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Quick Summary: Are you planning to build a fantasy sports app but have a question—how much does it cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11? No worries! This blog will help you know about the development cost, factors, features and other essential aspects.

The world of fantasy sports has exploded in popularity, and Dream11 stands tall as a prominent example. This fantasy app enables users to build virtual teams based on real-life athletes. But for startups with a similar vision, a question arises: how much does it cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11?

The global fantasy sports market was $27.20 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase to $87.07 billion by 2031 from $30.95 billion in 2023. It shows that the demand for fantasy mobile apps will rise in the coming years.

Due to this, various businesses are looking to invest in Dream11 app development. If you are also one of those seeking to know the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11, then you should read this blog until the end.

So, let’s begin.


What is A Dream11 App?

A Dream11 is a fantasy app that enables users to play games in a virtual environment where they can choose the players, form a team and play the contest. On such an app, multiple teams compete with each other based on the statistical performance of players in the real game.

Dream11 is a one-stop shop for fantasy cricket, where your passion for the game and the excitement of competition collide. So, if you want to know the time and cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11, then you should hire a fantasy app development company.


Market Stats & Growth of Fantasy Sports App


Growth of Fantasy Sports App


  • After totaling $8.44 billion the year before, the fantasy sports services industry in the United States grew to a size of $9.48 billion in 2022. The market was predicted to grow to a total value of $9.84 billion in 2024.
  • According to estimates, the size of the fantasy sports market will be $32.75 billion in 2024 and expand to $62.58 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 13.83% between 2024 and 2029.
  • With 29.2 million participants as of 2022, fantasy football is the most popular fantasy sport in the country by a wide margin.
  • There were an anticipated 29.2 million fantasy sports participants in the US in 2022, with fantasy football being the most popular sport by a wide margin.
  • This industry used around 45.45 thousand people in 2022, up from 40.42 thousand people in the year before. It was anticipated that employment in this industry will rise to 47.89 thousand by 2023.
  • With more than 38 billion Indian rupees in sales for the fiscal year 2022, Dream11 was the biggest fantasy sports and real money gaming business in India.

Cost To Develop A Fantasy Mobile App Like Dream11

When developing a fantasy sports app like Dream11, the first thing that strikes every entrepreneur’s mind is – what is the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11? Well, it can be quite challenging because of the complexity of your project and other factors. For instance, app intricacies, features and functionalities, tech stack, backend etc.

However, we can provide you a rough estimate of the cost to build fantasy sports mobile apps which can be between $8000-$25000 or more. For example, if you build a simple Dream11 app with fewer features, then it can cost you around $8000-$14000.

But, if you go for a complex app with advanced functions, then you need to spend $25000 or even more. Let’s make it simple with the table of cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11.


App Complexity

Cost Estimation

Time Duration

Simple Dream11 app $8000-$14000 2-4 months
Moderate Dream11 app $15000-$20000 4-6 months
Complex Dream11 app $25000 or more 7-9 months

Moreover, if you need to measure the cost to develop fantasy mobile app like Dream11, then we have given the formula that you must have a look:

Total development cost = hourly rate of developers * total development time  


Now that we have provided the formula for calculating the development cost. But if you still find it difficult to calculate, then you must consult with a fantasy sports app development company who can give an accurate cost of fantasy sports app development. Let’s now check out the crucial factors responsible for the fluctuation in cost.


Fantasy Sports Mobile App CTA

Factors Affecting the Cost To Develop A Fantasy Mobile App Like Dream11

Now that you know the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11, let’s have a look at the factors. It plays a crucial role in affecting the overall fantasy sports website development cost. So, below are the some key considerations:


Factors Affecting the Cost To Develop A Fantasy Mobile App Like Dream11


1. Size & Complexity of App  

One factor that can highly affect the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11 is the size and complexity of your app. For example, if you create a simple fantasy app with minimal functionalities and simple UI, then the cost can be less.

However, complex apps with customized features, custom-built UI, may influence the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11. Thus, if your budget is less and you want to build a customized fantasy app. In that case, it is advisable to take consultation from a reputed iOS or Android app development company.


2. UI/UX Design  

The user interface of the application affects every aspect of its pricing structure. For example, integrating interactive and complicated UI elements could be more expensive than creating a basic, straightforward UI with fewer components.

So, if you create an alluring user interface with highly advanced and complex UI components, it can increase the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11.


