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“The rise of salon booking apps signifies the merging of convenience and beauty. It’s a testament to our society’s desire for seamless experiences and the power of technology to deliver them.”

– Tim Cook


In today’s fast-paced digital world, salon booking apps have revolutionized the way customers discover and schedule appointments with their favorite salons and beauty professionals. These apps provide convenience, efficiency, and a seamless booking experience for both clients and salon owners. However, if you’re considering developing a salon booking app like Fresha, one crucial factor to consider is the cost involved.

The cost of salon booking app development can vary significantly based on several factors. These include the complexity of features, platform compatibility (iOS, Android, or both), design complexity, integration with third-party systems, and the development team’s location and expertise.

In this blog, we will delve into the various aspects that influence the cost of developing a salon booking app. We will explore the essential features to consider, provide insights into the development process, discuss the role of design and user experience, and highlight the potential ongoing expenses for maintenance and updates.

By understanding the cost factors involved, you’ll be better equipped to plan and budget for your salon booking app like Fresha development project, ensuring a successful and cost-effective outcome.

What is Fresha App?

What is Fresha App


Fresha (formerly Shedul) is an online booking service for beauty services that uses the cloud. It’s similar to Salon Iris. The London-based beauty marketplace platform, launched in 2015 has been gaining traction.

The beauty salons app has been downloaded in more than 120 countries, and 250M+ appointments have been booked. Users can easily sign up, find the best beauty services in their area, book an appointment, and pay online. This free fresha booking software is used by over 50k+ business associates and 150k+ professional and local stylists.

Why Invest in Salon Booking App: Market Size and Stats


Invest in Saloon Booking App


  • The size of the spa and salon software market is expanding more quickly, with recent years seeing significant growth rates. The market is anticipated to increase significantly between 2021 and 2028, which is the predicted time frame for this market’s growth.
  • In 2017, spas and beauty salons generated a global revenue of 128.59 billion U.S. Dollars.
  • A woman will spend over $225,000 in her lifetime on just skincare.
  • Around 70% of the US’s 1.2 million stylists, cosmetologists, and hairdressers began marketing their services through mobile apps last year.
  • Globally, the beauty industry is estimated to be worth $532 billion in 2015 and $716.6 billion in 2025.
  • Spa and beauty clinic sales were forecast to be worth USD 139.1 billion in 2021, and with a CAGR of 4.50 percent, they are anticipated to increase to USD 181.44 billion by 2028.


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How Does a Salon Booking App like Fresha Work?

The development of beauty salon apps on-demand has opened up a world of opportunity for individual hairdressers and stylists. On-demand has become a source of employment for private service providers and there are high expectations from this industry.

Here are some statistics that show the beauty salon industry’s growth. The development of salon appointment apps has become essential for availing services. If a user downloads the salon app, they can book any stylists that are available.

The user can search for the stylist or beautician of their choice using the search bar. If the booking is confirmed, users can select a date and time that suits them, provided it’s available.

Users can choose from the services listed. On-demand salon applications are primarily designed to allow users to receive beauty treatments and services at their convenience.

Top 5 Examples of Salon Booking App Like Fresha


Salon Booking App

Available Platform



Android | iOS 1M+


Android | iOS 1M+


Android | iOS



Android | iOS



Android | iOS


1. StyleSeat

StyleSeat, a popular app for booking Salons, connects clients with a variety of beauty and wellness professionals. The app offers a straightforward user experience that enables users to read reviews, look through profiles, and schedule appointments.

The app also offers seamless payment processing, appointment notifications, and the option to rebook your favorite service providers. StyleSeat is a great choice for customers and service providers who are looking for a reliable and convenient platform to book Salon appointments.


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2. Vagaro

Vagaro, a Salon Booking App, is designed to cater to a variety of beauty and wellness businesses including spas, fitness centers, and Salons. Users may search for and book local service providers. It also offers features like online booking management and automated reminders.

Vagaro includes a variety of tools, including inventory tracking, client management and marketing, which makes it an ideal solution for Salons and independent professionals who want to streamline their business.

3. Booksy

Booksy is an app for booking Salons that offers a variety of features. It focuses on delivering a smooth booking process to both customers and businesses. Clients can view availability in real time, search for services and book appointments with their favorite stylists or beauty experts.

Booksy provides additional features such as customized profiles, integrated payment processing and a loyalty program. Booksy’s emphasis on customization and convenience makes it a good choice for those looking for an easy Salon booking process.

