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Our successful driver applications cater to the next level of consistent opportunities in the segment of app development that can not only facilitate the customers but also the service providers. Our customers can easily access the best driver on demand services through the platform.

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Automated solutions

The automated solutions provided by our platform with respect to the driver services reliable and the help service providers to improve their traffic flow. We have given concern to the customers so that they can get affordable solutions and transform mobility in the easiest manner.

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Latest analytics

We have incorporated multiple advanced analytic tools and techniques in our driver app services. This enables the customers to receive valuable insights with our services and the agent can get better amenities with the updates. The advanced analytics and reporting incorporated at Devtechnosys have optimized various instances of taxi services.

Dev Technosys

Driver Management

The multifaceted driver apps solutions provided by our platform is extremely easy to use and user or service provider can customize it as per their requirements. We understand the situation where it is extremely important to get the ride and users at our platform can get the best out of it.

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Maintenance and support

It is one of the most comprehensive segments in our Driver App solutions as we conduct regular testing about applications and services so that users have to deal with 0 inconveniences. The experts at our platform are dedicated solely to improvise the customer experience with our driver app solutions. Our on-demand driver app comes with sound interface and visuals.


This is an era of successful and easy to access on-demand services where taxi and driver apps are also not left untouched. The latest technology stack is usually the core functioning behind any successful taxi app services. Our platform understands the importance of hiring drivers or booking rides online. The same is facilitated by our specifically designed by our backend development team’s absolute efficiency.

  • Dev Technosys

    One-touch integration

    We understand the integrity of on-demand driver absolutions and empowering the same, one-touch registration and login is integrated at our platform. Altogether they enable the customer and other service providers to access the services.

  • Dev Technosys

    On-demand Services within a few clicks

    The service providers and customers may find it revolutionizing that we have deployed Hi-Tech solutions in our App so that the users can access it easily at their fingertips. Through our services, we can make it convenient for the customer to browse our services.

  • Dev Technosys

    Simplified solutions

    We allow the customers to easily search for the best services provided by our platform in the universal search column. We have a wide spectrum of choices and our driver absolutions can easily leverage the best of user's requirement in real-time.

Dev Technosys
  • Dev Technosys

    Comprehensive tracking

    Our on-demand driver app solutions provide a great deal of comfort and monitoring to the customer. This enables them to easily keep track of the driver as well as the time schedules to reach a place.

  • Dev Technosys

    In-app communication

    The in-app messages or communication interface at our platform enables the customers to get in contact with drivers as well as other service providers in the same segment. We are also capable of managing internal communications as well.

  • Dev Technosys

    Feedback and flexibility

    We offer reliable feedback and flexible environment at our platform so that customers, as well as service providers, can easily take advantage of it. This feature is extremely important for the On-Demand Driver Hire App Development services offered by us.

How Does it Works?

Our driver on demand app solutions are equipped with a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate and consistent to deliver the services. We have also incorporated cutting edge technology offering fascinating features with the driver app solutions to our customers.

  • 1

    Easy registration

    We have a panel for customers as well as service providers or drivers to register themselves to our platform following a few simple steps. All they have to do is to fill up some details about them and access our services without any interruption. They can also link their social media accounts or email identity with our platform.

  • 2

    Exploring the option

    Once they have registered themselves successfully, now the customers can learn a lot about what we offer and nearby drivers available to them. Once they get a reliable service for their journey they can quickly generate the request and reach the driver.

  • 3

    Fare estimation

    As soon as the request generated from the customer's panel, it instantly reaches the driver and based upon the convenience he chooses to accept or reject the request. Right after this if the driver has accepted the customer's request, a rough estimate with the journey is sent to the customer.

  • 4

    Payment gateway

    As soon as the popup notification is delivered to the customer regarding the driver and payment details it is asked to implement it. We have covered the payment modes immensely at our platform where the customer can make the transaction easily through e-wallet, net banking or any other suitable mode.

  • 5

    Real-time tracking

    At this stage, the request is accepted from both sides and the payment is also made from the customer's end. Power on-demand driver app solutions make it extremely convenient for the customer to track drivers who are on their way. The customers can track them in real-time and get notified with the soonest arrival.

At Dev Technosys we have a user-friendly interface along with a dashboard that supports seamless login and functionality to the customer.


For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    D4U are in the market since 2016 serving hundreds of customers every day & thousands of customers every month. Drive for you always care about our customer satisfaction & safety to extend our wings in the market....

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    Got something ready to be picked up. We are here to make life easier for you. Order anything that comes to mind ranging from groceries, pharmaceuticals, flowers to laundry and more....

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    Whether for business of pleasure, let a professional take the wheel and enjoy the luxury of a personal chauffeur in the comfort of your own car....


