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The craze for night parties is increasing every passing day. Today’s generation doesn’t prefer to take the stress of arranging parties and relies on party planner apps where they get unique party ideas within their budget. So, if you are in a similar business, take one step ahead with our party planner app development company and reap outstanding business benefits for years. Share your party planning app requirements with us.

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On-demand Party Planner App Development Services

On-demand Matrimonial Software Solutions

Make the most exciting party plans with feature-rich party planner app development solutions. Dev Technosys, a leading party planner app development services provider, can help you deliver a growth-driven party planner application. Our team of dedicated developers, designers, and testers are well-versed in everything required to build party planner app. Create high-end and the best party planner apps to attract a wide range of users and track ongoing & upcoming events while increasing your business ROI. Come up with a unique idea to develop a party planner application, and we’ll help you turn it into reality.

Turning Dreams Into Unforgettable Parties With Our Party Planner App Like

Step into a world where dreams become a reality and parties are crafted to perfection. Welcome to our Party Planner App Development Company, your ultimate companion in creating unforgettable celebrations. Our innovative app combines creativity, organization, and seamless coordination, allowing you to design and execute remarkable events effortlessly. From personalized themes to guest management and everything in between, let us turn your vision into an extraordinary party experience. Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Apps Like Trello

Apps Like Trello

Rev up your imagination and embark on a journey to develop an extraordinary EV Party Planner App akin to Trello. With our expertise in app development, we'll electrify your vision with seamless organization, collaborative features, and effortless event planning. Unleash the power of innovation and create a buzzing platform that revolutionizes the way electric vehicle enthusiasts party. Let's charge ahead together!

Apps Like Asana

Apps Like Asana

Get ready to ignite the party scene with an electrifying EV Party Planner App inspired by the brilliance of Asana. Join our expert app development team as we fuse innovation and efficiency to create a dynamic platform. From streamlined task management to collaborative features, let's power up your vision and revolutionize how EV enthusiasts plan their epic celebrations. Let's accelerate the party planning experience together!

Apps Like Eventbrite

Apps Like Eventbrite

Gear up for an exhilarating ride in EV party planning with our cutting-edge EV Party Planner App, inspired by the renowned Eventbrite. Unleash the power of seamless event creation, ticketing, and promotion, as we revolutionize how EV enthusiasts

Key Features of Party Planner App Development



It is a very basic feature of every business application. Here, users can register on a party planning application and organize an event as per their preference.

Event Creation

Event Creation

With this party planner app feature, users can easily create a birthday party event and decide everything from decoration to food and everything.



For a unique party invitation, this feature will come in handy. Including messaging option in your pro party planner app will allow users to send a customized invite to everyone.

Photo Sharing

Photo Sharing

A party invitation is dull without attractive photos. Right? This feature of a birthday planner app allows party organizers to share photos of events and invitations.

In-app Payments

In-app Payments

Every user looks for hassle-free payment options while using any app. So, the in-app payment option is crucial to include during custom party planner app development.

Customized Calendar

Customized Calendar

All the party planning apps have this feature where the application can look into all the ongoing and upcoming parties and manage accordingly.

Custom Push Notifications

Custom Push Notifications

It is a crucial feature for party planner apps android, iOS, or both. Party organizers can send timely push notifications to remind everyone of the upcoming event.

Report & Analysis

Report & Analysis

This feature is useful for the party planner app admin and owner, where they can get monthly reports and analysis to keep track of profits and ROI.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

Different people have different language preferences. So, including this feature during party planning app development is necessary so everyone can use your application.

Dev Technosys

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Why Choose Dev Technosys for Party Planner App Development?

Dev Technosys has been running for the last 12 years and is known as the top-party planner app development company. We serve clients across the globe, and our team of dedicated developers are well-versed in creating all types of business applications. Avail online party planner app development services from us and climb the ladder of success with us. Here's what makes our company unique from the rest.


Dedicated Developers

Project complexity is never a barrier for us. Our experienced and skilled developers can build all party planner applications without compromising quality.


On-time Delivery

We always adhere to every client's mobile app development requirements and ensure to deliver a project within the promised deadline. Bring your project to us now!


In-depth Testing

Our party planner application development services aren't limited to development. We have a team of QA and testers who conduct in-depth testing before launching the mobile app.


