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The Internet of Things or IoT is a buzzword at present and as the evolution of computational expertise is accelerating, this solution is capitalizing the connection in a synchronized world.

IoT technology is still developing and it has emerged due to the market demand for the ability to control and regulate multiple devices and sensors.

This is because every device has its functioning and interface due to which there is always a requirement to get a unified system that can withstand heavy loads of information.

At present more than 50% of the top app development companies are using the Internet of Things solutions in their product development cycles.

Due to this, there is an ever-increasing requirement to hire dedicated developers to get the most optimal solutions for creating IoT projects.

Are you wondering what is behind all the hype and the success of the Node.js platform? Well, there are many reasons behind this cause. NodeJS has the potential to comprehensively ease the task of web app development along with providing multiple advantages to the developers. NodeJS, due to its features, makes for a perfect choice for businesses to indulge the solution in their IoT project development.

What Is Node.js And Why Is It Preferred?

A survey of the year 2020 described why more than half of the full-stack development professionals or developers prefer NodeJS for developing IoT projects.

The NodeJS platform has a multimillion community and thousands of libraries that can easily load heavy projects and work stably under the environment.

NodeJS refers to the backend technology that supports efficient data flow shared with the IoT devices from server to server. Specially built to develop server-side JavaScript web or app solutions, this platform is also referred to as one of the most popular web technologies, especially for developing IoT applications today.


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As NodeJS is known for its scalability, performance, and development benefits, it is the reason why every top NodeJS development company uses this development platform for its projects. Choose NodeJS and get success in your business.

Even the top websites such as Netflix, Twitter, and Yahoo use NodeJS. Having more than seventy thousand stars it is also a massively popular framework on GitHub. Let us go through the reasons for which it is much appreciated by the developers-

  • NodeJS has a simple codebase and a low learning curve which makes it convenient for the developers to use and deploy it, in contrast to various other web technologies like Ruby or Java
  • NodeJS development companies inside the methodologies with front-end JavaScript-based tools and frameworks that allow developers to create backend solutions with the same knowledge and skills
  • NodeJS boosts the development speed along with the ease of use and facilitates the developers to achieve more results in less time

Some of The Most Standard-Setting Advantages Of Node.js

JavaScript’s Node.js has proved itself to be an undisputed leader in the list of top popular programming frameworks. It has also achieved the rank of a standalone full-stack development framework in the industry.

Consequently, it also enables the team to remain more flexible and consume less time to developing the solutions. The developers trained in this framework can quickly start programming the application server-side with limited effort and use the same framework on both sides. Let us go through the detailed advantages of this technology:

1. Event-Based Handling And Fast Processing

Choose NodeJS because NodeJS is a popular choice among developers due to its non-blocking, asynchronous, and single-threaded nature. This is in terms of discussing the application across online games, video conferences, chats, etc.

NodeJS is a fast medium, and it is not a myth as it has a V8 engine that is used to compile the functions that are written in JavaScript. This engine delivers benchmark performance and the NodeJS platform extracts the most out of it.

2. Scalable Assistance For The Microservices

NodeJS is a lightweight app development tool that makes it a perfect choice for microservice architecture. This style is most suitable for developing single applications for a suite of multiple applications running on their process and communicating with the same mechanism. This technology is a brilliant choice for building and deploying microservices.

3. Rich Ecosystem

The default Node package manager serves as a major marketplace for the open-source tools which play a crucial role in the advancement of the NodeJS technology.

The registry of this platform has more than 80000 libraries which makes its ecosystem quite rich. NodeJS has a large variety of free tools that remain accessible to developers within a few clicks and they have much potential for deploying in IoT projects.

4. Robust Corporate Support

The NodeJS project development enables widespread integration and adoption of the technology that can accelerate IoT project development.

Even the names of the organizations that are using this technology for producing their solutions are constantly growing and apparently, it includes more than 300 giants like PayPal, Uber, Zendesk, etc. Thus very few projects have ever witnessed such strong corporate support from the leading companies worldwide.

5. Seamless Support Toward JSON

The other popular backend technologies like Ruby On Rails, PHP, etc use the JSON platform for communication but NodeJS can get it done without converting the components between binary models and utilize JavaScript for the same.

This enables seamless communication between the devices through data transfer standards and it is a significant advantage of the NodeJS ecosystem.

Why is NodeJS the Top Platform For a Web Development Company?

Every day there are more and more devices that are being connected to the internet and following commands. Some of the devices that we may encounter every day are smartwatches, laundry machines, microwave ovens, smart homes, and the list goes on.

Altogether these devices are harmoniously connected to smartphones where you can easily install an application that gives you control across multiprocessors to manage these devices.

