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Fuel Delivery App Development

We have reached the era where everything you need is available on-demand, from food & groceries to the cab. The fuel delivery dispatch software has also joined the wagon. Similar to the other on-demand delivery services, fuel delivery app development is facilitating people to order and get the desired quantity of fuel at their doorstep. The problem of lack of gas stations and traffic as well as emergency diesel delivery can be taken care of with on demand fuel delivery app development.

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Fuel delivery Mobile App Development

We live in a time where everything is available at our fingertips. You can get groceries, ready-to-eat food, clothes, and whatnot, with just a tap of the finger in front of your door and ready-made fuel delivery app solution is now one of these. Since we use our vehicles like cars and 2-wheelers daily, on-demand fuel delivery solutions has become a necessity. And hence fuel delivery app has huge potential in building revenue and gaining profitability. One of the major examples of this is the Uber gas delivery service.

Fuel delivery dispatch software is a business with a lot of opportunities. If you want to tap into the potential of this market, you can do just that with our fuel delivery app development solutions. Our team of developers is experienced and has expertise in mobile application development.

Get Access To Seamless Fuel Delivery Apps Like

As an innovative fuel delivery app development company, we offer the gateway to seamless fuel delivery apps that redefine convenience. Our expertise lies in developing cutting-edge solutions that give customers easy access to fuel at their fingertips. From user-friendly interfaces to efficient logistics management, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional app experiences. Step into the future of fuel delivery with our transformative technology. Let's empower your customers and fuel your success together!

App Like Filld

App Like Filld

Are you ready to revolutionize the way fuel is delivered? Imagine having an app like Filld, empowering customers to order fuel hassle-free, right at their fingertips. From seamless user experience to efficient logistics management, we specialize in developing cutting-edge Fuel Delivery Apps that elevate the fueling experience for your users. Let's fuel your success together!

Apps Like Fuelio

App Like Fuelio

Ready to redefine fueling convenience? Fuelio has set the benchmark for fuel delivery apps, and now it's your turn to make your mark. We excel in crafting high-performance apps that mimic Fuelio's user-friendly interface and smart features. Join forces with us to develop a remarkable Fuel Delivery App that fuels your customers' satisfaction and your business growth.

Apps Like Cafu

App Like Cafu

Revolutionize the way fuel is delivered with an app like Cafu. From on-demand fuel delivery to contactless payment options, Cafu has set convenience and efficiency standards. Partner with us to create a dynamic Fuel Delivery App that brings Cafu's exceptional services to your customers' fingertips. Let's fuel their convenience together!

On-Demand Fuel Delivery App: The Pivotal Features

For making a fuel delivery app, these features are a must. Being a profound gas delivery app development company, you will get some best features beyond expectations. These are some main features of the fuel delivery mobile app.

  • Customer App
  • Driver App
  • Vendor Panel
  • Admin Panel

Customer App

  • Registration

    User registration should be an easy process on the fuel delivery app. They can log in through phone numbers, e-mail, or even social media.

  • Profile Management

    Users can manage their profiles with a single click. They can add or remove the details such as alternative phone number, e-mail id and many other things.

  • Select Fuel Stations

    Fuel stations can be selected on a location, time and ratings basis.

  • Payment Options

    The gas delivery app development contains multiple payment options that give customers the freedom to pay their fuel amount.

  • Delivery Scheduling

    Customers can schedule the delivery anytime as per their convenience.

  • Order Tracking

    It shows the exact location of the delivery person so the users can track their order in real-time.

  • Review & Ratings

    Based on any or all the factors, users can rate the services and provide their feedback without any hesitance.

  • Help & Support

    The customers can ask for support via chat and voice for any issue or requirement.

Driver App

  • Manage Profile

    Drives can manage the profile easily with the app. They can add details like phone number, social security number, driving license, and upload other documents.

  • Real-Time Navigation

    The driver app is equipped with robust navigation that helps them reach the location fast.

