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Dev Technosys is a Web and App Development Company which has its global presence around 30+ nations. At Dev Technosys we employ excellent resource of highly talented and creative Graphic Designers that bring out your idea in their designs and convey it in themes, logos, banners etc. Our resource pool is a blend of young and seasoned Graphic Designers that have extensive knowledge of modern technology tools such as illustrator, Adobe InDesign, PLEX Architect, WordPress etc, and significant foresight of industry-specific needs of enterprise. At Dev Technosys our Graphic Designers cater solutions such as web page designing, landing page designing, designing of brochures, catalogues, illustrations, marketing assets, logos etc. At Dev Technosys you can hire graphic designers according to your designing needs and render higher promotional tools.

What makes our Graphic Designers Different in IT space?

Be it our technical expertise, or our in-depth knowledge of an enterprise peculiar needs, we are perfect blend of tech and management. Some of the many reasons which make us incredible team of developers are:

Dev Technosys

Logo Designing

Dev Technosys provides the best logo design services that play a significant role in branding and creating a distinctive identity for your brand. Our graphic designers integrate your innovative idea and try to preserve it into their attractive and relevant logo designs.

Dev Technosys

Web Page Designing

Designing of visually stunning and attractive web pages is one of our forte and we cater world class web page development solutions.

Dev Technosys

Landing Page designing

Bespoke designs which convey your services well to your audience, this way we create a higher traffic to your websites bringing you better business opportunities.

Dev Technosys

Marketing Asset Designing

We design beautiful marketing tools with attractive designs and themes that help you generate more leads for your business.

Dev Technosys

E-Book Designing

Our designers skilfully design illustrations and pictures that enhance the reading experience of your clients. We have an extensive knowledge of designing stunning visuals for e-books.

Dev Technosys

Infograph Designing

Now change the way you deal with facts and give work presentations, we design top-end infograph designs draws much more attention to plain facts to support your blogs and case studies.


For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    Handy is the leading platform for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals. From home cleaning to handyman services, Handy instantly matches thousands of customers ev...

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    RakeTheApp is a campaign marketing mobile and web application that allows users to participate in a broadcasted cause and share their participation on social networking sites. This application is an ultimate application that helps trigger kindn...

  • Dev Technosys
    Dev Technosys

    This Website have all the rings and bells for a robust custom clothing platform as well as an ecommerce platform. This website offers customization tools where users are allowed to design qamees using along with available option like fabric, co...

Our iconic graphic designing process

Experience and Expertise evoking Innovation.

Dev Technosys

Our iconic graphic designing process

Experience and Expertise evoking Innovation.

Dev Technosys


Different Hiring models for different enterprise needs

Dev Technosys

Full time

Hire graphic designers for full time that includes daily work reports and providing daily status of development.

Dev Technosys

Part time

Hire web graphic designer for part time, best for upgrades and web design with daily reports of development work status

Dev Technosys


Customise the number of hours your enterprise require and the services that you would like to hire for.

Frequently asked question

  • How do you hire a graphic designer?

    Below are some of the steps that are needed to be followed when planning to hire a graphic designer:

    Before you start interviewing any designer

    Interview the potential designer

    Review their portfolio

    Ask about collaborative partners

    Make sure you ask about availability

    Ask about the collaboration partner

    Make sure that you ask about the availability

    Proposal or price quote

  • Why should we hire a graphic designer?

    Presenting a professional image is one of the most important parts of the entire website for that you need to hire a graphic designer. The designer always speaks the language of imagery and color. The graphic designers have a lot of experience in this and know how to communicate the message to the target audience.

  • How do small businesses find a graphic designer?

    Conduct some competitive research

    Knows what goal you want to achieve with the design

    Look through the perspective graphic designer's portfolios.

    Find out the graphic designer comes up with versatility

    Tell them to show you different or multiple design concepts

    Now you can crowdsource the design projects

  • What would be the cost to hire ios app developers?

    If planning to develop an ios app then it can estimate cost up to $10000 and can even differ depending on the idea that you are coming up with. , hire iPhone app developers is one of the best decisions that you can take.

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