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“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”


– Orson Welles

The key to success in a world of fashion and technology that seamlessly converge is creating a shopping journey that goes beyond transactional. Have you ever wondered how to build an app like YesStyle that combines cutting-edge fashion with user-friendly interfaces? Look no further – We’re about to embark on a journey to reveal the secrets to bringing your fashion-e-commerce vision into reality.

YesStyle is a platform that has paved the way for a diverse range of Asian fashion, beauty products, and lifestyle essentials. It’s hard to resist its allure. Also, it takes more than a few lines of code to build an app like YesStyle.

You need to understand the pulse of a tech-savvy and fashion-conscious community. Every detail is essential, from captivating user interfaces, to personalized recommendations, to secure payment gateways, to efficient inventory management.

Therefore, this guide will explore the key steps to build an app like YesStyle, and its features and we’ll discuss how you can add your own unique touch to the fashion-tech fusion. If you want to combine style and substance in the digital world, then let’s dive into the art of creating an app like YesStyle.

So let’s begin.

What is the YesStyle App?

The YesStyle App is a convenient mobile application that offers a wide range of trendy fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. It allows users to explore and purchase the latest clothing, accessories, skincare, and cosmetics from various brands.

This app offers a simple interface that allows users to browse through categories, view product details, and make secure purchases from their smartphones.

It often offers exclusive deals, personalized suggestions, and simple features to track orders and manage preferences. The YesStyle App is a great way to enhance your shopping experience while on the move. It brings a wide range of Asian fashions and beauty products right to your fingertips.

Market Statistics of the Fashion and Beauty Industry

Market Statistics of Fashion and Beauty Industry

Source: Statista

  • The global ecommerce fashion industry will reach a market value of $821 billion in the U.S. by 2023. Estimates predict that the industry will reach a market value of more than 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars by 2027.
  • com, a fashion retailer in the United States with a $200m market share in 2022, is ranked 98th.
  • YesStyle has an estimated monthly visitation of 8,240,740.
  • The online Asian fashion platform directly rivals Amazon, eBay, and Beyond the Rack.
  • Fashion is expected to generate $768.70 billion in revenue by 2023.
  • The projected market volume is US$1,103.00bn in 2027, which represents a 9.45% annual growth rate.
  • By 2027, the Fashion Market is expected to have 3.4 billion users.
  • Shein, the top fashion and beauty app in 2022 with more than 27,000,000 downloads, was the number one app.
  • Poshmark ranked third, with approximately eight million. Nike was second with about 12.5 million.

How Does a YesStyle App Work?


How Does a YesStyle App Work?


YesStyle simplifies shopping online for fashion and beauty. However, you must be wondering how a YesStyle app operates by a user. Here’s an on-demand app development services provider explains the steps by which users can operate:

  • Download and Installation: Users can download the YesStyle app from their respective app stores i.e. Android and iOS and install it on their devices.
  • User Account Setup: Users can set up an account by creating one or logging in with their existing credentials. You can add your personal details and preferences to create a more tailored shopping experience.
  • Browse and search: The app provides a simple interface that allows users to easily browse through a wide variety of products in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The search bar allows users to explore collections or find specific products.
  • Product Pages: The user will tap on the product to view its detailed page. They can see product images, read descriptions and prices, and get information on sizes, colors, and materials.
  • Wishlist and Cart: Users may save items they want to purchase in their wishlist. Once ready to buy, users can add desired items to their cart where they can adjust quantities and options.
  • Secure Checkout: When users proceed to the checkout page, they enter their shipping information and select a payment option. The app ensures transactions are secure through encryption.
  • Order tracking: Users can track the status of their orders in real-time once they have been placed. They will receive notifications regarding shipping, delivery, and potential delays.
  • Review and Ratings: Users can help others by providing reviews and ratings of products they have purchased.

Steps to Build an App Like YesStyle

Steps to Build an App Like YesStyle gif

As per the iOS app development company, below are the step-by-step procedures to build an app like YesStyle for your business. So let’s check out the development steps:

1. Market Research and Idea Validation

To understand the trends, customer preferences, and competition, research the fashion and beauty online market. Find unique features to set your app apart. Validate your idea for an app through surveys, focus group discussions, or landing pages.

2. Define Core Features

List the features that your app must include, including product listings, user profiles, and payment gateways. Also, consider adding search functionality. Choose features that will improve the user experience. These include personalized recommendations, wish lists, reviews, social sharing, and social media sharing.

3. Wireframing & Design

Create wireframes and mockups for your app’s User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX). You can use tools like Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch to help you. Before you build an app like YesStyle, you should create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface that is in line with your brand.