  • Delivery Status

    Fuel delivery persons can update the status such as waiting, on the way, location, delivery, etc.

  • In-App Communication

    The app is equipped with communication options where a driver can call or chat with the customers immediately.

Vendor Panel

  • Login/Register

    Partner fuel stations or fuel providers can register on the app with ease.

  • Manage Business Profile

    The vendors can edit their business profiles in a single click and view all the information on a single screen.

  • Menu Management

    The menu items can be added or removed effortlessly, whereas the vendor’s staff can effortlessly.

  • Order Management

    Partners/vendors will have all the order alerts and details on a single screen. Even they can update the order status as well.

  • Payment Tracking

    The payment details remain available where fuel service partners can view details of received payments, cash back, and all.

  • Help & Support

    The vendors can also provide their support and services if needed.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    We include a control center option in our fuel delivery application. This helps the admin offer a seamless user experience and supervises the work better.

  • Order Management

    The admins can easily manage fuel delivery orders and record their status and activity, i.e. cancelled or refunded.

  • Customer Management

    Through this feature, admins can manage their customers and the fuel delivery orders without any hassle.

  • Profile Management

    Admins can handle various activities of their profiles, including fuel delivery, management, and customer profiles.

  • Supplier Details Management

    Admin has all the rights to manage the suppliers’ details, including their basic information and business information.

  • Category Management

    Via the admin panel managing the categories is such an easy task.

  • Payment Handling

    It enables the admin to manage the payment. This includes receiving payment, transferring the amount to vendors, among other things.

  • Reports & Analytics

    For making strategic decisions admin can generate the reports and analysis the data paperless on the screen itself.

Fuel Delivery App Development Demo

Fuel app development is gaining huge attraction and you must know Why. The fuel delivery app demo takes you through the app functioning and features that you also want to implement in your app. You can get the brief details from it and add more features to the existing app to make it unique.

How Does It Work?

We guide the automotive businesses and enterprises to develop a stronghold in the industry. Our fuel delivery application development solutions are entirely based on emerging technologies and trends. The following points showcase that how Uber does like fuel delivery app works.

  • 1

    Customer Booking

    The gas station delivery app lets users log in to the system with their credentials. It provides access to fuel booking available on the list. This feature enables the users to select desirable fuel booking options and remain aware of the booking process.

  • 2

    Seamless Orders

    Our applications have a fluid and smooth interface. It allows customers to track and manage fuel orders with real-time tracking features.

  • 3

    Live Tracking

    Once the order is done, the delivery service providers detect the customer's whereabouts and schedule the delivery. The users can use upbeat to track their orders.

  • 4

    Rating & Feedback

    Once the order is done, the customers can rate and review the services.

Complete Range of On-demand Fuel Delivery App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

There are multiple on-demand solutions such as the Doctor on-demand, music or video streaming app development as well as classified app development.Dev Technosys provides a complete range of solutions for gas delivery apps. The apps we create aren't only compatible with different platforms like iOS, Android, and web, but can also be used on different devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart tvOS, and others.

Our fuel delivery app solutions core parts include-

App for Users

Through the user petrol delivery app, people can create profiles, check availability, check the price of different kinds of fuels, and request fuel delivery.

App for Vendors

The vendor’s app allows services providers to check on users’ fuel delivery requests and respond accordingly. In addition, it also has features like real-time interactions.

Web Admin Panel

Through the web panel, the admin can keep an eye on the entire activity of the app and track it effectively.

All of the basic features are included in our on-demand fuel delivery mobile application. However, if you want some advanced features and functionalities, we can do that for you.

