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“The art of web development is to make complicated things simple, not simple things complicated.”

– Grady Booch


PHP is the most commonly used language for web development. Millions of websites are powered by PHP, including some big names such as Facebook or Wikipedia. However, writing PHP code is time-consuming, error-prone, and tedious. To improve code quality and to accelerate their work, many PHP developers turn to frameworks.

This frameworks provide tools, libraries, conventions, and other resources for creating web applications. It will help you with common tasks such as form validation, database access, security and testing. It also enforces coding standards to make your code easier to maintain, reuse, and organize.

But how can you pick the right PHP framework out of so many available options? In this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular PHP web development frameworks in 2023 and compare their features, advantages, and disadvantages. We will also provide you with a few tips on what to consider while selecting a PHP framework.


What is a PHP Framework?

PHP frameworks are built using the open-source PHP language and offer built-in features that improve your software lifecycle. These features improve your software development lifecycle by increasing the speed of development and reducing workload for your developers.


What is a PHP Framework


It is extremely resilient since it has been around for a while. PHP is used in everything from software development to computer programming. PHP has been used by Laravel development services providers to create desktop apps, games, scripts for command-line, automation services and more.


Why Use a PHP Framework?

Web application development is streamlined by frameworks, which offer a structure. You might use a PHP web development framework for the following reasons:

  • You can accelerate the development process by using templates, application architecture and utility functionality.
  • Popular PHP frameworks follow industry security best practices, making it simpler for you to increase the security of your website or apps.
  • Reducing mistakes and avoiding writing new code for every application.
  • As developers and a PHP web development company already know the framework, or, if they don’t, have access to a wealth of learning materials, documentation and community help, teamwork will be easier.
  • Utilize the environment that outside parties have built around the foundation. This covers plugins, add-ons, and templates.

A PHP framework, however, might not be the greatest option for creating websites. For projects with specific requirements or that are relatively small, the additional burden of a framework might not be worthwhile. PHP developers for hire would be a better option to build your website, as you may reduce the number of external dependencies.

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10 Best PHP Web Development Frameworks

We have compiled a list of the best PHP web development frameworks that will help your business build impactful web apps. So let’s have a look:


10 Best PHP Web Development Frameworks

1. Laravel

Laravel is a PHP framework that was released in 2011. It’s free, open source, and popular. You can use it to build web applications. Laravel is used by a PHP development company such as BBC, Pfizer and Tour radar. It is renowned for its capacity to securely manage complex web applications.

It simplifies development by offering a large ecosystem, reducing the complexity of session, queueing, routing and authentication. The web development is made easier with its more than 20 libraries. Automating manual tasks is easy with Laravel. The need to hire PHP developers is therefore constant.

Why Prefer Laravel Web Development Framework?

  • Add-ons and Built-in Features
  • Top-level security
  • Seamless Data migration
  • Low Server Overhead
  • Robust Tool Integration
  • Vast Developer Community

2. Symfony

Symfony, the most scalable PHP framework available today, is also one of the most stable. It is one of the best PHP web development frameworks, which helps in creating web applications more quickly and easily.

This framework is one of the best because it offers support for many other components, such as Templating and Translation, Validator and Form Config. Symfony PHP web development framework is used by 52,919 websites, with an additional 57 094 sites using this PHP Framework in the past.

Why prefer Symfony for web development?

  • Faster development
  • Easier maintainability
  • Long-term Support
  • High Flexibility
  • Improved security
  • Proven reliability

3. Laminas (Formerly Zend)

Laminas, a PHP object-oriented framework released in 2006, is a PHP open-source framework that helps developers or a Laravel development company create high-quality applications for business-oriented clients. Unlike other frameworks, it may be modified and combined with additional libraries.

It is primarily used for security, performance, and speed. It has worked with companies such as IBM, Google and Microsoft. It consists of three parts, namely MVC components, Mezzio and API tools.

Why choose the Zend framework?

  • Faster development
  • Multi-functional quality
  • Flexible Architecture
  • More than 300 contributors support the project
  • High Productivity

4. CakePHP

This is a reliable PHP framework. This framework is a PHP Framework that allows you to CRUD (create, read, update and delete) which is one of its most important features. Cake PHP has many exciting features, including Session, Request handling, Validation and Cookie.

