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Compare and choose from the most popular Music Streaming Services to listen to your favorite music genres.

Internet access has made it possible to have 24/7 access to content. Today, there are many entertainment platforms that provide a variety of entertainment options for a low subscription fee.

The same applies to music. It has now transfigured into a new embroidered culture that fortifies its usability. Due to consistent development, music streaming apps decipher their importance.

The days of music-centric channels such as MTV and Channel V are gone. Nowadays, people associate Spotify and YouTube with music. These Top Music Streaming Applications offer a huge library of songs to their listeners from all around the world and in many genres.

So what are you waiting for, just check out these amazing music streaming apps and enjoy the music.

Top 10 Music Streaming Apps

Top 10 Music Streaming Apps

Now, streaming services give users unlimited access to the available large catalogs of music. These music streaming services store the music that users can access via laptops and mobile devices.

Once they connect to the internet, they can listen to their beloved song by choosing it on the app. The availability of dedicated music streaming platforms lionized the contemporary need for custom iOS app development or Android app development. The users can store the music by saving it offline through a music streaming app.

1) Spotify

Spotify is one of the top music streaming applications, launched in 2008. It has proliferated across the world and offers people an instantaneous platform for music.

It offers users the facility to listen to their favorite artist’s music. The most astonishing feature it possesses is the users don’t need to own the music. Spotify presents a free subscription service to its users for an uninterrupted musical experience.

All paid users find added benefits like unlimited skipping through the musical tracks, no popup of advertisements between songs, and the option to keep the music offline they like. The users can explore the playlists customized by Spotify to find an artist or song.

It allows users to find new artists around the world. Furthermore, Spotify allows all record companies to showcase their artists on one platform.

The extensive popularity of Spotify opens up the scope for music streaming apps for Android app development. Additionally, it interprets an area that quests a huge demand for music.


Quality of free tier: Up to 160 kbps

Library size: 70 million+

Platforms: iOS and Android apps, desktop app, web player, smart TV apps, connected speaker support, cars

Free / $9.99-$14.99 per month


Google- 4.5

Apple store- 4.8

2) Shazam

The technology of music streaming services has been transforming over the past ten years. Today, most music app developers try to offer their users to download applications for free to access a beloved musical journey.

In this service, one cannot eschew the name of Shazam. Shazam is among the oldest and Top music streaming applications, that makes you listen to a song that you either heard in a store or during a movie.

It shows the user the name of their chosen song and the artist. They would have the option to share their discovery, play it on Spotify, music videos of it on YouTube, and artists’ tour information, discography, and album reviews.

Every song identified through the app will be saved as a tag. It can be shared with users’ friends and view their discoveries. The users can also watch the lyrics of the identified music by Shazam.

Furthermore, the users can create their accounts and get able to view all their music on Shazam from their computer. The app can also be used by users on Android devices, iPhones, and iPad, as well as with Android Wear, macOS, and Apple Watch.


Quality of free tier: Not Available

Library size: Not Available

Platforms: Android, macOS, iOS, Wear OS and watchOS

Free / $6.99/£6.99 per month (Shazam Encore)


Google- 4.5

Apple store- 4.8

3) iHeartRadio

Since its launch in 2013, iHeartRadio has proved to be a pioneer in the meticulous ever-evolving audio and digital landscape.

The unique platform offers free all-in-one digital music, podcasts, live radio streaming, and entertainment platform. iHeart has been triumphally embraced by 1.2 million registered users. It’s a radio app for the users’ mobile devices, offering music lovers a chance to listen to their loved artists.

The foremost feature that makes it wondrous, the users can also see an artist’s biography. iHeartRadio apps function with iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 10, iPad touch, and other devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Echo, gaming consoles, wearables, and vehicles.

With a non-identical approach to identifying similar songs and recommendations, it extends the potential of music streaming app development for a marketable solution.


Quality of free tier: Not Available

Library size: Not Available

Platforms: iOS and Android apps, desktop app, web player, smart TV apps, connected speaker support, cars

Free / $4.99-$9.99 per month


Google- 4.6

Apple store- 4.8

4. Tidal

Tidal has long been at the forefront of high-quality streaming, but the service has recently made several changes to its pricing structure that sees it becoming more accessible with the inclusion of lossless 16-bit 44.1kHz audio streams in its standard plan. Now, you can sign up starting at just £10 /$10 / AU$12.

Tidal is now distinguishing itself from the rest of the pack by introducing initiatives designed to provide artists with direct payments (from HiFi Plus subscribers only)  that represent each user’s listening habits rather than being attributed by aggregation.

If you’re a conscientious music fan looking for the best high-quality streaming experience, with an extensive catalog, immersive content, broad device support, and improved discovery features (and you aren’t already tied into the Apple ecosystem), Tidal is unquestionably it.

music app development


Cost: from £10/$10/AU$12 to £20/$20/AU$24 per month

Quality: 160kbps (free), 1411kbps,

CD-quality streaming, 24-bit/96kHz

Files: FLAC, AAC

Library size: 100m+ songs, 350K+ videos

Platforms: iOS and Android apps, desktop app, web player

5. Google Play Music

Between numerous top music streaming applications, the users are optimistic about more feature-rich apps. Now, if users like to listen to their own music library with no ads, and music streaming without any radio stations, Google Play Music plays a vital role. It allows users to upload songs to their Google account and gives access to all at any time.

