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In this fast-paced world, there are such solutions required that can perfectly cater to the customer’s demand. This decade has changed many things; there is a rapid change in technology as mobile apps are in high demand that can solve the issue that a customer overcomes in daily life, such as laundry, grocery, ridesharing, and many more.

What Do you Mean By On-Demand App?

The on-demand applications are new-generation mobile applications, and they work as a platform where the service seeker connects with the service provider.

The app works as a mediator between business and customer with all the possibilities to cater to the demand of both stakeholders.

In simple terms, it can also be defined as the app that allows the users to book the services from their respective locations.

Thus, they can avail of home improvement, cleaning, car repairing, grocery delivery, an appointment with the doctor, and many more.

on demand app ideas

In 2020 mobile app revenue was $581.9, where it is expected to reach USD 935.2 in 2023. In addition, US consumers spend $57.6 annually for on-demand solutions that can be categorized as online marketplaces, transportation, food & grocery delivery, and other services.

The entertainment segment also has a high raise, where the video-on-demand segment is expected to reach $95,976 million with a CAGR (2020-2025) of 9.5%.

The above data is enough to say that on-demand app ideas are such a promising way for investing the money as, in turn, there are high possibilities of revenue and profit.

Top-10 On-demand App Ideas to Consider in 2022

The United States of America is not only a powerful nation; it is also one of the most powerful economies of the world, and it has a large consumer base who can easily spend on on-demand solutions for having quality services.

Approx. 86.5 million American spends on on-demand services, and the percentage will increase in the upcoming years. So, here are some ideas that a start-up can consider investing in 2022.

1. Doctor on Demand App

During the global lockdown, there was considerable demand for doctor on-demand apps. It is a fact that it is such a tremendous solution that facilitates the people to connect with the doctors online to take medical consultation with ease. It is also a time-saving option; there is no need to stand in the queue for an appointment.

Moreover, due to the multiple solutions, people can consult with the doctor as per their comfort and from their respective location without fear of Corona Virus infection.


It is one of the top-notch on-demand app ideas that you can consider for investing. The doctor on-demand app development covers medical apps for patients, medical apps for doctors, telehealth, and mHealth apps. In 2018, the telehealth market size was 4.50 billion USD, and in 2027 it is expected to reach USD 32.71 billion.

So, if you are an individual looking to launch your idea, you can consider it one of the top priority options. You can take the reference of apps such as Dr+, Heal, Zocdoc, Healthtap, and Pager.

2. On-Demand Fitness Trainer App

fitness app

It is another one of the high on-demand app ideas on which mobile app development companies are focusing. The top survey site Statista published that the fitness app revenue is expected to reach $5,274 million compared to the $4,025 million in 2022.

Not only the youngsters, but the middle-aged persons are also using on-demand fitness apps for having great health. The user’s age range is 18-64, and these are 24% out of the total population of the USA.

There are many hidden possibilities in the online/virtual fitness market as expected volume is $59.23 billion by 2027 with a CAGR (2020-2027) of 33.1%. During COVID-19, online fitness apps usage increased rapidly as 75% of users watched live stream video workouts to stay fit themselves at home.

These on-demand fitness apps are trending, and people have accepted them due to their multiple advantages. Therefore, it can be such a worthy idea in which you can invest.

3. On-demand Medicine Delivery App

The medicine delivery app idea is similar to the health on-demand app. A user can order the medicine by only uploading the digital or scanned prescription on the app.

Although it can be merged with doctor on-demand apps, it has a separate user base. It does not mean that users can only order the medicine; they can also order the health supplements.

Ordering medicine online is the latest trend, and people love the concept that they do not need to go to the chemist shop and ask for the medicine.

With a medicine delivery app development, they can choose from a wide variety of medicine brands. Suppose, if the user cannot find any medicine, they can order the best substitute for it. It directly indicates high revenue generation.

So, if you are interested in it, then it would be better to take the help of on-demand app development services. The data represents global e-pharmacy market’s expected growth is expected to reach $107 billion by 2025. So for the start-ups, it can be a great on-demand app idea for the investment.

