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If you are looking for Node.js development services, you first need to know why Node.js is better than Java. Here we have compared Node.js vs Java based on factors like advantages, disadvantages, scope, application and many more.

The technology is much advanced than our expectations. Both the technology, i.e., Node.js and Java, are in demand. These languages are two of the most used programming languages by developers around the world. As per Statista, around 35.35% of developers use Java, and 30.19% use Node.js, but this difference will dissolve very soon. As per the latest industry trends, Node.js will be on top of Java.

Both technologies have equal importance from the enterprise mobile &  web app development point of view, where Java works like a programming language and Node.js is an open-source backend JavaScript runtime environment.

So, instead of exploring too much deep information, let’s compare these two legendry technologies used by any software development company.

Here we will start with an overview of both. 

Overview of Node.js vs Java

There is a trending discussion in the IT world now about Node.js. It is such a promising JavaScript runtime environment. We will read the overview in this blog segment to build some basic understanding before landing on further discussion.



It was the year 2009 when Node.js was developed and launched by Ryan Dahl. No one thought that it would become a great sensation in the world of programming. It is a cross-platform & open-source JavaScript (JS) runtime environment that facilitates the developers to write programs for client-side and server-side using JavaScript.

It is not a programming language but an environment that works with JavaScript. The developers can execute their code on the server and helps them to write lightning-speed scripts. Indirectly it leads them to write, build or develop scalable network applications.

One of the best things is there is no issue of deadlocking as almost all functions of Node.js do not directly handle I/O. So it ensures the continuous running of the process instead of blocking. It is the prime reason that developers prefer Node.js for developing scalable systems. It is very useful in developing a single-page application, websites, and backend API services. It makes Node.js Development Company the best option to hire for web and mobile apps.

From the overview, 66.8% of developers rated Node.js as the most beloved tool, and 85% of Node.js developers use it for creating web apps as per the Stack overflow survey report.


One of the favorite choices of developers when it comes to object-oriented programming. Java works on the WORA concept that stands for write-once and runs anywhere. The code works on all platforms with ease, and there is no need for recompilation.

It is launched in 1991 and developed by Sun Microsystems (now merged in Oracle). Its prime quality is security, stability, and flexibility. It empowers the java development company to create applications for banking, ecommerce, fintech, transportation, and many other sectors. Still, most Android developers use Java for android app development.

It has four platforms such as JAVA SE (Standard Edition), JAVA EE (Enterprise Edition), JAVA ME (Micro Edition), and JAVA FX. In addition, Java language specialties make it the top five most used programming language.

Use Cases of Node.js vs Java

Here we will see the use cases of Node.js and Java that will help to analyze which one is perfect among Node.js Vs Java.

Node.js vs java


  • The real-time website with push capability
  • Fast and scalable network applications
  • Enterprise chat applications
  • Queued Inputs
  • Complex single-page apps
  • Fine data streaming applications
  • Client-side app for Proxy
  • IoT-based applications
  • API development
  • Scripting and automation

And many more.


  • Build mobile applications
  • Big data applications
  • Cloud applications
  • AI apps
  • Desktop GUI application
  • Embedded systems


Pros of Node.js vs Java

When it comes to Node.js vs Java then without discussing the pros and cons, the comparison will be incomplete. This point will also help you decide which one is better for you and find out the most compatible tool for your project work.


#1. Best from Scratch

Node.js is one of the best tools to develop an app from scratch without any restrictions.

#2. No Deadlock

The components do not directly handle the I/O, so the occurrence of deadlock is none.

#3. Robust Community

A Node.js developer can easily integrate the readily available solutions. It is beneficial for beginners in terms of learning and startups from the cost-effectiveness point of view.

#4. Easy to Adopt

JavaScript developers can easily adapt it for programming.

#5. Full-Stack Development

If you do not know that Node.js is best for front-end and back-end programming, you have missed quite exciting information.

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#6. Caching Feature

It is a great feature that helps execute the code quickly without utilizing too many memory resources.

#7. Comprehensive Support

Developers can easily ask for Support and search over the internet in community portals.


#1. Readable Codes

It is very easy to read, write and debug the coding hassle-free.

#2. Easy to Install

It is quite easy to install Java on the system and easy to install.

#3. Memory Allocation

The memory is divided into two parts- stack and heap. It makes it very smooth for the developer to store and retrieve the data.

#4. Multitasking

Due to the multithread nature, multitasking is possible; however, deadlock is also an issue.

#5. Platform Independent

The code written in Java can be run on any platform swiftly and smoothly. The only requirement is JVM must be installed on that particular device.

Cons of Node.js vs Java

Another side of the coin is that you need to know to analyze the things between Node.js vs Java.


#1. Slower Productivity

As developers need to write the code from scratch that leads to slower productivity as some beginners may find it difficult.

#2. Less Supportive for Heavy Computing

Node.js is fantastic for complex apps but less supportive for heavy computing and scientific calculations. It also does not support multithread programming.

