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Develop a Fitness App for a Lucrative Business

At Dev Technosys, we provide customized, on-demand fitness trainer app catering to the unique requirements of our clients. Get the perfect custom fitness training solutions for your fitness business to ensure ample growth of your business.

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Fitness App Development

The Fitness trainer app is one of the modern concepts that people like. On the other hand, it works like a great tool for fitness business owners to reach the target audience having enthusiasm in fitness. There is a huge volume of revenue generated in the fitness industry segment. It is projected to reach $17,101.37m in 2022, and with CAGR (2022-2025) is expected to reach USD 28,236.68 million by 2025. There are ample opportunities for the healthcare & fitness businesses to generate great revenue with the help of fitness app development services by Dev Technosys.

As a profound fitness mobile app development company, you can rely on us to launch a body coach app for android and iOS, or you can also demand us for cross-platform app development to widen your audience’s range. We have perfect solutions for Gym Owners, Personal Trainers, Yoga Guru, Personal trainers, and dietitians.

On Demand Fitness Trainer App Development: The
Pivotal Features

Here are the set of key features and modules a typical On Demand Fitness Trainer App is built on.

  • User App
  • Fitness Trainer App
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

User App

  • User Registration

    The users can register by adding personal details and payment methods.

  • Search Personal Trainers

    The users can search for personal fitness trainers.

  • Choose Service

    Select the type of fitness regimen or workout service from the app.

  • Appointment

    Book your appointment with the personal fitness trainer by specifying the particular date, time, location, and mode of payment.

  • Confirm Appointment

    Confirm the booking or appointment with the personal trainer by making the desired payments. Plus, get some additional health tips.

  • Live Status of Service

    Receive real-time updates and status of the fitness services being delivered.

  • Ending Appointment

    The users can end the appointment with the app itself.

  • Service Review

    After receiving professional services, the users can provide relevant feedback or service review on the app.

Fitness Trainer App

  • Registration

    The fitness trainers and gym instructors can register themselves on the app by entering vital details like profile name, proficiency, types of services, cost of services, and user reviews.

  • Accepting or Canceling Appointment

    The fitness trainers can accept or cancel appointment requests from the end users with the app itself.

  • Live Status Tracking

    The app offers the ease of live status tracking to the trainers.

  • Starting Appointment

    By accepting the appointment, the trainers can start the appointment from the app itself.

  • Customer Reviews

    The trainers can go through respective customer reviews.

Admin Panel

  • View Current Engagements

    Using the admin panel, the admin can get an idea of the current engagements between the users and the fitness trainers.

  • Creating Bookings on Demand

    The admin can create new bookings upon an increase in the overall demands of the app services.

  • Live Status of the Users

    The admin can also get the live status of the app users.

  • Analytics

    The app allows the admin to create and view proper app analytics for an enhanced experience.

  • Report Generation and Weekly Statement

    The admin of the fitness trainer app can generate weekly statements and reports for the app users.

Additional Features

  • Wearable Integration

    You will have access to our expertise to develop an app for wearable fitness devices.

  • Real-Time Activity Tracking

    The fitness trainer app tracks the user activity in real-time and captures all the data for report generation and statistics that users, admin or trainers can see later.

  • Subscription Module

    It allows the admin to customize the subscription module. On the other hand, using an on-demand online fitness trainer app, the end-users can select a monthly/yearly subscription and pay accordingly via choosing one from multiple methods available.

  • Secure & Safe Onboarding

    The user onboarding remains safe and secure as our fitness mobile app solutions are equipped with the latest cybersecurity mechanism.

  • Review & Ratings

    The users can rate the services easily and also write the review. So you can use it for improvement in services.

On-Demand Fitness Trainer App Development Demo

For having the fitness app, first, you need to go through the demo showcased here. It will let you understand the basic functionality of a fitness mobile application. Including it you can prepare the list of additional features for your app.

How Does It Works?

On-demand fitness trainer app development is one of the best innovations that allows worldwide fitness lovers to get tips from experts. On the other hand, fitness businesses can leverage it for having great growth ahead. Here is the process that shows how the fitness app works.

  • 1

    Select A Fitness Program

    Users can choose a fitness program as they like to have after login in at the Fitness trainer app.

  • 2

    Search & Find

    One of the most powerful features allows a user to find out the fitness programs, diet programs, etc., by applying several filters. Even they can search for an exercise.