4. On-demand Music Streaming App

Worldwide several music apps exist and are popular as per the locality or region-wise. These are some names that became legends, such as SoundCloud and Spotify.

You will be shocked to know that the world’s four biggest music labels provide 87% of content to this app, and the rest of the percentage is covered by other music houses. In 2022, the total revenue (Q1+Q2) is $4.45 billion, which is more than enough compared to any music streaming app.

Music on-demand apps are in trend, and the reason is the availability of music choices for everyone. Person of any age group can find their favorite music anytime without wasting time downloading.

So, it is such an excellent idea to start with for revenue generation and business purposes. After receiving real-time feedback, it would be better to start with the MVP version to make the app more functional.

5. On-demand Video Streaming App

video streaming app development

Will it make you happy if I say that best example of video streaming app development?

It is just an example; during the lockdown, the video streaming app reached the verge where people watched their favorite show while sitting at home or after finishing their work from home assignment.

The global on-demand video app market is expected to reach $70.50 billion by 2022, and by 2023 it will be $129. Most of the ventures are focusing on investing in it where most entertainment brands have already launched their apps ex. HULU, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc.

It is a worthy idea if you have the appropriate resources and team of on-demand app developers. The video streaming apps are highly demandable so a unique app can take your business to new horizons.

6. On-demand Fantasy App 

There is a huge volume of on-demand fantasy app development in the market. Around the world, 95 million people like to play fantasy sports applications. In 2025, the revenue will reach $320.78 billion compared to the $115.68 in 2019.

These apps connect the millions of sports lovers at one platform, where they can form their team, participate in the ongoing contest, and earn several cash prizes.

The apps like FanDuel, DraftKings, Dream11, ESPN are some leading apps admired by the critics. More than 44% growth in the Fantasy sports market is from North America. You can take the reference of all these app models.

7. On-demand Dating App 

These apps are new-age solutions to find someone with whom you can spend quality time. Most of the youngsters are like to search for girls or boys to have friendship with them. The on-demand dating solutions are ruling over the market, having a large base of users.

In the year, 2019 the revenue generated was below $1900 million, and the expectation is that it will reach approximately $2500 million.

Cost to Develop Dating App like Tinder

For example, you can take reference to Tinder. It is a top dating mobile app available for platforms such as Android & iOS and has a worth of $489 million. Although you initially can’t reach even half of it, yes, if your dating app idea is unique, it will be possible.

8. On-demand Lawyer App Development 

For maintaining the decorum of society, the law is always required. Due to the increasing demand for legal service advisory, the on-demand lawyer app development is one of the finest ways.

While using this app, anyone can reach a lawyer online within a single click for having a consultation.

The user can reach for compliance assistance, third-party services, digitalization of legal contracts, and many other services. It is the reason that differentiates these on-demand mobile apps from others.

It is an outstanding idea if you are passionate about making legal advice available for people and want to earn via it.

9. On-demand eWallet App


Due to the evolution in mobile technology, e-wallet applications are the new face of the payment industry. According to real-time statistics, the mobile wallet revenue will grow up to $7580.1 billion by 2027.

The global e-wallet market will have a worth of $2.1 trillion. Most of the new generation apps come with e-wallets.

Another reason behind the popularity of these apps is that it provides safety while paying to the merchant or for shopping.

Therefore, there is ample need for unique e-wallet apps solutions to cater to the demand of worldwide customers. Here you can produce and earn great by producing the unique app in front of the world.

10. On-Demand Loan Lending App

Among other industries, Fintech is one of the biggest sectors. Without finance, we can’t even imagine running a small shop. On the other hand, it happens multiple times that projects get canceled due to the insufficient amount.

So, there is always a demand for loans and investors in the market. Instead of institutional investors, a peer-to-peer loan is also a trend where people lend money to individual businesses or people.

The new age method is an on-demand money lending app or P2P loan lending app that connects loan seekers and providers at a common platform. The lenders can approve or reject the request as per convenience and after finding the details of requesters.

The P2P loan lending app development market is projected to reach 1000 billion USD in 2025. It is one of the top segments of on-demand app development.

Several mobile apps are available on the app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple app store, and millions of people are using these in real-time. You can also create wonder via it; the only condition is your app must be unique.

