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Salon App Development

Are you looking for salon app development? DevTechnosys offers on-demand beauty salon app development services for Android, iOS and cross-platform at the best market price.

Get a customized beauty salon app for your salon from certified developers and leverage it for your business.

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Beauty App Development

DevTechnosys offers on-demand Beauty salon app development services that cover all functionalities required by a SPA Beauty Salon or Barber Shop. It encourages the business owner to handle the regular management tasks and facilitates the user to book their slots for availing the services from beauty experts. Our solutions cover automated order management, real-time order tracking, chat option, push notification/alert management and many promising features. Our hassle-free salon app solutions empower many clients holding salon(s), spa centres, beauty stores etc.

On-Demand Beauty Services App Development : The Pivotal Features

The following represents the features you will have in your next beauty salon booking app.

  • User Panel
  • Salon Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

User Panel

  • Smooth Onboarding

    Users can signup or login on to the app using their phone number and e-mail id. They can also use their social media login to easily onboard the beauty salon app.

  • Profile

    A user can create a profile on the app to enter their details like contact numbers, e-mail id, alternate e-mail and more.

  • Find Services

    It has a powerful search option that a user can use to find out the desired services such as beauty services, nail services, hair cutting, cosmetology, spa services and more.

  • My Expert

    It allows a user to view the profile of the experts to choose any of them for having beauty services mentioned on the app.

  • Availability

    A user can search about the availability of beauty experts for appointment booking. It works on a real-time basis so the users can make the decision accordingly.

  • Appointments

    It works in combination with the above two features. Once the expert is available and users find the desired services, they can book the appointments.

  • Booking History

    This feature contains the booking history where a user can track their service booking and spending. It will also show what services they have booked.

  • Seamless Payment

    The app will contain multiple payment methods so the users can pay for the services at their convenience. It includes net banking, credit/debit card payment and e-wallet.

  • Reviews & Ratings

    Users can share their overall experience with the services in the form of ratings & reviews. Later these reviews and ratings can be used for quality assurance.

Salon Panel

  • Profile

    The salon owners can create their profile in a way so they can showcase what they are and what is their speciality. It includes services, salon timings and other information.

  • Bookings

    It is helpful for booking management. A salon admin can see or overview the bookings on a daily basis and advanced bookings, including the customer’s specific requests.

  • Availability Toggle

    Based on the availability of the staff, the salon owners can toggle the availability status of the services, staff or salon. It will be beneficial for the salon and its customers.

  • Request Handling

    Having a direct relationship with the availability toggle feature, it is such a useful feature where salon admin or manager can accept or reject the service request.

  • In-App Chat

    A salon expert can talk to the customer(s) via in-app chat functionality. It is such a great feature in terms of communication and maintaining the relationship with the customers.

  • Earnings

    It showcases the earnings that a particular salon earned in a day, week and month. The salon owners will have statistical displays for their earnings, including real-time analytics.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

    The powerful dashboard works as a complete control centre for the app owners. They can manage and observe all the data within a click, and it also makes user and salon management easy.

  • User Management

    It is such a worthy feature that allows the app admin to manage the user's data and their account. It includes adding or removing the users, resetting the account passwords, and more.

  • Staff Management

    It is similar to user management; the only difference is that an admin will manage the salon staff information, their profile, handle information, and their accounts within the app.

  • Appointments

    Appointment booking is the most important activity for a salon app. So, an admin can overlook booked, cancelled, and ongoing appointments for managing the overall booking operations.

  • Manual Appointments

    Suppose a user puts a manual request on the salon services booking app, then an admin can update it on the system and immediately, they can send booking notification to the salon expert and customers.

  • Appointment Rescheduling

    If any user requests rescheduling the appointment, then an admin can reschedule it with ease and immediately. It leads to better service management where a user will also be updated about it.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    For strategic purposes, reporting and analytics are essential that we promise to include in your app. The app admin can generate the reports in real-time to make a unique strategy for business growth.

  • Loyalty Programs

    For better customer relationships and engagement, loyalty programs work fine. The app admin can offer loyalty programs, offers, and coupons to the customers via the app.

Additional Features

  • Mobile Wallet

    Instead of using net banking or card payment, the users will recharge it, so whenever they require to pay, users can do it with a click.

  • Real-Time GPS

    One of the best-advanced features to be included in the salon app development. It helps the users to find the exact location of the salon.

  • In-App Calling

    The salon owners, salon experts and customers can communicate with each other in real-time via in-app messaging, chatting, and calling.

  • Pre-reservations

    One of the most innovative features of salon app development. While using these features, customers can view the overall vacant booking slots for upto 2 months for advance booking.

  • Online Catalog

    The salon owner can create or modify the service catalogue with information and a price list. It makes on-demand salon app development solutions fantastic for business.

  • CRM

    The salon owner can create or modify the service catalogue with information and a price list. It makes on-demand salon app development solutions fantastic for business.

Dev Technosys

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On-demand Beauty Services App Development Demo

The demo showcases one of the beauty salon apps developed by our experienced developers. It can give you great insight into how salon apps look, what are the features and what features you can consider making your app unique.