CakePHP’s coding practices make coding easier for coders, and the development process is faster. Also it is used by many organizations, including Swat.io. House Party. Walls.io and others. So if you want to build a robust website for your business, then you need assistance from a CakePHP development company.

Why use CakePHP for developing web apps?

  • Coding conventions for faster coding
  • Easy Database Administration
  • Cost Savings
  • Superior Compatibility
  • Better Security
  • Documentation makes it easy to learn


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5. Codeigniter

CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework that was released in 2006. It has the lightest footprint (the file size, including documentation, is only 2MB). This PHP web development framework is  ideal for creating dynamic websites.

It offers error handling. It has pre-built modules that are used by a codeigniter development services provider that make it easy to create robust and reusable components for them.

It is a library with a simple user interface that requires a logical hierarchy to access. The framework’s latest version is only 1.2MB. This framework is used by firms like Udemy QuinStreet Adobe and Medical Guardian.

Why prefer CodeIgnitor PHP Framework?

  • Safe & User-Friendly
  • Easy Implementation
  • Scalable Web App Development
  • No Coding Rules
  • Great Performance

6. Phalcon

Phalcon, a PHP framework released in 2012, is fast and flexible. Its development style is C++ and C. Its uniqueness lies in its lightning-fast speed and the fact that it was written in C.

It comes with a wide range of development options to create flawless web applications. So, if you want to use the Phalcon framework for web development, then hiring dedicated PHP developers who are proficient in this would be beneficial.

This framework is known for its caching, universal autoloader and asset management. 34 organizations, including the Proshore and Urban Sports Club, make use of the Phalcon Framework.

Why choose Phalcon PHP Framework over others?

  • Code Compilation
  • MVC architecture
  • VOLT template engines
  • Supports MySQL PostgreSQL and SQLite.

7. FuelPHP

FuelPHP is a versatile and extensible PHP framework that, in terms of framework design, supports both the fundamental Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and its replacement, the Hierarchical-Model-View-Controller (HMVC).

The framework also adds an optional class called Presenter (previously ViewModel) between the View and Controller layers to hold the logic needed for the generation views. FuelPHP is a framework that focuses on security and addresses the concerns with a variety of features. These include input and URI filters, along with output encoding.

Why choose FuelPHP Framework instead?

  • RESTful API Support
  • Modular Architecture
  • MVC Architecture
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Active Community
  • Flexible Routing System

8. Yii

In 2008, Yii, which in Chinese means “Yes, it is”, was released. It is a straightforward, quick, and extremely performant PHP Framework. This is a PHP web development framework that follows strict object-oriented principles and requires a thorough understanding of OOPS. Gii is a powerful code generator for classes.

It is also based on the DRY concept, which makes it ideal for large-scale application. Deloitte, General Electric and other companies use YII. Yii Framework is used by 132,800 websites in live mode. Additionally, 244,652 historical sites have also been built using this framework.

Why choose the Yii PHP Framework?

  • Offers Lightweight Code
  • Memory usage is reduced
  • Excellent Security Features
  • RESTful API Development Support

9. PHPixie

PHPixie is a PHP framework that aims to make the process of developing web apps easier. This framework is also built with independent components and implements HMVC design pattern. The framework’s architecture is strict, which avoids common pitfalls like global scope, singletons and reliance on static methods.

This makes the code easy to read, test, extend and debug. It is perfect for swiftly developing small and medium-sized applications. It has a modular and flexible architecture, with security features built in.

Why prefer the PHPixie PHP Framework?

  • Fast and light
  • Architecture flexible and modular
  • Template engine and ORM built-in
  • Supports HMVC architecture
  • Security features built-in

10. Slim

Slim is a PHP Framework that helps you create simple web applications. It’s a dispatcher which takes an HTTP request and invokes a callback routine. Then it delivers an HTTP reply. It is also used by a Laravel web development services provider for developing RESTful APIs, web services and more.

The PHP web development framework has many features, including client-side HTTP caching and URL routing. It also includes session and cookie encryption. Slim Framework is used by 2,490 websites in live mode. Additionally, 1,362 older sites were using PHP Framework.

Why Prefer Slim PHP Framework?