  • 3

    Activity Tracking

    Users can track their activities like how many calories they have burned, their time exercising, and many more.

  • 4

    Personalized Fitness

    Users can leverage personalized fitness programs with ease that includes customized fitness routines.

  • 5

    Choose Trainers

    A user can choose trainers to follow a robust fitness routine. It is one of the top-notch features where a health enthusiast can find on-demand personal trainers.

  • 6

    Multiple Payment Mode

    Users can pay via their debit card, credit card, or net banking account for the services.

Complete Range of On-Demand Fitness App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

Having years of experience in the web and mobile app development industry, we provide a complete range of on-demand app development solutions with several innovative features and functionalities. You can have a fitness app for web, iOS or Android platforms. Our app solutions work across all the devices fine that a user enjoys for the training and fitness business owners can leverage it to have a great business ahead.

The fitness trainer app by Dev Technosys includes-

App for Trainees

For accessing the training, the trainees can log in via their e-mail id or social login. Its other features are a user dashboard, training plans, trainer’s profiles, and many more.

App for Trainers

Upload customized workout plans and diet plans, live streaming of classes, real-time chat with students, trainee’s progress tracking and much more than expectations.

Web Admin Panel

The web admin panel included user’s and trainer’s profile management, admin dashboard, payment tracking, offers & coupon code generation and many other features.

Including the core parts, you can have the following fitness solutions with us –

Gym Training App
Fitness Tracking App
Fitness Workout App
Customized Workout App
Nutrition & Diet Planning App
Fitness E-commerce App
Yoga Training App
Self Defence Training App
Sports Physiotherapy App
Weight Lose Training App
In addition, you can also demand us for the customization to make your next fitness app unique.

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On-Demand Fitness Trainer App Development Services

Due to the busy schedule in professional and personal life, we face many issues regarding fitness. Now there is considerable demand for fitness solutions where people can track their health & fitness under the guidance of experts. As Dev Technosys, we can transform a unique fitness idea into a robust app as a leading on-demand fitness app solutions provider. We have appropriate resources and a team of dedicated app developers for creating iOS and Android apps. With us, you will find trusted fitness application solutions.

Some of our highly successful clients across the globe

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Keep Yoga - Yoga & Meditation

Keep Yoga - Yoga & Meditation & Daily Fitness provides health benefits for both your mind and body with 400+ asanas, 10+ yoga session plans and 7 meditation courses. ...
Dev Technosys

Smart Fitness Coach App

Fitwell is likely a smart fitness coach app in which you can determine your fitness level and set a goal. It offers calorie calculator, water tracker, nutrition specialist, and workout planner in one fitness app. Here you can also pair with oth...
Dev Technosys

On-Demand Fitness Trainer App Development Solutions Cost Estimation

The contribution of each element of a fitness app regarding the cost estimation. The overall cost is being estimated that what are the components involved, including tech stack, features, functionalities, and development professionals.

Dev Technosys

Tech Stack

For creating a unique app, a perfect tech stack is a must as it ensures quality development. It includes development tools, testing tools, graphic designing tools, databases, etc. The cost of the tech stack influence the overall cost.

Dev Technosys


Features also play a crucial role in the fitness app development cost estimation. The direct principle is more features, more cost. The app with basic features remains less costly, but it will be expensive with advanced features.

Dev Technosys

UI/UX Designing

It is one of the most important parts of any app regarding the development and cost estimation of fitness app. The state-of-the-art UI/UX components can make any app fantastic. A certain cost is required to implement it.

Dev Technosys

Team of Mobile App Developers

The small-scale project can be done by a single or two professionals, but for the completion of a large-scale project, more developers are required and require a cost. The same concept is also applied to the on-demand fitness app.

Dev Technosys


The next important factor influencing cost estimation is the platform, i.e., web, android, and iOS. The cost of each platform-oriented app is different from others. For example, iOS fitness app development is slightly more expensive than a web app.

Dev Technosys

Data Privacy

Data privacy & security is some of the biggest concerns for app developers. The fitness app is one of the mobile applications many users are using. So, the cost of implementing a security mechanism is included in the cost of the app.

Dev Technosys

QA & Testing

The QA & testing ensure the best working of the app. The most important process related to mobile app development facilitates the developers to eliminate the bugs or any chance of app malfunctioning.

