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Nowadays, on-demand technology and services like Uber, Netflix, and Instacart have completely revolutionized the internet. As other working professionals are busy with their lives, they do not get the desired time to handle everything manually. This is where on-demand app development comes into the picture. Such applications have made life hassle-free and services accessible in just a click. Check this infographic to know more about service categories of on-demand service apps.

Looking at the current circumstances, it has been concluded that on-demand mobile apps add more potential to online shopping and help new businesses succeed. So, if you are also a business owner, you must have an on-demand app with you. The following are the current market stats that will help you know the importance of having a mobile app in today’s time.

Market Stats of On-Demand Service Apps

As per research, the rise in on-demand mobile app development has seen a tremendous rise in the last two years, and the trend will continue to rise in the coming years. The following stats clearly indicates the popularity of on-demand software development –

  • Currently, across 86.5 million Americans are using on-demand mobile applications.
  • On-demand app development revenue will reach $335 billion by 2025.
  • During COVID-19, the demand for mobile applications and other services increased 2X times faster than casual days.
  • Around 49% of the on-demand app consumers are millennials, indicating that the wealthy class is spending more on such applications.

This figure clearly indicates the importance of having on-demand mobile apps in today’s time. 

On-Demand Service Apps

Nowadays, the list for on-demand mobile apps is unlimited, as almost every business has an on-demand delivery app solution. Still, there is room for new entrepreneurs, and plenty of new niches are there where there are no on-demand services. So, you can search for that one unique domain and step into it to develop a feature-rich on-demand app.

Along with this, make sure to avail on-demand app development services from a well-known company where experienced professionals work. You can just pick a suitable hiring model and get top-notch development assistance under a low budget.