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Top-notch SaaS Application development, ensuring a better business model and higher business benefits. The software-as-a-service is new age technology that is helping many organizations to improve growth in their respective business. Our SaaS developers ensure end-to-end solutions for the clients so they can leverage it best. Dev Technosys SaaS development services cover mobile apps, web apps, deployment of cloud technology, cloud hosting, and efficient data storage.

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SaaS Development Company

At Dev Technosys, we aim at offering you world class SaaS application development services and maintenance services that helps you in capturing the market. Hire saas developers to build applications that are successfully reducing the overall operational costs and strengthen your business infrastructure with the help of high-end hosted software. We deploy expert and qualified SaaS application developer that have advance knowledge of each SaaS Software development layer and cutting edge technology.

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Our Services

At Dev Technosys, we are a leading software as a service SaaS-based software application development company having relevant experience in delivering top-performing applications for your enterprise. Here are some of our advanced SaaS services to look out for:

SaaS App Design & Development

We provide end-to-end SaaS-based app design and Software development solutions. Our team of SaaS experts can successfully convert your innovative idea into a scalable, feature-rich, robust application solution for enhancing customer experience.

SaaS Consulting Services

Our several years of relevant expertise in the given domain allow us to aid startups as well as seasoned players plan and deploy the respective SaaS application strategy effectively with our professional consulting services.

Mobile SaaS Application Development

We feature the right resources, ample expertise, and advanced technology to move and develop the on-demand SaaS application solutions on mobile devices. For fresh startups, privately owned small businesses as well as large government organizations.

SaaS CRM Solutions

The Customer Relationship Management solutions that we provide with SaaS have enabled both global & local enterprises to change their respective approach towards providing front-office customer service. With the help of SaaS-based applications and CRM Software, the customers now remain under direct control while the enterprises are able to provide a response to customer-specific queries in real-time.

Third-party Integration Services

Right from the wordpress saas development of custom-made APIs and linking the external data sources to the addition of secure payment gateways, we ensure the integration of all third-party applications effectively.

Multi-faceted Tenant Architecture

We provide aid to the technology vendors with the right resources through effective planning and implementation of multi-faceted SaaS-based system architectures, delivery models, and management tools.

Analytics and Data Management

We have the presence of highly experienced SaaS developers for creating and integrating advanced data analytics with the utilization of custom or pre-built tools and programs that exceed traditional software solutions in every aspect.

Data Visualization Solutions

Users are looking out for more intricate and advanced details in the applications they use. Therefore, we help them to take better and faster decisions in every possible manner through high-end data visualization and interpretation references.

Software On-demand SaaS Services

The owners of SaaS applications need the cloud-based backing for delivering on-demand services to the end users. And we make sure that it is delivered at its best with our expert Software on-demand SaaS services combined with advanced cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Application Scaling

We can help you to scale app-based resources effectively by harnessing the power of cloud applications. The cloud services platform allows us to ensure the right scaling options –just like in the traditional SaaS model.

Migration to SaaS

With us you get your existing system migrated to SaaS with the best of architectural and functional compliance. With our SaaS migration solutions you get to experience flawless results with data transfer and solution alignment.

SaaS based CHM solutions

Our proficient SaaS based CHM solutions help e-commerce and other online businesses to commit to the best of resource management practices. Delivering the best of supply-chain and process engagement value.

The Future of SaaS

There is no denying the fact that SaaS-based solutions have a bright future –as per the market experts. As per a recent Garner report in 2017, the sales of the advanced SaaS solutions are expected to continue to grow up to around 20 percent every year. The expected growth of SaaS-based solutions is from around $39 Billion US Dollars in 2016 to reach around $76 billion US Dollars by around 2021. The latest innovations that take place in the SaaS-based solutions along with the growing number of SaaS Vendors are expected to bring about the rapid growth in the given industry.

Artificial Intelligence

While being relatively new, Artificial Intelligence is expected to increasingly become a vital part of enterprise-grade SaaS-based solutions. Some of the modern advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence include Adaptive Intelligence (for learning & adapting to the respective user behavior & data).

IoT, Blockchains, and Chatbots

All of these respective technologies have become increasingly crucial to digital innovation. As such, forward-thinking service providers in the given domain have started finding ways to provide the functionalities of each of the technologies in the respective SaaS offerings.

Autonomous IT Management

ML & AI will play crucial roles in reducing human-dependent tasks and encouraging more autonomous management solutions and automated systems across IT establishments.

Horizontal Connection & Vertical Depth

Saas-based solutions are aimed at providing vertical solutions to the single department of a business. This is the reason why organizations around the world are increasingly in need of cross-business visibility in the modern era. With the coming times, you can expect improved vertical depth with the help of service providers providing cross-business packages along with more APIs & turnkey integrations for high-end hybrid solutions.

Software as a Service Business Benefits

SaaS – Software as a Service is a popular cloud-based software solution as well as a famous delivery model. In the given model, the cloud service provider is responsible for developing and maintaining the cloud application software solutions while providing automatic software updates using internet connection. At the same time, the service provider is also responsible for making the software solution available to the respective customers with the help of Internet services.

Some of the potential benefits of the SaaS application development services for businesses & data centers are:

Reduced Upfront Costs

SaaS applications for businesses can help in eliminating the need for additional middleware and hardware requirements and software licensing. These applications are also responsible for reducing installation and implementation costs to monthly basis.

Predictable Ongoing Costs

The SaaS software solutions help in eliminating the unpredictable costs of patching, managing, and updating hardware and software. It also aids in turning capital expenses into respective operational expenses. You can also look forward to reducing risks with experts who manage software applications while overseeing cloud security.