They can create custom playlists, play music in shuffle mode or manually opt for specific songs to play without any limit. A quality feature of “I’m feeling lucky mix” makes the user able to play audio from their library based on the music they mostly listen to.

The extensive feature also offers them to subscribe for a monthly fee so that they can discover and save new music to their account. The Google Play Music app can easily be installed on iPad, Android, and iPhone devices.


Platform: Android, web

library size: Up to 50K songs uploaded

Price: $9.99/month (individual plan) and $14.99/month (family plan)

Free Trial: Yes (30 days)
Quality: 320 kbps

User per Account: 6 users

6. Apple Music

Launched in the year 2015. Apple Music Application provides both on-demand musics as well 24/7 live radio. Earlier it was only available for iOS users, although, after much contemplation, apple music is now also available on the google play store for $9.99-$14.99 per month.

Although this is among the top music streaming applications since the time of its launch it now also receives mixed reviews. However, it has quickly become one of the best music streaming apps out there.

The application also lets listeners get an insight into their favorite artists day to day life and what they are up to by following them on the application.

There are multiple plans available like an individual monthly plan, a cheap student monthly plan, and a family plan for six members in a single subscription.


Platforms: iOS and Android apps, web player

Library– 30 million

Price: $9.99-$14.99 per month

Ratings: Google- 4.7, Apple store- 4.5

7. Deezer

One of the leading and top music streaming applications, it boasts around 43 million songs worldwide. The Application like its competitor provides incredible audio features including playlists, stations, recommendations, and Flow, a personal soundtrack feature. Although the best feature is a Hi-Fi streaming option with 16-bit FLAC quality for $19.99 per month.


Quality of free tier: 128kbps

Library size: 56 million

Platforms: iOS and Android apps, desktop app, web player

Price: Free / $9.99-$19.99 per month

Ratings: Google- 4.7 / Apple store- 4.5

8. YouTube Music

This is one of the top music streaming applications that is provided by YouTube and it brings lots of music options for streaming. The design interface for this app is impressive, but free users can not stream when the app is minimized.

This is a disadvantage of this app for free users, but YouTube makes up with an all-around subscription plan. If you also use YouTube, you can pay the premium plan for the video-sharing app and still use that subscription on the music-streaming app. This is possible as long as both the YouTube and YouTube Music apps use the same Google account. The subscription plan for YouTube premium service is $6.99 and this price is paid monthly.

9. Amazon Music Unlimited

Music Unlimited is compatible with smartphones and tablets via its Android and iOS apps and PCs and Macs via its web player or desktop app. Fire tablets and TVs are also compatible while some in-car systems and audio products (including Amazon Echo and Sonos speakers) also support the service.

The mobile app looks good on smartphones and tablets but isn’t quite as intuitive and reliable as those provided by Apple or Spotify. Those rival services also have the edge when it comes to music discovery and curated recommendations although Amazon does provide plenty of suggestive guidance, allowing you to browse the catalog with minimal fuss and find new music.


Cost: from £9/$9/AU$12 to £17/$16/AU$19 per month

Quality: 3730 Kbps (HD)

Files: N/ALibrary size: 100 million

Platforms: iOS and Android apps, desktop app, web player, connected speaker support, cars

10. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is basically among the best radio and top music streaming applications. Although it does not provide on-demand music options, it has tons of radio stations, podcasts, and even live sports (in the premium version, anyway).

It further includes 600 non-commercial radio stations with both AM and FM stations. It is guaranteed that every radio station is available here.

However, music streaming is limited, and hence if you are interested in live sports news, podcasts, radio, etc. TuneIn Radio might be the optimal option for you. Additionally, if you want to develop an app like TuneIn Radio, you can take assistance from a mobile app development company.


Quality of free tier: N/A

Library size:  N/A

Platforms: iOS and Android apps, web players, smart speakers, cars, wearables, smart TVs, games consoles

Free / $9.99 per month / $99.99 per year


Google- 4.6

Apple store- 4.8


These are the top music streaming applications that are ruling in the market. Although, it is not necessary that you go through all the services in order to find one that suits your needs. Most streaming music services share some commonality at least in part.

You can create your own channels, and some services stand out due to their unique feature sets. You can test some services free of charge before you commit, while others require premium subscriptions.

Streaming services have revolutionized the music industry so much that even audiophiles who prefer physical formats can’t resist the lure of online platforms when it comes to their musical needs. It’s easier than ever to find old favorites or discover new artists by tapping a touchscreen button.


How Much Time Does it Take to Build a Music Streaming App?

The time required to build a music streaming app varies based on the complexity of the app and its features. Typically, it can take anywhere from 4-5 months to a year or more to develop and launch a high-quality music streaming app.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Music Streaming App?

The cost of developing a music streaming app can vary depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the app, the features you want to include, the platforms you want to support, the location of the development team, and more.

A basic music streaming app with essential features can cost around $25,000 to $35,000 to develop. However, if you want to build a more complex app with advanced features like personalized playlists, social sharing, and voice recognition, the cost can range from $40,000 to $50,000 or more.

How to Build a Music Streaming App?

To build a music streaming app, you will need to follow these basic steps:

  • Define the features and functionalities of your app
  • Choose the right technology stack for your app
  • Develop the app’s backend and frontend
  • Integrate APIs for music streaming services and payment gateways
  • Test the app and deploy it to app stores
  • Continuously monitor and update the app to enhance user experience and address issues.