How Does It Works?

DevTechnosys have talented online beauty salon app builders who are expert in crafting solutions with a personal touch. It represents our higher standards and dedication to developing the applications that can serve the businesses best in the market.

  • 1

    Single Tap Booking

    The user can book an appointment with a salon expert with a single tap. Once it is done, it will generate an alert for the manager and the customer that a salon appointment is booked on a particular date.

  • 2

    Order Tracking

    The app also provides an order tracking facility that allows users to track their orders. Once the user has booked any salon service, then they can track whether the appointment is booked or not and with whom they have booked.

  • 3

    Fine Invoicing

    con-demand beauty service app offers an easy payment method. The customers can easily pay for the services. Once the payment is confirmed, then via smart invoicing, the invoice will be generated.

  • 4

    Order Tracking

    Facilitates the users to track their orders on a real-time basis.

  • 5

    Cart & Payment

    The easy cart option allows users to add several items easily. These items can be navigated, before moving to the payment screen. Here, the user gets multiple payment methods.

  • 6

    Rating & Reviews

    Customers can rate and review the grocery items and delivery persons from their online grocery app.

Complete Range of On-Demand Beauty Salon App Development Solutions by Dev Technosys

DevTechnosys offers perfect beauty salon booking app development services that will help you to meet your business goals. Our salon app developers have comprehensive experience in developing applications, and you will be amazed to know that multiple customers worldwide are using our solutions.

Our Salon booking app solutions core parts include-

App for Customers

It includes several useful features that a user can access while using a customized beauty salon app. It includes features like smooth onboarding, profile creation, find services, appointment booking and many more.

App for Salon

It is for salons where salon owners can manage their overall business and service activities. It includes features like profile creation, booking, appointment management, request handling, and more.

Admin Panel

The admin panel facilitates the app admins to manage the user and salon related tasks. It includes a dashboard, user management, staff management, manual appointments, reporting & analytics, coupon generation, and more.

Including the mentioned above core parts, you can also demand the following solutions from us. Our talented and experienced app developers can help you best with on-demand beauty services app development.

Dev Technosys
Salon Booking App
Dev Technosys
Salon Booking System
Dev Technosys
Salon Scheduling App
Dev Technosys
Salon Appointment App
Dev Technosys
Online Salon Booking System
Dev Technosys
Hair Salon Appointment App
Dev Technosys
Beauty Salon Booking App
Dev Technosys
Salon Booking Android App
Dev Technosys
Beauty Salon software for ipad
Dev Technosys
Cross-Platform Booking App
Including above solutions you can also demand customization from us.
Dev Technosys

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On-Demand Beauty Salon mobile App Development Services

Salon business is one of the businesses that cater to the demand of many customers where businesses need to onboard the new customers. There is ample need for new-age solutions, which DevTechnosys is contributing as a prominent salon app development company that is known for providing the next-generation solution regarding Salon App Development.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

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Our Portfolio

Having experience of more than a decade in mobile app development, DevTechnosys is a leading salon app development company. So far, we have developed several mobile apps for beauty salons chains and beautician service providers that include several international brands. Here are the details of the projects we have developed.

Zoylee Salon & Spa Booking App

Zoylee - Online Spa and Salon Booking App. Easily find, compare, select, and book spas and salons around you with real-time confirmation and enjoy waiting-free services with Zoylee. ...
Dev Technosys

Zylu - Book a Salon Service

Zylu is the most trusted Salon appointment booking app. It helps you to find the best salons, spas, yoga/massage centers, independent specialists, tattoo studios, nail art studios, aesthetic dermatology service centers nearby you and allows you...
Dev Technosys

MyCuts - Salon Booking App

Discover MyCuts, the breakthrough app that will save time booking appointments and tracking inventory so you can focus on your clients! It can be your hair salon software and salon management software that can help you to better manage your bus...
Dev Technosys

Salon App Development Solutions Cost Estimation

The are several factors that affect the cost of on-demand salon app development cost. The following represents how cost estimation takes place for developing a salon app.

Dev Technosys


It is one of the significant factors that affect the Beauty app development cost. Suppose you want to develop an online salon booking system for iOS devices, then it may cost you more than a salon appointment book app for android.

Dev Technosys


The online salon appointment booking apps are in trend, and most people are using them; they must include a variety of features into it. On the other hand, multiple features lead to more cost of app development.

Dev Technosys

Graphic Design

The salon apps are being developed for the common people, and if the graphical design is stunning, then it will create interest. There are some paid tools available for implementing these, and their cost remains associated with the app development.

Dev Technosys

Tech Stack

The tech stack stands for tools & technologies used for developing the front and backend to make an app robust, secure, responsive, and interactive. Although some development tools are open-source, some of them are paid and are being used.

Dev Technosys


For better request management and data handling, sufficient storage is required. Moreover, storage is also required for the proper functioning of the app. Either it can be server installation or subscribing cloud storage both options require cost.

Dev Technosys

Application Security

As cyber-attacks increase, privacy and data security have become major concerns. The overall cost of implementing the security measures of the mobile application is partially affected by the cost associated with security implementation.