  • Minimized Debugging Process
  • Great Documentation
  • Use REST to Make Applications
  • PSR-7 Support
  • Excellent Scalability
  • Enhance Security


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Factors to Consider When Choosing a PHP Framework

Consider these factors when choosing a web application development framework project to ensure that you make a well-informed decision in line with your project needs:


● Project Requirements & Scope

Consider the scope and requirements of your project when choosing a PHP Framework. A lightweight framework is ideal for smaller projects that have simpler functionality. It can also make maintenance and development easier. A robust framework that offers scalability is essential for larger, more complex projects.

Consider the specifics of your project, such as desired features and functionality. Frameworks can excel in certain areas, such as CMS development, RESTful APIs, ecommerce solutions or other specific areas. You can choose the best PHP framework by evaluating all these factors.

● Learning Curve and Developer Familiarity       

When choosing a framework, consider your team’s level of familiarity to minimize obstacles and ensure a smooth transition. It’s crucial to establish a balance between a framework’s benefits and familiarity.

Exploring new frameworks can bring fresh perspectives, innovative features and improved development techniques. Evaluate the trade-offs, and consider long-term advantages of learning a new PHP web development framework


Factors to Consider When Choosing a PHP Framework

● Community Support and Documentation       

Consider the importance of a strong community and thorough documentation when choosing a PHP Framework. These factors offer valuable resources, help, and insight for your project’s success.

A framework that is well documented and has an active community can ease the learning process by providing valuable resources. Assess the compatibility between the framework’s coding paradigms and principles with the existing skills of your team.

● Performance and Scalability

When selecting a PHP web development framework for your project, performance and scalability is crucial. User experience and application efficiency are directly impacted by the framework’s capacity to improve performance. Select frameworks with performance optimization features such as caching, efficient database queries, and code execution.

● Maintenance and Long-term Support

Select a PHP framework that offers active maintenance, regular upgrades, and dedicated support by a community or PHP development services provider team. This will help with bug fixes and security patches. It will also keep your application up-to-date and secure. Prioritizing maintenance, long-term support and security will provide a solid foundation for your website application and enable a lasting solution.

● Cost and Licensing    

Before making a choice, consider the licensing and cost terms. Check the license terms to ensure compliance, and assess the level of support from the community and the development activity. Cost evaluation is used to ensure that your project budget, legal requirements and sustainability are aligned.

How to Choose the Right PHP Framework?

No matter what the technology, a framework that fits all is an impossible dream. You’ll have to consider a few factors when choosing a PHP framework which is given by a CodeIgniter development company:


1. Popularity:

While popularity has nothing to do with quality, having more developers use a framework usually means that it is stable and powerful or has a vibrant and active community. These are both excellent reasons to choose a framework for your project, since you will get high-quality codes and/or have more people available to help with any problems that may arise.


2. Features:

Depending on the kind of project you’re working on, you will select a different framework. The framework will be beneficial for a larger range of projects if it has additional functionality. You should think about a framework’s characteristics and whether or not they are appropriate for your particular project.


3. Maintainability:

Frameworks that are well maintained will be more prepared to meet the demands of modern online standards. Although you can use older frameworks, they may not be as reliable or secure.




These top PHP web development frameworks are future-ready and include countless features that will give you a unique web development experience. In order to make accurate and efficient use of PHP frameworks, you can hire website development services providers from the top-rated IT outsourcing company.

We recommend Laravel for making life easier. Here are some of the best PHP frameworks. These frameworks offer excellent functionality that can be utilized in your web development projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Best PHP MVC Framework?

Developers recommend Laravel Symfony Yii 2 Zend Framework and other popular PHP MVC frameworks. These PHP web development frameworks are based on the MVC architecture, and they allow developers to build highly advanced web applications.


2. What Are the Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers?

There are multiple benefits to hire PHP developers that you must check out:

  • Development of customized solutions
  • Provides higher-quality work
  • Fast and knowledgeable
  • Skills and expertise
  • Better flexibility


3. What Are the Tips for Hire PHP Developers?      

Below are some Tips for Hire PHP Developers that you must look:

  • Know Your Project Requirements
  • Experience Level
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Certifications
  • Communication Fluency
  • Check Developer’s Portfolio