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In the last few decades alone, we have made a lot of changes in the way we use technology. Just looking around us can show us the major differences we have made in our everyday lives. For instance, we have changed the way road transportation works with the likes of e-scooter sharing app development. Read this blog to know more about how much does it cost to create E-Scooter Sharing App?

E scooters have become an important part of our transportation technology today. Like other on-demand apps that book cabs for us, e-scooter sharing app development technology has made our lives more efficient. For people living in countries like the US, e scooter sharing is a part and parcel of their lives.

Create E-Scooter Sharing App

For traveling short distances, it is a lot easier to just get an e scooter sharing app than book a cab with Uber. For such short distances, a cab would most definitely cost more than it is worth.

At the same time, walking is also not possible because it is too far for that. So, people can now use the best ride sharing app and travel to their destinations easily.

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A Quick Overview of The E-scooter App Industry

In 2016, a company called Skinny Labs came up with a brilliant idea how to make a rideshare app that allows people to share bicycles and scooters. With this app, users could get bikes from a designated pick-up zone.

They would need to scan a code on the bike to unlock it, use it, and then return it to another spot near their destination. Skinny Labs is said to have been inspired by the Chinese dockless bike-sharing idea.


Eventually, the mobile app development company was able to expand its business from San Diego to other cities like Washington D.C. After seeing the success of Skinny Labs, now owned by Ford Motors and called Spin, more companies came up with the idea to have similar mobile apps.

Today, a ride sharing app development company that invests in e scooter and bike-sharing apps and on demand delivery apps would be contributing to a $225 million venture.

In the US, the top companies that work with this model are Spin, Bird, and Lime. considering how such an idea drives up interest in e-scooters, it also contributes toward making the planet a lot more green.


Why Should You Choose E-Scooter App Development?

As a capitalist or business person, you might be looking for a new investment opportunity. There are many reasons why you should choose e scooter sharing apps for your next project. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons.

Why Should You Choose E-Scooter App Development


1. Environment Friendly

E-scooters do not use any fossil fuels to run. So, it does not release any harmful gases. If you are an environment lover, then you might find it effective to invest in a mobile app development company that can create such a car ride sharing app for you.


2. Cost-Effective

As much as the apps on demand may cost to develop, you can make a lot more than that from using it. So, even if you spend a lot of money on it now, you can be expected to receive a great profit from it, which makes it cost-effective.


3. Promotes More Activity

A bicycle or e-scooter sharing app can help promote the message of staying active. As more people start using bicycles and e scooters, they will start to be more physically active and healthy. This way, a mobile application development company can promote an active lifestyle to its users.


4. Reduce Traffic

More traffic usually means more pollution from idling vehicle engines. When people start using more bicycles and e scooters, there will be less traffic and less pollution.



How Does An E-Scooter App Work?

Before we can get into the nitty-gritty of developing on-demand e-scooter sharing apps, it is important to know how such an app works. Below, we have given a step by step breakdown of the process that a ride share apps in usa follows:

How Does An E-Scooter App Work


1. Downloading The App

The first step is to get users to download the app onto their smartphones or tablets. Then they can start using it to share bicycles and e scooters.


2. Search For Nearby E-scooter

Next, users can search for the nearest location of the e scooters.


3. Scan The Code

Once the location of the scooter or bicycle is found, they can scan a QR code on the vehicle to unlock it.


4. Start Your Ride

Once the vehicle is unlocked, users can start their ride to their destination.


5. The Destination

Once users reach their destination, they need to take the bike to a designated place (if there is one) and lock it.


6. Complete The Ride

Once the scooter or bicycle is safe in its parking spot, the ride has been completed.

How to Start an E-scooter Rental Business


Cost To Create E-Scooter Sharing App

Now that we have an idea of how the app should work and what features it must have, let us take a look at the cost to create a rideshare app.

Cost To Create E-Scooter Sharing App


1. App Features

The cost of developing the e scooter app will depend on the features that it has to work with. A company can choose to have just the basic features on the app or have more complicated features on it.

So, a basic e-scooter booking app development will include just the sharing of the scooters. But if a company wants to make more profits, they can add more features to it like long-distance scooter sharing, grocery delivery, and other things.