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Why Choose Us For Salon App Development?

As one of the promising beauty salon app development company services providers, we take every measure to craft the solution that must meet the business goals and ease the management. It will help you to enjoy strong relations with your clients. The following are the criteria that we use for salon application development-


Easy Ordering

Via customer panel, your beloved customer can order salon services from anywhere, only by signing into the app. They can choose any available option or services and schedule an appointment with available experts or with their desired experts. It is one of the best features our salon app contains.


Best Service Management

We consider it one of the top priorities that owners must have modern age service management aid incorporated in on-demand salon solutions. The admins can easily manage all the service requests with ease. Our app has the functionality that displays the availability of staff to the admins and the status of the availability.


Customer Data Management

Our app is empowered with the dashboard features that allow admins to manage the customer's data, such as their preferences for the services, preferred products, favourite hairstylist and preferred time and day. CRM works excellent when it comes to meeting customers' expectations.


Excellent Customer Service

Each instance of our spa application development is dedicatedly designed to offer excellent customer service and high transparency. Our salon app contains all features that customers require and demand in the market.


Ensured Reliable Services

DevTechnosys believes in providing the ultimate experience to the clients via services such as Salon Website Design Services, app development etc. The users must enjoy the services continuously without having doubts about their data privacy or any online threat. So, you can trust our product to provide reliable services.


Cost Estimation

Once the user opts to avail of the services on the app, including their preference, they can see the instant cost estimation on their screen. It gives the customer an idea of how much it will take to avail of the particular services without any hidden cost. It ensures a high degree of trust.

Benefits of On-Demand Beauty Salon App Development Company

We always work towards excellence, so the salon owners and their customers enjoy the several benefits of our on-demand beauty salon app development services

The following you will find most amazing-

  • Customized Solutions

    Although the salon apps have common features with us, you will find customized solutions for our salon app builders. We provide bespoke app solutions that help to meet the business's and customer's goals. Our development team never left any stone unturned while spa app development.

  • Competitive Price

    We value each penny of our customers, so you can trust us to have reliable salon app development services. You will find a competitive price with high-quality features with us, and you should believe that we are true to our words. We have a long list of satisfied clients for which we have developed salon and spa solutions.

  • Convenience

    On-Demand Salon Solutions provide convenience to the users for requesting the services and admins to manage the tasks. This feature empowers all the stakeholders to have a hassle-free experience.

  • Fast Booking

    One of the top benefits of an online salon management system is that users can speedily book the services. The salon website design services ensure hassle-free booking. Once the booking is confirmed, the customer and salon admin will be notified within seconds.

  • Professional Benefits

    There are several benefits for the admins which they can use to improve the services, such as data analytics and reporting. It provides professional benefits. The generated data and reports can be used for planning the future and can also use to train the salon marketing team.

  • Better Customer Engagement

    Our salon application development solutions empower the business for better customer engagement as it has several best features. The customer will not find any delay while booking any service as we use modern age technology & tools to develop the application; in turn, it provides the best customer experience.

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On-demand Beauty Service App Development Models

Dev Technosys

Aggregator Beauty App Development

It works on the concept of an Uber-like app model where your app will work as a platform to connect the salon owners and customers. Here you will earn via commission on each booking done by the customers.

Dev Technosys

Salon Appointment Booking

This type of model works fantastic for an individual salon. If you have a salon and want to offer a unique experience to your customers, then the salon appointment booking app will work fine.

Dev Technosys

Salon & Beauty App Development

If you own a spa and salon business chain and want to have a cutting edge in the ongoing market competition, then our experienced team of salon app developers can help you the best.

Dev Technosys

Beauty Products & Salon Booking App

These apps work on the hybrid concept where a person can book beauty services and on the other hand, they can also purchase the beauty products as required.

Ready-To- Go Salon Booking App Development Solutions By Dev Technosys

  • Dev Technosys

    MySalonApp Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Salon Iris Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    SalonAppy Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Shedul Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    MyCuts Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Vagaro Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Setmore Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    MindBody Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    bePOS Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Suqare Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How on-demand salon solutions work?

    Although it takes too much effort to develop on-demand salon solutions for the customers and business owners, it is much easier to use. In terms of customer point of view, once the customer downloads it, they can signup using their e-mail id or phone number or social media id. After login, use can book any services such as hair styling, hair spa, body spa, beauty treatment etc., and they can also purchase skin beauty products.

    It has an excellent admin panel, including dashboard features by which the admin can manage all the tasks. The admin can accept or reject user requests, check the availability of staff and beauty experts, can modify the rate card, add or remove items or services from the catalog, send push notifications or alerts to the user and many more.

  • How long will it take to develop a salon app?

  • Do you provide maintenance services regarding salon app development?

  • Is it possible to add new features after launching an online salon management system?

  • How to make a spa app?

  • What advanced features my spa application will have?

  • What is the beauty salon app?

  • Is it possible to develop a salon scheduling app for iPhone?

  • How much does it cost to develop a beauty salon mobile app?

  • Would you provide a customized-on-demand beauty salon app development solution?

  • Do you provide support after sales?

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