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Quick Summary Learn how to build an app like TurboTax with essential steps such as market research, designing user-friendly interfaces, and many more while knowing its costs and benefits.

Feeling stressed by Taxes? Build the Solution!

Tax season. Those words strike worry inside the hearts of many. But what if there has been a manner of converting this struggling chore into an intact experience? Enter the ever-developing marketplace for the best mobile tax filing app, where user-friendly interfaces and advanced automation are revolutionizing how people document their returns.

This blog dives deep into the process to build an app like TurboTax, guiding you through the steps from ideation to release. But before we delve into the technical stages, permit’s explore the compelling market stats:

The Market Boom: The tax filing app development industry is a multi-billion dollar large, projected to reach an astounding $13.2 billion by 2027. This boom is fueled by the increasing adoption of smartphones and the desire for handy, user-friendly solutions.

The Demand is Real: Users search for the best mobile tax filing app. A current look observed that over 50% of taxpayers now utilize the best tax filing app to record their returns. This fashion indicates a clear demand for progressive and handy tax filing apps, establishing exciting possibilities for new players in the marketplace.

So, are you ready to enrol in the wave and build an app like TurboTax? Stay tuned as we discover the crucial steps and issues concerning bringing your imaginative and prescient to existence!


What is the TurboTax App?

The TurboTax App, launched in 1993 via Intuit, is a cellular version of the famous tax coaching software program. It boasts over 10 million downloads, a 4.5-megastar score on Google Play, and lets users document their taxes directly from their mobile phones. With functions like automobile fill and professional assistance (for a further fee), TurboTax has become the best ITR-filling app targets to simplify the tax submitting system.


Build An App Like TurboTax:


How Does TurboTax App Work?

Before you dive into this blog further in this section, we have compiled the workings of TurboTax, the best tax software to understand more deeply.


1. Import and Answer

Start by downloading the income tax return filing app and building an account. You can import your previous year’s return or manually enter your details. The TurboTax tax return app courses you through questions about your income, deductions, and credit.


2. Snap and Populate

For W-2s and other forms, take a photograph with your mobile digicam. The online tax filing app uses clever generation to robotically extract and populate the statistics on your return.


3. Get Help

If wanted, get the right of entry to on-call for tax advice from professionals inside the app. They can answer your questions and make sure you are maximizing your refund.


4. Review and File

Once entirely, the on-demand app development solutions for tax filing double-check your entries for accuracy. You can evaluate your return before securely filing it electronically with the IRS and your state


10 Popular Tax Filing Apps


Build An App Like TurboTax:


App Name Launch Date Downloads (Est.) Rating (Avg.) Founders Platforms
TurboTax 1993 10 Million+ 4.5 Stars Intuit Web, Android, iOS
H&R Block Tax Prep 1995 5 Million+ 4.3 Stars Henry W. Bloch and Richard Bloch Web, Android, iOS
TaxAct 1998 8 Million+ 4.2 Stars Curtis Campbell and Dennis Walker Web, Android, iOS
Cash App Taxes 2019 15 Million+ 4.4 Stars Brian Acton and Stephen Grover Web, Android, iOS
FreeTaxUSA 2004 7 Million+ 4.4 Stars Chris Chapman Web
TaxSlayer 2001 6 Million+ 4.1 Stars John W. Jones Web, Android, iOS
Jackson Hewitt Online 1982 4 Million+ 4.0 Stars J.D. Jackson and William Hewitt Web, Android, iOS
TaxBit 2018 3 Million+ 4.6 Stars Alex Wilson Web, Android, iOS
Mint 2006 50 Million+ 4.2 Stars Aaron Patzer Web, Android, iOS
Credit Karma Tax 2016 12 Million+ 4.1 Stars Kenneth Lin Web, Android, iOS


Know 7 Calculative Steps to Build An App Like TurboTax  

Before you dive into further section of our guide to build an app like TurboTax you must know its step by step development process. Many people don’t understand that the tax filing app can be daunting. Apps like TurboTax have revolutionized this area by supplying a user-friendly solution. If you are considering to build an app like TurboTax here is the guide which you need to follow.


