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Our Exclusive Franchise App Development Services

Whether you are a startup or a well-established franchise company, we can help you expand your business with excellence. We believe that the FMS Software Development solutions for your specific platform can help you increase sales and connect with a large audience base.

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Franchise Growth

We create highly efficient sales processes or business operations that can help brands to streamline their onboarding. We make sure to deliver excellence with our franchise software development solutions to accelerate the growth of any platform.

Dev Technosys

Franchise Engagement

At Dev Technosys we have an expert team of professionals that can drive organic growth for your platform easily. Our franchisee engagement software solutions work extremely well to improve your relationship with your potential customers and users.

Dev Technosys

Franchise Profitability

Our franchise Software solution works extremely well for businesses. We truly understand what it requires to increase the sales and unit-level performance of any company. We have integrated advanced franchise-specific action plans and analytics to help us do the same.

Dev Technosys

Franchise Marketing

Our platform has helped various companies and brands to reach to their customers without any hassle. We support profound and unit-level marketing campaigns to facilitate customer interactions and drive maximum sales to your business.

HOW DO WE EMPOWER On-Demand FMS Software Development

At Dev Technosys we facilitate entire business reporting with our Franchise Management Software to meet the visibility standards.

  • Dev Technosys

    Franchise Intranet

    We have integrated a franchise internet facility to secure our communication. We have also deployed document management systems in our franchise solution to have a shared knowledge base with our clients. The centralized franchise management system helps us to enable mobile onboarding, task management, attendance, and performance tracking.

  • Dev Technosys

    Franchise CRM Software

    We develop custom franchise CRM platforms within our franchise management solutions to leverage customer engagement for our clients. Along with overseeing the marketing efforts and managing potential customers, we have used the franchise management systems to save time and resources. We have integrated communication channels and event schedules in our profiles.

  • Dev Technosys

    Enterprise Franchise Management

    Our platform has a point-of-sale franchise system that enables active analysis of customer-specific algorithms and metrics. It is inclusive of marketing effectiveness and expenditure patterns of the company. We formulate content management systems for the brands to maintain various platforms and websites under and omnichannel visibility.

Dev Technosys
  • Dev Technosys

    Franchise Territory Mapping

    At Dev Technosys, we have incorporated territory mapping franchise software solutions to plot new applications and websites. It helps us to optimize the customer-centric targets along with limiting the franchise loopholes. We use dynamic mapping software technology and segmentation databases that allow us to analyze the location of our customers and plan accordingly.

  • Dev Technosys

    Royalty Franchise Management

    We have integrated franchise disclosure documents and engines to calculate the royalty fees and the in-house financing cost. We have built various accounting ledgers that help our clients to streamline the managing operating costs. Our adoption of advanced technology in franchise management solutions integrates commission reconciliation, custom modules, etc.

  • Dev Technosys

    Franchise ERP System

    We have integrated open-source ERP software solutions that allow us to add an intuitive interface in our applications. Our franchise management software solutions offer logistics, human resource management services, supply chain management services, etc. to our customers. Our custom third-party ERP franchise solution can be integrated across various platforms.

How Do Our Services Works?

Our franchise development solutions assist the clients to remain updated with their franchisee’s list and active communication in a centralized manner.

  • 1

    Leveraging Relationships

    In order to create incredible franchise software solutions, we make sure to analyze the customer base of companies. By tracking their relationships with employees, customers, and potential clients, we help companies to get the most out of their compatibility.

  • 2

    Grow Faster

    At this stage, we enable the local team as well as franchisor employees to work together in a centralized way. It helps the business to identify and flourish their valuable customers with absolute efficiency. Similarly, the franchisees get exposure to the most advanced dynamics of the company that they have chosen.

  • 3

    Managing Better

    Our franchise software development team is proficient enough to handle customer profiles across multiple platforms. We have a centralized team to work and manage the client profiles within the organization. We are empowered with a quick, insightful, and well-informed decision-making system.

  • 4

    Marketing Integration

    We provide a chance for companies to grow their business franchise having a customer-focused system. It not only helps them engage with their potential clients but also provide seamless marketing integration between the automation module and CRM.

  • 5

    Task Management

    Once we have successfully developed the application, we make sure to automate the sales of the company as per the day-to-day tasks of the customers. Through our task management process, we capture every single opportunity from the company's prospect.

  • 6

    Efficient Onboarding

    Franchise management software has made franchise onboard extremely easy and precise. We have integrated planning, tracking, and managing systems to clearly define the task process. Please help us to get qualitative and resourceful insights of the franchisee business progress.


REVOLUTIONARY On-Demand Franchise Management System Solutions

Our team has the potential to deliver satisfactory and resourceful franchise management solutions. We offer all the bells and whistles to our clients that help them to enter the next phase of their business growth.

