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On Demand Car Wash App Development

Cars are the most valuable asset one ever possesses in their lifetime. It requires regular maintenance and servicing. Additionally, cars do not only run with fuel but also require regular cleaning and washing to remain rust-free and run smoothly. If you want to see it as a great business opportunity, then On demand car wash app development services by Dev Technosys is a perfect solution for you. With a fantastic app, you can solve the issue of many persons who feel it tough to find out the better car washing services in their locality.

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On demand Car Wash App Development

Car owners who genuinely value their vehicles seek services that can address their car washing and detailing needs. It becomes easy for car owners when they can book car detailing and washing services online via an app.

The car care business owners can leverage this latest trend for their business growth. If you need a modern car wash app, we can create one for you based on what you want. It will give you an extra edge over your competitors.

Dev Technosys is a car wash app development company that provides mobile app solutions for your car washing business. We assure you that your customers must enjoy your services via an exciting app.

Revive Your Ride On-demand, With Our App Solution

Experience the ultimate convenience of a sparkling clean ride at your fingertips with Revive Your Ride On-demand! Our cutting-edge app solution revolutionizes car wash services, bringing professional detailing straight to your doorstep.

Say goodbye to long queues and wasted time. With our seamless interface, you can schedule and track your wash, select preferred services, and leave your vehicle with skilled experts. Embrace the future of car care and download our app now for a ride that shines like never!

App Like Dropless

App Like Dropless

Ready to make a splash in the car wash industry? Look no further! With our expertise in car wash app development, we'll help you create a seamless experience like Dropless. From booking services to on-demand washes, our tailored solution will bring your vision to life. Dive into success and contact us today!

Apps Like Keno

App Like Keno

Are you ready to revolutionize the car wash industry with an app like Keno? Our expert team specializes in car wash app development, crafting a feature-rich solution that will make waves in the market. From hassle-free bookings to personalized services, let's realize your vision. Dive into success and contact us today!

Apps Like Carclenx

App Like Carclenx

Looking to build a game-changing car wash app like Carclenx? We've got you covered!

Our skilled developers will make an easy-to-use app with convenient booking, on-demand washes, and great customer satisfaction. Let's drive your business to new heights. Contact us now!

On Demand Car Wash App Development: The Pivotal Features

We deliver effective car wash app development solutions. This helps businesses improve their revenue and reach their target. As a recognized service provider in the same segment, we offer multiple services to our global customers.

  • User Panel
  • Detailer Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

User Panel

  • Signup

    A simplistic option that allows users to sign up on the app via e-mail id and phone number.

  • Service Booking

    Via a powerful search feature, a user can easily opt for the services within a click. Users can search for service providers near their location.

  • Geolocation

    A user can pin the location to notify the service provider regarding picking up the vehicle.

  • Mechanic Profile

    The mechanic details remain transparent so the customers can see them anytime and anywhere.

  • Pricing

    The customers can see the pricing of services while selecting the services.

  • Payment Options

    The car detailing app offers multiple payment options. This makes it easier and more convenient for users to pay.

Detailer Panel

  • Registration

    A detailer can register themselves via inputting their e-mail, social security number and contact number

  • Profile

    It allows the mechanics to set up their profile, including their name, experience and skill set.

  • Service location

    It allows the detailers to showcase their location with exact coordinates so the service seeker can easily reach them.

  • Availability Status

    The detailers can toggle their availability status based on their work schedule or the ongoing job.

  • Request Management

    They can accept or reject the client's request.

Admin Panel

  • User Management

    The admin can manage the users and detailers, such as adding or removing their details, password reset, and more.

  • Payment Tracking

    The admin can track the payments done by the customers and payments received by the detailers.

  • Service Listing

    It is smooth to manage the service listings where app owners can add or remove the service listings.

  • Time Zone Management

    The time zone management feature makes car cleaning service app development worthy for the car washing & repairing business owners. They can set the time zone to find it suitable for the service booking.

  • Review Management

    It helps app owners get real-time feedback from the clients to improve service quality.

Additional Features

  • CRM Integration

    For better customer management CRM is one of the needed elements for any app. Our car washing app contains it to provide you best solution.

  • Loyalty Program

    The loyalty program encourages customer engagement. We will add the loyalty points to the customer's account on each booking.

  • In-App Communication

    It facilitates the detailers and users to communicate with each other.

  • Heat Map

    This is one of the top features of the car washing app. An app owner can use it to observe which location is generating or has generated more requests.

Car Washing App Demo

This is a car detailing app solutions demo for better understanding. Later you can decide that you want the app with this same functionality or add some more features.

