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For any business project, the app is an integral part of today. You have two prominent options of platforms to choose from. While choosing the app development platform, the first work you do is to choose the best and know your users.

Android captures the biggest, market share, whereas iOS has a narrow range of customers with complete loyalty. Below is an elaborated discussion, which can help you how to hire an iPhone app developer for your business.

If you have enough or a large number of customers using android, then you can go for an android app development service, but if your customer segment is iPhone or any iOS-based design, you must find some good iPhone app development company.

Also, there may be the case, when the crowd of your customers is mixed, there you need to work with the hybrid or cross-platform app development to save cost and time.

For large businesses with a huge expansion over multiple countries, it is important to know the return of investment over any expenditure. iPhone app development is known for higher ROI and is therefore favored by small businesses too.

Statista has reported that apps are expected to generate more than the US $ 935 billion in 2023.


As per reports generated by Statista, there are more than 2.2 billion apps in the Apple app store, where consumers usually spend a large amount over iOS apps, whereas Android apps are freely available.

This tendency of the customers to pay for the apps, brings a significant amount of revenue for the platform provider, Apple.

An iOS app is built with Swift or Objective Cover Xcode or any IDE available.  Here in this guide, we will be understanding all the aspects of hiring iPhone app developers, requirements, skills to look for, and the preferable model as per your business.

Why Do you Need to Hire an iOS App Developer? 


Apple is strict with its criteria to provide the best user experience for its customers. An iOS app development team comprises UI/UX designers, backend developers, QA engineers, iOS developers, and project managers. While developing an app, you need to focus on multi-faceted skills.

The skills of an iOS app developer are widened by the responsibilities he needs to handle. A developer needs to be accountable for the engaging UI/UX and therefore it is vital to know the different scales of development from wireframing to test and launch. Every teammate is worth in the development flow, therefore every buck to spend is worth.

Roles of iOS Developers 

A good team is a mix of a senior, a few medium levels, and several junior-level iOS developers.  Therefore, you need to hire according to the project requirement.  The working experience offers the skill to solve complex problems. In the IT industry, the programming skills are divided in three-level

  • Junior
  • Middle
  • Senior

Here, let’s understand the roles and responsibilities associated with these levels:


1. Junior Level Developer

Junior developers are entry-level developers, who preferably work with experienced developers for improving their knowledge and skills. For junior developers, it takes time to learn the solution for complex problems, almost 3-4 years.

2. Middle iOS Developer

After a few years of experience on different projects and skills for managing tough tasks, iOS app developers are considered middle-level iOS developers.  Here, the developer gains more independence for the work and they can train amateur developers.

3. Senior iOS Developer

They are senior developers, who have been coding for many years and have experience with tons of codes.  Such developers are not only responsible for code, but in fact, they feel comfortable in all relevant stages and components of development including Designing, testing, API integrations, and security. The salary of such developers is high in comparison to other levels of developers.

Above, you would have got the idea for your team structure. You may require middle-level iOS developers for your task or need to hire iPhone developers with many years of experience. Junior developers hardly work independently and they are less suitable for complicated coding logic.

What Skills Do you Need in iOS Development?

technical skills

The skillset is entirely dependent on the level of the project. Here is a general skillset, usually explored while hiring an iPhone app developer.

  • Proficiency in programming languages like Swift and Objective
  • Knowledge of working with IDE Xcode
  • Working knowledge of APIs such as Cocoa Touch and UIKit.
  • RESTful API integration
  • UI and UX design knowledge
  • Apple Human Interface guidelines
  • OpenGL or Metal experience
  • Source Code Management systems such as Git and Github
  • Core data framework knowledge.

How to Hire an iPhone App Developer?

Once you know the level of skills and the responsibilities associated with iOS developer, you may easily figure out, what you should look for hiring an iOS app developer. Now the question is to know, where to hire iPhone developers?

how to hire an iphone app developer

There are three well-known options to find iPhone app developers for hire. These are:

  • Hire any Freelance iOS developer
  • Build an in-house team of developers
  • Software outsourcing company

All three options are open for your business app, but you need to decide which one you should choose as per the requirement.

10 Tips to Hire Dedicated Developers to Turn your Business Idea into the Mobile App

1. When Should you Hire a Freelance iOS Developer?

For any kind of service, outsourcing is a quite popular option. There are multiple platforms where you can find experienced iPhone app developers for hire. It is quite an easy and quick-to-move option, however, it is not the priority for the companies or investors. Hiring a freelancer has its pros and cons.

Not suitable for long-term projects: If you want to hire a freelance developer for a long-term project, it is not appreciable by experts. You have no control over freelancers because they can join or leave any project of their choice and therefore not considered reliable. For long-term iPhone or iPad app development contracts, it is suitable to hire iPhone app developers on a part-time basis.

Hiring a freelancer

Less focused: Freelancers are less focused on any single project. They can approach multiple projects at a time and can leave your project anytime.

Best for certain requirements: Hiring a freelancer is best suitable for the short-term association. With shorter guidelines and limited scope of development, hiring a freelancer is a good option. If you are working on a long-running and maintenance-demanding project like grocery app development, then do not go for freelancers.

For hiring freelancers, there are multiple platforms, were most popular are:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Linked In

2. When Should you Make An In-house Development Team? 

For startups, in-house development demands effort and investment. It is suitable for demanding opportunities. When you set up an in-house team, you get more control over the product delivery, and then you can move to outsource team after delivery. For maintenance tasks, hiring remote developers is a good option, and for reaching viability, an in-house development team is much needed.