Fuel delivery iOS App
Fuel delivery iOS App
Fuel delivery Android App
Fuel delivery Android App
Cross-Platform Fuel delivery Mobile Apps
Cross-Platform Fuel delivery Mobile Apps
Fuel delivery Website
Fuel delivery Website
Fuel delivery Web App
Fuel delivery Web App
Fuel Delivery Aggregator App
Fuel Delivery Aggregator App
Fuel Delivery Service Startup
Fuel Delivery Service Startup
Fuel Vendor iOS App
Fuel Vendor iOS App
Fuel Vendor Android App
Fuel Vendor Android App
Vendor Hybrid App
on-demand fuel delivery service
The gas station delivery app usually comes in a combination of the user’s app and the vendor’s app. This allows the process to be separated while working with each other. In addition to that, there is also a web admin panel that allows the admin to supervise each and everything.
Dev Technosys

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On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Development Services

Dev Technosys delivers high-end fuel delivery applications. Our solutions help businesses create powerful online fuel delivery platforms. With us, you can expect cloud-enabled app solutions. Being a leading mobile app development company, we follow standard policies to develop the application based on the latest tech stack. .

We empower our clients to overcome several potential technical challenges that they might have to face otherwise via fuel delivery applications. It helps fuel delivery businesses to reach the clients at the right time. Our experts can implement advanced mobility services in Uber-like fuel delivery applications. This can help you to streamline the business management processes with ease and convenience.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

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Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

CAFU Fuel & Car Service

CAFU is transforming car services to be simpler and smarter, by taking the hassle out of car ownership....
gas delivery app development


Fuelster provides On Demand fuel delivery to anyone looking to stop wasting time on trips to the gas station....
gas delivery app development

EzFill: Gas Delivered

EzFill is an “on-demand” fuel delivery service that will come and fill up your vehicle while at home, work or play. We make it simple, safe and convenient while saving you time and money. You will never have to stop for gas again! ...
gas delivery app development

Fuel delivery App Development Solutions Cost Estimation

Dev Technosys tries to provide all of the fuel delivery app development solutions at the most affordable costs. Nevertheless, there are some factors that can affect the price of development. Some of these factors are, as mentioned below:

Fuel Delivery App Platform


When it comes to mobile app development. There are different platforms. The two major ones as we know them are, iOS and Android. There is also an option to choose cross-platform app development. The cost of development is different for each of them.

Fuel Delivery App UI/UX Components

UI/UX Components

UI/UX is an important aspect of fuel delivery app development. This doesn’t only make the app visually appealing but also flexible. The more complex UI/UX is the more it is going to cost you, and the opposite of the same is also equally true.

Fuel Delivery App Features


Features of fuel delivery app are the aspect that drives an application. That is why you want your app to be full of amazing features just like the Uber Gas Delivery app. But the more advance features you look for, the more expensive they get. And the simpler ones are cheaper. This is a factor that affects the final cost of development.

Fuel Delivery App Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Building a petrol delivery app through the latest technology stack as it allows the app to gain a technical edge over the competition and become future-ready. But the different tech stacks come with different prices.

Fuel Delivery App Third-Party APIs

Third-Party APIs

Third-party API integration into the on-demand fuel delivery allows enhancement of the app’s functionality and working. While most of the APIs can be availed free of cost, there are some that incur great costs.

Fuel Delivery App Testing

App Testing

It is quite important to test the app before it is launched into the market. The tools used for testing the application in the live environment are paid. Hence, it can affect the final development cost of the fuel delivery app.

Fuel Delivery App Security

App Security

The gas station delivery app deals with a lot of sensitive data, that is why it needs to be safe and secure. Based on the level of security that is being added to the application, it can affect the final price of the application.

Fuel Delivery App Hosting & Submission

Hosting & Submission

The final step of application development is hosting it. The different hosting platforms charges different for hosting. In addition to this, based on the platform the submission charges are also different.

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Why Choose Us For Fuel Delivery Service App?

As a leading Fuel Delivery App Development Company, we specialize in developing customer-centric applications for our clients. We promote business innovation and convenience through our cutting edge solutions.