Top-10 On-Demand Apps Which are Trending in 2022


1. Uber

one of the top-notch apps that have changed the transportation scenario. Millions of commuters use this on-demand ride-sharing app for daily commute. The users have multiple vehicle choices.

2. Postmates

The best on-demand food delivery app caters to millions of customers regarding their food preferences as they can order their favorite dish with comfort.

3. Airbnb

The revolutionary app is used by travelers worldwide for accommodation while traveling or spending vacations at someplace.

4. Netflix 

Anyone can better explain why Netflix is so popular not only for its content but also for its features and functionalities. It is the reason behind the exponential rise of on-demand video streaming app development.

5. Amazon

The most popular e-commerce brand that is ruling over the world. It is such a fantastic on-demand app with an innovative UI/UX where users can shop, provide their ratings & reviews, and do many other activities.

6. Spotify

It is like a Synonym to music application. Spotify is a fantastic on-demand music streaming app. Here you can enjoy international as well as regional music.       

7. TaskRabbit

When it comes to the best on-demand home services app, only one name is TaskRabbit. It helps find professionals who can help you with household activities such as cleaning, moving furniture, packing stuff, and more.

8. WhatsApp

Initially launched in 2009 later acquired by the tech giant Facebook. It is a chatting application that allows users to connect via text, voice call, and video call. A user can call in any corner of the world via the internet.

9. Rover

For pet lovers, it is not an app; it is the first preference to use for their beloved pets. Via this app, users can have services like pet boarding, house sitting, daycare, drop-in visits, dog walking, dog care, and many other services.

10. Rinse

A perfect on-demand solution for laundry services. The users can schedule the services at their convenience.

Cost to Develop On-Demand Apps     

If you are also looking for an app that can meet your business goals and your client’s expectations, it is the most important question you must ask before taking any decision.

There are several factors that affect the cost of on-demand android applications or iPhone mobile apps. Although initially, it will cost you around US $15K- US $25K with basic features, and if you want to hire an on-demand app developer on an hourly basis, then $25-$50 is the average cost you need to spend.

The advanced version may cost you more than you can confirm while discussing with the app development experts.

The Final Words:

Due to the high demand for innovative solutions, the on-demand app development industry is rapidly growing and catering to businesses worldwide. Having a fine application will make it easy to target a large audience for brand awareness and promotion.

Most app development companies focus on developing innovative solutions for enterprises to progress greatly with their ongoing businesses.

On the other hand, end-users also find on-demand solutions interesting for use. So, if you are also in the queue to have some unique app, then it is the right time to go with that.


1. How to Hire an App Developer For your Enterprise?

For the perfect on-demand app Ideas, you need to hire an expert with a proven track record in developing enterprise applications. There are three ways to hire app developers –

  • Hire in-house developer
  • Hire freelancer
  • Hire Outsource team

All these options are best; the only things depend upon your requirements. Before hiring dedicated developers, you need to note that it would be best to go through their portfolios and find the real-time feedback and review provided by the clients.

2. How Do you Create An On-demand App?

The on-demand app development requires some steps to follow, which are following –

  • Find out the niche
  • Research about the customer needs
  • Research existing solutions
  • Shortlist the features you want to have in your app
  • Hire an on-demand app development team
  • Create, test, and launch the beta version
  • Marketing & promotion

Before initiating the development, it is beneficial to consult with the experts.

3. What are The Benefits of On-demand Apps?

There are several benefits of on-demand mobile applications that your business can utilize. These are the following –

  • Leverage the hidden potential of mobile technology
  • Security & Scalability
  • Affordable solutions
  • High ROI
  • Excellent brand promotion
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Revenue generation

And many more.

4. Why Choose DevTechnosys For On-demand App Development?

DevTechnosys is one of the leading app development firms that have experience of more than ten years in mobile application development.

To date, this company has delivered more than 1500 projects worldwide and has a long list of satisfied clients.

Another fantastic factor that makes Dev Technosys perfect for on-demand app development is its comprehensively experienced team of app developers who have in-depth knowledge of transforming an idea into reality.