  • Convenient booking module for customers

  • Scheduling the desired timelines

  • Real-time conversation between customers and drivers

  • Consistent support with in-app systems

  • Live tracking the driver status

  • Easy service within few clicks

Dev Technosys

Are you looking for dynamic driver app development

At Dev Technosys, our team of highly proficient app developers has relevant expertise and in-depth industry knowledge in delivering custom driver app development services.


Our on-demand driver apps solutions in diary focus the robust features and functionalities of the services.

Dev Technosys

Uploading the documents

Over driver app solutions are not only convenient and reliable but they are also safe for the customers. At our platform drivers can easily upload and organize their documents so that no inconvenience is offered to the customer while driving. This is also done in order to avoid any consequences.

Dev Technosys

Driver's scorecard

We provide the driver scorecard to our customers in which they can learn about the driver's activities in recent times. This includes the time they might have consumed to reach the place, the number of activities they have accomplished meanwhile and through this, the customer can easily learn a lot about the driver's performance.

Dev Technosys

Multilingual and multi-currency

Through this feature, the users as well as drivers, can easily access our services without any language barrier. In addition to it, we have multiple currency offerings where there is no boundation to make the payments. The user can easily access the driver services in their desired location easily.

Dev Technosys

Geo-location access

This feature allows the customers to easily locate the nearby drivers and similarly, it helped the drivers for service providers to locate themselves as per the customer's address and reach to the location. Along with this we also offer multi-location access of the services to the customers.

Dev Technosys

Route optimization

The journey for the customer as well as the driver can be enhanced by involving route optimization in the service. Our platform has smart technology integration and with the help of advanced filters, it is easy for the drivers to easily navigate the routes or customize between them.

Dev Technosys

Payment split

This is one of the most obvious reasons for which the customer may be hiring our driver app solutions. Our on-demand driver apps solutions enable the customers to split payment between other individuals they are traveling with. Along with this, we offer the rate of fixation advantages to the customer so that they can fix the fare.


Our On-Demand Driver App Development service has some value-added benefits and advanced tech stack.

Dev Technosys

Order management

We enable the customers to easily manage or organize their driver booking at our platform. In the comfort of their home, they can book or cancel the services which reliable options and we do not have any charge for it. With our inbuilt apps solutions, it becomes easy for them to organize the driver Management Services.

Dev Technosys

Communication with driver

Our on-demand driver app solutions have integrated advanced communication interface facilitating the communication between customers as well as service providers or drivers. For this, they can have the exchange of messages or real-time calls in order to discuss the routes or any other instance.

Dev Technosys

Reviewing the work history

Most of the customers bother about hiring the on-demand driver app solutions because of various reasons. We understand the fact and have included only the experienced professionals who are dedicated to making your journey easy. We provide detailed documents to the customers so that they can have a quick review.

Dev Technosys

Popup notifications

The driver app solutions developed at our platform or not limited to accept the request and provide the services to rather we provide detailed assistance throughout the journey. We have enabled the AI algorithms so that our users can instantly get notified regarding the registration or other events through email or SMS.

Dev Technosys

Promotion codes

Another significant advantage offered by Dev Technosys for the on-demand driver absolutions is amazing discounts and promotion codes. This enables the customers to get reliable offers that they can even share with their friends or family and bring versatility to our services.

Dev Technosys

Billing automation and feedback

We offer automated billing systems to our customers where they can easily accept the payment generation request from the driver's panel. They can also schedule the payment through multiple payment modes. We also provide a convenient feedback system so that users can share their experiences with us.

Frequently asked question

  • What is the driver-on-demand app?

    Driver on demand app is an app that is developed and designed by devtechnosys. this type of application comes with all the features that a standard on-demand driver app comes with. If you need a driver at the last moment then the driver's app will help in connecting with a trustable driver who is well trained and knows all the routes of the city or country.

  • How does the driver app work?

    These types of apps are mainly based on the Google map. Thrusting the Google map users can search all the nearby drivers and book them as per their time and destination. The drivers will drop the customer at the location that the customers want facing no problem. If a person is drunk and needs a driver then this app will help in finding the entire driver at the nearby location. Driver Application even plays an important role in this app.

  • Do you provide support service after deployment of the app?

    Yes, after the development of the app our company does provide an after-development service. This helps in building trust and engaging more customers towards the brand. There so many things that can be changed and added.

  • How much does it cost to develop a driver app?

    The On-Demand Driver App Development cost mainly depends on the features applicable, customization, add-on features. The driver app is very famous in the market as posts of the people are using it as a side business. There are so many opportunities they are providing to the people. To get more traffic in this app the company needs to do proper marketing research and do competitive analysis.

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