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Geolocation app development is a new technology implemented into modern smartphones and PC applications. It helps determine the current location of a particular device once the technology is launched. It has wider usage in developing updated applications for modern operating systems such as Android. It offers new features with different functions which weren’t available to the users in the past. These applications offer users various abilities.

They can check-in at restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, offices, or any different place to share their current location with people they know or whomever they have allowed access to this information. Mobile application development utilizing this technology has picked up in recent years. A few things need to con check-considered to develop apps using this technology.

Benefits of Geolocation App Development For Business?

There are numerous benefits of Geolocation app development for businesses. You will be surprised to know that users have a huge craze for geolocation apps. On the other hand, these apps have applicability with other apps. For example- you can integrate geolocation app functionality while going through eCommerce app development.

So let’s check out the list of benefits you can get from geolocation app development.

1. More Customers On-Board

Now people do not want to waste time searching the store or outlet. They need an exact location to reach. You can leverage this trend by developing a geolocation app. It will help you to reach customers directly.

2. Quick Services

The IBeacon technology works fantastic in terms of geolocation. Once the customer is in your area, you can offer them quick service. It is very easy to send notifications in real-time using geolocation functionality.

3. Data Analysis

Data analysis is a must to make a strategy for business, and the best thing is that GPS integration in the mobile app works fantastic. With its help of it, stores can collect data with ease. Businesses can capture preferences and interests based on location data.

4. Brand Awareness

How will it be when people pass the outlet and get the promotional message on their device? Yes, it is possible with the help of GPS-based apps. It is such an innovative idea for brand promotion in a real-term sense.


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How Geolocation App Works?

For developing a geolocation-based app, you first need to understand how it works. So this section of the blog is dedicated to letting you know it’s working.

The geolocation apps perform three basic functions. It includes determining the user’s current location, sharing the information with other people, and connecting the locations to the location of different objects around the user.

Each modern smartphone comes with a Global Positioning System or GPS chip. This particular chip receives the information regarding the timing and location sent by the satellites. It utilizes it to find the location of the device.


Geolocation App Works


The phone must receive data from at least four satellites to provide its accurate location. In case GPS is unavailable for some particular reason. The smartphone’s Cell ID can then help compare the user data with the station’s database, and it works well in bigger cities.

Sometimes both types of methods are used in combination to improve the precision. Similar to Cell ID Wi-Fi technology can also be used to find the user’s position. However, it is important to take into account since this tech is realized quite precisely due to the smaller coverage areas of Wi-Fi. The Receive a Signal Strength Indicator or RSSI also increases the accuracy by a considerable margin.

Google Maps is the best way to determine the user’s location in quite a comprehensible way. A particular Google Maps API for Android allows different advanced features. It offers great performance, making it quite an important tool for geolocation.

Geofencing is utilized to determine the user’s distance from a given point. There are three kinds of geofencing: static, dynamic, and combined. The first one corresponds to the user’s position from a particular point, such as a restaurant or a store.

The second point is determined by the user’s location in the changing data stream. For instance, the notifications about available latest offers in a nearby store. The combined approach is more about interactions with the different other users, like check-ins with the apps offered by Facebook and different social networks.


New Trends for Geolocation App Development for Different Industries

Features of Geolocation App

To keep the users more engaged, these applications should provide points for the check-ins and build statistics. It helps in creating a type of competition among the users. Later, the users can get real bonuses by pushing a few buttons on the smartphone. For instance, discounts and free drinks, since many companies around the world encourage customers to check in to their establishments. It helps them in increasing their brand awareness and also attracts new customers.

The most reliable recommendation occurs when people view the high rating which other people give. There are countless possibilities among the different interesting ideas for mobile app developers. For instance, they can offer custom tours across a particular site and interesting places in the city.

This particular feature is realized in an application called Gowalla. It can also make human interaction with mobile apps and games much easier. Only the number of things one can do is limited by the imagination of the users, along with the size and type of the business.


Features of Geolocation App


There are vast opportunities that are possible with this modern technology. Even now, some retailers utilize location information to look after their store’s various sales activities and ask the customers to provide feedback to get information about the shortages in their businesses. It also helps them evaluate the demand for a particular product in particular areas and helps improve their outlets’ success chances.

It has led to massive application development of geolocation apps. To hire an android app developer, a company should consider its budget and the features it wants in its app.

So not more stretching to this section, let’s check the essential features you must include in your Geolocation app.

1. Map Integration

For any geolocation-based app, map integration is a must. It allows users to mark the routes, tag specific locations, and get information about a specific location. It would be best to include the offline facility so users can access the app while offline.