#3. Complex Coding

The Node.js code remains a little bit complex to read and write.

#4. Lack of Quality

Some of the Node.js tools are less compatible with the high standards of coding.       

hire developer


#1. Memory Utilization

The Java framework utilizes more memory than the other object-oriented programming languages such as C++.

#2. Lags Backup facility

Java programming language only focuses on storage, not on the backup. It is a reason that developers tend towards dynamic programming frameworks such as Node.js.

#3. Not Perfect for Android API

Although Java is okay for initial Android development, its limitations create issues while developing android APIs.

#4. Not Suitable for Development from Scratch

Java is not suitable for development from scratch.

#5. Not Fit For Full-stack Development

It is not suitable for full-stack development as it less supports back-end programming.

#6. Complex Coding

Java coding remains complex due to having less advanced functionalities.

#7. Now a Costly Affair

In 2019, Oracle announced that users need to pay for new updates. The charge will be as per user or processor.

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Real-Life Examples

In this article, we are reading about comparing Node.js vs Java, so it is also necessary to know what real-life examples or the software built using Node.js and Java are.


#1. Groupon

It is an aggregator website that offers discount coupons and offers to the users collectively.

#2. Twitter Lite

It is one of the most popular apps on the planet, and almost all smartphone users worldwide use it to share their thoughts in precise words.


#3. PayPal

Initially, it was based on Java later moved on with Node.js, making it one of the most interesting payment platforms where a user can perform the payment activity with 100 currencies.

#4. Netflix

The top-notch video streaming app development that has worldwide fans. It is such a lightweight and modular application that users like most to watch their favorite shows.


#1. Spotify

It is one of the fantastic music streaming app development that has its fan base worldwide. By using this app, users can stream and choose the songs from their favorite album, they can make their own playlist, shortlist the artist, and many more options.

#2. Opera Mini

One of the top-notch Java empowered browser applications that work fine even in slow network conditions. For providing an enriched user experience, it compresses and optimizes unwanted graphics.

Node.js vs Java

#3. NASA World Wind

It is a top geographic information system that showcases the 3D virtual globe and use NASA satellite imaginary and aerial photography. In addition, users can view the exciting 3D models of planets.

#4. LinkedIn

An app and website that connects professionals worldwide can share their views together and find a job. Its android app is also built via Java.

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The Key Comparison – Node.js vs Java

Still, if you have a question- Which One is a Better Option-NodeJS or Java? Then here is the key comparison between Node.js vs Java.





1 Performance Extremely Fast Slower than Node.js
2 Creation Developed using C,C++ and JavaScript Derived from C++
3 Applications Flexible, scalable and fast server-side application Complex web-based application
4 Installation Archive file installation required on the system Require Java development kit
5 Run-Time Environment Cross-platform runtime system, JavaScript, V8 Engine From Google Java Runtime Environment
6 Database Support NoSQL, Relational Databases MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL
7 Projects Suitable for small-sized projects Complex web-based projects
8 Frameworks Express.js, Sails.js, Partial.js and many more Spring, Struts, JSF, Tapestry
9 Programming Client Side and Server Side Server Side
10 Usage Cross-platform development, web applications complex corporate applications
11 Memory Requirements Less More

The above table also represents a comparison in a nutshell that you can read for the information in short. Suppose you want to hire Node.js developers and still have some doubts about Node.js vs. Java, then the information mentioned above will be much helpful for you to decide as per your requirement.

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Important Questions & Answers You Need to Know about Node.js vs Java:

1. Why Should I Use Node.js?

Most enterprises have launched their apps to better reach the target audience. Node.js is a light, scalable and open-source language platform that facilitates Node.js developers to build enterprise-level applications on a vast range. Overall, it enhances developers’ efficiency and development process to implement the compatibility between the frontend and backend of an app. It is the reason that most enterprises choose Node.js over Java.

2. Which One is Better – Node.js or Java for Backend?

There is considerable demand for real-time web apps in the market, and it is a fact that most enterprises are focusing on it. It allows any platform users to access the app irrespective of their device’s platform. They only need a browser-installed internet-enabled device. From this point of view, Node.js is best if you are exploring the internet to find which one is better than Node.js vs. Java for backend programming.

The Conclusion

Technology is the most dynamic thing that can be changed overnight. Although some technologies are still in trend, such as Java. When it comes to object-oriented programming, then Java is the first name that appeared in the mind. It has a vast set of libraries and frameworks and dominating since its launch for web development. Everything is being replaced by the new one, so the same is applied to the programming languages.

Node.js is now one of the most trending technologies that can be used for backend and frontend development. It has full-stack programming capability, making it one of the promising tools for web and mobile app development. It is faster, scalable, and the best fit for enterprise applications where its cross-platform working ability works like a cherry on the cake. It is the reason that businesses prefer Node.js over Java.