Rapid Deployment

You can be assured that the application will be up and running in just a few hours instead of several months. At the same time, the SaaS-based applications also allow you to turn on while making use of the latest innovations as well as updates. The software application also offers the delivery of automated software patching solutions.

On-demand Scalability

The software application also allows you to scale your business solutions instantly towards meeting your growing data requirements as well as transactional demands. At the same time, it also helps in reducing disruptions as you maintain diverse service levels.

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Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Point of Sale & Stock Control

Sales Play” is a perfect POS solution for your business where you can replace your conventional cash register and billing system with Sales Play POS and start tracking sales and inventory in real time. Create items, view sales/ inventory repo...
Dev Technosys

Workboard CRM Solution

Myworkboard is the CRM solution from where you can manage all of your working tasks, manage your team and such other activities related to your work....
Dev Technosys

Vending Machine Business Software

VendSoft is a powerful vending business software which tracks inventory purchases at the critical levels and shows inventory to re-order. It can also calculate average product cost, track product expiration dates and full inventory history....
Dev Technosys

Why Choose Dev Technosys?

We are smart, intelligent and tech-savvy, but there is more that makes us incredible. Here are some key features that make us perfect choice for you.

On Time Delivery

We value time and money and thus we ensure on-time delivery of products of high quality in niche of cost.

Visually Stunning

We create web projects and applications that are attractive to cater higher user experience.

All Industries Covered

We have expertise in developing business applications of a major industry. You name it we build it.

Business Upgradation

With technology advancing every day, we understand the need of businesses to be updated. Be it Wearables, IoT, chatbots we ‘ace’ latest technology.

Dev Technosys Development Process

We believe in simplifying technology for you.

Our development process is carefully curated to guide you from one end to another successfully. At Dev Technosys we give you number of reasons to choose us, one of them is our intelligently designed process. From Development to Optimisation we work effectively to perfect you enterprise needs.


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Frequently asked question

  • What Are The SaaS Business Metrics That Matter The Most And Why?

    Some of the SaaS business metrics that matter the most are:

    ● Churn (customer and revenue)

    ● Activation Rate (AR)

    ● Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

    ● Cost of Acquiring a Customer (CAC)

    ● The lifetime value of the customer

    ● Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    These metrics have a great impact on how a SaaS development company performs. It can be great if companies can connect back the metrics with customer experience. That is what makes customers stay and makes the company grow in the best possible way.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop A SaaS?

    Development of SaaS costs less than traditional SaaS software development but the cost still is something that not all enterprises can incur. There are many factors that are inclusive of the final amount that is charged by a SaaS development company. If we look it up on the internet, the average cost that is required to develop a SaaS product that can be used on a daily basis is $30,000. This can be increased or decreased as per the requirements of enterprises. SaaS software development services that we provide are of the highest quality and the cost is also in the budget of most enterprises.

  • How Does A SaaS Model Work?

    Software as a Service or SaaS is software that works on cloud computing platforms. The cloud software is necessarily not installed on the devices but can be accessed through a browser. This is the reason why they are also called cross-platform software. They are also remote solutions to all the enterprises as employees can use them anywhere on their laptops and smartphones. A custom software development company works to provide companies with products that are innovative and creative as per their current requirements.

  • SaaS Support And Maintenance?

    SaaS software can be updated and modified in real-time. This is the reason why they are the software that requires more support and maintenance services than traditional ones. They allow enterprises and developers to change the software in keeping with changes in requirements and the market. The charge of changing or updating something might be extra but it can be recovered as the services will also enhance. A SaaS development agency mostly includes the cost of support and maintenance in their final quotation to enterprises.

  • Are There SaaS For Mobile Apps?

    Yes, there is a separate section of SaaS mobile applications. At Dev Technosys we also provide mobile app development in our SaaS application development services. These applications are designed so that they behave as per mobile optimization. The number of mobile users is increasing and therefore it’s used in enterprises. This is the main reason why SaaS development companies have to develop applications that are optimized for mobile phones. Many enterprises nowadays want mobile SaaS applications as their CRM or ERP solution.

  • What Is The Best Platform To Build A SaaS Solution?

    SaaS applications can either be built from scratch or from template building websites like WordPress. Yes, you read it right. WordPress can be used to build a SaaS solution. Speaking of the best SaaS platform Application through which people can get a SaaS product developed, they need to pay attention to their requirements. If an enterprise wants a SaaS product that is properly customized then they should try to get it developed from scratch. SaaS software development for content-related applications can be easily developed with the help of WordPress. The main thing to look for is the requirements.

  • What Are The Best Tools For SaaS Apps?

    There are many tools that can be used for SaaS software development. Some of them have been mentioned below:

    ● Profitwell Metrics

    ● Xero

    ● HubSpot

    ● Appcues

    ● Google Analytics

    ● Quickbooks

    ● Mixpanel

    ● Blissfully

    ● Intercom

    ● Notion

    ● Time Doctor

    There are many other tools that SaaS developers can use but the ones that have been mentioned above are used very widely. With the help of these tools, the development process will not only become easy but also very efficient. These tools allow users to focus more on creativity and innovation.

  • What Sets Software Consultants Apart From Developers?

    The basic difference between a consultant and a developer is that a consultant also knows about the business and marketing part apart from just development. They are the ones who understand what software can work and what cannot and how to turn software that is working decently to a great one. Software consultants also understand people and not just software development. A SaaS-based company would require a software consultant. They can convince clients on how the services actually work and what will be beneficial for them.

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