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If you are looking to develop a fitness app, this blog might help you greatly. By going through this blog, you will have access to information like the features you can consider while thinking about fitness app development and how you can analyze the cost to develop a fitness app.

These apps are the best option for generating revenue. Most smartphone owners prefer to use these apps to follow the fitness schedule where they can personalize workouts, get fitness advice from the experts, and access nutrition plans.

Being fit is just a term, but the growing internet world takes the word into another definition. Mobile apps are seamlessly helpful to use for every requirement. The mobile app development services combine or knot our needs to virtual worlds to comfort more. The apps are rekindling the overall health and fitness system with multiple features.

The Internet and apps have intervened everywhere, from the kitchen to learning, making the terms wider while assigning you your trainer. The fitness apps made it possible to do that. Even most fitness brands or international gym brands focus on developing a fitness app to have an extra edge over the competition.

Statista of Fitness App

As per the research on the US population, fitness apps have gathered a lot of crowds in just the last few years. In 2022, the user penetration will be 15.64%, which is projected to hit 20.29% by 2026. If we go with the worldwide data, then the fitness app revenue segment is expected to reach US$16,596.42m in 2022.

It is proof that when people say that Smartphones are not that good for health but an alternative to this, they are serving your health amazingly. There will be extra benefits if you get guidance on your phone instead of by any person.

You can also refer to an at-home fitness trainer, where every fitness need is served well with instant communication with the trainers. Once you have found a fitness trainer, you get served with excellent fitness terms every moment. Your trainer will help you find the best practices to achieve fitness. Thus, the overall app development consists of multiple functionalities and features to serve the need better and more smoothly.

What Do You Mean By A Fitness App?

Fitness apps are the most trending mobile application that individuals use to stay fit. These apps can be found on both major mobile platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. During the first quarter of 2019, there were 37,143 apps reported on the Google Play platform.

Fitness App

These apps help the person set their fitness goals, track their calorie intake in a day, get nutrition tips, and learn meditation exercises. Most modern fitness apps are equipped with gamification features that engage users innovatively.


The Ultimate Guide To Fitness App Development 2022

What Types of Models Can You Consider To Develop A Fitness App?

From the business point of view, and if you are involved with the fitness business, then developing a fitness app is such a smart idea for revenue generation. Here you need to create a strategy and consider some points in which app models are essential.

You will be surprised to know that the cost to develop a fitness app depends on the application model. These models represent the basic nature of fitness apps and for what purpose these apps will be developed.


1. Personal Training and Workout Apps

These apps work as your trainer and have a different fanbase among the universe of fitness trainer apps. These apps allow users to make their fitness plans, or they can make a list of exercises by targeting different body parts. Here the users have a virtual gym trainer on their phone that works fine for those who have busy life schedules due to their professional responsibilities.

Fitness App Features

While using the personal training app, the users will have access to the guided fitness sessions, video tutorials, and 3D videos illustrations that create the best user experience. Some of the best examples you can refer to are to develop a fitness app.


2. Activity Tracking Apps

Activity Tracking Apps

Developing activity tracking apps are also known as fitness tracking app development. That allows users to keep track records of their fitness. These apps work like when users install them, then the smartphone’s motion sensors ask for permission to capture the data such as distance covered while walking or running or time spent in physical activity. The activity tracking app also records calorie burning while doing physical activity.


My Fitness Pal

3. Diet and Nutrition Apps

As per healthcare experts, the diet has a 70% role in fitness, and a 30% role is in exercise. Due to improper diet and exercise, diseases such as heart disease, excess cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, and others are increasing.


Diet and Nutrition Apps


These diseases can be avoided by following a strict diet plan and nutritious meals in daily food courses. The diet and nutrition apps work as the best fit for this objective. These apps work like a personal dietician. Here a user can find the recipes and create a customized diet plan for them.

4. Yoga and Meditation Apps

Yoga and meditation the ancient technique to keep the body and mind fit. Not only the Asian countries, but almost all countries of the world also have fan bases of yoga and meditation. If you are looking to develop a fitness app, you can think about the yoga and meditation apps.


Yoga and Meditation Apps


There are ample opportunities for revenue generation via meditation and yoga apps that you can grab. You can include key features such as live tutorials, videos, and illustrations with the help of a mobile app development company.


Develop A Fitness App

Architecture and Features of A Fitness App

Fitness trainer app Development is a trawl of multiple functions, and the architecture is complicated enough to understand. The following points represent the architecture you can follow to develop a fitness app. One of the most critical points is a fitness app is being used by millions of users of different age groups, so it must be robust, secure, and finely executable.

For implementing it, you need to develop the fitness app in the architectural segments mentioned below to ensure the fine working for trainers and users as both are essential stakeholders of fitness apps.