How Does It Work?

Being a leading car washing app development company, you can find several best features in our app solutions. Here are some glimpses of how our vehicle detailing app solutions works.

  • 1


    The user has to log in to the on-demand car washing app to avail of the services.

  • 2

    Service Booking

    Once the user logs in, they can search for a suitable car washing service provider from the available list.

  • 3

    Real-Time Alert

    Once the user books the service, then a real-time alert goes to the car washer. After approval, we notify the user. The app displays all the details such as service provider location and time slot.

  • 4

    Service Amount Calculation

    Users get the service fee breakdown, including taxes and all.

  • 5


    The latest technology-empowered wallet feature allows users to pay smoothly for their car washing.

Complete Range of Car Washing App Development Solutions By Dev Technosys

Our car wash app developers are experienced and knowledgeable in creating automobile apps for clients worldwide. The following represent the core components of car wash mobile app development solutions.

App for Customers

It works as the perfect solution for the customers desiring a fine car washing service. It includes the signup, service request, vehicle pick-up request, location pinning, multiple payment modes and several useful features.

App for Vendors

The service providers or vendors will find it exciting to manage their business via a vendor panel. They will receive immediate requests from customers, and other features include availability toggle, earnings tracking, service status, and more exciting features.

Admin Panel

The admin panel has a dashboard and features to track and manage app activities by vendors and customers. The admin can control the overall app with a single click.

Including the core components, we can develop any of the following solutions desired accordingly for your business-

Dev Technosys
On Demand Car Wash App Development
Dev Technosys
Car Washing Aggregator App
Dev Technosys
Dedicated Car Wash App
Dev Technosys
Car Maintenance App Development
Dev Technosys
Car Wash & Accessories App
Dev Technosys
Online Car Repairing App
Dev Technosys
Car Detailing App
Dev Technosys
Online Car Mechanic Booking App
You can ask for custom features in your car wash app. We have the best resources to meet your needs for a great app.
Dev Technosys

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On Demand Car Wash App Development Services

On demand car wash app development by Dev Technosys is a perfect solution for car cleaning business owners. They can leverage it for the growth of their business.

On the other hand, while developing the solutions, we also ensure that our solutions must also be suitable for the customers. So, they can enjoy the services and find the application quite interesting for use.

We have a team of app developers having practical experience in developing applications for global brands. Including basic features, you will find some advanced features that make your car detailing appointment app unique.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

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Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has been delivering market-leading websites and applications in the tech industry for years. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

MobileWash Car Wash On-Demand Application

MobileWash is the mobile car wash industry leader bringing the car wash directly to your home or work. ...
Dev Technosys

Skkyn - Car Wash Application

Skkyn is here to help with washing your car. Just tell us where your car is and we'll take care of the rest when you schedule a wash."...
Dev Technosys

Safe Car Wash Application

Modern slavery is happening in hand car washes across the country. But with only anecdotal evidence, and a partial understanding of the scale of the problem, law enforcement need the public’s help to map this issue. ...
Dev Technosys

Car Wash App Development Cost Estimation

Some factors are responsible for the overall cost of the on demand car wash app development. Each component's cost influences the overall price of app development.

Dev Technosys

Technology stack

A good tech stack is a prerequisite for developing fully functional apps. Includes tools for front-end and back-end development of the modern car wash app. Charging professional tools continues, which impacts overall costs.

Dev Technosys

UI / UX theme

UI / UX aka. The app requires User Experience and User Interface as key elements to enhance the customer experience. It requires effort and tools, but you can consider it a crucial and worthy investment.

Dev Technosys

Graphic Designing

Graphics design always creates wonders and can transform a simple mobile app into extraordinary ones. It is one of the essential elements of the app for creating the best user experience. However, the designing tools are costly but add value to the app.

Dev Technosys


The platform is an important cost affecting factor. It can be web, Android and iOS. Platform apps cost differently than Android or web apps, but not exactly the same as other apps.

Dev Technosys


Feature implementation also has its own price. Implementing robust and attractive features in a car wash app incurs a cost. Therefore, it is a valuable investment, and its implementation cost influences the total cost.

Dev Technosys

Third- party Integration

Many APIs have paid versions that are more expensive to develop. However, these paid versions are worth the cost because they enhance the usefulness of an app for both users and businesses. It includes in-app chat APIs, payment APIs and others.

Dev Technosys

App Testing

QA and testing guarantee that there are no bugs left in the app. Developing a result-oriented car wash mobile app for business becomes more crucial. Although the cost is also associated with it, it adds worth.