Build An App Like TurboTax:


1. Define Business Goals

This is the first stage to build an app like TurboTax in which you must follow these steps:


i. Value Proposition:

Clearly outline the precise cost your legal software development gives compared to present solutions. It is on affordability, simplicity, distinct user segments (e.g., freelancers, buyers), or integration with different monetary tools


ii. Target Audience:

Identify your perfect users, considering demographics, income tiers, and tax filing complexity.


iii. Monetization Method:

Decide how you will generate revenue. Options consist of freemium fashions with paid development for added capabilities, subscriptions, or transaction expenses for particular offerings.


2. Market & Competitor Research

It is the second stage to build an app like TurboTax by following these practical guides:


i. Market Size and Boom:

Analyze your target region’s marketplace size and growth ability for TurboTax application development. Understand the current trends and projected future panorama.


ii. Competitor Analysis:

Thoroughly study your competition, which includes its strengths, weaknesses, pricing models, audience, and advertising and marketing strategies. Identify opportunities to differentiate your payment software solutions and cater to unmet user desires.


3. Development Team

This is the third stage to build an app like TurboTax in which you must focus on the mobile banking app development. Want to know how to dive deep through this section?


i. Assemble your Team:

Building a robust TurboTax mobile app requires knowledge across diverse domain names. You’ll need to hire dedicated developers with experience in mobile and web development and tax specialists to ensure accuracy and compliance. Consider extra specialists for TurboTax UX design, security, and marketing.


ii. Technical Skills:

The unique technical skills required will rely upon your chosen tech stack (included in step four). However, familiarity with secure statistics, person authentication, and integration with tax databases is essential.


Build An App Like TurboTax


4. Choose a Tech Stack

This is the fourth stage to build an app like TurboTax in which your choosing tech stack is crucial, which we have complied in this section below:


i. Front-End:

Popular front-quit technologies encompass React Native, Flutter, or local iOS and Android app development. Choose a framework that aligns with your iPhone app development services provider’s expertise and favoured functionalities.


ii. Back-End:

Secure and scalable returned-give-up solutions are essential. Consider options like Node.Js, Python, or Java, together with relevant databases and cloud platforms like AWS or Azure.


iii. Security:

Prioritize strong security measures, including record encryption, secure authentication methods, and regular vulnerability assessments to shield private user records.


5. Decide on UI/UX & Features

This is the fifth stage to develop a mobile application for tax filing in which you should follow these steps:


i. User Interface:

Design a user-pleasant and intuitive interface that caters to customers with various ranges of tax know-how. Utilize clean navigation, accessible language, and helpful instructions.


ii. User Experience:

Streamline user satisfaction by guiding customers through the tax submitting process step by step and offering academic sources or FAQs.


iii. Features:

Consider vital capabilities like secure records import (e.g., W-2s), profits and cost categorization, deduction and credit score suggestions, audit hazard evaluation, and e-submitting capabilities. Depending on your target audience, you may not forget precise functions like self-monitoring of self-employment profits, investment portfolio management, or integration with eWallet app development.


6. Development & Testing


i. Agile Development:

Adopt an agile methodology with iterative development cycles, a person-trying out, and continuous feedback to ensure the TurboTax mobile app development meets user needs and functions as intended.


ii. Thorough Testing:

Implement comprehensive checking out at some stage in the invoice software development technique, practical trying out, protection testing, and performance testing on various gadgets and running systems.


7. Launch and Maintenance

Last but not least stage to develop an app like TurboTax which you must follow this short to-do list:


i. App Store Optimization:

Optimize your TurboTax app development listing with relevant key phrases, clear descriptions, and attractive screenshots to enhance discoverability in the app store.


ii. Marketing Approach:

Develop a complete advertising strategy to reach your audience. Utilize online marketing, social media advertising and marketing, content material advertising, and partnerships with applicable companies.


iii. Ongoing Renovation:

Continuously update your turbo tax mobile app with new features, bug fixes, and security patches to stay aggressive and address evolving tax policies, which you can get by connecting to incredible mobile app maintenance service providers.


