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Developing a mobile application can be a Herculean task without proper guidance. The complexity of the same plays a crucial role as well. As the costs and time are of immense importance in mobile application development, the differences in costs regarding geography come into play. Read on to know more about the time & cost to develop mobile app.


time & cost to develop mobile app


Generally, the process of mobile app development services costs from around $200 to more than $100,000 depending on the type of app being developed, the features being included in it, and a lot more factors. Time varies according to the complexity of the app coupled with the database and software being required to run it. Here we are discussing different factors based on which, the cost and the time taken will depend.


Time & Cost To Develop Mobile App According To Features


1. User Login

This is the most common feature on almost all mobile applications. It allows you to log in or register yourself on to the app which makes it easier for anyone to use the same. It collects public data and also creates a profile for the user. The whole process of development takes about 20 hours and costs around $100 if you hire android app developers.

2. Navigation

This feature is used to direct the users from one page to another, going back to the home page, closing the app, and other activities by scrolling, swiping or clicking on different buttons, arrows, or icons. User-Interface (UI) architecture is the main basis for any mobile application to be developed. The time taken for this feature takes up to 10 hours and costs around $300.


Cost To Develop Mobile App According To Features

3. Media Content

All applications require different graphics, pictures, videos, and various audio files to make them highly interactive. Generally, social networking applications use features like editing, filters, different effects, emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Hired app developers may require up to 20 hours to add media content to these applications which may cost around $1,000 and more, depending on the target audience.

4. Notifications

Almost every app existing today needs to have this feature of notifications as they keep the users updated and informed about the activities taking place on the app in real-time. There are different types of notifications with texts, images, or action buttons. The development of these push notifications through mobile app development services takes up to $10,000 and the time taken ranges from 20 to 200 hours.

5. Chat/Messaging

This is one of the many necessary features of any app especially if you want to promote and market your business. There are different types of messaging- both individual and group. The chat or messaging feature can include other different attributes like file transfer, saving the messages, auto-deletion, voice notes, emojis, and a lot more. The price to develop this feature can range from $2,000 to $4,000 and the time taken can be approximated up to 80 hours or more.

6. Geolocation

It is one of the most important features for any dating, transportation, e-commerce, food delivery, traveling, or business app for tracking location. These apps use Global Positioning System (GPS) and real-time user permissions. The price depends on the range of the area and the accuracy of the service provided by this feature. It can go up to $2,500 and the time taken for development can be 50 hours or more.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile Application?

Time Taken To Develop An App Based on Complexity


1. Low

Low complexity apps are low in features and sometimes do not even require connecting to internet services. They also lack the use of sensors, several screens, and types of users and hence are called simple apps. These low apps take up to 300 hours to be developed when hiring android app developers.


2. Medium

Medium complexity apps have connections to internet services, in-built sensors, several in-app pages, minimum of 2 types of users, notifications, social media incorporation, and more features. These apps sometimes take as long as high complexity apps to develop. Usually, it takes around 100 to 700+ hours for mobile app developers to build the same.


3. High

All applications under this category are used by millions of users and require a team to work on the development, maintenance, design, versioning, and other factors associated with high complexity apps. Everything has to be running smoothly and the complex features of these apps need to be developed crucially for these applications to be bug-free and convenient to use for the users. The mobile app development cost increases at a high rate as the time is taken for developing them is a lot.

Making these apps available on all platforms and consistency is also a necessary engagement. The time taken to develop these mobile applications can take up to 600 hours or more after hiring a mobile app development company since you cannot rely on a single developer.


mobile app ctaas

Time & Cost To Develop Mobile App Based On The Platform


1. iOS

In countries like the USA and the UK, it can take roughly around $50,000 for an iOS app developer to build an app depending on different factors such as its usage, database, and backend connection. In Ukraine, the average hourly rate is around $50 per hour which is much lower than that in the USA therefore, the cost of the app reduces accordingly.

An iPhone app development company takes different factors such as the functionality of the app, designs with animation, prototyping, custom solutions that require technical research, and unexpected outcomes and changes along the way, into consideration.


The complexity of an app also plays a major role in determining the development cost of that application such as:

  • A simple iOS app with low complexity and basic functionality can take up to two months to develop and the cost can shoot up to $30,000 approximately.
  • A more complex app than the first one with more features and a little larger demographic can take more than three months to develop while costing around $50,000.
  • A high complexity app with a substantial database, numerous features, and a huge user base for an iOS app development company can take roughly six months or more to complete building, and the cost required can be estimated at $80,000 or more.

2. Android

When it comes to the development of Android, the price does not technically differ much from the iOS applications. However, there are slight differences in hourly rates for app development around the globe.

For an instance, the rates in North American countries can go up to $168 per hour for an Android app and $150 per hour for an iOS app, while in India, the Android app costs around $26 per hour, and an iOS app costs around $30 per hour.

Hired Android app developers can assist in building useful applications with cost-efficiency. While it is true that iOS applications are developed first and the android applications after, the fact that the screens and variety of Android devices make it a bit laborious to work on and therefore it takes somewhat a longer period for an Android app development company to develop these apps.

Time & Cost To Develop Mobile App Based on Different Regions

The app development cost and time is taken by app development companies to develop it differ in different geographical locations. The different locations for any app development are essential because it gives us an idea if we are saving money or spending more than expected.


Time & Cost To Develop Mobile App Based on Different Regions


The estimated hourly rates for app development worldwide are:

1. North America

  • iOS – $150/hr
  • Android – $168/hr


2. The UK

  • iOS – $70/hr
  • Android – $70/hr


3. South America

  • iOS – $43/hr
  • Android – $34/hr


4. India

  • iOS – $30/hr
  • Android – $26/hr


5. Australia

  • iOS – $110/hr
  • Android – $110/hr


6. Europe

  • iOS – $35/hr
  • Android – $35/hr


7. Indonesia

  • iOS – $11/hr
  • Android – $12/hr


What Is The Cost To Maintain a Mobile Application?