Dev Technosys

App security

It is necessary to implement a security mechanism because of the existence of multiple cyber threats. User safety and privacy always remain important to improve the credibility and trust factor of the app. The app's price also includes a certain amount.

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Why Choose Us for Car Washing App Development?

On demand car wash app development solutions, we deliver secure bids for multiple orders. Enabling users to book or schedule comfortably. While designing the application services we have integrated ultimate solutions to make it easy to use and attractive for the users. There are several ways through which we empower car washing services-


Ratings and Review

Dev Technosys makes it easier for users to share their reviews and rate the services on the car wash android app. This eventually helps the best retailers to appear first and they can leverage the maximum dynamics of our platform.


Booking referrals

Push notifications further manage and instantly notify customers whenever they place a car washing order. You can easily monitor your booking on our platform with the multiple options provided.


Dealing with requests

Depending on the availability of service, we coordinate between available drivers with the pending deliveries. This enables the car wash service app to deal with requests easily and effectively. We decide whether to accept or reject the customer's request based on this to avoid causing any inconvenience later.


Payment manager

Dev Technosys highly considers the payment modes. Thus making sure customers can pay how they want. The in-app wallet method provided by our platform supports cashless conduct.


Promo codes

We offer maximum chances to the service providers to highlight their services by promo codes. Our car wash services are well-known throughout the industry. The reason is that we never compromise with quality and also provide attractive promo codes and special offers.


In-App support

We allow the customers as well as service providers to easily reach the customers in case of any emergency. You can do this by exchanging messages or making calls.

Benefits of Using Our Car Wash App Development Company Solutions

  • Maximizing efficiency

    With help of our car wash development services, businesses can get a high-level mobile app. Giving them a financial and market boost.

  • Removing inconvenience

    This is our car wash services’ major advantage. As we take care of both our customers and service providers. Through our Hitech solutions, it is reliable to provide absolute convenience to both parties regarding the service and its quality delivery.

  • Focus on other segments

    We make sure customers and service providers on our platform don’t only engage in car washing. We have added more services that match the quality of our car washing services and are designed for user convenience.

  • Robust admin access

    As we have integrated Hitech solutions in our car cleaning app services we have also included a robust admin panel. This helps check users’ activity and provides the best service management. Thus, customers and services providers can find the platform conveniently.

  • Multilingual

    We put great emphasis on comfort and reliability. As our mobile car wash app and other car cleaning services app, easily configure with multiple functions and languages. This increases the customizability of our platform where admin or customers can easily switch between multiple languages.

  • Ready for the market

    The third-party individuals associated with Dev Technosys get a quick launch of their Services within no time. The best part is that you do not have to invest lots of effort in developing, designing for customizing the services. We offer ready-to-market car wash appointment app. This makes it easier for vendors to offer services and expand their business.

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Car Detailing App Development Models

Dev Technosys

Aggregator App

The aggregator model is among the top car cleaning app model. You can consider this for your cash wash management system project. This car wash appointment booking system works on the Uber-like model where customers can order the detailing services from the various service providers. This app model generates revenue through commission on each booking.

Dev Technosys


While car cleaning is the main service, you can also offer users in-app purchases. Here, they can purchase accessories for their vehicles. This includes spare parts and decorative items.This will be quite interesting from the customer’s perspective.

Dev Technosys

Dedicated App

If you run a car detailing business and want to take it further, a dedicated app will be a good solution. Now, you can follow two approaches: customers can book services, or staff will pick up the vehicle, finish the work, and deliver it back. Another model is you will provide the car cleaning services at the customers' doorstep.

Dev Technosys

Third-Party Promotion

In addition to services offered, you can also provide third-part product manufacturers and suppliers as an advertisement in the car wash app. Car wash app development, includes your services, their ads will be displayed to decide the slot charges.

Ready-To-Go Car Detailing App Development Solutions By Dev Technosys

  • Dev Technosys

    Wype Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Spiffy Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Washos Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Qweex Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Dinowash Clone

  • Dev Technosys

    Skkyn Car Wash Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How to make a car wash app?

    The car wash app needs the following things:

    • A proper project idea.
    • Find the target audience.
    • Proper planning by inputting data, analysis and seeing the result.
    • Decide the Wireframe and design.
    • Then list down the main features required in the car cleaning service app.
    • Develop the app and test it to eliminate the bugs.
    • Launch the app on the app store
    • Apply marketing tactics to grab the attention of users.
  • How much does mobile app development cost for an on-demand car wash app?

  • What is the investment for a car wash business?

  • How can I start a car washing business?

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