  • One-Stop Feature We consolidate the production activities of the brand

  • Information Standardization Prospects obtain information through email campaigns

  • Seamless Integration Any lead or potential customers get automatic assistance

  • Streamlined Communication We facilitate active communication with brokers and customers

  • Quick Alerts Expedite contacts to get new leads and clients

  • Appealing Templates We provide beautiful custom templates to successfully run campaigns

Dev Technosys

Are you looking for dynamic franchise management software development

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering franchise management software development services.


Many businesses agree to the fact that present-day franchise challenges are entirely different from the earlier ones. This is the reason for which we have integrated excellent features in our solution.

Dev Technosys

CRM And Marketing

It helps businesses to accelerate their sales with our rapid lead generation. We also assist in sales task automation along with offering best-in-class customer relationship tools to the clients. We have integrated platform-specific marketing models that enable channeling in the campaigns accordingly.

Dev Technosys


Our franchise development application comes with configurable royalty-tracking features through which you can keep a close watch on the growth of your company. Through the reporting feature, you can maximize the units behind economics along with obtaining the ultimate flexibility.

Dev Technosys


It allows the franchisees to set up the schedules as per their convenience for a number of resources. Our franchise services are inclusive of facilitating the work teams and other units behind the same like rooms, logistics, trucks, machinery, etc. It helps us to schedule the tasks and manage upcoming resources effectively.

Dev Technosys

Field Audits

The Franchise Software solution offered by us has a precise field audit system through which businesses can digitize their performance. It also provides a review process through which businesses can track their performance in a simplified manner. Our field audit systems are capable of real-time tracking and analysis.

Dev Technosys


Through the finances segment we automatically analyze and compute the royalty programs for your platform. Our finances features are inclusive of computing the due payments and generating invoices for your business. It helps companies to keep their resources well-informed and updated.

Dev Technosys


This allows you to simplify your business process and facilitate the franchise to place their orders successfully. With our tracking systems, you can be well-informed of the sails and manage the resources effectively in real-time. With our franchise applications, we make sure to fulfill your platform-specific requirements with absolute efficiency.

BENEFITS OF USING OUR Franchise Software Solution

We offer an opportunity for our clients to access well-designed franchise systems. Our expertise in franchise management systems will guide you through the best business franchise development processes. Our excellence is inclusive but not limited to managing the equipment, machinery, or other needful.

Dev Technosys


We have spent several years in the Franchise Management Software licensing industry and it has made us efficient in understanding the franchise market flow. Our professionals have developed a specific marketing model for various platforms that help them recruit essential franchisees. Our services work absolutely well for driving maximum sales to the company.

Dev Technosys

Lead Generation

Every business platform requires the ecosystem to grow their business quickly. Our franchise development services can help you to flourish your business effectively. We have sought-after strategies and defined approaches to target a large volume of customers and potential leads. We can help you to stabilize a strong online presence along with keeping your business franchise growing without any error.

Dev Technosys

Management And Customer Support

In order to maintain any Franchise Management System, it is extremely important to have skillful steam and techniques. We offer a great deal of well-planned strategies to help our clients. We have also integrated the most effective models that can utilize certain instances in business that are indeed true potential growth.

Dev Technosys

Marketing Survey

In order to implement successful franchise processes, we help companies to develop customized surveys. This helps them to understand the actual utility of their products and services as well as connecting to potential customers. Our expertise lies in facilitating franchisors as well as franchisees that are at the disposal of using services.

Dev Technosys

Task Scheduling

We have various deployment units to easily manage customer requests for a franchise. We are backed by an efficient team that truly understands how to create quotes and schedule tasks accordingly. We offer all-around task scheduling services through our FMS Software Development solutions without any hassle.

Dev Technosys

Customized Sales Process

We have the most suitable franchise development services that can help you take your business to the next level. We function through auto-generated and advanced pipelines and reports that can help you to remain updated throughout the development process. We have intuitive and highly customizable dashboards that provide essential indicative features to your platform.

Frequently asked question

  • What Are The Benefits Of Using A Franchise Software System?

    There are so many benefits of hiring a franchise software system:

    Helps in adjusting the stock levels and the supply network

    Enhancing the business


    Augmented advertising methodologies

    Additional benefits

    It’s very important to hire a franchise of software company that can help in generating more revenue.

  • How Much Does A Franchise Software System Cost?

    The cost of each franchise software system varies a lot depending on multiple factors. Different companies may offer different prices depending on the type of services they provide.

  • What is a Franchise Software System?

    software development franchise is mainly cloud-based tools that are used to manage operations and marketing, generate business, collect and analyze data for your franchise. This even includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), point of sale (POS), Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, data-driven Dashboard applications, and Purchasing & Receiving, Reporting.

  • Do I Need Tech Skills To Operate A Franchise Software System?

    No mobile app skill or basic computer will be helpful but a quality franchise software system includes quality users training

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