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Internet and social media have become crucial assets for today’s businesses. Technological advancements and platforms like social media made it accessible for businesses to promote their products and services while keeping the customers’ engaged.

Unlike any other business, salons have also adopted this trend, and as a result, businesses are moving towards salon app development. In addition, salon applications are becoming popular among millennials as they prefer to get on-demand beauty services at home.

The best part is businesses have to spend less on salon app development cost but can avail of amazing benefits while making a strong customer base online. So what else does a business owner need? Popular salon apps like Zolmi and Vagaro are already availing significant benefits of online salon & beauty services in the US and other regions.

Salon App Development Market Stats & Revenue

Currently, on-demand salon app development services have become the talk of the town. However, if you aren’t aware, the following stats will help you know the importance of online salon and beauty services.

Salon App Development Cost

  • Statista states that the salon market reached around $128.59 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $190 billion by 2024.
  • The beauty and wellness industry is rising globally at 5%. On the other hand, the Asian salon app market has crossed $6.5 billion from 2015 to 2020.
  • For on-demand beauty services, females are spending around $3756 yearly.

Salon App Development Cost

  • The global hair spa market is expected to rise at a CAGR above 5.80% in between 2018 to 2025.
  • In 2017, the global revenue of the spa and beauty salon market was $128 million, and the demand isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

The invention of salon booking app development has completely changed the scenario of beauty services, as we can already notice from the statistics mentioned above. It has opened the opportunities for all-scale beauty services providers to step into the market by spending little on the salon app development cost.


How Does Salon App Works?


How Does Salon App Works


On-demand beauty salon app development has become the source of employment in this digitized and fast-paced world. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface that enables users to easily use the app in a go.

  • Users can simply download the salon app and book the stylists nearby.
  • To book a specific salon professional, users can search by entering the choice or stylist in the search bar.
  • Once the booking is confirmed, users can fix the time and date to avail of salon and beauty services.
  • After availing of the service, users can pay using any secure payment gateway.

This is how the app works amazingly in a less salon app development cost. Simple. Isn’t it? Now, let’s move to the unique features to include during beauty service app development.


Must-Have Salon App Development Features

Different types of salon and beauty services applications are available, each of which has unique features. Different applications have unique features associated with them, and the salon app is no exception. Also, the salon app development cost fluctuates as per the business application.

Generally, the salon application development features are divided into three different panels, i.e., the user panel, the salon expert panel, and the admin panel.

Customer Panel


Salon App Customer Panel


This panel of on-demand salon app development services is accessed by users looking forward to availing of online beauty services. 

  • Sign-up/Registration

    This salon app feature lets users sign-up or register on the application within a minute or two. But, always remember that none of the users prefers to spend hours filling out long forms. So, try to keep the sign-up or registration process simple and short.

  • View Beauty Services

    Once the users register on your on-demand salon and beauty service app, they get access to view beauty services or nearby salons. So, when you avail of on-demand beauty services app development assistance, ask the professionals to keep the list sorted and organized.

  • Choose a Stylist/Salon

    It is a very useful feature of a salon app that lets the users choose a stylist or salon directly by using the search filter. You can also incorporate some advanced features to offer online customized salon services.

  • View Specialist Profile

    Once the user chooses a salon or particular service, he/she can view the salon expert profile to get an overview of his specialization, work done, and more before booking online salon services.

  • Book An Appointment

    This beauty or hair salon app feature lets users book an appointment from the comfort of their homes.


      • Make Payment

        After seeking online beauty & salon services, users can make a payment online via any payment method. It is a crucial feature of all applications, including salon & spa booking app development. Make sure to incorporate a secure payment gateway to enable users to pay securely.

      • In-App Call & Chat

        Sometimes users want to inquire about the services before taking assistance online. Right? In that case, the in-app call & chat feature comes handy. It will help salon app users to get in touch with specialists before seeking their beauty services.

      • Reviews & Ratings

        Here, users can give valuable reviews and feedback to salon owners based on their online salon and beauty service assistance. It is also a crucial feature that helps businesses gain credibility and win new users’ trust. This feature comes under a basic salon app development cost, so don’t forget to include this feature in your app.

      • Push Notifications

        Another basic yet mandatory feature for all application panels, i.e., push notifications. This feature keeps the users updated about online salon offers, discounts, and more while keeping them stuck to your app for a long.


Salon Professional Panel


Salon Professional Panel


This Salon Booking App Development panel is accessed by salon professionals who will offer beauty and salon assistance to app users. 

            • Registration

              This feature is similar to that of the saloon app users’ panel. Here, the salon professionals register on the application to provide online salon and beauty services.

            • Manage Profile

              After registering on a hair salon appointment app or any other beauty service app, salon experts can manage their profiles. Here, they can jot down their beauty experience, skills, and more to build credibility and win app users’ trust.