4. Backend Development

First of all, you should hire mobile app developers who can select a tech stack for the backend development of your app, such as programming languages, database systems, or frameworks.

They should create APIs that handle data exchange between your front end and the back end of your application. Also, ask them to implement authentication of users, data storage, and other backend functionality.

5. Frontend Development

The development team will then use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks such as React or Vue.js to develop the front end of your app. After that, they will integrate UI into the frontend, and make sure it is responsive to different devices and screens.

6. Integrate Third-Party Services

Once you develop the front, next you must integrate third-party services such as payment gateways (e.g. Stripe, PayPal), shipping, and analytics tools. Secure payment processing is implemented with SSL certificates to protect data.

7. Testing and Quality Assurance

After that, the testers must test your app thoroughly to find and fix bugs, glitches, and usability problems. Ask them to test the app both manually and automatically to ensure its stability and performance. Test the app across different devices, browsers, and operating systems.

8. Deployment & Marketing

Launch your app in app stores, or on the web. Create a marketing plan that includes influencer collaborations, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization. Monitor feedback from users, collect insights through app usage analytics, and iterate the app continuously to improve the user experience.

Essential Features to Build an App Like YesStyle

Essential Features to Build an App Like YesStyle

Now that you know the steps to build an app like YesStyle, we will check out the essential features. You should hire dedicated developers to integrate the below features in your app to make it stand out from others.

  • Simple Login

It should be possible to onboard new users via the app. You don’t have to be a merchant or a customer. The app should allow both users and merchants to easily log in. The app should offer a variety of listing options and pricing models, as well as commission models for vendors. This will make it easier to use the app.

  • Push Notifications

Notifications are important for fulfilling orders on time. Sellers must be notified when orders are received, and customers must be notified when the items they are tracking become available, when the price has dropped, and when the shipment status of their order has changed.

  • Filter and Search

Filters should allow the user to choose between price ranges, brands, colors, and types of beauty products. The app should have a search box at the top so customers can find what they are looking for quickly. It saves time for the consumer and provides convenience.

  • In-App Payment Integration

Apps that offer on-demand beauty services will only be successful if they can accept payments online and off. It is important that your app integrates payment gateways to make it easy for customers to complete their checkouts. Customers can pay with their preferred method, including Paypal, UPI, or debit/credit cards.

  • Live Dashboards

The data displayed on the dashboard of the application is updated automatically in real-time based on the most recent data. The company can monitor the sales and business performance.

  • Real-Time Analysis

Real-time information is used to make quick decisions or for navigation. This feature is used widely in cosmetic shops that are in high demand.

  • Order Monitoring

It should include a timeline that shows the user the expected arrival date of the product. It should indicate when the product has been sent, the length of time it took to reach the consumer, and the date it will arrive. It keeps the customer informed and helps them feel better about their service.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Apps that offer on-demand beauty services will only be successful if they can accept payments online and off. Apps should be integrated with conventional payment gateways to make it easier for customers to complete their checkouts. Cosmetics are often purchased spontaneously. Your delayed payment may also affect your sales.

  • Wish List

With the fashion shopping app development, you can easily allow people to save the things they want to see. You will also have access to all of your shop’s visitors.

Advanced Features to Have in An App Like YesStyle

You must take certain complex features into consideration if you would like to build an app like YesStyle that is exceptional or unique are as follows:

  • Chatbot Support

In recent years, this feature has become a vital part of every mobile app. It is important to have a chatbot that can be integrated into your app. This will allow users to chat with the chatbot and ask questions.

  • Smart Search

It is also called an instant search and helps users to improve their search skills. The user can either give a voice command or place an image into the image box to be redirected directly to the product page.

  • In-app Camera

Users can view products directly on themselves using the in-app camera. Certain apps allow users to try on a product and see how they look. It needs to have access to the camera in order for it to take a photo of the user and update it on their profile.

  • Loyalty Programs

Shopping at a store can be a lot of fun, especially when you see the points that you have collected for buying products from a particular brand on your shopping card. Apps offer a variety of loyalty programs to encourage customers to buy products from a particular brand.


hire developers


  • Multi-lingual and Currency Support

Customers may not be limited to a particular country. Foreigners might also be interested in the fashion apps you offer. The information in your app must be in multiple languages, and you need to be able to accept different currencies.

  • Marketing and Promotional Tools

Apps should have features that allow users and administrators to promote the app on different platforms. Social media integration allows users to share links directly with friends.