15 Key Features of An App Like TurboTax:

Now that you know how to build an app like TurboTax, you must learn that the app isn’t complete without its features, which have covered a 15 critical feature guide for you on an app like TurboTax.


Build An App Like TurboTax:


  • Secure Data Import

Import tax files like W-2s and 1099s securely using numerous techniques (guide entry, image seize, bank connection).


  • Income and Expense Categorization

Automatically categorize profits and prices into applicable tax brackets, lowering guide effort and errors.


  • Deduction and Credit Suggestions

 Intelligently endorse suitable tax deductions and credits based on user input and tax policies.


  • Audit Risk Assessment

Analyze user records to assess the ability to audit risks and provide steerage on minimizing them.


  • E-submitting Capabilities

Enable customers to electronically document their tax returns immediately through the tax filing apps, ensuring performance and accuracy.


  • Tax Withholding Calculator

 Help users estimate their tax withholdings and adjust them later in the year to avoid the consequences of underpayment.


  • Tax Payment Options

Payment gateway integration secures fee alternatives for customers with no trouble paying any taxes owed without delay via the turbo tax apps.


  • Multi-Language Support

Cater to a much broader audience by supplying the app interface and tax statistics in multiple languages.


Build An App Like TurboTax


  • State-Specific Guidance

Provide country-unique tax regulations, filing necessities, and applicable deductions or credits.


  • Self-Employment Tools

Include functions in your income tax filing app specially designed for self-employed people, including income monitoring, rate management, and domestic workplace deduction calculations.


  • Investment Tracking

Allow customers to track their investment portfolio and routinely calculate capital gains or losses for tax purposes in your best app for filing taxes.


  • Integration with Accounting Software

Integrate with the best app for tax filing to streamline facts import and export for customers who manipulate their budget comprehensively.


  • Educational Resources

Offer in-app instructional sources, FAQs, and tutorials to assist customers in understanding complicated tax standards and making informed decisions.


  • Personalized Support

Provide various guide alternatives with live chat, electronic mail, or smartphone consultations with tax specialists for customers who need help.


  • Secure Data Storage

It is crucial to add this feature if you’re planning to create an e-wallet app or banking app. Implement robust safety features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of user facts, building consideration and user self-assurance.


How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like TurboTax?

The cost to build a mobile app like TurboTax includes factors that influence the general price. Here’s a breakdown with a table summarizing the cost to develop an app like TurboTax:


Feature Complexity

Estimated Cost Range (USD)

Simple App: Basic income and expense categorization, e-filing $10,000 – $16,000
Average App: Additional features like deduction suggestions, audit risk assessment, state-specific guidance $16,000 – $25,000
Complex App: Advanced features like self-employment tools, investment tracking, integration with accounting software $30,000+


Build An App Like TurboTax:


To help you understand the fintech app development cost better, below we have covered all of the factors which you must keep in mind as they affect the cost:


1. Complexity of Features

The more complicated the features (e.g., investment tracking, self-employment gear), the higher the Turbotx app development cost.


2. Development Team Location

Hourly fees of fintech app development company range drastically depending on their location.


3. Tech Stack

The selected tech stack (programming languages, frameworks) can impact the time and cost to develop an app like TurboTax.


4. Security measures

Implementing robust safety features is essential and provides for the development cost.

These are simply estimates, and the price can vary depending on your requirements and selected development method. Consulting with an experienced mobile app development company and obtaining quotes is essential for a more excellent correct cost evaluation.


Why Entrepreneurs Must Invest In Building An App Like TurboTax?

