maintenance. You can also seek maintenance services separately to keep your app or business website working.

4. Ensures Marketplace App Security

Security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses, especially when offering online marketplace services. The chances of Cyberattack increases when an application isn’t maintained for long and contains multiple loopholes, which further affect the app’s functionality.


Ensures Marketplace App Security


It is imperative to develop secure marketplace business models and schedule their timely maintenance to avoid this. This activity will keep your marketplace app encrypted with the latest security standards and keep the attackers away.

5. Keeps The Marketplace App Updated

Do you prefer to use an outdated marketplace app with old features & functionalities over an updated application? Of course, not! That’s why it is crucial to keep the application upgraded while ensuring its well-maintenance as none of the users will use your app if it isn’t as per the latest market trends.

Most businesses wish to develop an Ecommerce marketplace like Amazon but do not look at the factors beyond its success. This is why their app fails to grab the users’ attention.

So, if you want to make some noise with your marketplace application, focus on marketplace app development and marketplace app maintenance simultaneously. Different applications require different mobile app maintenance and support types, so you need to be careful while opting for app maintenance.


Different Types of Marketplace App Maintenance

Generally, there are four different types of maintenance available. But, businesses often get confused about what type of maintenance to choose for their market application. So, to resolve the confusion, here we have mentioned the different types of maintenance in detail. Let’s take a look. 


Different Types of Marketplace App Maintenance

1. Perfective App Maintenance

With the changing mobile app features and functionalities, the user requirements also change with time. This is where perfective marketplace app maintenance comes in handy as it focuses on the evolution of requirements and existing features of an application. Updating the existing feature and functionalities will add some newness to your existing marketplace application.

2. Corrective App Maintenance

With corrective marketplace app maintenance, you can take care of defects, faults, and other errors in your application. This app maintenance process includes the correction relevant to programming, design, and logic. So, if you want to correct or resolve any error in your marketplace application, you need to opt for this maintenance process.


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3. Adaptive App Maintenance

When the environment of your marketplace application changes, adaptive app maintenance will come in handy. This maintenance process is performed to bring a change to the operating system, cloud storage, hardware, and software dependencies.

Overall, the changes that are aren’t adaptable as per the current market conditions, rules, or regulations and need to be changed will count under this type of mobile app maintenance and support.

4. Preventive App Maintenance

This type of maintenance helps to make the changes in the mobile application to make it work for a long time. For instance, you are have done CMS development, but it requires some changes to run successfully in the future and for that, you need to perform preventive maintenance. The process includes code optimization and documentation up-gradation as per the requirements.

So, these are the four different types of marketplace app maintenance processes that businesses perform to keep their application running lifelong. Now that you have an idea of different types of maintenance, pick the best one as per your application requirement and keep your app working.

Every factor involved in in-app maintenance adds to the app maintenance cost that most businesses aren’t aware of. So, here we have highlighted some major factors affecting online marketplace app maintenance costs.

How Much Does Online Marketplace App Maintenance Costs?

Businesses generally search for the cost to build an online marketplace website and always neglect the app maintenance cost. This is why they fall short of budget when it comes to mobile app maintenance. To ensure that you do not face the same situation, we have mentioned some major factors affecting marketplace app maintenance costs.


 Online Marketplace App Maintenance Costs


On average, businesses have to pay around 50% of the total app development cost on app maintenance, and the price decreases to 15-20% in the coming few years. Well, the prices fluctuate depending on multiple factors.


1. App’s Analytics

For a seamless marketplace app performance, you need to keep an eye on mobile app bugs, crashes, and other glitches. You might need tools like Google Analytics to make a better business decision. So, this factor adds to the marketplace app maintenance cost.

As per the mobile development company services experts, keeping an eye on users’ activity through analytics will help you understand their preferences, and then you can make the modifications in the application accordingly. This activity will result from inaccurate app maintenance and ensure long-term marketplace app success.


2. Hosting

App hosting is one of the major factors affecting the mobile app maintenance cost to a great extent. But, before that, businesses need to consider the type of server they need for marketplace app development and then calculate the app hosting cost accordingly. Depending on the type of application data, businesses can plan the servers.

Later on, you will require server CPU, disk space, or memory, leading to increased app maintenance costs. Overall, there are multiple hosting options available, and each of them has a different development and maintenance cost associated with it, and this isn’t only applicable to the marketplace app. You can consider it for any on-demand app development solution and other development.


3. Customer Support

Bad user experience or reviews can lead to a screwed brand image, and none of the businesses want it. Right? So, it is better to consider investing in customer support which will be an ongoing cost but will benefit in the coming time. As you maintain an application to offer an enhanced user experience, you will have to consider this cost factor.


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4. Bug Fixing & Frequent Updates

Developing a marketplace app without zero errors and bugs is not possible. With time, an application shows errors that need to be resolved. As things keep on changing every passing day, you need to make up-gradation in your marketplace application.

If not done on time, users might not be able to use the features and functionalities in your online marketplace app. The same is applicable to web application maintenance. The more bugs your application contains, the higher will be its maintenance cost.


5. Third-Party Services Upgrade

If your marketplace app includes third-party integrations, you need to pay its cost at some point in time. For instance, if you have integrated a third-party payment plugin in your marketplace app; you have to pay the price for its development and maintenance annually.

This cost factor is applicable not only for the marketplace but also for all custom web portal development. So, if you have a limited budget for app development, try to incorporate limited features, including third-party plugins.

These are some major factors affecting online marketplace app maintenance costs to a great extent. The more feature-rich an application is, the more additional cost it will take. Now that you know the factors affecting the cost of mobile app maintenance keep them into consideration while planning maintenance for your marketplace app.


Online Marketplace App Maintenance Services

Tips To Reduce Marketplace App Maintenance Cost

Some businesses have a low marketplace app development budget which gets affected when it comes to maintaining an app. The major reason behind this is a lack of knowledge of the app maintenance budget. This is why every business owner must be well-versed with the ways to reduce marketplace app maintenance costs along with availing Magento app development services or any other.


Online Marketplace App Maintenance Costs

1. Include Limited App Features

Businesses that do not have desired experience in app development blindly include all the features into their application. It further affects both the app’s performance and marketplace app development cost. So, it is better to include only limited features into your marketplace app, saving your mobile app development cost and lowering your maintenance budget.


2. Choose The Right Development Platform

Although it is a part of the marketplace website development process, it can also affect the maintenance process. The type of platform you choose for developing a marketplace app or website will affect your maintenance cost. So, think more while choosing the development platform.


3. Get A Minimum Viable Product

Getting an app’s MVP is one of the best ways to develop a basic app and test it before adding more features and functionalities. So, create an MVP first and then think of other features to include in your marketplace application.

These three are some of the best ways to reduce online marketplace app maintenance costs. Now that you are well-versed with the different ways, keep them in mind right from developing a marketplace app.


Looking For Marketplace App Maintenance Services? We Can Help!

The marketplace app development process requires careful planning and experienced mobile app developers to keep it error-free and updated. We hope that this blog is helpful enough to know everything about marketplace app maintenance. So, apart from focusing on marketplace app development, take care of its maintenance as well.

Now that you know the factors to consider while planning mobile app maintenance and support consider the aforementioned points. Besides this, make sure to avail online marketplace app maintenance & development assistance from experienced professionals who can help you keep your app updated as per the market trends.