2. The Design

The design of the app will also determine the cost of the app. If it has very complex designs, it will take longer to build a ride sharing app and more money to complete. You need to make sure that the e-scooter app development company puts in good UX/UI features for you that are not too complicated.


3. The App Development Team

The third factor that affects the cost to develop a mobile app is the development team. It is very important to choose the right development team for your project. So, carefully choose the professionals who will work on your project.

For instance, if you choose to work with a company that employs people from North America or Europe, the cost for on-demand scooter sharing apps will be higher. But if you choose to outsource the development project to a company in Asia or Central Europe, the cost will be lower.



Cost To Create E-scooter Sharing App In Different Regions

As we already discussed, the cost to create rideshare app varies according to the time, the complexities of the features, and the region where it is being developed. The hourly rates of developing a rideshare apps usa vary a lot from country to country and region to region. Here, we can take a look at the different rates of developing an app across the globe.


1. North America

Countries like Canada and the US have high hourly rates for rideshare app developers. This is usually around $50 to $250 an hour.


2. Asia

India, China, and other Asian countries have some of the lowest rates for an on-demand app development company. It is usually around $10 to $30 an hour.


3. Central And Eastern Europe

Countries like Ukraine are great options for outsourcing rideshare app development. Here the hourly rates are usually $30 to $150 an hour.


4. Australia

Australia has a well-developed economy. So, here the rates can be around $50 to $150 an hour.

The whole process of developing an e scooter sharing app can take an on-demand app development company nearly 200 to 2100 hours. So, depending on the region and its rates, the cost will vary.


Features of E-Scooter Sharing App

When an e-scooter app development company needs to make an app for sharing scooters and bicycles, they must make sure that it has some important features. For instance, the app should have both user and admin registration sections.


1. Users Features on The App

The scooter booking app development team should make sure that the registration page is easy to navigate. This is important to attract many more users to the app.

The app should also have in-app payment options so that users can pay to use the scooters, either before or after the ride. There should also be a GPS function on the app so that it can know where the users are located.  The app will also be able to know where the nearest scooter or bicycle has been parked.

how to build a rideshare app for more user engagement, the rideshare apps in usa should be able to send push notifications to the users, this will help them know if there is a surge in the pricing or if discounts are being given out.

A Barcode scanner is another important feature that will enable the users to unlock the vehicle when they need to start using it. This will help the company know if the scooter is being used properly.


2. Admin Features on The App

The app must have admin features alongside the user-end features. So, in this sense, the scooter booking app solutions will have a login and sign-up page for the admins. Using this page, the admins can sign up their vehicles for the use of the people.

Next, it should have a dashboard that allows the admin to manage the customer information. This will make it easier for the admin to resolve any problems the customers have and in general, monitor the whole process.

The admin should also be able to manage the vehicles, the parking spot locations, the GPS locations of the scooters, and other such information as well.

This will help them keep an eye on the usage of the scooters to make sure that there is no loss or damage to the company property. Since replacing a damaged scooter can cost a lot of money, it is wise to give the admin access to the location of the scooters at all times.


3. Social Features

The app can only thrive if more people use it. This means that it needs to be shared with as many people as possible. So, when users want to share a good review or experience they had with your service, they should have social media to use. In this way, they can share the details of your services with their friends.

For this reason, it is always wise to hire dedicated developers who can add a social media button, before releasing the app to users.


4. Cross-Platform Features

If you want to expand the e scooter sharing and booking app to a global market, then you need to add a cross platform app development feature to it. First, you will need to choose the platforms you want the app to run on.

The app can run on Android, iOS, iPads, and other such platforms. You can inform the company you hire to write codes for the platforms you choose.


They can use cross-platform app development frameworks to write the codes for the platforms simultaneously. This will bring down the cost of development for you.

Also, the time taken to write the codes for different platforms will be reduced and the project can be released into the market sooner. So, by choosing to use a cross-platform approach, your scooter booking app solutions can be off to a good start.



We hope that the information provided in this article can help you plan the development process of your app and hire dedicated developers. The figures used here are merely an estimation based on previous working models that have been released into the market. For your app, the cost can vary according to the features, the company you hire, and many other factors.

If you have any doubts, you can always clear them with the development company that you hire. In case you are unsure about how to hire a good development company, you can look up some companies on websites like Upwork.

These websites are very good at connecting you with great outsourcing partners. However, do ensure that you research a company before hiring them.