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Do you want to Develop Fantasy Cricket App for your business? Then you must read this blog. Gaming addiction is on the rise worldwide.

With the development of fantasy cricket apps, developers have put a lot into incorporating new technology. Business owners and developers of fantasy sports apps are also interested in creating new games like Dream11 for their audience.

Fantasy Sports, as you all know, is a popular trend that is gaining popularity among major gaming companies. Fantasy Sports, which is now a multi-billion-dollar business, has a significant impact on live sporting events. Fantasy Sports are associated with many sports, including Cricket, Football, and Rugby, as well as Tennis, Horse Riding, and Baseball.

It is possible to analyze the ICC Cricket World Cup environment to draw a true conclusion about the elephantine atmosphere that cricket has created in cricket-loving countries. Many mobile app development companies are now looking for fantasy sports website development solutions.

You are here because you want to learn more about Fantasy Cricket App Development. This blog will cover how to develop a fantasy cricket app, the essential features of a fantasy cricket application, as well as its cost.

Let’s get started.

What is a Cricket Mobile Application?

What is a Cricket Mobile Application?

Online games called fantasy cricket allow players to play virtual seasons or games of any sport. This sport allows players to draft a virtual team consisting of real players from an ongoing professional cricket sporting event. Based on actual game performance, these virtual teams compete against each other.

Fantasy cricket allows the user to act as both the general manager and the field manager. They can also buy or drop players, just like in real sports.

The Fantasy Cricket game is the most popular among all Fantasy Sports. Fantasy Cricket Apps allow players to experience the thrill of playing cricket. Although there are many fantasy Cricket apps on the market, Dream11 is the best.

App Development for Fantasy Cricket is a fast-growing segment via Android/iOS and website platforms. Users can place bets over various active fantasy leagues.

Key Features of Fantasy Cricket App

Here are the features that you must consider before you build betting app. So let’s have a look at them.

User Panel

1. Home Screen

After being logged in, the user finds the home screen. The users can filter search using their interesting tournament, match, timings of the match, and match lifting. After the selection of the desired option, users will be redirected to the opted section. It ensures an effective, easy, and time-saving user experience.

2. Contest

The user can view the active contests, entry fees of various contests, team counts, and the amount of winning the contest. Furthermore, comprehensive detail about the ongoing contest and also of the ended contest becomes possible for users.

3. Join the Contest/Payment

Here the user is able to join active and proposed tournaments by paying their stipulated entry fee. Users can participate in the matches and make their own teams to fight the contest.

4. Dashboard

The user can make uninterrupted changes to their profile information through the user dashboard. It includes users’ account details, earned reward points through matches, winning amount, invitations total earning, and user rank.

An administrator section also includes a dashboard, admin login area, user’s management area, match the management section, reward management section, cash and bonus management, report management section, CMS page, and earnings.

5. Extra Features

Evidentially the seamless integration of new additional features makes fantasy cricket apps more unique, amazing and engaging, and profitable business for a mobile app development company.

Admin Panel

1. Live Score

The live streaming of the live score of the active match is a principal feature offered to users. Additionally, users are also able to see game highlights, expert analysis, and videos of the last games. The current update is the most essential feature.

2. Live Score Integration

It transforms data simply to be used through an API for fantasy cricket app development. This is very useful for the developers of the development of fantasy cricket app development.

3. CRM Integration

It assists service providers in providing push notifications, emails, ticket management, and further relevant features.

Mail reminder system: The user is informed about upcoming matches, tournaments, and team and player information through email reminders after integration of the mail reminder system

4. Push Notification

Push notifications, and alert users, about the time to design their teams and other necessary information. It keeps users engaged with the app and keeps giving important information and notices.

5. Real-time reports and Analytics

It stores real-time metrics and updates all information on live matches. This also shows the performance of a team and an individual player for a particular game or series.

6. location Tracking

It provides rich UX through the integration of advanced technologies which distinguishes it from others.GPS location tracking gradually becomes a unique selling point for the fantasy cricket app in competition in the current marketplace.

7. Chatbot Integration

Chatbot integration is a great way for automating actions and optimization of performance. Any top-notch mobile app development company expert in Chatbot development and API integration will perform this integration with their expert developers.

How to Develop Fantasy Cricket App?

How to Develop Fantasy Cricket App?

It will take a lot of time and money to build a fantasy cricket app. It is important to understand the entire process involved in achieving the desired output. There will be many steps and milestones that you have to face during this entire process. However, the following stages provide an overview to develop a fantasy cricket app:

1. Begin with a Vision

There are many options when it comes to developing an app for cricket. To help you plan your future, you will need to have a clear vision of the app you are trying to create. To make your decision, you can use statistics and information sources. It is important to spend time creating the vision, as it will guide all steps.