Automation And Analytics

Our fuel delivery app development also provides users features to track their fuel order in real-time.We also integrate an effective communication channel in our application that immediately connects the customers and gas stations.


Time And Cost-Savvy

Our fuel delivery application allows gas stations and vendors to save their time and resources. It also helps a business improve its revenue stream with help of better fuel delivery management and scheduling. We offer multifunctional end to end services to the application users.


Mobility Of Our On Demand Fuel Delivery Services

We consider remote access and mobility and include them in our solution. This allows secluded gas stations, users, or service providers to offer and get services according to their needs.Our application provides quick access to fuel delivery services and the users can have instant access to it.


Involvement With Customer Requirements

Our extensive range of services and experience with fuel delivery applications enable our platform to align well with our client's requirements. We are proficient in understanding the industry-leading trends and business credibility and intent to fulfill them with world-class solutions.


Result-Driven Approach

Our same day fuel delivery services have secured a leading position by offering customer-centric and result-driven app solutions. We keep in might the business needs of our clients. Thus, offering solutions that fulfill the needs of the fuel delivery business.

Benefits of Our On-demand Fuel Delivery App Development Solutions

  • Cloud-Enabled Platform

    Our on-demand fuel delivery services app is based on cloud automation. Thus, they have the potential to be an automated fuel delivery business globally.We allow our clients to overcome a number of potential technical challenges that they might have to face otherwise. We also leverage the credibility of fuel delivery applications by eradicating long redundant processes from the solutions.

  • Appealing Design

    Our fuel delivery app developers are built with the latest tools and technologies. This makes our fuel delivery services attractive and effective. We also offer the best in class application designs tailored with the approach of delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Exceptional User Experience

    We have the capability to derive an exceptional fuel delivery experience for the users with our advanced features. Our fuel delivery application also comes with advanced mobility services. This allows businesses to improve their business management process.

  • Fuel Delivery Startups

    Our fuel delivery software development services give you a strong fuel delivery network. This enables you to connect to your clients, also improving their connection with fuel retailers and other vendors.

  • Establishing Fuel Channel

    We help startups and small businesses establish a powerful fuel retail channel. Allowing them to provide unmatched gas delivery services to customers.

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Fuel Delivery App Development Models

fuel delivery services

Fuel Delivery Aggregator App

The fuel delivery aggregator app is one of the best models you can consider as a great source of earning. This app works as a platform that connects customers and fuel delivery service, providers. On each order, the aggregator will earn on a commission basis.

Fuel Delivery Service Startup

Fuel Delivery Service Startup

If you are looking to start a fuel delivery business, this app is a good idea for you. it can help your business grow and reach the potential audience base. Marketing and promotion are required once you launch an Uber-like on-demand fuel delivery app. If you are new to the market, this is best for you.

Car Refueling App

Car Refueling App

Instead of looking for a gas station, car owners can just request fuel. A mobile van will reach their location. GPS empowers these apps to ensure fuel delivery at the exact location.

Ready-To-Go Fuel Delivery App Development Solutions By Dev Technosys

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    Booster Clone

  • Filld Clone

    Filld Clone

  • Cafu Clone

    Cafu Clone

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    Yoshi Clone

  • Gaston Clone

    Gaston Clone

  • Zebra Fuel Clone

    Zebra Fuel Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How long does it generally take to build an on demand fuel delivery app?

    The fuel delivery app development process can be anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks. This mainly depends on the complexity of the project, specifics, and other things. Then the product development can even take up to 10 to 20 weeks that mainly depends on the functionalities. Market research is quite an important aspect of app development. As it helps in strengthening and creating a unique on-demand fuel delivery application.

  • I own multiple petrol pumps in a city and am planning to launch a fuel delivery app as an additional booking channel. How can you solution help?

  • How much does an on-demand fuel delivery mobile app cost?

  • Can you Publish My Apps on Play Store and App Store?

  • I do not have any technical background. Will I be able to use the fuel delivery app for business?

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