Dev Technosys

API Integration

API integration empowers the fitness app with additional functionalities. It can be like payment API integration, weather API, food delivery API or others. Most of the APIs come with paid versions that increase development costs.

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Why Choose Us For Fitness App?

We have a comprehensively experienced team of app developers who understand all the aspects of fitness trainer app development. Dev Technosys offers a wide range of fitness app development solutions that includes simple fitness tracking to consultation for the exercises.


Latest Technology Based Fitness Solutions

For developing and deploying fitness-related ideas, we use the latest tech stack comprised of new-age developing tools, programming languages, cloud storage, and many more than expected.


Experienced Developers

Our on-demand fitness app development team comprises expert-level, mid-level and junior level app developers who work with responsibility for creating something unique.


Speedy Delivery

We know the value of your time and money to get speedy delivery of a fully functional and feature-rich app with us.


Exceptional Development Process

Our mindset remains focused on developing the solutions that clients must enjoy and leverage for their fitness business growth. Developing modern fitness solutions via an exceptional development process is our main speciality.


High-Quality Applications

We never hesitate to deploy the techniques which are required to develop high-quality applications. Our QA teams remain active to eliminate all the flaws.


Round-the-clock Support

For any support related to your project, you can contact us at any time. Our support and maintenance services are available 24/7.

Benefits of On-Demand Fitness App Development Solutions

Following are the brief details of benefits you can offer to your users and trainers whom you have onboarded on your app. It represents the best of our fitness app development services.

  • Exercise Videos

    The user would like it most to follow the instructional videos that you can upload easily.

  • Customized Fitness Plan

    Users can request customized & personalized fitness plans by choosing multiple options available for them.

  • Diet Plan

    In addition to the exercise, a personalized diet plan is also required to easily share with the user where they can also add their requirements.

  • Calorie Counter

    Users can watch the data regarding burned calories and analyze their calorie intake per day via the calorie calculator option.

  • Chat With Experts

    Our fitness mobile app also works as a great platform for connecting users and fitness industry experts. So, the users can reach out for excellent health and fitness advice.

  • Personalized Fitness Plan

    Based on the fitness history of users, the trainer can prescribe the personalized fitness plan with ease. The fitness mobile app allows the instructors to share it via chat and e-mail.

  • Personalized Diet Plan

    The trainers can customize the diet plan as per the fitness requirement of users.

  • Deals & Coupons

    Trainers can offer specialized deals to the trainees and the new users onboarded on the app.

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On-Demand Fitness Trainer App Models

Home Workout

Fitness can be achieved anywhere you only need to follow the strict routine and stay motivated till you achieve your next fitness goals. The home workout apps are for those who can’t go gym. It will be helpful to exercise at home.

Gym Workout

It is not possible for everyone to appoint personal trainer so On-demand gym coach apps works as the personal trainer for the user. It can help them to achieve the good shape and get the gym exercises tips by the expert.

Workout On-Demand

There are several workout on-demand apps in the market. Including all the basic features you can offer unique fitness app that will attract the customers. The users can watch pre-recorded videos or can get live consultation.

Activity Tracking App

These types of app can track the overall fitness activity of users such as step count, calories burning, workout duration and many other things. These apps can also monitors the heart rate if used with the wearable devices.

Workout Music App

Although the workout is such an interesting activity but if music is these that keeps motivate the person then results will be much better. Instead of searching music you can offer an app that contains the workout music compatible to the exercises.

Wearable Fitness App

The fitness industry is advancing day by day having ultra-modern solutions in which wearable fitness apps are tremendous. From the business point of view you can offer app enabled device at special price to onboard the more customers with your brand.

Ready-To-Go Solutions By Dev Technosys – A Renown Music App Development Company

  • Map My Run Clone

  • Fitness Buddy Clone

  • JEFIT Clone

  • RunKeeper Clone

  • MyFitnessPal Clone

  • RunTastic Clone

Frequently asked question

  • What are the advantages of On-demand fitness app development?

    There are several advantages of On-demand fitness app development. It is beneficial for trainers, gym coaches, health experts and users. The trainers can use it for business growth, and users can leverage it for following a fitness regime.

  • How to create a fitness training program app?

  • How to build a fitness app?

  • How much does it cost to develop a fitness App?

  • Can I hire someone to build a fitness app?

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