Unique Development Approach

We focus on delivering business excellence, and hence our team follows a unique party planner app development approach to help businesses get the best revenue with time.


Intriguing App Design

Simply developing an app isn't enough to grab users' attention if it is not attractive enough. To ensure attractive UX/UI, we have creative designers who can create unique designs.


Reasonable Prices

Our motto is to serve all-scale businesses, which is why you will find our party planner app development cost is reasonable. Drop your app development requirements now.

Benefits of Custom Party Planner App Development Solutions

Manage Multiple Parties

Manage Multiple Parties

A feature-rich online party planner app will help you organize multiple parties, and that too, in a very sorted and hassle-free manner.

Saves Time

Saves Time

With a well-developed app for party planning, you will save a lot of time you need to organize parties and manage all the activities offline.

Custom Parties

Custom Parties

The process of custom party planner app development solutions allows organizers to get access to unique party ideas and pick the best one within their budget.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

An on-demand party planner app gives complete access to data & analytics along with party planning. The application helps to get real-time reports and analytics.



One of the biggest benefits to build party planner app is customization. Users can do anything of their choice, be it party invitations, messages, sending photos, and more.



Sending offline party invitations is quite expensive process. But, when you develop a free or premium party planner app, you will have to spend less on development.

Need Best Party Planner App Development Solutions?

Drop your mobile app development requirements to build party planner and leave the rest tous.

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Dev Technosys

Modern-Age Tech Stacks of Party Planner App

A feature-rich application with integration of the latest tools and technologies always earns success and runs for the long term. Dev Technosys, the best party planner app development company, always delivers applications and websites that are developed using modern tech stacks. It is something that has made us outshine our competitors. Do you want to make your business successful? Get on-demand party planner app development solutions from us now!

Blockchain Platforms

  • Ethereum
  • Multichain
  • Wax
  • Cortana

Front-end frameworks

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • VanillaJs

Programming Languages

  • Golang
  • C++
  • Python
  • Php

NFT Standards

  • Ethereum
  • dGoods
  • TRC-721
  • BEP-20

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix
    IBM Bluemix
  • Kaleido Insights
    Kaleido Insights

Storage Platforms

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB

Party Planner Mobile App Development Cost Estimation

Do you want to know the cost to develop a party planner app? Shake hands with Dev Technosys, one of the top party planning application development services providers. Get your app developed between $25,000 to $50,000 and more, depending on the type of project. Specify your budget, and we will craft an application adhering to your requirements.

  • Parameters
  • App Development
  • UX/UI Designing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Total Development Cost
  • Basic Party
    Planner App
  • $10,000
  • $5000
  • $5000
  • $5000
  • $25,000
  • ComplexParty
    Planner App
  • $15,000
  • $5000
  • $6000
  • $9000
  • $35,000
  • On-demand Party
    Planner App
  • $20,000
  • $15000
  • $5000
  • $10,000
  • $50,000

Frequently Asked Question

  • What Is A Party Planner App?

    A party planner app is software designed to help individuals plan and organize various events and parties, such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events, etc. These apps typically provide features such as guest lists, event schedules, task lists, budget tracking, vendor management, and other tools to help users plan and execute a successful event.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Build Party Planner App?

    The average custom party planner app development costs between $10,000 to $30,000, depending on the application type developed. The price keeps fluctuating depending on the multiple factors of the party planner application, such as app size, features, tech stack, complexity, and more.

  • Will You Sign NDA for My Party Planner App?

    Yes, definitely! We always sign NDA before working on party planner app development or any other project. Clients’ data privacy and security are our foremost priority. To ensure the same, we do everything we can to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

  • How to Develop A Party Planner Application?

    Developing a party planner app is similar to developing other business application types. So, to develop a unique and revenue-generating party planner app, follow the steps below.

    • Step 1 – Analyze party planner app requirements
    • Step 2 – Conduct market research & define a target audience
    • Step 3 – Choose party planner app features and tech stacks
    • Step 4 – Begin party planner app development
    • Step 5 – Test your application
    • Step 6 – Launch the party planner app
  • What Are the Features of A Custom Party Planner App?

    To create a unique online party planner app, you can include the following features –

    • Organize Party
    • In-Built Calendar
    • Multi-Language
    • Chatbot Support
    • Push Notifications
    • Image Sharing Option
    • Messaging Services
    • Report & Analytics
    • Multiple Payment Gateways
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