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Top Android developers are in a state of dilemma when Google announced in the year 2017, Kotlin as their official language for Google IO. It is considered debatable which language is essentially required Java vs Kotlin.

At present, the Android app development company is enhancing its scalability with Kotlin but Java has its own unique set of features. Undoubtedly Java is the first choice for a number of APP developers today.

Java is object-oriented programming and also has class-based runtime which enables developers to Write One, Run Anywhere (WORA) on the platform supporting Java.

Every time it does not require recompilation and hence, it justifies its importance. As the advancement of technology has taken place in the last few years the world has welcomed Smartphone driven atmosphere.

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You can also refer to the simple answer- if you are a beginner in Android app development then it is always suggested to start from Java.

In case you are proficient in Java and want something more lucrative then you can try Kotlin. In case you are wondering that Kotlin is more advanced, productive, and has less boilerplate coding then why it is even suggested to learn Java?

When beginners learn Java then it not only helps them boost the speed to code but they also have community support with Java.

If someone has already gained proficiency in Java then it is very easy for them to start coding in Kotlin and polish the skills to improve productivity.

It will not only help them learn the advanced programming language but also it will make them become an ideal segment of a lucrative niche for Java developers knowing Kotlin. In case you are not buying the recommendation then let me throw hints-

Why Java is recommended for beginners?

Let’s start from the beginning; Java is an object-oriented programming language that is currently owned by Oracle. The foundation of Java was laid in the year 1991 and it is one of the oldest programming languages. It simplifies the programming for application or web development with its advanced features.

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A Beneficial Prospectus with Java

The benefits associated with Java are many but here will see the best of all.

● It is comparatively easy
● It is considered best for native development or cross-platform app development
● Its codes are easy to run over the virtual machines
● It offers high performance
● Comparatively secure
● The Android operating system of Google uses API
● Android studio is also written in Java

Facts that create disappointment in Java

Out of the major issues faced by app developers in Java, few are listed as-

● Some of the developers considered Java to be slow as it takes time to execute larger files
● Because of inherent limitations, most of app developers face severe problems while API designing
● Its memory consumption is also complicated

Let’s learn about Kotlin

The concept of Kotlin was launched in the year 2016 to fulfill the need for a more advanced and developed language for Android development.

It provided a number of essential qualities resembling Java to the developers. Mobile application development companies are referring to a number of developers all of those who have proficiency with Kotlin.

It is developed by the open-source community and JetBrains. Based on Java virtual machine (JVM) it is an open-source programming language.

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The topmost used and appreciated applications that are made in Kotlin are Uber, Pinterest, Pivotal, Coursera, Gradle, etc.

A Beneficial Prospectus with Kotlin

The advantageous sides of Kotlin are-

● It costs nothing
● Its codes are comparatively shorter
● If you are considering switching then in Kotlin it is easy
● Kotlin is better than Java considering data classes
● It ensures productivity
● The best thing is it is interoperable with Java.


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Disappointments in Kotlin

Though it doesn’t have many disappointments, still few are listed as-

● It has limited resources for learning
● Its compilation speed is uncertain

Future of Kotlin

You will be amazed to know that since the year 2018 around 1.5 million app developers have written their quotes in Kotlin and in the halfway of 2019 this figure has approximately doubled.

It has been recommended by marketers and technicians of the company to hire app developer, those who own expertise in Kotlin. A number of colossal platforms are using Kotlin and JetBrains and Google has declared it the best, using Kotlin is a clear bet today.

It is the smartest version of programming languages and it is also presenting a calculated standard for what the programming languages must accomplish.

Comparative study of Java and Kotlin

As we have clearly understood the major difference between both of them it would be easy to conduct the comparison. Java has its well-developed roots in the programming world, on the other hand, Kotlin has emerged as the latest technology.

Broadly they have their own fan base but speaking particularly about mobile app development, Kotlin has more points.

Further Recommendations

If you are running an app development or website development company it is always recommended to choose Kotlin under certain specifications.

The trend to hire android developers is anticipated by every app development platform it is totally justified. Only make a choice with Kotlin.

● If you are ready to give a modern approach and a fresh look to your online platform
● If you want to achieve the speed time-to-market for your application
● When your technical team has a sound knowledge of Kotlin
● If you have expert Kotlin developers with adequate experience in app development

Final words with Java and Kotlin

Both of them are having their own significance and it is not wise to consider Kotlin as the replacement for Java. In short, you can assume that Kotlin is just an enhancement or a better version of Java.

Both languages are used on specific platforms but at present Kotlin is ruling over the mobile application development company.