2. Market Research

The next to develop a fantasy cricket app is to conduct market research. Gather enough information about the industry that you plan to enter so that you can make your own decisions. Compare the services and competitors. Find out about their customer segments, and the features they use through the app. Keep track of how many users they have attracted over time.

3. Inauguration with a Strategy

A complete strategy is essential to create a blueprint for your project. You should write down details such as the service you offer, the platform for which you are developing the app, who your target audience is, how you plan on improving, the purpose of the app, your goals and objectives for the app, and more.

4. Select an App Development Team

You will not need an app development team if you’re not a full-stack programmer or managing an IT company. After listening to your vision and needs, the on demand app development company will make the best suggestions and help you realize them. You can look at their industry experience, past projects, and the number of clients that they have served to help you choose the right app development team.

5. Prototype UI/UX

Your app development partner will provide the UI/UX prototype. The UI/UX prototype is the key to a smooth and seamless user experience. It is important that all users and target audiences can access the User Interface. Make suggestions at this stage, as changes can be costly and time-consuming once the prototype is complete.


6. App Development

This is where the core development process begins. The back-end, as well as front-end tasks, will start. Here you will see the capabilities of your app team. You have the option to create a simple or a complex app depending on your goals. You can use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to make your app more useful. Select the right tech stack and technical architecture for your app.

7. Application Testing

Your app should provide a seamless experience for users, without bugs or glitches. To ensure that your app is free from bugs and glitches, the quality analysts team will test your app multiple times during the testing phase. Application testing’s core purpose is to evaluate your app and record the results. Testing will include user experience testing, security testing, and platform testing.

8. After Support and Deployment

After the app has been approved by the QA team, it will then be uploaded to the platform. The platform can be either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once the app has been deployed, the app can be downloaded by your target audience from the appropriate store.

There is always room to improve. For further improvement, it is important to get in touch with your app developers team. They can help you fix bugs as they arise. They will also help you to add new features to your app to ensure you provide the best possible service to your customers.

Technology Stack Required for Fantasy Cricket App Development

Tech Stack is the technological framework on which your app is based. An efficient app development team will communicate to you all the options you can choose; however, we suggest you learn the stack by yourself and then decide.

You will have the following choice of tech stack before you develop a fantasy cricket app–


Android Kotlin, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, Android SDK, Codeigniter, and React
iOS Objective C, Fabric iOS, Swift, Laravel
Cloud Storage Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
Database MySQL, Redis, Postgres, MongoDB
Payment Gateways PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree
Push Notifications MAP and Twilio
Real-time Analytics Google Analytics, Spark

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fantasy Sports App?

The cost to build a fantasy app is often the first thing you think about when considering app development. Finding the cost of fantasy sports app development is not easy. It varies depending on many factors such as the complexity and number of features, the tech stack, and the platform. An example of this is how the cost to build an app for Android differs from one for iOS.

These are only a few factors that affect the fantasy app development cost. These factors will be discussed later. For now, we can say that a fantasy sports app costs between $25,000 and $40,000 for an MVP version, and $45,000 to $50,000 for an advanced version.


The fantasy cricket app solutions are a perfect platform that offers paid or free contests for cricket enthusiasts. Its development in India has not only augmented the engagement of users in cricket but also dominated the whole ecosystem.

The emergence of fantasy cricket apps is building an intense connection between fans of cricket and real-life cricket. It also transformed many temporary cricket fans into sincere fans. As it is a fact that cricket has always been followed by millions of fans so engaging them with interesting and thrilling experiences is not a simple task.

On the contrary, sometimes it seems so hard to analyze the authentic figure of revenue due to its complicated revenue model. So among the fantasy sports app users playing with the active contest leagues, it calculates the exact revenue through the number of entries, the number of the given contest, and the amount of every contest.

The fantasy cricket apps maintain the spirit and zeal of the sport through their customized team management feature, contests, leagues, etc. Thus, if you want to develop a fantasy cricket app, you can hire a fantasy cricket app development company.


Is it profitable to invest in fantasy cricket platforms?

Yes, there is a huge market for fantasy cricket apps. It is very profitable to invest right now.

How do I develop fantasy cricket app?

It is a difficult and costly task to develop a fantasy app. We recommend that you hire a dedicated developers to create the app.

How to make money in a Fantasy Cricket App?

These are five tips to make sure you make money with fantasy cricket app

  • After choosing the 11 best players from each team, create a team.
  • Deposit money to participate in contests with your team.
  • Track the progress of your contest leaderboard, and see if your team wins.
  • Be wise when selecting your star players. These players are crucial in winning the game.
  • Referring the application to others can help you earn money.

What is the time it takes to develop a fantasy cricket app?

A fantasy sports app can take time depending on its complexity. A fantasy sports app can take from weeks to months to develop. It includes the development and testing of the app as well as any modifications that need to be made before it is released. The features and functionality included in a fantasy sports app will affect the time required to create it.