3. Platform Type

The platforms for which you develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11 will increase the overall cost of your project. You may make web apps, hybrid apps that combine web and native applications, or native apps that operate on a single platform.

For better results, you can prefer cross-platform app development which can save your money. Both the features and the location of your intended audience should be considered when making your final decision.


4. Features & Functionalities

The features you choose to include in your fantasy mobile app like Dream11 app will directly correlate with the total cost of that fantasy sports app. It is among the most important variables influencing the price of developing a dream11 app. The process of developing an app becomes more complicated with the addition of various features and functions.

For example, the more features your fantasy sports app has, the more complicated it will be, and the more time and work it will need to develop; as a result, the cost to create a fantasy mobile app like Dream11 will increase.


5. Tech Stack

The next factor that is majorly responsible for the fluctuation of fantasy cricket app development is tech stack. To meet the goals of the project, a set of tools are built into an application.

Some of the most popular examples of such technologies that have a significant impact on an app’s performance and overall development cost include the metaverse, IoT, AR/VR, and AI in sports. Additionally, the kind of programming languages utilized for the app has an impact on the overall development cost.


6. Location Of Developers    

The location of your Android or iOS app development team can also affect the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11.

For example, mobile app developers in the USA often charge between $40 and $50 per hour, whereas developers in Asia, typically charge between $15 and $25 per hour. Basically, the hourly rate of developers plays a significant role in fluctuation in development cost.


7. App Maintenance      

Another crucial factor that may significantly affect the price of creating a fantasy sports app is app maintenance. Frequent bug repairs, server upkeep, technical assistance, new feature development, and security upgrades are all part of maintaining a fantasy sports app.

In order to guarantee that the app stays safe, current, and offers a flawless user experience to its users, it is crucial to budget for app maintenance from the beginning of the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11.


Must-have Features To Develop a Fantasy Mobile App Like Dream11  

When you develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11, features are the first thing that comes to mind. As a business owner, who wants to build a fantasy mobile app like Dream11, selecting a feature can be quite challenging as it majorly affects your overall budget. So, we have created a list of features for both the panels to reduce your workload. Let’s have a look:   


1. User Panel

It is related to the features and functionalities that an end-user will use while interacting with an app. So, let’s have a look at the user panel features:


User Panel


  • Easy Registration 

Users can register themselves via social media and Google accounts on the app.


  • User Profile

The user can manage their personal information by using the dashboard feature.


  • Search Option

It allows users to search game-specific information and features related information available on the app. For streamlining the search user can also apply the filters.


  • User Screen

It showcases the necessary information and all the options to access which are available for the user. Via home screen or user screen can navigate to the desired page or a portion of the app.


  • Contest

Via going through with this option, the user can see the complete details of ongoing and upcoming contests such as type, name, entry fee, commencement date, and join the contest as per their choice.


  • Create Own Contest

Users are allowed to create their contest followed by submission of entry fee.


  • My Contest

The content creator can see the details of the players who have joined the contest. The creator can also edit the details of team players.


  • Payment Modes

It facilitates users to pay via an online payment gateway such as debit card, credit card, and net banking. You should integrate a payment gateway feature when you develop a fantasy sports app like ESPN.


  • See Transaction

Here the user can look at transaction details such as earning from every match, the number of games played, no if games won and lost.


Fantasy Sports app cta


2. Admin Panel

It empowers the admin to manage all the activities. So, following are the features of it-


Admin Panel


  • Login

Admin can log in into the admin panel by using their specialized credentials such as admin id and password.


  • Dashboard

It allows the admin to control app features, and it facilitates the performance of the different tasks.


  • User Management

The admin can manage the users smoothly, including controlling the user’s activity, information editing, adding or removing the information.


  • Match Management

It allows the admin to manage the ongoing and upcoming matches.


  • Games Management

The admin can manage different categories of games. If you look closely, Dream11 apps host games like cricket, football, basketball, etc., that users can choose as per their interest. So, the admin can handle it easily.


  • Rewards/Cashback Management

The admin has control over rewards and cashbacks. He can look over all the details related to it.


  • Revenue Management

It allows the admin to manage all the revenue-related activities even if they can have the revenue generated by each source.


  • Payment Requests Handling

The admin can manage payment and withdrawal requests made by Fantasy game app users.

How To Make Money From An App Like Dream11?