The tax submitting method is frequently perceived as complex, time-eating, and mistakes-inclined. This creates an enormous market possibility for entrepreneurs to spend money on building user-friendly tax preparation apps like TurboTax. Here are several compelling reasons why:


Build An App Like TurboTax:


1. Growing Market Demand


i. Increasing Smartphone Utilization:

The tremendous adoption of smartphones has fueled the demand for mobile-based solutions, which include turbo-tax mobile app development. Users appreciate the benefit, accessibility, and simplicity of use these apps provide compared to conventional methods.


ii. Rising Tax Complexity:

Tax rules may be complex and ever-converting, making it challenging to navigate the process independently. Apps can simplify tax filing by offering steering, automation, and professional assistance.


iii. Growing Self-Hired Populace:

The rise of the gig economy and remote work has led to a growth in the number of self-employed individuals. These individuals regularly require assistance with specialized tax submissions, which apps can cater to efficiently.


2. Potential for Recurring Revenue


i. Subscription Model:

Implement a subscription model in which users pay an annual or month-to-month price to get the right to enter the app’s full functions. It can provide a predictable and habitual revenue circulation.


ii. Freemium Version:

Offer a free primary version of the app, with the option to improve to a top-class version for additional capabilities like audit assistance or country-specific guidance. It can entice a much broader user base and encourage enhancements for increased sales.


iii. Value-Added Offerings:

create an app like TurboTax that offers additional offerings, including consultations with tax specialists or personalized financial advice, for a further price. It can create new revenue streams and decorate user costs.


3. Competitive Advantages


i. Niche Focused On:

Focus on a particular niche market, including freelancers, investors, or small companies, to cater to their specific tax needs and gain an aggressive facet.


ii. Advanced Features:

Develop innovative features that address unmet user wishes and differentiate your app from mounted gamers. It could include integrating accounting software programs, AI-powered tax optimization tools, or gamification elements to improve user engagement.


iii. Exceptional User Engagement:

Prioritize user-friendliness, intuitive design, and transparent verbal exchange to ensure an easy tax filing, fostering user loyalty and superb phrase-of-mouth marketing.


4. Building Brand Recognition and Trust


i. Educational Assets:

Provide academic sources in the app or through external content material creation to establish your brand as a thought leader within the tax space. This can appeal to customers seeking dependable information and construct belief in your app’s talents.


ii. Strategic Partnerships:

Partner with relevant companies, which include financial establishments or accounting companies, to reach a much wider target audience and leverage their present customer base.


iii. Community Constructing:

Foster a community around your app by providing user boards, hosting webinars, or supplying tax hints on social media. It can boost user engagement, emblem loyalty, and user feedback for app development.


How Dev Technosys Can Help You Build An App Like TurboTax?

This is it! If you have an idea related to the tax filing app with some creative functionality, connect with us immediately! We specialize in developing custom tax filing applications like TurboTax. Our team of experienced developers can create a user-friendly and efficient tax filing app tailored to your specific requirements.

With our expertise in app development and understanding of tax regulations, we ensure a seamless user experience and accurate calculations. Don’t hesitate to hire our mobile app developers to build an app like TurboTax and streamline the tax preparation process for your users.


Frequently Asked Questions  


Q1. How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like TurboTax?

The cost to build an app like TurboTax depends on factors like capabilities, complexity, and development time. It typically levels from $10,000 to $28,000.


Q2. How Long Does It Take To Build An App Like TurboTax?

It is vital to know that developing an app like TurboTax can take around 6 to 365 days, depending on the capabilities and complexity of the mission.


Q3. What are the benefits Of building an app like TurboTax?

Building an app like TurboTax gives advantages, including simplified tax filing, calculation accuracy, time-saving convenience, and accessibility from everywhere.


Q4. Why You Should Choose Us Build An App Like TurboTax?

Choose us to build an app like TurboTax for our expertise in tax app development, seamless user experience, time limit adherence, and client pride commitment.


Q5. How Can You Monetize An App Like TurboTax?

Monetization strategies for an app like TurboTax include:

  • Subscription plans.
  • In-app purchases for superior features or services.
  • Partnerships with monetary institutions.
  • Premium aid offerings.