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Do you want to know the cost to develop a Chatbot? Well, the cost of Chatbot development depends on some factors. Two key elements determining the cost are how you want to use your Chatbot and what you want to attain. Moreover, it also depends on your Chatbot’s features, types, functionalities, integration, and so on.

A Chatbot is a program intended to simulate human conversation. It has become increasingly popular among users in the modern era. A Chatbot improves customer engagement by making the experience more interactive and providing personalized support to businesses’ clients.

The market for Chatbots was estimated to be worth USD 4.6 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.6% to reach USD 32.4 billion by 2032. The global study on the Chatbot market provides a thorough analysis of current market dynamics and trends. This data depicts how investing in Chatbot development can benefit a business.

If you also want to develop your Chatbot and need help to estimate its cost, this blog is for you. It will give you an overview of what a Chatbot is, the cost to develop a Chatbot, ways to reduce its cost, and the monetization strategy for your Chatbot.


What is the Chatbot?

Chatbots are AI-based technology used to collect or provide online information to customers interactively. The system helps customer service, handle common inquiries and provides 24/7 support. Chatbots use artificial intelligence algorithms to comprehend and reply in natural language to user inquiries or prompts.


What is the Chabot

Applications for them include customer services, virtual assistants, and entertainment. Chatbots are designed to enable user-friendly and effective interaction by using natural language processing and machine learning. They can help users obtain information, do activities, or have conversations without human participation.

If you are also interested in developing but do not know how to create a Chatbot or its cost, hire a software development company for assistance. The company will help you leverage the latest AI tools to develop a Chatbot for your business.


Market Stats of Chatbot

  • The size of the global Chatbot market was projected to be USD 5,132.8 million in 2022, and from 2023 to 2030, it is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.3%.
  • The market for Chatbots has expanded rapidly in the last several years. At a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.9%, it will increase from $6.7 billion in 2023 to $8.43 billion in 2024.
  • The size of the Chatbot market is projected to be USD 7.01 billion in 2024 and is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.32% to reach USD 20.81 billion by 2029.


Market Stats of Chabot

Source: Statista

  • As per the above graph, the Chatbot market is expected to grow significantly from its 2016.
  • Size of 190.8 million U.S. dollars to a projected 1.25 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Chatbot?

As you know, Chatbots have become an integral part of e-commerce business. Businesses find it beneficial to invest in open AI Chatbots. However, most businesses need to become more familiar with the exact cost to develop a Chatbot.

Hence, this blog section will help you make informed investment decisions by providing an estimate of the cost to make your Chatbot.

You can start with simple Chatbot software and then automate the flow. A simple Chatbot may also cost between $9000 and $16000. However, if your Chatbot requirement is complex and requires high computation and machine learning, it can cost up to $25000+. Often, these kinds of Chatbots handle a full range of business solutions.


Chatbot Types and Complexity

Based On Complexity

Estimated Cost

Simple App $9000 – $16000
Moderately to Complex App $16000 – $20000
High-end (highly) Complex App $25000+


Now that you know the cost to develop a Chatbot, you can start work on your idea of Chatbot development. If you need to become more familiar with how to add a Chatbot to your website, hire an AI software development services provider that can guide you and everything you want to know. You can ask the Chatbot app development company about the exact cost to develop a Chatbot.


cost to develop a chatbot


5 Factors Affecting Cost to Develop a Chatbot

Now that you have an idea about the cost to develop a Chatbot, you also need to consider factors that may impact your investment decision. If you are going to develop a Chatbot, as per website development service providers, you must be aware of the following points to make your investment worthwhile.

  • Custom Development
  • Chatbot Features, Complexity, and Scale
  • App Platform
  • Internal Process
  • Integrations


Factors Affecting Cost to Develop a Chatbot


1. Custom Development

If you opt for custom development, specific features and complexities you require will greatly impact the cost to develop a Chatbot. It includes the level of customisation in the user interface, integration with existing systems,and sophistication of natural language processing capabilities. Therefore, you have to spend more to build your own Chatbot.


