Think Unique? Then why settle for Generic?

No two enterprises are same, and we at Dev Technosys make sure you get your part of uniqueness through our tailor-made and non-accustomed development process. Now customise and personalise us as per your needs, rather than fitting into a shape that is just not you.

We believe in making things rather easy then complex and outlandish for our clients, the best thing about is us is we free you to mould us, personalise us and even flip-flop us as per your choice and requirement. We are a comparatively better and efficient choice because of our economic prices, skilful and full-fledged resources, ‘0’ overhead expenses and important of all for believing in your uniqueness.

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    Effort based pricing or Time & Material

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    Milestone based billing

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    Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer

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    Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

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    Project based pricing or Fixed bid

Why we recommend Staff Augmentation ?

Looking at all the staff augmentation benefits we recommend you it for your enterprise benefits. It allows you to successfully evaluate your enterprise potential by analysing your staff and resources which enables you to work on additional skills and training and acquiring benefits.

Specially if you have just started out or a Small or mid-sized enterprise, you would not voluntarily participate into the process of staffing, hiring, providing employment benefits and taxes etc. Thus, we at Dev Technosys, keeping in mind all these things recommend you staff augmentation from which you will not only dough the problems but will be efficient enough to see to your technical and business needs.

Cost Effectiveness

Not to mention the other perks, this alone is a great reason you should switch to staff augmentation, if a start-up or a SME you will be able to save a fortune.

Direct Access

You get to have complete freedom to involve into the development process right from development to implementation to optimisation. Our work environment makes things as easy as working with own set of employees.

Time Efficient

If you believe in time is money, just like others this is a wonderful option for you guys. Our technical staff and technology is advance in every manner to give you a before time delivery and result.

IP Protection

Complete protection and confidentiality is maintained, you don’t lose your ownership on the intellectual property and copyrights on the projects. we strictly maintain our work ethics.

Effort based pricing or Time & Material

Seeing to immense potential in your idea, we understand how difficult it can get to estimate certain things in the beginning of the development. Thus, we help you with daily reporting on development, daily and hourly hiring of developers and designers and follow a plan flexibly and effortlessly.

Milestone-based Billing

Bill is made by taking consideration of the number of hours spent by the resources on your project and the services you hired us for. We have a very flexible billing plan which allows you to pay us on completion of each stage as per your needs.

Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer

We are one the finest resource pool of the industry, your will find expert developers and creative designers where you can exploit their services on full time, hourly and part-time bases. Here, our developers are dedicated, hardworking IT professional that understand your domain specific needs.

Project based pricing or Fixed bid

Where there is great clarity in the development requirement this is something for you, here you can choose between different models, with pre-decided number of hours a developer is going to dedicate on your project, time-limit and cost of the development.

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