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Most custom website development companies are enhancing the scalability and speed of their applications with the help of Node.js. As it is entirely based on event-driven and fluent input and output model it supports single-threaded asynchronous programming.

The basic framework of web applications is an incredible combination of libraries to provide effortless built and run applications.

At present all the significant platforms are recommended to hire node.js developers. Before starting with the advanced frameworks of Node.js it is essential to know its entities and benefits.

Node.js is extremely good for developing real-time applications for the web. It is also intended to provide simultaneous interoperability among multiple users. At present, the bigger names- Netflix, Uber, PayPal, Groupon are developed over the same framework. Now let’s learn about its benefits to web development companies.

  • Node.js makes sure that there are no hard comings associated with it
  • It requires less searching time the help of a few developers also the work can be done
  • It saves the overhead expenses
  • It provides freedom to the developers
  • In this framework the front-end and back-end codes or similar hence only one programmer is required.

The top Node.Js frameworks 

Node.Js is totally laced with features like customization, security, extensibility, flexibility with the libraries, and many more features it is profitable to place your bet upon the Node.Js framework. Here you will learn the top Node.Js framework that is considered best for the developers

sails logo


1. Sails.js

It is one of the most popular real-time frameworks which are placed over the model view controller system. Released in 2012 it is open source software having the MIT license.

Old developers recommend it because it provides the most custom business-oriented applications of Node.Js. It provides the most basic security control system and also has role-based access that easily gets controlled by default. Let us know about its features-

  • It is commonly used during the implementation of data-driven APIs to create real-time dashboards and other applications.
  • It has its efficiency in front-end development mediums also. Few are Angular, React, Android, Backbone, Windows, and many more.
  • It enables developers to choose the toolsets as per their preference.
  • It also supports the Grunt modules, a few like LESS, STYLUS, SASS, Coffee Script, and Dust.
  • In order to coordinate with the HTTP request, it also implements Express.JSF


hapijs logo


2. Hapi.js

It is the most powerful and efficient Node.js framework for APIs development. Eram Hammer introduced it in the year 2011 at Walmart and now it is the preferred requirement of every company looking to hire JavaScript developer.

Its foundation is interesting as this emerged when the team was busy managing the traffic on Black Friday. Hapi.Js is a configuration centric framework and provides most of the other facilities as well. Its features include –

  • Input validation
  • Configuration based functionality
  • Cache implementation
  • Error handling
  • Logging

express js logo

3. Express.js

It is the simplistic and flexible Node.js framework accompanying the set of features application for application development.

It is used with super high test coverage along with the content negotiations. Its latest version is 4.17.1. The websites that are built on this platform are Mozilla, Flickr, PayPal, IBM, Walmart, etc. The list of its features is –

  • Routing
  • Middleware
  • Templating
  • Quik server-side programming

SocketIO Logo

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4. Socket.IO

This framework is used to develop and build real-time applications. It also supports the JavaScript library which has multiple functionalities in the bidirectional data flow.

The data flow has to deal with client and server platforms. Its latest version is available is socket.io 2.2.0. Its major features are-

  • Provides real-time analysis
  • Quick messages
  • Totally reliable
  • Support during the auto-reconnection
  • Binary streaming
  • Collaboration with documents

Koa.JS Logo

5. Koa.js

This framework was introduced considering the futuristic approach. It enables the process of developing web applications and APIs in an interesting manner.


It acts as providing expressive middleware for using the node.js generators. In order to check over the error mitigation, it applies the callback over generators. Its features are-

  • It supports the component-based building blocks
  • Has cascading middleware
  • It qualitatively checks error handling
  • It is modular

Meteor logo


6. MeteorJS

It is a full-stack JavaScript framework that is highly recommended for modernized web applications. Meteor.js supports a set of a specific set of technologies to build client interactive applications.

It also supports further development node.js development company in one language or in a specified environment.

Few like- application servers, mobile devices, web browsers, and many more. It has the capability to serve a number of projects saving the time margin.

The most interesting association of Metero.js is that it has highly organized and manageable documentation which provides ease to the developers. Its other features are-

  • It is an open-source platform
  • It has an ultra-simple database
  • Ease with the Data on-the-wire
  • Complete JavaScript framework


loopback js

7. Loopback.js

Loopback.js is the most extensible and open-source node.js framework. It enables the developer to instantly create dynamic APIs and connect them to the backend systems.

It may include SOAP or REST services. With the help of this framework, developers can easily create models which are based on specific schemes and built relationships among all of the services.

  • It has the most rapid developmental cycle
  • It has a modular and structured coding
  • WhatsApp browser for native mobile application
  • Quick dynamic end-to-end REST APIs can be created.

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Endnotes on best Node.js frameworks

Before making any framework it is essential to know your requirements. In case you don’t have any clear approach then you can also hire a JavaScript developer who can assist you further. The entire framework of Node.js is open to the developers to develop it at their best.

In this article, the best Node.Js frameworks along with their features are included for your acute reference. At present, software development companies are not compromising on user convenience and thrive to serve the best. If you are bounded to do the same hire node.js developer and proceed.