2. Chatbot Features, Complexity, and Scale

Scale and complexity add to the cost to develop a Chatbot. More complicated features require more time, resources, and team professionals, increasing the budget.

To integrate the complex features, you need to hire dedicated developers. Hence, the cost to build a Chatbot with standard features hiring developers will differ from the cost of developing a ChatGPT alternative.


3. App Platform

The types and numbers of platforms the Chatbot needs to support greatly impact the cost to develop a Chatbot. Supporting multiple platforms, such as mobile apps, websites, voice assistants, and messaging apps, will require additional development efforts and resources. As a result, it requires more money to spend and adds to the cost.


4. Internal Process

Integrating Chatbots with internal processes, such as enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management, and others, can add complexity and cost.

Integration with the internal system often requires customer development work that includes additional security considerations. Hence, the cost to develop a Chatbot increases automatically.


5. Integrations

The cost to develop a Chatbot also depends on the available integration options for e-commerce stores, third-party applications, etc. In most cases, integration options include CMS, CRM, help desk, email marketing, and other tools.

For instance, if you integrate the ProProfs Chatbot with 50+ tools and platforms, you may have to pay an additional amount to leverage more integration.


5 Incredible Ways to Reduce Cost to Develop Chatbot

Undoubtedly, its cost to develop a Chatbot and every business can afford it. Hence, you can build your Chatbot at a lower cost. Across the world, mobile application development companies have recommended some tips on how businesses can afford to develop a Chatbot.

Some of the tips are mentioned below:

  • Clear Objectives and Scope
  • Automate Testing and Deployment
  • Choose the Cost -effective Platforms
  • Adopt Agile Methodologies
  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

5 Incredible Ways to Reduce Cost to Develop Chatbot

1. Clear Objectives and Scope

Before you start developing a Chatbot, establish clear objectives and scope for your project. You are supposed to define its purpose, target users, and expected outcome.

As Chatbot app development is an expensive process, having a well-defined score avoids unnecessary features and ensures that all the resources are allocated efficiently.


2. Automate Testing and Deployment

If you find it expensive to develop a Chatbot, implement automated testing and deployment processes to streamline development. It reduces manual effort, accelerates the test cycle,and also ensures a fast deployment of enhancements and updates. By automating such tasks, businesses can minimize developer cost and improve the overall efficiency in the Chatbot development.


3. Choose the Cost -effective Platforms

As you know, the cost to develop a Chatbot majorly depends on which platform you are going to create it. Hence, you should consider platforms with free tiers, flexible pricing models, and open-source options.

It might be difficult for you to choose a cost-effective platform, so you can hire a mobile application development company with an excellent understanding of what technology will help you succeed in your Chatbot implementation.


4. Adopt Agile Methodologies

You are supposed to embrace agile methodologies to iterate and develop your Chatbot. This approach promotes flexibility, collaboration, and rapid adaptation to change, enabling cost-effective, faster time-to-market development. The strategy allows you to break down the project into manageable tasks and deliver incremental updates.


5. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

You can implement a robust monitoring tool, which helps track Chatbot performance and user feedback continually. This strategy allows you to analyze metrics and user interaction, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing the Chatbot’s functionality. Hence, it helps reduce long-term development and maintenance costs.


AI based chat app cta


5 Effective Ways to Monetization Your Chatbot- To Get ROI

It goes beyond simply adding a Chatbot to a website and being done with it. To provide value to clients, businesses need a real Chatbot marketing plan. Ultimately, the primary purpose of creating a Chatbot is to provide users with a distinctive and customer-focused experience.

For this, you should hire a Chatbot software development company that can continue to monetize your Chatbot in a manner that helps you gain a high return on your investment.