4. Timely

Timely is an app for booking Salons that provides a variety of management and scheduling tools customized to meet the needs of beauty businesses. Customers can easily book and find appointments with local hairdressers and Salons.

Timely offers features such as calendar synchronization and automated reminders to simplify the booking process. It also provides a full range of management tools for businesses, such as inventory control and staff scheduling.

5. Treatwell

Treatwell, a popular Salon Booking App, connects users with a variety of beauty and wellness providers in their locality. Users may use the app to look up Salons or treatments, check for availability, and make direct bookings.

Treatwell offers additional features such as customer reviews, loyalty programmes, and secure payment processing in order to enhance your booking experience. Treatwell’s extensive network of Salons, as well as its comprehensive features, makes it a top choice for those looking for a reliable and convenient Salon Booking App.

How To Make Money From Your Salon Booking App like Fresha?        

You can use a variety of strategies to increase the revenue for your beauty Salon booking app like Fesha. You can mix a few of these into your specific business model. These are:


How To Make Money From Your Salon Booking App like Fresha


  • Commission:

One of the most popular ways to monetize your app is by taking a percentage of sales of beauty products or other services from other brands. To ensure that your firm receives a consistent stream of cash, you must follow the proper steps.


  • Subscription Plans:

Offer your customers the chance to test out your plan for a month at no cost and offer them various benefits so they can see how beneficial or useful it is. You can then offer them subscriptions of 3 months, 6 or 12 months for the best price once they have learned about the plan.


  • Special Beauty Packages:

Purchase monthly beauty packages via the app and earn reward points that can be redeemed on your next bill.


  • Advertisement:

Allow beauty brands to advertise their products on your app by paying the advertising amount to have a one call button on your app.


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Key Features to Integrate in Salon Booking App Like Fresha

It would be helpful to know which features are likely to keep users engaged in your app if you plan to create a Salon Booking App like Fresha. When creating a Salon app, an android or ios app development service provider can assist in incorporating the following functionalities.


Admin Salon Owner Panel


1. Time-Efficiency

Salon scheduling apps offer users the ability to browse through and view real-time information, which allows your customers to save time when booking their appointment. This feature will encourage more users to download your app. It will also leave a good first impression, as scheduling an appointment is usually the first interaction a client has with your Salon.


2. Convenient Browsing

If you create a fresha app with a simple interface, customers will have no trouble navigating through information about your Salon, such as the working hours, pricing, packages, policies and offers.


3. Push Notifications

No matter what business you run, simply reminding customers of your existence will make a huge difference. Cold-calling is an old technique. You can use push notifications instead to inform your customers about the newest offers and promotions while also reminding them of your existence.


4. Online Payments

Online payments are the norm today. If you plan to create a Salon Booking App like Fresha, a secure payment gateway like PayPal will be essential. This will allow customers to easily pay online, without any problems.


5. Personalization

It is essential to include a personalization option when developing Salon booking software. It makes sense, given the current trend of personalized content, to create a system for Salon bookings that is tailored to your brand. This will distinguish your app from the competition and improve brand awareness.


6. Discounts and Offers

You can use an app to book appointments for your Salon. This will allow you to announce the latest offers, discounts and updates. You will be able to achieve your goal with this.


Additional Features Integrate Salon Booking App like Fresha


● Promo Codes/Discounts Offers

Provide special access to promotional code to app users to increase customer engagement and improve app use. Access discount codes, special offers, bundles of services, and more.


● Multi-Lingual Integration

Depending on the audience you are targeting or service seekers that use your app, multi-lingual can make it easier for users to access. When you hire dedicated developer that specializes in cross-platform app development, this feature is much easier to integrate.


● Referral Programs

It’s not uncommon for Salons and beauty businesses to encourage their clients to tell friends and family about the service they received. You can reward users for positive registrations or sign-ups.


● Heating Window

Admins can look at the locations where there are high demands and direct service providers to these areas.


Technology Required For Developing Salon Booking App Like Fresha  

It is important to choose a solid tech stack when building a full proof app. This Salon booking app like Fresha should adhere to the highest quality standards, and provide optimized performance in order to be competitive. Choose a hybrid mobile app development company that uses the following frameworks and tools:

  • Payment gateway: Stripe
  • Real-time app analytics: Hadoop. BigData, Spark, Apache, IBM, Cisco
  • Data management: Datastax
  • Push notifications: Apple push notifications, Firebase cloud messaging
  • Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase
  • Cloud environment: Google and AWS
  • In-app chat: QuickBlox Chat
  • Voice, SMS, phone verification: Twilio, Nexmo, Sinch


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Factors Affecting The Salon Booking App Development Cost

Under-discussed is the list of factors that ultimately affect the overall cost to build Salon booking app. The following list of elements affects the price of a Salon booking app like Fresha in addition to the tech stack and feature list that will be described in depth in the later section:


1. Wireframe

If you want your team to create a wireframe for the fresha booking app, the cost can be added. A wireframe is an architectural map that shows the process of software development for the app.

