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Technology has become the forefront for learners and businesses in today’s modern world. With the continuous improvement in the education sector, parents and professionals are finding new ways for students to learn and offer the best possible education. This is where the demand for education app development is becoming popular. Read this Infographic to know more about the benefits of mobile apps in the education industry in 2024.

All this started in 2019 when COVID-19 hit badly and affected everyone’s lives. Everything went digital right from the corporate to the education sector from that time, and the trend isn’t going to fade anytime soon.


Market Stats Of Education App Development

As per Statista, the pandemic crisis increased the number of educational app downloads, and the revenue reached $46 million in 2021. Also, the annual revenue is likely to increase 9.40% by 2025, resulting in an increased market value by $64 million. These numbers clearly indicate the popularity of eLearning solutions in today’s time. Also, it has been noticed that –

  • 90% of students use mobile devices to study.
  • As compared to offline studies, online assistance saves students time. 85% of them have accepted this fact.
  • Education apps help students feel confident and prepared for their studies much better than offline education.
  • The modern features and technologies included in the education app helped keep the students updated and make them smarter.

These are some major factors that are increasing the demand for education mobile app development. Besides this, there is a long list of benefits of having a mobile app in education.


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Infographic On Benefits Of Mobile Apps In The Education Industry

Education Industry

Students have adopted modern ways of learning through educational mobile apps. E-learning apps made it easier for the students to study and solve their queries virtually. Nowadays, various educational app development companies are available that help schools and colleges develop better E-Learning apps. But, not all of them develop a successful application, so first enquire about the organization and then avail their assistance.

Developing a next-gen E-Learning app will not only benefit students but will also result in better business revenue.