This is where the magic of the Internet of Things begins. If we discuss the platform made to build accident IoT platforms, every option other than JavaScript (NodeJS) overshadows one another.


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Even though the JavaScript platform is itself not perfect but NodeJS is the actual game-changer. The environment of this platform can easily execute the server aspects where the developers can use it for developing huge multifunctional projects.

It is extremely robust and at the same time, developers find it easy to learn or execute. Let us go through the list of justifications that prove that Node.js development services and the platform is perfect for IoT projects:

  1. Most of the Internet of Things projects utilize the MQTT protocol along with the WebSocket standard which is excellent in supporting the NodeJS framework
  2. The package manager of NodeJS (NPM) has multiple libraries and tool’s especially in terms of working on an Internet of Things project
  3. The IoT devices have special integration of the transmitters or sensors which are used to generate huge amounts of requests or data. NodeJS easily deals with all such troubles, thanks to its efficiency to support the streams for reading or recording

The IoT and Node.js development services fit well into each other. But as IoT app solutions are increasingly becoming widespread and popular their computing challenges are also arising significantly.

NodeJS has the potential and technical features to address all these challenges without any loopholes or side back. This efficiency makes NodeJS a perfect platform for developing IoT projects and the major reasons are mentioned below-

1. Real-Time Data Transfer

A large number of Internet of Things devices are bound to act or perform in real time. The Node.js platform comes with quick data synchronization features that reduce the time that is required to transmit or receive the data from the corresponding server.

This transfer takes place in real time which makes this device highly efficient and faster. The real-time data transferability of IoT devices is further extended by the NodeJS framework with its event-based processing which it can connect millions of devices to the same server without any data loss.

2. Easy Integration of IoT Protocols

The integration of IoT protocols is one of the crucial factors on which IoT relies. As a Node.js development company if you are already developing such a solution then it can readily integrate with the existing data services where the opportunity for data adoption grows significantly.

NodeJS disintegration is well executed at the back-end level because it supports the MQTT protocol which makes it ideal for IoT project development and their communication with each other.

3. The Efficiency of The Resources

The efficiency of IoT devices based on the NodeJS framework has promoted companies to hire Node.js developers. However, IoT devices come across huge numbers, and in the year 2020, they have crossed 20 billion.

Thus managing a vast network of these devices requires huge computing power and efficiency that can prove to be a bottleneck for developing IoT projects.

NodeJS has a minimum runtime which means that this platform consumes a low amount of resources to run the same absolution belt on popular platforms such as Ruby On Rails, Java, etc.

4. Technical Assistance

The libraries and the Node Package Manager of NodeJS offer support to a wide range of hardware and devices. This makes it a go-to choice for the platform, due to which they feel the requirement to hire dedicated developers in the same domain. Various platforms use this technology to power their IoT systems and facilitate an active connection between the devices and applications.

The Top Reasons To Consider Node.js For Your Upcoming IoT Project

NodeJS is all-pervasive and flexible when it comes to developing IoT applications. It has the essential features which makes it much preferred for frontend or backend development.Various reasons make it worth considering for developing IoT projects and they are-

1. Support Easy Sharing

NodeJS makes easy sharing possible as it has the potential to harness the same through its not fax case manager by divulging the components.

Web development companies at present are making the most out of this feature by smartly using its dynamic bundle supervisor which is referred to as the premade help for the developers and designers.

2. Fast-Paced

The NodeJS framework is loaded with the powerful V8 engine that is backed by Google and this framework can easily compile JavaScript into a highly efficient native machine code running at a faster speed.

That is why this function speeds up app development on the NodeJS platform and it has enabled enterprises to hire NodeJS developers.

The company also expects to develop flexible and quick network application solutions that can easily handle various parallel connections simultaneously.

3. Unique Code Base

Transferring the data between the client and the server for transparent synchronization is easier said than done. With the assistance of the Node.js platform, the companies can easily complete their IoT project along with making complete sense of it.

For this, they can write the JavaScript code for client and server platforms distinctively as the platform can executes the same code across both aspects.

4. Developing Real-Time IoT Solutions

The NodeJS platform is a boon for companies or developers who are looking to ease and  simplify their operational tasks for developing real-time IoT projects.

For applications that require utilizing any event-based or non-blocking server, the only solution is integrating real-time features and only NodeJS offers it at its best.


The Internet of Things industry is breathing creativity and innovation as the world is slowly moving into an interconnected dimension. In the coming year mobility solutions, cities, personalized healthcare, and similar services will ride the wave and the future of a web development company.

The NodeJS application development framework has the potential to help businesses to remain ahead of the competitive curve and to beat the competition through its tailor-made IoT solutions.

You can lay the foundation of your IoT projects with this framework as it will be among the best decisions you will ever take for the IoT endeavors of your platform.