Top 5 Fashion and Beauty Apps Like YesStyle


Apps like YesStyle Available Platform Download Ratings
Farfetch Android | iOS 10M+ 4.8
ASOS Android | iOS 10M+ 4.5
SHEIN Android | iOS 500M+ 4.6
Zalando Android | iOS 50M+ 4.5
ZAFUL Android | iOS 10M+ 4.6

1. Farfetch

Farfetch, a leading fashion app, offers a carefully curated collection of luxury clothing, beauty products, and accessories from boutiques around the world. Users can access high-end fashion from renowned designers and discover exclusive and unique pieces.


ASOS is an app that offers a wide range of fashionable clothing, accessories, and beauty products. The app caters to many different audiences by offering both in-house and external brands, which ensures options for all budgets and styles. ASOS offers interactive features like “See My Fit”, an AR tool that allows you to visualize clothing on various body types.


SHEIN, a fashion and beauty app with a low price tag, has become popular for its wide selection of clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. It quickly adapts to new trends and has a wide selection of fast-fashion items. SHEIN offers frequent sales and discounts to appeal to shoppers who are looking for trendy items without spending a fortune.

4. Zalando

Zalando, a fashion and beauty app, curates a large collection of products, including clothing, accessories, and footwear. It also offers cosmetics. App’s personalized shopping and tailored recommendations enhance engagement.

5. Zaful

Zaful is an app that focuses on trendy and affordable clothing, accessories, and beauty products. Zaful is primarily aimed at younger audiences and offers a variety of styles from casual to bohemian. Users can experiment with their looks. Zaful’s “Z-Me”, a feature of the app, encourages users to share their looks and interact with other Zaful members. This fosters a sense of belonging in the Zaful community.


Cost to Build an App Like YesStyle

Brands should estimate the total cost of developing an app such as YesStyle before planning the project. It is difficult to give a specific figure for app development, but you can make a rough estimation.

For a simple app, you should know that the cost is between $9,000 and $15,000. If you want to integrate advanced features into a complex the cost can be anywhere between $17,000-$25,000. The cost of building an app such as YesStyle depends on many factors.

The mobile app development cost is calculated by a number of factors. Here are a few of them.

  • The geographical location of the app developers
  • Personnel involved in the app development project
  • App development time
  • The number of hours that the project took to complete
  • App features
  • App design and UI/UX are closely related.

Above mentioned factors influence the overall cost of an application like YesStyle. To get an exact estimate of the cost, it’s best to speak to a mobile app development company with experience.

How Does The YesStyle App Generate Revenue?

The app generates income based on a variety of models. Here’s how:

  • Product Range

YesStyle makes most of its money by selling its own products and co-branded ones. This can be an excellent way for beauty and wellness brands to secure revenue and a steady income.

  • Sales Fees

YesStyle reported an income of Rs 8,8 lakh from sales commissions in the FY 2019.

  • Advertising Management

This online cosmetics app store also uses this model of revenue to monetize the partner brands through banner ads in their apps, on their websites, and online stores.

  • Side Pins

Side pins can be used to generate revenue for apps that offer on-demand cosmetic stores. Like YesStyle. YesStyle Fashion, YesStyle Man, and other services provide additional revenue streams.

Wrapping Up!!

Planning, developing, and testing are all necessary to build a shopping application like YesStyle. If you follow these steps you can create a shopping app that’s easy to use and visually appealing, as well as providing a seamless experience for your users.

However, you will build an app like YesStyle that will be embraced by your users if you work with an iOS or Android app development company that is experienced in mobile app development. Choose your partner carefully.


1. How Long Does it Take to Build An App Like YesStyle?

The time it takes to Build an app like YesStyle is dependent on factors like features, complexity, and team size. Estimates could range between 3-5 months and a year, taking into account the design, development, test, and deployment phases.

2. What Are the Benefits of Creating An App Like YesStyle?

A YesStyle app offers many benefits, including tapping into the growing market for ecommerce app development, catering to fashionistas and beauty lovers, global reach, and personalized shopping experiences.

3. What Technologies Should be Used to Develop a Beauty Store App?

Your specific needs and resources will determine the technology you choose. You can use popular frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, or native development on iOS and Android to build a beauty app similar to YesStyle. Node.js or Ruby on Rails can be used for backend development, along with a database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.

4. How Can You Monetize An App Like YesStyle?

Focus on strategies such as commissions from sales, subscriptions for premium discounts, product placements for brands, advertising in-app, and affiliate partnerships to monetize an application like YesStyle. To increase sales and revenue, enhance user engagement by incorporating personalized recommendations, reviews, and loyalty rewards.