Fantasy sports platform development is an exciting project, but making money out of it is not always easy. It’s critical to take into account a variety of approaches in order to make money while maintaining an interesting and user-friendly app. We’ve included a few strategies to make money from a fantasy app like Dream11 in this section.


Make Money From An App Like Dream11


1. In-app Advertisement    

The most popular monetization method businesses utilize is in-app advertisement. You may also earn money by placing advertisements on your fantasy mobile app like Dream11. It is entirely dependent on the overall quantity of ad views.

You may provide business a space in your fantasy app where they can use banners, videos, and other forms of advertising to promote their brands.


2. In-app Purchase

The next monetization strategy is in-app purchase which is very common among businesses. In-app purchases of virtual items, such as power-ups, premium features, customizations, or virtual money, are available for many fantasy apps. These purchases boost the user experience and facilitate the app as an extra source of income.


3. Freemium Model

There are several apps that make money by using freemium monetization methods. Spotify is a popular example of the freemium model.

A freemium model encourages consumers to upgrade to a paid premium version of a product while giving the most basic version of the product out for free. So, you can also utilize a freemium model when you develop a fantasy cricket app for the world cup to monetize it.


4. Sponsorships  

Teams, sports leagues, and other businesses may get into sponsorship or collaboration deals with a fantasy sports app like Dream11. You can use a sponsorship model or partnerships that may result in extra income via branding, advertising, or invitation-only competitions.


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An App Like Dream11?

Now that you are well-versed with the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11, it is also essential to know the maintenance cost. So, the cost to maintain a mobile app can be around 15-20% of the initial Dream11 app development cost.

For example, if your cost to develop a fantasy app is $20000, then your maintenance cost will be $1000-$5000 annually. It totally depends on the multiple aspects which we have mentioned in the table form:


App Maintenance Type  

Maintenance Cost

Hosting Charges $50 to $300 Month
Functional Services $1700-$3000 Per Year
API Integration $800-$1200 Per Year
Bug Fixing & Updates $1000-$1500
Analytics Free & Paid Services
IT Support $1500-$2700 Per Year
Payment Gateway Integration $100 Per Month
Technical Intervention $15-$25 Per Hour


Additionally, the technology you choose for your fantasy app like Dream11 has a significant impact on the mobile app maintenance cost. You may have to pay more if you are updating your fantasy app with new features and bug-fixing to reflect the most recent technological trends.

In that case, you need proper guidance from an experienced maintenance and support services provider. They will help you create a technical team to support your app within the budget and schedule you have projected.


mobile application development CTA


Build A Fantasy App Like Dream11 With Dev Technosys!

Now that you are aware of the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11, it’s the right time to bring your ideas to life. However, developing apps for fantasy sports may be a challenging task. You must consult with experts’ for developing mobile apps like Dream11.

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Thus, put away your thoughts and start working! Give us your requirements, and we’ll deliver a robust Dream11-like app with the newest technology within your price range.


Frequently Asked Questions!

1. How To Build Fantasy Mobile Apps Like Dream11?

If you want to make a fantasy mobile app like Dream11, then you need to follow the below steps:

  • Do market research
  • Create a feature list
  • Design UI/UX
  • Choose the right tech stack
  • Develop the backend
  • Test & deploy the app
  • Maintain & Update the app


2. How Long Does It Take to Develop A Fantasy Mobile App Like Dream11?

The time to create a fantasy mobile app like Dream11 can be affected by factors. For example, app complexity, location and skill of developers, team size, tech stack and so on. Generally, it can take around 2-8 months to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11.


3. What Are the Top 5 Fantasy Sports Apps?   

There are several fantasy sports apps in the market but we have listed the best fantasy cricket/sports apps for your reference.

  • ESPN
  • Sleeper
  • Yahoo Fantasy
  • MPL
  • DraftKings


4. How To Minimize the Cost To Develop A Fantasy Mobile App Like Dream11?

Below are the tips to reduce the cost to develop a fantasy mobile app like Dream11:

  • Set clear goals
  • Develop a cross-platform app
  • Prioritize the development of an MVP
  • Hire a dedicated developers
  • Use open-source tools and templates
  • Thoroughly test your app


5. How To Start Fantasy Sports Business?

Below are the steps that you can follow to start fantasy sports business:

  • Research the market and identify a niche.
  • Develop a user-friendly website or app.
  • Secure legal compliance and licenses.
  • Create engaging fantasy sports contests.
  • Implement a secure payment system.
  • Market aggressively to attract users and build a vibrant community.