Features of A Fitness App


Let’s dig out some most crucial information to soothe the comprehension –

1. Trainer Panel

  • It is the panel where the trainers register themselves with some credentials. After the registering panel, the next feature needed to add is the appointments.
  • Here, every trainer can accept or reject the appointments as per their schedules.
  • Trainers must be able to review the customers’ profiles to grab an idea about whom they need to serve and what will be the best suggestions.
  • There must be an option of accepting or rejecting any user who has clicked for the appointments.
  • Trainers must be able to share the diet charts with not only their customers but also with the public, who are already registered with the app.
  • There must be a blogging section through which the trainer can publish their fitness-related articles. The nutrition concepts, trends, and many more that are published on the app by multiple trainers inject the desire to the people to move to acquire fitness.

2. User Panel

  • This panel should be more attractive and friendly so that people can feel the attraction to enroll them as a user. Here let them log in with their other related accounts like social ones.
  • Users will search for their trainers and select the most appropriate according to their needs. They must also have the opportunity to choose the services from the list.
  • The payment option is the most crucial one where you need to play very specifically. Here the user is transferring the money; therefore, the path must be secured and smooth.
  • There must be an option where the customer can ask for the diet charts from their trainer and review the others, including the blogs.

3. Admin Panel

  • Here the admin is responsible for managing the users and their associated trainers to meet the best fitness.
  • One additional feature which is required, the admin can also assign the trainer to a user after reviewing the requirements.
  • Admin should be able to manage and track the overall fitness reports of the users. It lets the business run smoothly.

How Gym Will Get Benefits from Fitness Trainer App to Track Members Activity?

4. Video Session

Video sessions let people understand everything in a better comprehensive manner. Often, a user can not attend the gym session because of some urgency; hence, if you have this feature in your app, users will get attracted to it.

5. Sounds and Push Notification

Music boosts acceleration every term, and exercising is not rare. If you enable a music feature with your app, users can experience it better. Additionally, push notification is an excellent inclusion to your app. It keeps your audience entertained and engaged by offering multiple services and motions.


Cost of A Fitness Tracking App Development

The cost entirely depends upon how many features you are using. It may vary from place to place, here is a quick idea if you will Hire an android app developer From North America, it will cost you around $150 per hour

  • From Australia, it will cost you around $190 per hour
  • From India, it will cost you around $25 to $ 80 per hour

Additionally, if you are looking to create an excellent app with splendid features, it may cost you approximately $10,000 to $25,000.


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The Key Factors That Affects The Cost of Fitness App Development

When a fitness business owner wants to develop a fitness app, this question often comes to mind: What are the cost factors of fitness app development, or what are the cost affecting factors of fitness trainer mobile app development?

Key Factors That Affects The Cost of Fitness App Development

It is necessary to know the answer/s to this question so you can take the decision accordingly. So let’s check out these cost-affecting factors.

1. Types of App Model

In the third section of this blog, you have gone through all the information related to the app models. The point is you can choose any one of those to make your fitness trainer app like Fitbit. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that the cost will be accordingly.

2. Type of Business Model

The type of business model is also a crucial factor that affects the cost of fitness app development. The business model or fitness app monetization models are like-

  • Premium Model
  • Subscription-Based Model
  • Freemium Model
  • Fitness eCommerce
  • Live Streaming Fitness Exercise App Model

You can choose any one of them, but the cost will be different due to the difference in features.

3. App Development Team Size

Whatever mobile app it is, the cost is accordingly where the team is one of the factors as cost of hiring experts involved in it. For example, the cost of a basic fitness app for a single platform is approx. $15,000 with essential features and the experts remaining involved are two developers, one project manager, one QA professional, and one designer. Suppose, if the app size is large, the cost will be more.


4. Mobile Platform

Most smartphone owners are divided into two platforms: Android and iOS. The development cost depends on the mobile app platform. There is a difference in cost between iOS and Android. Usually, the iPhone app development remains costlier than the Android app.


5. Fitness App Designing

The design of fitness also contributes to the overall cost. A stunning design can only work for making an app interactive and exciting. For implementing the design, there are specific paid tools and technologies required.


6. Features & Functionalities

These are the features and functionalities of fitness apps that differentiate each other. The feature implementation demands a certain cost. That is included in the workout app development.


7. App Security

Millions of users are using the fitness trainer app, so there are ample chances of hacking and stealing the information by hackers. The security mechanism is required to refrain the app from cyber-attacks.


8. App Maintenance and Support

Maintenance is required to ensure the satisfactory working of the app. Usually, it remains between 20%-25% of the overall project development cost.

android cta


After grabbing all the required information about on-demand Fitness app Development, this is the time to set all competitors to stay behind. Create your app and take a step forward to make people fit and healthy. It will be a tremendous worthy and wealthy deal for you too.

The better idea is to develop a fitness app with react native app development. It can help you target more audiences as it is one of the best technologies available for cross-platform mobile app development.