An in-house team builds trust over the investors and creates a strong reputation in the market. Viability is reached when the end-product is launched and users start taking interest in your product.

iphone in house team

However, few big companies like Slack, Opera, and Skype started with remote dedicated mobile app development companies for mobile-based apps, whereas they build an in-house team later.

Hiring a remote development team comes with direct cost benefits. Both options are open and strictly depend upon the startup cost. It’s up to the company to decide which option, you must choose.

For middle-sized companies, the in-house team has great advantages such as availability, communication, and in-depth development where specific products are made and 24/7 cooperation of developers is required. For complex iOS projects, it is recommended to hire an iOS developer for an in-house team.

With all benefits there are some drawbacks such as monthly obligations, hiring efforts, tax compliance, and perks to employees.

3. When Should you Hire An Outsourcing Company?

If you find the hiring process of dedicated developers to be complex and time taking, outsourcing is the best option. Outsourcing companies are often boutique IT companies, which have a team of developers and project managers. If you find a good company, you may easily find an enough experienced iPhone app developers for hire.

Hiring an outsourcing team

Outsourcing companies are available in two cooperation models:

#1. Dedicated Model 

The dedicated iOS developers are usually hired on an hourly basis. You may hire as many developers as you want according to the project requirements.  Here the payment is generated on an hourly basis.  The dedicated model of hiring is also known as out staffing. Businesses are also free to hire developers under the in-house project manager or for specific iPhone or iPad app development, an entire team can be hired.

#2. Outsourcing Project

Here in this model, you communicate the project requirements with the experienced iPhone app development company. Detail your demands and hire the best resources to develop the entire project. The team handles the entire process.

Here are some important factors, you need to search for hiring dedicated iPhone app developers:

  • Portfolio: The potential iPhone app development company must have an excellent portfolio.
  • Reviews:  The sustainability of any vendor can be verified by the reviews and previous clients.

hire developer

Where Can you Find An iOS Developer? 

There are many platforms where you can receive detailed information about customers with filters such as countries, hourly rates, industries, and many more.

1. Clutch

Clutch has more than 150k IT companies under more than 500 categories.

2. GoodFirms

It allows users to check the reviews which are authenticated for the database of 60000 Software Companies.

3. Github

Here, you get access to more than 65 million developers around the world, along with 3 million companies.

Things to Consider Before Hiring An iOS Developer

Things to Consider Before Hiring An iOS Developer

So far, you have understood the most suitable options for your business app. For continuous development and maintenance demanding apps like grocery app development, it is important to take calculated decisions. For hiring an iPad or to hire an iOS app developer you need to check several skills.

Let’s take a look at the below factors to know while hiring.

1. Hard Skills

Here you will check the knowledge of the developer, proficiency in complex algorithms, development skills and knowledge of tools.

2. Experience

Experience is the most vital factor to consider before hiring.  You have enough knowledge now to bifurcate the categories for developers according to experience over coding.

3. Expertise

Experience and expertise are interconnected but not the same. Experience is the time dedicated to coding over the years. Whereas, expertise is the knowledge of solving complex problems, defining solutions, knowledge of different tools, speed of code, and other relevant details. Expertise comes from a variety of projects and different kinds of projects.

4. Portfolio

For a better understanding of proficiency, you can check projects. Previous projects say the whole story and skillset of the developer. When the developer works on different kinds of projects, he needs to research for integrating solutions for different demands. Remember, the years of experience in coding do not determine skills level.

5. Soft Skills

Along with the coding skills, a team member must be able to interpret the demands in the right way, incorporate new technologies, mingle up with the existing team, be ready to take challenges, and enjoy the work. Also, time management is essential for delivering the project as per needs.

Cost to Develop iOS Developer 

The cost of the developer may be calculated on a project basis or monthly or hourly basis. Also, if you hire an iPhone app development service provider company, the location and complexity of the app may affect the cost. However, with few criteria on the ground, we can decide on some specific costs of hiring.

Cost to Develop iOS Developer 

The average salary of an iOS developer is around $116413 according to data calculated in 2020, September.

  • Average salary per year: $116,413
  • Average salary per hour: $49.87

Wrap Up

Mobile app Development Company ensures a realized and more realistic product for businesses. Finding a good partner firm for the association is also an important task. Be sure to first define your requirement on paper and then go for choosing the right model of development. For hiring an iOS app developer, keep the focus on hard skills and soft skills.

Quick review over the portfolio can ensure a good selection, where the expertise can be checked. For outsourcing companies, always choose the company which works with the latest technologies to stay timeless. You can also take knowledge of Agile methodology for determining the optimum software. As a leading iPhone app development company, we told you here how to hire an iPhone app developer for your enterprise.


1. How Much Does it Cost to Hire an iPhone App Developer?

The cost of iOS development depends upon the mode of hiring and the region of development. Switzerland is considered the highest paying for iOS developers, whereas India is the least expensive country for iOS development.

Europe: $75 per hour

USA: $110 per hour

Asia: $30 per hour

2. How Long Does it Take to Build An iPhone App?

iOS app development takes a minimum of two months whereas mid-sized iOS apps take around 3-4 months, whereas long-term projects may take more than 9-12 months.


3. How Hard is it to Create An App for iPhone?

It is not hard to build a business app for the iOS platform. It depends upon the level of engagement you make. If you hire developers, you need to communicate with them daily.

If you hire an iPhone app development company, you can set the development free on its pace and keep managing other business tasks.

4. What Programming Language is Used for iPhone App Development?

For iPhone app development, developers use Objective C and Swift languages.