The task does not end at the development of the app itself. Maintaining it properly to ensure smooth functioning and the running of the same is also one of the most essential factors of the whole process.


How To Evaluate Maintenance Cost of Mobile App


From the exact second these apps are published on the App Store and Google Play Store, the expedition takes place. A DAU (Daily Active User) is required for ongoing success as active downloads and the use of an app is crucial.


Cost To Maintain a Mobile Application


The standard price for maintaining an app by mobile or react native app development company is about 20% of the development cost annually. The other additional features of an application can also shoot up the maintenance cost such as:

  1. Powerful servers ($20-$60 approx.)
  2. Payment gateway ($150 per month approx.)
  3. Emergency Maintenance (cost depending on the degree of emergency)
  4. Push Notifications ($10 per month approx.)
  5. The Application Store Developer Fee ($25 for Google Play and $99 for Apple’s App Store approx.)
  6. Upgradation of the OS
  7. Updating the app with the latest and advanced technologies
  8. Troubleshooting and bug fixing
  9. Improvement in coding
  10. Adding new features.


Cost Comparison: Agency vs Freelancer vs DIY


1. Agency

Opting for hiring an agency to aid you in the development of your applications might be more costly but it has advantages. With an agency, they will provide the best options and guidance to create an app as their development team is larger including highly skilled and experienced designers, programmers, and project managers.

Time is an efficient factor in this as all the work is divided among different people in their respective area of skillset and therefore they can work more effectively with near perfection.

Although the hourly app development rates are different around the globe, it is very essential to do a lot of research before hiring any agency to work for you. There are evident advantages of an agency, you would not have to look for skilled and professional designers or programmers separately as they will be part of one single team.

You would be able to witness the portfolio, hourly rates, and estimation of the project and lastly, these agencies will ensure that the project would be completed in the given amount of time with desired and near-perfect results.


Agency vs Freelancer vs DIY

2. Freelancer

Freelancers can also create and develop superior applications which can stand well with the ones developed by agencies. However, the price would be much less. You would get near similar results but at a cheaper price. However, the time to complete the project would be more as you will have to look for designers, programmers, and project managers.

There are certain disadvantages such as the massive communication gap among the project members, no single leader to take care of and coordinate the activities of the different people working on it, and lack of skill sets and experienced developers.

Even though it is less expensive, the quality of the work would be somewhat compromised and the time is taken to finish the project would exceed greatly. The lack of programming and coding skills may also lead to a less optimized and buggy application.


Cost & Time To Develop A Web Application

3. DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

As the title suggests, there is another way the development of applications which is doing it on your own. However, it requires thorough research, insight into designing, programming, coding, collecting data, processing information, and deep analysis.

Building an app on your own is rather cost-effective if you have the required resources and intel. Planning, designing, analysis, implementation, and maintenance are crucial factors to keep in mind while developing an app.

If you have the expertise in the aforementioned factors, you will save a lot of time and money by having full control over your project. You would have the liberty to add the features that you like while also maintaining the scope of the project.

DIY does come with its disadvantages as well. No matter how many skills and expertise you possess, developing a multipurpose app for a targeted audience can prove to be difficult at times and would take a long period. The quality of the application can also deteriorate or be compromised.


time & cost to develop mobile app

Funding For Mobile Applications

By understanding the cost of developing an app based on different factors, the next argument is how to accumulate all of that money. There are some sources where you can raise the funds:


1. Venture Capital

This is one of the most common and biggest sources for raising funds for your project. They offer large investments which can prove to be exceptionally ideal for you as you can think and plan about boosting your business and therefore, there are high chances that you would be in luck with this source.


2. Known Sources

The next most ideal source is none other than your own family, relatives, and friends. You know your investors therefore, there are no legal bounds. However, be careful with every penny you invest into the app.

Make your investors (friends and family) understand the benefits of using the app and how it would impact the market. This way you would be able to gain their trust and support a lot more.


Funding For Mobile Applications

3. Crowd-Funding

Another great method of accumulating funds is crowd-funding. Through the method of crowd-funding, you can gather money in small proportions from a large number of investors as each of them would make small contributions. The best way to ask for funds rather than gathering them is through the internet and social media. You can also promote your project subsequently which would help you gain more audience as well.

4. Social Media

Social networking platforms are a great way to collect funds. Most of the time, people are ready to help someone in need on social media therefore, you have a high chance of raising funds there. Be loud and clear about why you need the money, explain your project to the people on the internet, and how it would be beneficial for them if they choose to invest in your app.

Also, try connecting with people who share the same interests as you, so the chances of them helping you out increase. Social media is a strong platform and can assist you with the proper delivery of information.

5. App Contests

Many young entrepreneurs in the modern-day, present their useful and innovative ideas to big companies, businessmen, and a large crowd of investors through app contests. There is a panel presentation that judges your presentations and ideas. This method is great for standing out in a huge crowd and showcasing your innovation and creativity to them to attract them to invest in your project.

6. Bootstrap

The last resort to raising funds can be your savings which can be the best and most vital option for you. Fueling your own business/project is one of the most common methods as while working on it, you are validating your idea as well. Funds can also be raised from an investment firm.


Mobile App Development CTA


In conclusion, there are no shortcuts to developing a mobile application. All the necessary steps need to be followed to get results of a desirable quality. You can also take the help of a hybrid mobile app development company to get a single app developed for both, Android and iOS platforms.

Deep and thorough research is required before starting working on any project with the required skill sets and expertise. In the end, your ideas matter and how you want to convert your thoughts into something tangible and useful for other people so they can benefit from them.