            • View Bookings

              It is one of the useful aggregator salon app development features that let the professionals view all the bookings in one place. Unlike offline salon services, they don’t service separately and can easily view all the ongoing and upcoming bookings together.

              hire developer

            • Accept or Reject Booking

              Salon app professionals can accept or reject the request for on-demand salon and beauty services based on availability. As soon as the experts take action here, it will be further reflected the salon app users.

            • Listing Services & Prices

              This feature of beauty app development enables professionals to list down their products & services along with the prices of each of them. It helps salon app users get a clear overview of all the services and their pricing.

            • Managing Calendar

              Not every application has this feature, but if you want to make the application’s services sorted, include this feature. Here, the professionals can add appointment reminders on the calendar that save the experts from skipping appointments while ensuring smooth salon services. If you hire salon app developers, ask them to insert this feature into the application.

            • Service History

              This is another useful feature that helps salon app professionals to view their service history & keep track on the profit and revenue generated.

            • Push Notifications

              Enabling push notifications help salon professionals stay updated on upcoming appointments and other service-related information via push notifications.

            • Admin/Salon Owner Panel

              Admin Salon Owner Panel

              This beauty service app development panel is accessed by the salon owner or the admin who will manage both the customer and the service provider panel.

            • Dashboard

              A well-structured dashboard allows the admin to get clear access to all the profiles associated with salon and spa booking app development. This feature is only available on the admin panel of a business application.

            • Managing Profiles

              Once the admin login on to the hair salon appointment app or any other, he/she can manage multiple profiles in a go. It helps the admin get a deep insight into everyone’s profile while keeping track on their activities.

            • Accepting Requests

              Besides the salon providers, the admin or owner of the salon app can also accept the requests received on the application. Whenever a new user registers on the salon app, the admin verifies the detail and then accept or deny the request based on the user’s credibility.

              Adding such features to an app will not increase salon app development cost, but will definitely increase the app’s worth or credibility.

            • Generate Monthly Reports

              This feature of on-demand beauty services app development allows the admin to get monthly reports and analytics related to booking, profit, sales, and loss. Such a feature is essential to let the business owner get an insight into how the beauty salon app is performing and generating profit for them.

            • Managing Payments

              Whether it is about keeping track of payments at the users’ panel or services provider panel, the admin can do it all in one place. This amazing feature of salon booking app development allows the admin to manage all payments in one place.

              Besides this, the feature also let the app owner address payment issues while keeping users satisfied with the salon & beauty services.

            • Push Notifications

              Like the rest two salon app development panels, the admin also has to push notifications features in their app. It helps the application owner to get timely updates about the ongoing application activities and take action accordingly.

          • Manage Inventory & Products

            Besides managing the salon services, this feature is also a must to allow the admin to keep an eye on the salon inventory and products. Using this amazing feature of salon app development, the admin can add or remove the products as per their availability.

            These are some essential features that businesses should consider while developing a beauty salon app. Each of the features mentioned above contributes a little to salon app development cost, so if you are running low on budget, keep the app simple.

          Salon App Development

          How Much Does Salon App Development Cost?

          A basic salon app development cost lies around $12,000 to $25,000. An app with advanced features and functionalities costs more than $25,000. Besides this, there are ample factors that decide the actual cost of on-demand salon app development services, such as –


          Salon App Cost Affecting Factors

          Average Cost

          UX/UI Design


          Development Platform (Android or iOS)


          Backend Development


          Web Development


          MVP Testing


          Quality Assurance


          Total Cost of Salon App Development



          These basic factors mentioned in the table above will fluctuate the cost to develop a salon app. Besides this, the technology stacks used during beauty salon app development will also influence the cost to a great extent. So, when you hire dedicated developers to create a salon app, ask them about the type of tech stack they’ll use during app development.

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          Tech Stack of Salon App Development

          Today, many features, functionalities, and tech stacks are available that, if implemented the right way, will result in successful salon booking app development. So, let’s look at the crucial tech stack you can insert into your salon app to make it successful while reducing salon app development costs.


          Tech Stack

          Push NotificationsSMS Alert

          FCM, APNS

          Payment Gateway

          PayPal, Stripe

          SMS/Phone verification

          Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo

          App Data Management



          Flutter, React Native, Ionic


          MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgres

          Cloud Environment

          AWS and Google

          Realtime Analytics

          Hadoop, BigData, Cisco


          Mandrill: GWT

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          Summing Up!

          Today’s modern age salon services are way different from traditional salons we had a decade ago. By leveraging the latest tools, technologies, features, and functionalities, now businesses are offering on-demand salon services.

          Due to the ever-rising demand for on-demand salon and beauty services, businesses are constantly searching for top organizations that can provide on-demand salon app development services. So, either you should have a professional team of your own, or else hire salon app developers who can create a successful salon app. We hope you find the blog useful and now will be able to create a successful salon and beauty services app.