  • B2B Bots
  • Freemium Model
  • Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorship
  • Lead Generation and Qualification
  • Advertising and In-Apps Purchase


Effective Ways to Monetization Your Chatbot

1. B2B Bots

You can develop the best Chatbot software, tailoring it to your businesses to streamline different processes, such as customer services and internal communication. Additionally, you can monetize your Chatbot by offering a subscription plan and charging businesses based on its complexity and use.


2. Freemium Model

You can offer a simple version of your Chatbot for free to gain the user’s attention. Here, you can limit the functionality of access to certain features for free versions.

Once users get attracted by this, your Chatbot offers a premium subscription to unlock the advanced features, priority support, or additional content. It allows users to experience the value of a Chatbot before committing to a paid plan.


3. Affiliate Marketing and Sponsorship

The strategy presents an avenue to monetize your Chatbot through partnerships with relevant brands. Incorporating sponsored content or product placement facilitates collaboration with brands willing to pay for exposure to your Chatbot’s audience, providing a supplementary revenue stream.


4. Lead Generation and Qualification

You can use your Chatbots to gather and qualify leads for businesses. With this monetization strategy, you can offer lead generation services where you pay for access to high-quality leads generated through interaction with your Chatbot.

Here, you need to implement lead scoring and qualification criteria to ensure the lead meets your client’s specific requirements.


5. Advertising and In-Apps Purchase

Monetisation of Chatbots through this strategy involves several strategies, such as banner ads within the interface or native ads seamlessly integrated into conversation flows.

Through in-app purchase, users can pay a charge to access premium services, virtual products, and content. These tactics use user interaction to increase Chatbot revenue and also open up channels for focused marketing.


How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Chatbot?

Once the Chatbot is developed, the process continues. Ongoing maintenance, update, and support services are crucial to keep your Chatbot functional and up-to-date with evolving technologies and requirements. On average, the cost to maintain a Chatbot ranges between 15 to 20 % of the overall development cost.

The cost to maintain a Chatbot depends on several factors, including its complexities, the platform it is deployed on, ongoing updates and improvements, and the level of support required.

Hence, get help from the Chatbot development services provider and keep your Chatbot functional and up-to-date. The company will guide you on keeping your Chatbot competitive in the market.


AI development cta


Ready to Develop Your Own Chatbot With Us!

Chatbots are proven to be powerful tools that help businesses assist customers 24/7, generate leads, share proactive messages, and grow their sales. Most businesses know the value of using Chatbots at work, and the remaining are also inclined towards developing their own Chatbots.

However, as a business, if you also want to develop your own Chatbot but need to know how to invest in developing a Chatbot, you may suffer from a hefty loss. While AI Chatbot development is relatively expansive, it can help you deploy AI-generated Chatbots explicitly designed to meet your business needs.

Hence, if you want to develop your Chatbot within your budget and per your project’s requirements, look no further than Dev Technosys. It’s an Android app development company that offers on-demand Chatbot development services and brings clients ideas for development.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is An AI Chatbot?

AI Chatbot is an online platform trained to have human-like conservation utilizing a process known as Natural language process (NLP).


2. How Much Does it Cost To Develop a Chatbot?

In general, Chatbot costs fall from around $8000 to $25000 to develop a custom Chatbot. However, as per the app’s features, complexities, and platform to develop, the cost to develop a Chatbot changes.


3. How Long Does It Take To Develop a Chatbot?

Implementing a Chatbot for businesses takes around 3 to 7 months, depending on the bot’s scope, technical complexities, and the time required to develop a knowledge base.


4. How to Make Money With Chatbots?

There are numerous ways Chatbots can help businesses make money:

  • B2B bots
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Survey and statsica
  • Lead generation
  • Consulting bots

5. How Much Does It Cost To Hire An iOS Developer?

If you hire an iOS developer to create your Chatbot, it may cost around $15 to $25 per hour. Moreover, hourly rates can be changed as per developer’s skills, experience,and location.