A wireframe is usually created using tools such as Figma, PhotoShop and others, which adds to the cost. Wireframing costs for an app that offers beauty services can range between $1,000 and $4,000, on average.


2. Team Size

The size of the team required to develop an application is another factor that impacts the cost. If you hire a free-lancer, for example, the cost to make Salon booking app will be less than if you hire full-fledged project managers, designers, and developers. Although the cost of hiring a professional team can be higher, the work is guaranteed to be high-quality.


3. UI/UX Design

The UI/UX of the app is another factor that impacts the cost. Multiple testing stages are usually required to create an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-navigate design for users that offers a seamless experience. This adds to the cost of the app. It is usually preferred to choose an interactive interface because it increases user engagement and encourages retention.


4. Maintenance

The cost to develop a mobile app is also affected by maintenance. Maintenance costs can creep up when an app needs to be upgraded or updated to meet industry standards. The maintenance costs can be different depending on whether the app is maintained by a specific organization or if it needs to meet new industry standards and requirements.


5. App Platform

Platform is one of the biggest factors that determines the cost for beauty on-demand application development. The cost of a Salon booking app like Fresha can vary if you choose an Android or iOS platform. Create an app initially that is limited to a single platform. Once it gains traction in the market you can then switch to a multi-platform application.


6. App Development Process and Location of the Beauty App Development Company

The time it takes to write the code also has an impact on how much an app costs. The hourly pricing is also influenced by the app developer’s location. The hourly rates of app developers in Asia are relatively low when compared with those in the UK and the US.


How Much Will Building a Salon Booking App like Fresha Cost You?


Salon Booking App like Fresha Cost


The cost to develop Salon booking app for beauty services can range from $10,000 up to $30,000 depending on factors such as the number of features and the tech stack.

Other factors include the location of the company developing the application, as well as UI/UX, wireframing and the hourly rate charged by developers. This formula is a sure-fire way to calculate the cost of developing an Salon booking app like Fresha:

Cost of Salon Booking app development = Hourly rate multiplied by total number of development time. The total number of hours is also the sum of hours taken to finish wireframes + hours taken for UI/UX design + hours taken to code + hours for maintenance + anonymous hours. The process of estimating the mobile app development cost is complex and goes beyond features and tech stack.


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This blog will help you understand not only how much money you need to invest to have your Salon booking app like Fresha developed, but also the best way to earn back the investment in the shortest time possible.

You can increase your Salon’s revenue with a little effort and dedication. You will be exposed to a wider audience by putting it online. This will give you the boost in revenue that your business needs. It is important to have a detailed conversation with a company that offers beauty on demand application development services.

The only way to turn your beauty app idea into an actual, working beauty application is by partnering with a mobile app development company that develops beauty applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does it Take to Develop Salon Booking App Like Fresha?

The main factor is the complexity and features of your mobile app for selling hair and beauty products. It can take 3-9 months to create an app with a large feature list. To get an accurate time for app development, you must consult an on demand app development company.


2. What Are the Benefits of Creating an App that Offers Beauty Services on Demand for Your Business?

Here are some of the key benefits that you can get from developing an app to provide on-demand beauty services for your business.

Search engine reviews are the way that 68% of your customers find out about your brand and decide to visit your store. Therefore, it’s critical to develop an app that enables users to give favorable evaluations and establish a long-lasting connection with your company.

The average smartphone user spends 90% of the time they have on their phone using applications. Your customer base can grow by launching a mobile app customized with your name and logo for different platforms.


3. What Types of Salon Applications Can I Get Developed?

You can hire an android app development company to create a variety of Salon apps.

  • Hairdresser App
  • Hair and Beauty Salon App
  • Beauty And Wellness Application
  • Beauty Salon Mobile App
  • Complete Beauty Service Solution
  • App for Hair and Beauty Products Selling

4. Are You Sure that Your On-Demand Beauty Service App Development is Secure?

These apps are highly vulnerable to security risks and breaches. Your beauty services must be protected. Only the latest technologies and tools can be used to develop secure apps.