2. Location Tracking

Some industry segments depend on location tracking, such as logistics, shipping, eCommerce, food delivery, and others. It helps the users to track and reach the exact location. An app like Uber utilizes it subtly.


3. Push Notification

Push notification allows businesses to send instant messages to their customers. Not only for normal conditions but also in the case of any natural disaster, these notifications work the best.


4. Location Tagging

Location tagging is one of the most important features of a geolocation app. It allows users to tag the location. For example, on google maps, you can find a store with images and coordinates. Even a user can tag their home on google maps if required.


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5. Voice Guide

Voice guide features allow users to voice navigation. The best example is voice instructions for the route while driving from one point to another without looking at the screen. This feature is useful for drivers, logistics, and transportation businesses.


6. Personalized Suggestions

Based on location data, a business can send personalized suggestions to the users about specific products and services. The geolocation app users will enjoy it when they get suggestions like local news, events, ongoing fares, and places to visit in a city.


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How Do I Create a Geolocation App?

A few things need to be considered when developing the Geolocation app for Android. Each application cooperates with the smartphone’s operating system by utilizing the APIs or the Application Programming Interface. Typically, two different APIs are used to integrate the geolocation of the mobile app as per their functionality.

The first one is utilized to find the location of the user or a particular object if a user decides to enter the device’s address or coordinates manually. The second API finds the nearest cafes, restaurants, etc., around a particular location on the application’s map. In this case, the previously mentioned API is not used as it is not required for offering this function.


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Geolocation is integrated into the Android mobile app using Google Play Services API. One can use IntelliJ IDEA IDE or Android Studio IDE to  develop the Android application and implement the Google location service.

Here are some key steps to creating a Geolocation app that you can follow-

#1. Explore The Trends

It is okay that you have decided to go for the GPS navigation app. But have you tried to find whether it is worthy or not? Although it is worthy, there are multiple apps available in the market. To have an extra edge in the market, you need to research the competitors and look deeper into the existing solutions to find out what unique you can implement.

#2. Features Shortlisting

Features decide the fate of an app. So, the second most crucial step is to shortlist the features you want to implement in your Geolocation app. Try to implement those features that can engage the users in a true sense. The best idea is to develop an MVP version with essential features so that later based on feedback; you can launch the final version.

#3. Hire Mobile Developers

For developing a Geo navigation app, here you need app development experts. So the better idea is to hire dedicated mobile app developers from a well-reputed company. They have the right talent and resources to make the app robust and empower it with full functionality.

 #4. Attractive UI/UX Design

For better user or customer engagement, attractive UI/UX design is excellent. An appealing design can take your app to the next level. When a user accesses the app, GUI (Graphical User Interface) is the first thing the user interacts with. If it is not up to the mark, users will not take an interest in the app. So, implement it in the best way with easy navigation from one section to another.


#5. The Technology You Can Consider

The latest technology and tools are required to develop a fine geolocation app. For app development, their programming languages and databases are available. But here, we are specifically talking about developing a Geolocation app so that the technology will be slightly different.

  • GPS Module:
  • Cell ID
  • Assisted GPS
  • Geofencing
  • iBeacon and Eddystone
  • HTML5 Geolocation API
  • Google Maps API

#6. Test & Launch

Once the app is developed, it is time to test and launch the application. Test your app in real-time scenarios to find major to minor bugs. Once the app is debugged, congratulations, your app is ready to launch on the platforms such as Android’s Google Play and iOS’s App Store.


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Cost of a Geolocation Android App Development

Building a geolocation app can take up to 400 hours. A mobile app development company usually charges $50 to $100 depending features and functionalities of the apps. It has to hire an Android developer at the top android app development company who can inculcate these features into the app and create the app within the budget. Therefore the average cost of developing a Geolocation app can range from $10,000 to $25,000.


Cost of a Geolocation Android App Development


In addition to the cost of Geolocation app development, some factors decide the app’s overall price. These are-

  • The App Size
  • Number of features & functionalities
  • number of developers involved in the project
  • Devices & Platforms such as iPhone, Android, and Web
  • Ui/UX Components Designing
  • Backend Development
  • Testing

The above factors are most influential when deciding the cost of a Geolocation app.


The Final Thoughts

Geolocation functionality is a trending solution that has applicability in almost all industry segments. Most future apps will come with geolocation functionality irrespective of their types, such as eCommerce applications to food delivery apps or AI-based to IoT-based apps. If you want to launch your Geolocation app for business, it is the right time to launch it.

You can launch it on Android, iOS, and Web platforms. If you are looking for a cost-effective option, then cross-platform app development is the best. With the help of cross-platform geolocation app, you can widen the radius of your customer base.